When the war ended, it was already early in the morning in Duan Hengye’s hemisphere. Although the battle was very clear, Duan Hengye did not go back to the lounge in case there were any emergencies in the night. He just wanted to rest on the table, but as soon as he did, sleep came over him.

Duan Hengye’s routine had been very irregular lately, and even his biological clock, which he was always proud of, had lost its effect. Maybe it was because a big stone had fallen from his heart, but Duan Hengye still didn’t wake up until 11:00 am the next day.

He was sleeping heavily in the office, but he was very anxious for the other colleagues outside.

As the director of Mecha Research Institute, besides his own research work, Duan Hengye had to deal with quite a lot of other affairs every day. Usually, he would receive a reply to all the messages sent to him by 11:00 a.m., but today, he waited until 11:00 a.m. to receive a reply, but no news came.

After the victory in the war last night, the southern star also sent a message to Duan Hengye. The message was not special, but just a routine message about the battle situation and the next trip. But strangely, Southern Star didn’t receive any confirmation message from Duan Hengye for a long time after the message was sent.

If it were someone else, this would be nothing, but Duan Hengye was always a very serious person and punctual in his work. After waiting for a while, Duan Hengye’s assistant finally sent an application to Su Mingge.

Although they were all sent to Duan Hengye by the military, the nature of the Armor Research Institute was very special, if there was no emergency, then no one could go in without an invitation from the director.

So after a few hours of waiting, Duan Hengye’s assistant sent out a request for Su Mingge to help him confirm if Duan Hengye was still in the academy.

The door of Duan Hengye’s office was also controlled by a light-computer program, and recently the situation in Ye Tian Empire was special, so Duan Hengye also modified the permission to open the door a bit. So as long as it was during working hours, Su Mingge could also go in directly.

Although he didn’t say so, Su Mingge was also vaguely worried about Duan Hengye. Not long after he received the application from the military department, he walked to the other party’s office door.

Su Mingge first sent a message to his light-brain, and when he saw that there was still no response, he directly performed iris recognition from the outside and then opened the office door.

The scene in front of him was both unexpected and unpredictable.

The Dean’s office was huge, without any decoration, and it was a metallic silvery-white color. As soon as Su Mingge entered the door, he saw that not far away, Duan Hengye, who was wearing a gray sweater, was quietly lying on the silver-white desk.

Su Mingge couldn’t help but slow down his steps. He slowly approached Duan Hengye’s side, and as the distance grew closer Su Mingge saw that Duan Hengye’s two hands were neatly stacked on top of each other, and the half of his face that had been pressed on the side had some red marks on it.

At this time, he didn’t look like the director of Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute, but rather like a student who accidentally dozed off in class.

Duan Hengye’s detached expression had almost disappeared, and he was a bit vulnerable. This appearance was really different from his usual impression, and even gave people the impression that he was quite young.

Somehow, after seeing Director Duan’s sleeping face, Su Mingge’s heart suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable …….

He didn’t wake up Duan Hengye, but turned around and slowed down his pace again. After the silver-white door of the office closed again, Su Mingge, who was standing outside the door, sent a message to Duan Hengye’s assistant – he fell asleep on the desk.

This message was sent to Duan Hengye’s assistant via the star network, and without a few seconds of stopping, it appeared once again on top of the Marshal’s light computer.

After seeing it, Meng Jinhuai silently withdrew from the LDK-300 system, and then leaned back in the leather driver’s seat of the armor to quietly stare at the starry river in front of him.

After the war in the night, the Lai Sheng Alliance’s combat strength was greatly depleted. After only half a day of repair, the Ye Tian Empire launched a counterattack against them.

The result of the war was obvious: the Lai Sheng Alliance surrendered, and lost a large habitable planet.

When the planet was still part of the Ye Tian Empire, it was an important center of the Empire’s technology industry. So when the news returned to Ye Tian, everyone in Ye Tian was extremely excited.

As was customary, the southern stars would hold an event a day later to welcome the victorious Marshal. Of course, as the marshal’s spouse, Duan Hengye would also return to Southern Star to attend the event.

After the war was over, the atmosphere of the whole empire became extremely happy and relaxed, and because they had been working non-stop for a long time, Duan Hengye also gave a short vacation to the institute.


