He Xiaobei’s male vocals were very steady, expressing all the emotions of the song, even much better than in rehearsals.

He had solid singing skills and a unique voice, and when he opened his mouth, his breath was in tune with his pitch.

Many people even watched the interaction between the two of them and felt that it was quite entertaining.

Originally, when Shi Fei spoke, everyone still thought it was funny. As a result, when he sang, it suddenly became tender and charming, with a woman’s femininity in every smile, and a pair of eyes were affectionate, which made the audience at the scene unable to stop staring.

The audience in front of the live broadcast were howling, everyone felt the feeling of finding their goddess and being in love again, completely forgetting that this was a man singing.

In the background, when Teng Haining saw this scene, he also felt amazed. He didn’t expect Shi Fei to be able to perform well.

“It’s normal for him to have studied expression management before, but I don’t believe that he can really sing female vocals. How many of the best singers in the music industry can do double vocals? As long as Shi Fei can’t sing well and can’t keep up with He Xiaobei’s rhythm, the performance will be a failure.”

After listening to Liang Wei’s analysis, Teng Haining felt a little more at ease and said, “He Xiaobei’s strength is actually not bad, although his looks are a little ordinary, it’s better to control this kind of person, but it’s a pity that he has to follow Shi Fei to make a foolish mistake and not listen to advice.”

The next assistant director, Liang Wei, said, “It’s useless for the male part to sing even better, the better the male voice is, the weaker the female side will appear, and the song is considered to be a fail here.”

Teng Haining nodded his head.

This was a live broadcast, and both Shi Fei and He Xiaobei’s strengths were not bad, and they could only play a few tricks if they wanted to justifiably eliminate the two of them.

He Xiaobei’s partner was removed, just to make the uninformed audience feel like he was unserious.

Soon according to the lyrics, the lines of the male part of the song ended, entering the female’s part.

Shi Fei’s charming eyes moved and his voice sounded.

“Three minutes of cold wind and three minutes of frost, ten miles of lotus flowers and ten miles of fragrance, the promise of the past is in vain, the present-day people dare not look at ……”.

When the audience heard the voice, they were shocked again, even more shocked than before when they knew that Shi Fei was dressed as a woman.

The audience in front of the live broadcast, even the comment section was quiet, they all stared at the screen, every move of Shi Fei sent the whole arena into a daze.

They actually heard a female voice, singing a pitch in tune with a female’s high voice.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the person on stage announced he was Shi Fei, they almost thought it was some female singer standing on stage singing.

After a few moments of silence, the whole audience applauded, shouting ‘Shi Fei’ one after another.

They spared no effort as they screamed, wishing they could shout it all over the arena.

The moment Teng Haining heard Shi Fei open his mouth, he stood up in shock and pointed at the big screen: “He, he, he, how could he sing a soprano? Has he changed his gender?”

Liang Wei touched his forehead, “I don’t think so.” That Shi Fei could sing a female voice, or soprano, really shocked him, why was this person always unconventional?

Teng Haining’s hair was going to harden with anger. He was already singing. It was a live program. He couldn’t interrupt them at this time. Looking at the ratings again, the ratings reached 3.1% before and then jumped to 3.5% after he started singing.

Teng Haining couldn’t bear such a high audience rating. His heart felt so dreary. Fortunately, with Xu Ruhao’s performance, there was no problem. When the time came, Chu Yuefei and He Lulu would vote for Xu Ruhao and eliminate He Xiaobei.

When the time came, netizens may curse, but it won’t change the outcome, and they would only curse on the screen for a while without any evidence.

This time, in order to prevent Shi Fei from messing up on stage again, after he finished singing, if something was wrong, immediately insert a commercial to intercept him.

Teng Haining felt relieved again.

The contestants sitting in the backstage waiting room were shocked by this Shi Fei’s voice.

One by one, their jaws were open in an O-shape, and Yu Zixing, who was drinking water, blinked, dropped the water in his hand, and didn’t even react to the water coming out of his mouth.

The most nervous among these people was Zhuang Xinran, who knew very well that he and Shi Fei were the only ones left without a performance, and the next group was definitely the PK.

It was not a big deal to say that Shi Fei would be able to break out into the industry with this female vocal counterpart, including He Xiaobei, who was the male vocalist of the song after all.

It was a little comforting to think about that song of his when he squeezes his palm. The song was a very good song, and as long as he sang it without any accidents, it was very possible to become popular with this song.

Besides, Shi Fei used the most amazing cross-over female voice to help He Xiaobei. When it was his turn to sing, Bi Ding was brilliant, and he might not easily win. Such a thought made his mind more at ease.

The song began to gradually enter the high notes, the two of them looked at each other and sang.

The lyrics of “Dream Back One Night” were originally about a woman who dreamt of returning to an ancient dynasty, meeting the future emperor, and becoming a favorite concubine. Unfortunately, the life in the palace was so harsh that the emperor was forced to marry one consort after another in order to protect the woman he loved from harm, and all the vows he had made disappeared.

Later, the woman died of depression after giving birth to the prince. Before leaving, she laid in the emperor’s arms and said, “I want to go back to the original world when we never met.”

