Strictly speaking, “Searching For Heaven” was an immortal chivalry novel, but in the category of fantasy novels, its status was also very high, it belonged to the level of the ancestors.

The two months it took to cast stars for the movie showed the sincerity of the production team, but no one expected that such a thing would happen, even if it was an important supporting role, the one who went wrong was the male lead in the movie.

So when Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu arrived on the set, it was obvious that there was a low pressure everywhere – the management was under tremendous pressure and behaved in an aggressive manner, while the people underneath were also too angry to speak out, and they were busy on the set as if they were frustrated.

Because of the temporary change of roles, the audition process was kept simple, and the number of people was much smaller than a normal audition.

The reason why there were only three candidates, was because to the level of investment in “Searching for Heaven”. The selection of the leading actor would definitely not pull a banner in the theater like “Rejuvenation” otherwise hundreds of people would openly audition. Instead, the deputy directors of the actors independently screened people in the entertainment industry, and determined two or three people that could match the position.

This mode of audition, the number of people was small, but the weight was very large.

The first to arrive on the sidelines to rest was Luo Hao, who had a reputation as an actor in the industry. Luo Hao was handsome, but from the beginning of his career, he had very little marketing, and very little hype, his scandals were unheard of, such actors were usually either a big hit or tepid, Luo Hao was clearly the latter.

He had been in the industry for nearly ten years, and his fan base was not small, but he had never had a hit, and he was a little farther away from being a top-tier actor.


When he saw Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu approaching, he immediately put down the script in his hand, stood up, and greeted them politely, “Mr. Zhou, it’s so good to see you here. I like your Shen Yan very much.”

Luo Hao, he and Zhou Yuhe also have some intersections in his former life. He had worked in several dramas and knew that he was not the kind of person who liked flattery. If he said he liked it, that was, he really liked it without any deceit.

Zhou Yuhe also showed a smile, “Brother Luo is polite, just call me Xiao Zhou.”

Zhou Yuhe was so popular now, but he was not arrogant at all. He was modest and polite. Compared with some young people in the industry who held their heads high when they were popular. Luo Hao had a good impression on Zhou Yuhe, so he hurriedly asked his assistant to pour two cups of coffee.

Yang Yu waved his hand, “No need, I’m going in to look for Teacher Zhang, you guys have a seat.”

He said, and left.

Luo Hao asked his assistant to bring a cup of coffee over.

Zhou Yuhe thanked him as he took the coffee and looked at the markings on his audition book, “Brother Luo is so serious?”

Luo Hao smiled bitterly and said, “What else can I do? To be honest, I think it’s hard for me to compete against you two, especially Fan Junxi.”

Fan Junxi, the last candidate, still hadn’t come yet.

Looking at Luo Hao’s lost look, Zhou Yuhe didn’t know how to comfort him.

If Luo Hao was the acting representative of the three, then Fan Junxi was the popular representative.

Since he shot to fame two years ago, Fan Junxi had been having a good time in the entertainment industry, with the number of fans growing exponentially every year, making him one of the hottest fresh meat nowadays. In June of this year, when all the media’s attention was focused on Xie Yifeng and all the big names were scrambling to work with him, Fan Junxi was able to win the endorsement of DHID’s men’s collection, which was a testament to his power.

What was more, he had something that neither Luo Hao nor Zhou Yuhe had…

Box office appeal.

The romance movie he starred in, “Lover”, took a high box office of 260 million yuan on Valentine’s Day this year. 260 million yuan may not seem like a lot, but romantic movies were not commercial movies and their ability to attract money was already limited, and this achievement was already very bright in this year’s movie market.

The main character of the movie was a foil, and the book was not a particularly famous work, so it could be said that he alone carried the more than 200 million box office, this strong box office appeal, was compared with Han Kun, no less.

He arrived.

Suddenly there was a movement at the entrance of the studio, a tall and handsome young man came with great momentum, two bodyguards and three assistants beside him, not to mention how big the row was.

Even Wang Jing, the head of Starline Group, one of the investors, personally came out to greet him, and behind him was an ancient beauty with a weak breeze and a willow.

Zhou Yuhe was not surprised to see Ning Qin’er there, because she was the female lead of the movie, and also the actress who would play opposite them in the audition.

Everyone was gathered around Fan Junxi, but Ning Qin’er alone took a deep look in Zhou Yuhe’s direction.