Less than an hour before the marshal and his party returned to Southern Star, the guests of the welcome event had already arrived at the banquet hall of the marshal’s residence. Because of the special nature of today’s event, the reporters were exceptionally allowed to shoot indoors.

There were many celebrities attending the event at the Ministry of Military Affairs, though not as many as at the royal banquet, where everyone wore a title of nobility. However, in terms of social influence and power, this side was much more powerful.

But no matter how many celebrities were present, before Meng Jinhuai arrived, there was only one main character here.

Duan Hengye wore a black velvet suit today, and his slightly long hair was combed neatly behind his head, with only a few strands hanging gently on his forehead. His overall look today was very retro, and with his slightly pale face, he looked a bit like a “vampire”.

Of course, vampires didn’t exist in the world of Dumping Interstelllar, but that didn’t stop people from finding him good-looking.

From the moment Duan Hengye appeared in the banquet hall, all the cameras silently turned to him. At that time, although many people in the hall wanted to talk to him, due to Professor Duan’s powerful aura, no one still came after a moment’s hesitation.

“Professor Duan, Lord Marshal’s starship has already arrived at the starfield of the Southern Provinces, and is expected to arrive at the military headquarters earlier.” Just at this time, Duan Hengye’s assistant came over and then whispered in his ear.

After hearing the other party’s words, Duan Hengye slowly nodded his head, then turned around and walked towards a starship docking ping near the banquet hall under the assistant’s guidance according to the procedure.

There were a lot of people attending today’s event, so to prevent disorder and confusion, the guests would arrive in groups. After Duan Hengye left, the staff of the military department started to guide other guests and reporters towards the docking pads.

Compared to design and aesthetics, the building of the military department was more for practicality. The starship docking pad that Duan Hengye went to was actually on the roof of another building. After getting off the hover, Duan Hengye felt a cold wind blowing towards him.

Although the change of seasons in the Southern Star was not very obvious, it was still the time of the year when the temperature of the planet was the lowest. This cold wind blew on his face, not only was it cold, but it also had a stinging sensation. The velvet clothes on Duan Hengye’s body were quite thick, but after standing outdoors, he felt that it still didn’t block the wind.

Duan Hengyeu gently sniffed.

Today’s temperature was low, but the weather was very clear, the sky was azure blue with only a few strands of white clouds slowly drifting on it, very much like the scene of the early autumn on Earth.

The starship was running very fast, and although there was nothing visible in the sky, his assistant was already reminding him that there was still a minute left for the marshal’s team to arrive.

Not long after the assistant said that, a huge shadow suddenly appeared in the sky. Although Duan Hengye had flown on that military starship many times, he had never seen it from this angle. It was from this angle that Duan Hengye finally realized what the shock and fear of absolute force was.

Following this starship, countless numbers of armor appeared in the sky. These were all the armor involved in the battle, and when they were lined up in the sky, it really resembled the reenactment of a scene from an Earth era disaster movie.

A few seconds later, the starship first landed at the far end of the docking pad. It was followed by a smooth landing of each armor. All of this happened within a minute, and just when everyone thought it was over, a familiar silvery-white armor suddenly appeared in the sky.

Meng Jinhuai was not on a starship!

The people present were all excited.

Anyone who was familiar with Meng Jinhuai knew that after every war, he would return to southern star in a starship, never flying the armor himself. This time, the legendary armor, which had been seen countless times on the interstellar news, finally appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The main model of Ye Tian Empire’s armor was the “East Tea”, which was a medium-sized armor. Generally speaking, the larger the armor, the more difficult it was to control, and also the rarer it was. Although they had seen Meng Jinhuai’s armor on the news countless times, it was only when it landed on the ground that they had a better idea of its strength.

The impression of the already huge Starship was only up to the middle of that silver-white armor!

The landing of the armor was more dexterous than that of a starship, and Meng Jinhuai parked the armor gently in front of the docking pad. Everyone present had to tilt their heads to get a good look at it.

Although he had seen its model countless times, this was the first time Duan Hengye saw the legendary armor with his own eyes. He couldn’t help but raise his head to look up, and at this time, the hatch of the armor suddenly opened, and a familiar figure wearing a black military uniform appeared in front of Duan Hengye. Meng Jinhuai walked down from the armor, he stood at the foot of the armor and showed a smile towards Duan Hengye.

“Ah-heng.” The Lord Marshal gently called out.

