C30– Short Shift Before Being Verified [Part 1]

 Black Emperor, I.S., Rejuvenation, and I?

If the first two and the last two were understood separately, they would all be easy to associate with, but with these four words put together, Zhou Yuhe couldn’t really imagine what was happening.
Zhou Yuhe: “Don’t keep me in suspense.”

Cao Qiyue: “Okay, okay, first I have to tell you a series of good news about me.”

Cao Qiyue: “I have successfully terminated my contract with Black Emperor, Black Emperor’s stock price is plummeting in these past two days, this scandal is not enough to make those capital crocodiles withdraw their capital, but it’s enough to scare some scattered investors. They fled, causing short-term problems in Black Emperor’s capital chain, and even some of the projects under their hands have been halted or postponed.”

Zhou Yuhe was astonished.
He remembered that the Black Emperor in his previous life had unlimited glamour.

Both in music and in film and television, it was a leader in the industry, especially after the marriage of Meng Churong and I.S helmsman Ji Chen, a strong union, even the company’s annual meeting was more star-studded than the usual award ceremony.

 It had to be surprising that Black Emperor, such a behemoth, would have such a messy day.

But a surprise was a surprise, and he wouldn’t sigh or lament about it.

After the death of Cao Qiyue in his previous life, the Black Emperor with a face as big as a pot, actually in the name of Cao Qiyue, her abandoned tunes, and practice songs, put out an album, the album sold miraculously, they earned a lot of money.

In an interview with the media, the director of Black Emperor, Meng Churong’s mother, Fu Xiaoyu, not only praised Cao Qiyue’s character but also criticized those who slandered her as shameless…

It was as if she had completely forgotten who it was that had driven her to death in the first place.

Hearing such news, Zhou Yuhe was of course happy for Cao Qiyue, but at the same time, he also had a bad feeling in his heart.

Could it be that ……

  Zhou Yuhe said in a deep voice, “Everything about you is good news, but not necessarily about me, right?”

Cao Qiyue sighed, her contract termination was such a happy thing, but now she only had worries about her old friend: “Yuhe, “Obviously Sweet”, which was originally scheduled to go online in April, has been postponed and is scheduled for May 20th, which is the day before the premiere of Rejuvenation.”

Zhou Yuhe was stunned for a full three seconds before he said, “…… Really?”

  ’Obviously Sweet’.

As you could tell from the name, this was a typical romantic idol drama, co-produced by Black Emperor and I.S. It could be considered the number one seed in the idol drama market this year.

In the television industry, with so many market shares at the same time, meeting a strong rival in the same genre was certainly not news to Rejuvenation.

What was more, “Obviously Sweet” wasn’t just a strong one.

Its male and female protagonists were I.S Prince Ji Chen, and the Black Emperor golden agent’s daughter, Meng Churong.

As the daughter of the number one agent in the industry, Fu Xiaoyu had put a lot of effort into Meng Churong. She had even more resources than Ji Chen. Ji Chen had an uncle pressing on him, but Meng Churong was the only pearl in Fu Xiaoyu’s palm, throwing all the big-name resources at her like money.

But unfortunately, they didn’t know if it was because of people’s prejudice against female actors or because she wasn’t very strong.
The Black Emperor’s public relations department researched and eventually came to the conclusion that the resources were too high and not grounded enough.

So, Black Emperor teamed up with I.S., hired the most famous Taiwanese writer, and an idol drama photography team, to create what was claimed to be the biggest investment in history, and an “all-star” cast of idols, “Obviously Sweet”.

The entire script of “Obviously Sweet” was tailored for Meng Churong, and the character of the female lead, Zhao Mingming, was basically the same as Meng Churong’s real character, after all-.

A person always acted best when he or she was in his or her true colors.

The purpose of this drama was to make Meng Churong popular, and in her previous life, Meng Churong really did a good turnaround from the “shame of having a strong background” which was mocked by the whole internet and she became one of the popular young female stars.

If it wasn’t for “Rejuvenation”, the most popular idol drama this year would have been “Obviously Sweet”.

It could even be said that the success of “Rejuvenation” was owed partly to “Obviously Sweet”…

It was because “Obviously Sweet” had a good fight in April and grabbed traffic for the teen idol market, and “Rejuvenation” was able to climb to unprecedented heights on a good foundation.

  However, now-
The Black Emperor’s financial problems had sent such a formidable opponent directly to them.

However now-.
For Zhou Yuhe, this wasn’t the grimmest thing.

The most serious thing was that the entire I.S. publicity department was just this big, and when facing the two youth dramas that had been uploaded at the same time by the I.S. actors, and when facing Ji Chen and Zhou Yuhe, who were also the male leads, the balance of resources would be tilted to which side…
It went without saying.

What Zhou Yuhe would face was that a large portion of the original publicity resources would be taken away.

Zero advocacy.
Zero resources.

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