Before he could understand the meaning of this glance, Ning Qin’er had already turned her head toward Fan Junxi.

“Uncle Wang ……” Fan Junxi saw Wang Jing’s eyes slightly brightened, and thought that this was a public place, so he swallowed his words and changed his name, “Mr. Wang, Sister Qin’er, how can I trouble you to come out? ”

Wang Jing carelessly patted Fan Junxi’s shoulder, laughing as he lowered his voice: “I asked you to take on this movie at first, but you didn’t listen and insisted on Tang. Now there is a problem with the funds over there, and you can’t start the machine. If you try “Searching for Heaven “again, the pay is not the original number …”

Fan Junxi yelled at the old fox in his heart, but he still had a smile on his face. “This is of course. Please I’ll listen to you later, take care of me.”

In the beginning of “Seeking For Heaven”, in fact, they also looked for Fan Junxi, he was torn between the commercial “Seeking For Heaven” and the literary “History of Tang” for a long time, he had debuted almost four years ago, yet there had been no outstanding work.

It was just when Xie Yifeng became a huge success with “Emperor Xuan Tong” that Fan Junxi was so enthusiastic that he impulsively pushed “Seeking For Heaven” and chose “History of Tang”.

He and the cast of “Seeking For Heaven” were a pair of unlucky brothers when it came to “bad luck”.

If Fan Junxi hadn’t relied on his family’s connections to find someone and was willing to lower his price, he might not have been given the chance to audition.


But now the situation was different, in front of capital, everyone had to bow, right?

Ning Qin’er smiled slightly, her delicate face even more beautiful than the blossoming apricot blossom, she had already taken the female lead role, but now she had to show a kind and affectionate smile to a junior to the extreme, “Junxi, with our friendship, I will naturally spare no effort to help you.”

Fan Junxi frowned, friendship? When had they been friends?

The three of them passed by Zhou Yuhe and Luo Hao in the crowd, and they didn’t even intend to greet them.

Zhou Yuhe was also fine, he had just become popular, and his popularity was unstable, not comparable to the rising Fan Junxi, but Luo Hao was considered the senior of the two, he was actually so rude?

Zhou Yuhe was about to speak, but Luo Hao pulled him back.

Luo Hao shook his head and whispered, “Forget it, Xiao Zhou, I’m used to it.”

This was how the film industry was, either use a box office to speak, or use capital to speak, like him and Zhou Yuhe, who came from a TV drama and had no capital to back it up, it was normal not to be taken seriously in the film industry ……

Luo Hao sighed.

Seeing that one of the candidates, Fan Junxi, was already ready to enter the studio, Luo Hao pulled Zhou Yuhe, and was also ready to follow him – or rather, the crowd behind him – into the studio, when a middle-aged voice sounded at the studio’s entrance.

“Didn’t you say that Xiao Zhou is here? Where is he?”

The owner of the voice with a very strong emotion of anxiety and a hint of expectation, the assistant beside him touched his head, looked at Fan Junxi and his group with confusion, and whispered: “No, I just saw his agent inside ……”.

Fan Junxi and the others were all stunned.

Because they all knew the owner of the voice.

Who was it if not Zhang An?

The eyes of Fan Junxi, who had been attracting attention since he got out of the car, were now looking at Zhang An’s eyes through him as if he was looking at some passerby, and the impatience between his eyebrows seemed to be annoyed that he was blocking his view.

Fan Junxi raised his eyebrows.

The displeasure of being ignored was barely stifled as reason kept reminding itself that the other party was a legendary great writer and could not be offended.

“Teacher Zhang.” A clear, gentle voice sounded at the very end of the crowd.

In the next second, everyone saw Mr. Zhang, who had always shown himself to be aloof, impatiently walk through the crowd and met a handsome young man out from the end, and said with relief, “Fortunately, I thought you weren’t coming.”

Zhou Yuhe: “Eh! Wait ……”

Zhang An noticed Luo Hao beside him who hadn’t yet returned to his senses, “Oh …… Luo Hao right! I have an impression of you, so you two should come together.”

Luo Hao nodded his head as if in a dream.

He looked at Fan Junxi’s squeezed face as he followed Zhou Yuhe through the crowd, and actually felt a bit of pleasure while he was in a trance…


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