Immediately before Duan Hengye could respond, Meng Jinhuai quickly walked over, then hugged him tightly in his arms.

Duan Hengye had never embraced anyone like this before, and the strength the other party gained was so great that it was as if he wanted to embed himself in his bosom. It was clear that he was not a person who was used to physical contact, but after hesitating for a moment, Duan Hengye’s hand hanging by his side still slowly moved up, and he hugged Meng Jinhuai back somewhat clumsily, and after a pause, he patted the other’s back gently.

Duan Hengye felt Meng Jinhuai, who was hugging him, suddenly smile gently again. The warm airflow caressed his neck, tickling him.

“I’m back.” Meng Jinhuai said softly.

“Mmm ……”



The hug was faithfully recorded by the media who came to the event, and in a very short period of time, it spread throughout the galaxy.

Some gossipy media called it “the hug of the century”, and countless people replayed the several seconds of footage over and over again.

Of course, the more they played it, the more they discovered some other highlights.

For example, when Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were hugging, the door of the starship opened behind them and Admirals Yu Xinlan and Dongfang Hewen came out and stood not far behind Meng Jinhuai.

After seeing the two of them embracing, Admiral Dongfang, who was married and had a daughter, turned his gentle gaze to a place not far away – presumably the location of his spouse and daughter. The other admiral, Yu Xinlan ……, reported from a lip-reading audience that she first “tsked” and then silently uttered the words “It’s so sour.”


After the banquet officially began, the guests noticed that the atmosphere between the marshal and Professor Duan had clearly changed, despite the short time since the last celebration.

Although they were still standing side by side as before, chatting only after long intervals, they looked like they were in a knot in the eyes of others. But to others, it was as if they were in a boundary, separating themselves from the entire banquet hall in two parts.

Since this feeling was created, some people who wanted to toast the Lord Marshal silently retreated from the banquet hall.

But this didn’t mean that no one really bothered them.

Just at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from the back. He couldn’t help but follow the sound and turned around to look, then he saw a little girl in a red dress running towards him with an excited face.

It was Dongfang You, the little girl he had seen at the banquet.

This little girl was already a person who didn’t recognize people, and after last time, she directly classified Duan Hengye as one of her “own people”. When she entered the banquet hall, she saw Duan Hengye standing beside Meng Jinhuai, and then she ran over to Duan Hengye with an excited face, breaking away from the embrace of her father, Admiral Dongfang, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time.

A lot of people here had some impressions of how Duan Hengye waved at Dongfang You last time, so when the little girl ran towards him, they all started to pay attention to this side silently.

When Dongfang You immediately ran to Duan Hengye’s side, they noticed something unexpected – Duan Hengye, who was always cold, actually slowly squatted down and opened his arms towards the other party.

In fact, Duan Hengye didn’t mean to hug Dongfang You, but just based on his judgment, if he didn’t catch the other party, the little girl would definitely fall to the ground. As a matter of fact, after receiving the other party, Duan Hengye, who was squatting on the ground, couldn’t help but lean back a bit and almost sat on the ground.

Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing to the side, also lowered his head and smiled at the two of them. He didn’t know how warm this unintentional act was in the eyes of the others.

Duan Hengye, who was squatting on the ground, gently patted Dongfang You’s back, then slowly stood up. But the little girl didn’t feel anything about the fact that she almost knocked someone down, so she pulled on Duan Hengye’s suit, then looked up and said excitedly, “Professor Duan, I missed you so much~”.

After hearing this, Meng Jinhua became interested, and he bent down slightly and asked, “Oh, what about me?”

It was no exaggeration to say that Meng Jinhuai watched this little girl grow up in front of him. Although he was a serious marshal in front of most people, Meng Jinhuai would always restrain himself a bit when he met the only daughter of his subordinate – especially now that Duan Hengye was here.

When she heard Meng Jinhua’s question, the little girl smiled apologetically and said, “I missed you too, Marshal! I watched the video on Star.com, and it was super cool ~ When I grow up, I want to learn how to fly armor, too, and then become someone like Sister Yu Xinlan.”

Duan Hengye was amused by her words, and the next thing he knew, the Lord Marshal saw his spouse lower his head in a rare and not very serious manner and asked, “Why not be like the Eastern Admiral?”