After her death, the woman went back to the modern world, but she did not expect to meet the emperor who had come to find her in the modern world, and this time he was no longer the emperor.

The two people were face-to-face as they sang the climax of the song, the audience and fans in front of the live broadcast began screaming again.

“Goddess you’re so beautiful, I want to get with you.”

“I’m a man, and I’ve decided to bend for the Goddess Shi fei.”

“I’ll tell you the truth, the Goddess Shi Fei is mine, everyone draw your knives.”

“Why do I feel that Shi Fei and He Xiaobei are a bit of a match for each other, it’s as if I really saw a pair of ancient lovers.”

“A CP[couple pairing] fan in front, wait for me, sister I’m in the camp.”

“Just now I tried to hang my voice and found that the voice made is not as good as Brother Fei’s, as if I am a fake girl.”

“The more I listen to it, the more I’ll be on top.”

After four minutes of singing, the audience was still in a state of shock, Shi Fei and He Xiaobei stood together on the stage and bowed to express their gratitude.

He Xiaobei said, “I hope that this song ‘Dream Back One Night’ that Brother Fei and I sang will be liked by everyone.”

Shi Fei also took the opportunity to give He Xiaobei a vote: “Don’t forget to vote for Xiaobei if you like it.”

The enthusiastic applause was deafening.

According to the rules, it was time for the Star Promoters to vote, Xu Ruhao stood on the stage again, and Lu Peng, the host, also needed to return to the stage to host.

He Xiaobei and Shi Fei’s performances were indeed perfect, even classic, but it was a pity that it was still difficult for him to advance smoothly.

The last time it could be remedied by post-editing, but this time it was a live broadcast, so he …… shouldn’t be so disrespectful, right?

Lu Peng wore a smile on his face, but in his heart, he was on his guard and said, “Thank you, He Xiaobei, for such a wonderful performance, and also thank you, Shi Fei, for singing with us. So now that the two contestants’ performances are over, do the three celebrity judges have any comments for them?”

The first to comment was Chu Yuefei, who put on a slightly serious face and commented: “First of all, Xu Ruhao’s performance was very stunning to me, his voice does justice to the Magic Sound track, with a unique infectious voice that can touch people’s hearts, listening to him sing is a kind of enjoyment, when he sang the song ‘Rainy Night’, he also boldly adapted the song on the original, this is something that made me feel very happy. Much appreciated. The adapted song was sung by him and he showed all the lingering emotions in the lyrics.”

“Next was He Xiaobei, Xiaobei’s vocals are also irreplaceable, and he and Shi Fei’s performance really made me have a bright moment, but as you know, I’m a crazy stickler for originality, and the position I’m sitting in is also the original lyrics Star Promoter. In contrast, when faced with the unchanging song, I prefer Xu Ruhao’s reworked song, so this vote goes to Xu Ruhao.”

Chu Yuefei said a lot, he did not come up with a total denial of He Xiaobei, did not criticize his poor singing, what he said it was still very pertinent, this was his cleverness, so that the audience would feel like he was making serious comments, not biased, the last two sentences were the reasons why he voted for Xu Ruhao.

Lu Peng’s eyes always paid attention to Shi Fei’s actions, and even to facilitate the observation, his body was a little bit to the side, just in case Shi Fei got angry, so he could control the scene in time.

But the good thing was that Shi Fei didn’t seem to be doing anything. He was wearing a beautiful costume and put his hands in front of him, looking like a good baby.

Next was Jiang Yu’s comments, “By all means Xu Ruohao is my Magic Sound track player and my favorite, I should protect him, but I am the star promoter to the music but not to the person. There was nothing wrong with Xu Ruohao’s performance today, even better than your previous performances, except that you met a man named He Xiaobei, who had the courage to choose the song “Dream Back to the Night”, and his performance was equally amazing, while Shi Fei’s successful female vocals pushed the song to a high point. But Xu Ruhao, I also approve of you.”

On the one hand was his beloved student, on the other hand, was his master, Jiang Yu feels it was so difficult.

But his critique was really about the song and not the person.

Teng Haining, Chu Yuefei, and the others weren’t too surprised by Jiang Yu’s critique, he was already such a person that it was basically impossible to make him play shady games in the program.

It was already a miracle that he didn’t lose his temper in the last game.

When he thought of this, Teng Haining asked the person next to him, “Have you greeted Jiang Yu’s agent Ling Xia?”

Liang Wei said, “Ling Xia’s side said that it’s none of their business how others vote, but Jiang Yu’s vote shouldn’t be tampered with.”

Teng Haining nodded at ease: “As long as Jiang Yu minds his own business, Chu Yuefei and He Lulu can vote for Xu Ruhao, then the big picture is set.”

It was soon He Lulu’s turn to vote, and as long as he voted for Xu Ruhao, the game was set. Teng Haining picked up a glass of water to moisten his throat, he was thirsty from the tension of the night.

Over there, He Lulu also spoke a bunch of layouts in front of him, and finally said, “I’ll vote for He Xiaobei for this one.”

Teng Haining was drinking water, and when he heard this sentence, he directly sprayed it out, shouting, “Did she make a mistake?”

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