Tensen Charity Night had always been a battlefield for female celebrities, and male celebrities rarely competed with them, from the battle dresses they wore to the events, to the various shots and arrows they threw at each other.

But this time was a little different.

One night it was the headline of a celebrity in the C-position, and the next day it was a photo of Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe talking to each other.

In the photo, Xie Yifeng seemed to have found something interesting, leaning close to Zhou Yuhe’s ear in the noisy venue and saying something. The next few photos showed Xie Yifeng finishing his sentence, the two of them looking at each other and smilied heartily.

The camera was shining from behind Zhou Yuhe’s face, but it didn’t show Zhou Yuhe’s face, but it did show his ears, which were slightly red, and the side of his face, he looked at Xie Yifeng with a shallow smile.

The hot search exploded.

At this time, everyone was still relatively pure, the people’s acceptance of cp[couple pairing] was relatively high, and the cp circle was quite harmonious. It had not evolved into a few years later, where it got crazy.

The treatment of cp, especially same-sex cp was very cute to them.

“Ah ah ah ah please, the two together!”

“Mom asked me why I suddenly turned purple.”

“They laugh so sooooo much!!!”

It certainly didn’t matter to Zhou Yuhe’s fans. Xie Yifeng’s position was so much higher than Zhou Yuhe’s. It was undoubtedly beneficial for Zhou Yuhe to be a cp with him.

So what about Xie Yifeng’s fans?

It was also a coincidence.

Couple Pairings, for the more popular side, fans would generally be more resentful, but Xie Yifeng’s fans were not ordinary fans.

They were the fans who had endured the entire decade of silence, not buying the hot search, not doing marketing, not having CPs.

Only at the time of winning the movie title, the press release was flying around, after that period, Xie Yifeng’s team was quiet as a chicken again.

Seeing that their idol who was low-key was finally willing to do marketing and have a cp, most of the mother fans showed the happy expression that “their child was finally growing”.

The image of Zhou Yuhe was very good, and heterosexual cp was not the same as homosexual cp. Some girls may still harbor animosity if they were heterosexual, but the same-sex …… was actually known to be unlikely, just to satisfy the fans’ hobby, so it didn’t hurt.

But even so, there would always be some “true girlfriend fans” that couldn”t take it.

Ji Chen’s fans, who had been dissatisfied with Zhou Yuhe for a long time because of “Shen Yan”, began to take advantage of the rhythm and began to make rude comments.

“Am I the only one who finds Zhou Yuhe’s smile fake?”

“I feel that his smile is too deliberate, it’s the kind of act that he knows he’s handsome, so he deliberately shows it in front of his fans.”

“I’ve always felt that Shen Yan is nothing but a silly one, and is nowhere near as good as Xu Chang, I don’t know why Zhou Yuhe is so popular, but now he’s still trying to rub up against the heat, I’m honestly a bit annoyed with him.”

A few of Xie Yifeng’s fans, if they normally saw such comments, they would definitely look at it rationally, but this time, they were easily incited, and suddenly felt that Zhou Yuhe was guilty of a great crime, and began to follow the trend of posting some words of dissing Zhou Yuhe online.

This kind of situation, Yang Yu had already expected when this group of photos appeared on the hot search list.

Overexposure was not good.

So he didn’t deliberately push this hot search, but let it quietly sink in.

They thought that the matter would just go away, and it was inevitable to gain a number of anti-fans.

They didn’t expect that Xie Yifeng would release a new post that afternoon.

“Doing good to others has always been the credo of my life. I never need, nor do I want to elevate my own position by belittling other artists, and I believe my fans have the same opinion as I do. If someone does that, then I don’t need such fans.”

With no accompanying picture and no facial expressions, the message of this arguably very serious tweet was clear.

He was defending Zhou Yuhe.

The comment section instantly exploded.

“Is Brother Xie protecting Zhouzhou? This cp is going to be sweet to the point of fainting! Quickly help me up! This pairing, I can kowtow for another 800 years!!!”

“Gosh! Thanks for being so manly! That’s what I’m talking about! Please all fans who are dissing other artists stop your behavior immediately!”

Below that, there were many fans who apologized to Zhou Yuhe in the comments section.

So strong, so clear.

The fans repeatedly lamented Xie Yifeng’s character, but they also understood that Zhou Yuhe’s status in the heart of their idol was extraordinary. The idol had a guiding effect on the behavior of the fans, and in their opinion, since he was someone Xie Yifeng agreed with, he had to be a good person, so the attacks on Zhou Yuhe stopped.

When Ji Chen’s fans saw this, they also had to cease their attacks.

Seeing that a storm that might have fermented became calm in the end, Yang Yu and Zhou Yuhe celebrated, but at the same time, they also realized that –

The first love of the nation.

While these words had brought Zhou Yuhe great exposure and popularity, they had also gradually revealed their potential pitfalls.

It was time to remove this label from his body.

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