Duan Hengye was teasing a child. If this behavior was placed on anyone present, Meng Jinhuai would not find it strange, but it was Duan Hengye who said this ……. The marshal’s eyes towards Duan Hengye suddenly became a bit complicated.

It was gentle, but also seemed to have some unexplained faint sadness.

But Duan Hengye, who had his back to him, didn’t notice this, and only saw the little girl pout a bit, then she said to Duan Hengye, “No, father has short hair, so it’s not pretty. Sister Yu Xinlan is pretty~”

While several people were talking, Yu Xinlan also walked nearby. She had a very bright personality and always got along well with the little Dongfang girl. Therefore, after hearing the conversation, Yu Xinlan, who was standing behind Meng Jinhua, smiled and made a “come here” gesture toward Dongfang You.

Meng Jinhuai also saw Yu Xinlan, then he went to Dongfang You and gently touched the top of her head and said, “You go to Yu Xinlan first.”

The little girl really didn’t want to leave Duan Hengye, but she was still afraid of Meng Jinhuai, her elder. So after some hesitation, Dongfang You reluctantly let go of Duan Hengye’s corner.

The accident happened at this time.

At the moment when Dongfang You let go of his hand, Duan Hengye suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his chest. It was as if it had been cut open by someone with a sharp blade, and in an instant, even breathing became a problem.

The banquet hall was originally very noisy, but when the pain came, Duan Hengye’s ears also heard a “buzz” sound. In an instant, all the musical and noisy sounds in the hall left him.

This feeling was so familiar that Duan Hengye realized that he was poisoned again almost as soon as the pain in his chest hit him – right in the banquet hall of the military department, in front of hundreds of people.

According to LDK-300, the cloned drug would be delivered in two days, but he didn’t expect that the poisonous attack this time was just before the drug was delivered.

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but curse in his heart, and then he tried very hard to stabilize his body. At this moment, he wasn’t actually afraid of the pain of the poisonous attack but was afraid of exposing his own messy side to the entire interstellar.

“Professor Duan, Professor Duan?” Duan Hengye lowered his head, and Dongfang You noticed his face suddenly turned pale and then called out in a nervous whisper.

Meng Jinhuai, who was standing beside Duan Hengye, also noticed his abnormality, and the marshal immediately stretched out his arms and took Duan Hengye into his arms, then called out the other’s name in a very nervous voice.

Although his back was turned to Duan Hengye, after seeing Meng Jinhuai’s action, Yu Xinlan, who was not far away, also walked over quickly. She didn’t understand what was going on, but she still put together her intuition and quickly took Dongfang You to the side.

“Sister Xinlan, Professor Duan looks so scared …… Is he sick?” The little child was suddenly frightened by Duan Hengye’s appearance and waited until one side went away before she slowly hugged the other party and asked.

Yu Xinlan took a look at Duan Hengye’s appearance, and finally reacted to what was wrong with the other party, she patted Dongfang You’s back to comfort him and said, “It’s okay, the Lord Marshal will take care of him.”

He didn’t know if it was because it was the second attack, or because he didn’t have the painkillers. Duan Hengye felt that this time the pain was more intense and unbearable than the last one. When Meng Jinhuai reached out his hand to embrace him, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but tremble a bit. He slowly stretched out his hand to tightly grasp the other’s hand on his shoulder, then steadied his breathing for a long time before shaking and said, “Take …… me away ……”.

Duan Hengye felt as if his tongue was tying up when he spoke, and he didn’t know if Meng Jinhuai had heard him clearly or not. He just didn’t have the strength to open his mouth twice, and now the pain had spread to Duan Hengye’s legs. His knees weakened, and he almost fell directly to the ground.

“Don’t be afraid.” Duan Hengye heard these words in a trance, and because his mind was already a little confused, he couldn’t even tell for a moment whether the voice came from the people around him, or whether it was his own illusion.

In spite of this, Duan Hengye was still able to say “hmm.” with a strong spirit.

Immediately afterward, at the moment when Duan Hengye was about to fall down, he suddenly felt that his perspective had changed. It turned out that right at this moment, the Lord Marshal suddenly bent down and held him up.

Finally, Duan Hengye’s hand gently fell down because it had lost support, and he didn’t know how many people were frightened by this weak wrist falling. There was silence in the hall, and all the sounds stopped.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, Meng Jinhuai carried Duan Hengye quickly through the entire hall, then disappeared into the depths of the banquet hall.


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