Just as Duan Hengye was nervously recalling the content about the royal family and the southern stars in “Dumping Interstellar”, Zhuo Yan finally left the room after a cold laugh. After the emperor’s back completely disappeared outside the door and Duan Hengye was still standing in the same place, the Marshal turned around and spoke to pull his thoughts back, “Ah-heng, you slept for almost six hours.”

“…… eh?” Suddenly hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye was flabbergasted for a moment, then realized that he was talking to him. But after noticing the other party’s obvious out-of-place behavior, Meng Jinhuai acted as if he didn’t mind at all.

Before Zhuo Yan came in, Duan Hengye was trying to open the side window of this bedroom. As if he had a mind-reading technique, while Duan Hengye was pondering how he should answer, Meng Jinhuai actually walked over and opened the window.

The speed of transportation in the interstellar age had increased greatly, sometimes it only took a few minutes to travel across a hemisphere, people no longer had the concept of “time difference”. The silver walls slowly opened, and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows revealed a glorious starry sky. Seeing this deep night, Duan Hengye reflexively had the feeling of “it’s already midnight”.

“I’ve just informed Nan Zhuxing to announce the news of you waking up.” Meng Jinhuai said as he walked over to the white wardrobe located in the corner of the room. There were dozens of coats of different styles hanging inside this closet. Meng Jinhuai paused for a moment, then took a beige trench coat out of it. “Today’s events have had a great impact, and the people of the Empire are very concerned about your state.” After speaking, Lord Marshal came and gently draped this trenchcoat over Duan Hengye’s shoulders.

During the period when he was unconscious, the robot took off the white suit he was wearing in order to facilitate Duan Hengye’s rest. At this time, Duan Hengye was only wearing the shirt, which was made of linen. It was nice to look good, but it didn’t block the wind at all.

When Zhuo Yan was in the room just now, Duan Hengye was only concerned about being around the other party, but now once Meng Jinhuai reminded him he realized that what he was wearing was indeed a bit thin.

After the sensory device found that the wardrobe had been opened, a large mirror then appeared on the metallic wall. Duan Hengye caught sight of himself in the mirror’s illumination, and then he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly – He didn’t expect the Marshal’s fashion sense to be good!

The coat that Meng Jinhuai put on for him was simple in style and a slim in cut, and after putting it on, it instantly revealed Duan Hengye’s slender figure completely. With his “recovered from a serious illness” look, he really had a sense of vulnerability that was hard to describe.

At the same time when Duan Hengye looked into the mirror, Meng Jinhuai took out a black coat from the wardrobe. After seeing the other party’s action, Duan Hengye only remembered in hindsight that Meng Jinhuai had come in a hurry and had only been wearing a shirt just now.

The clothes prepared inside this hotel were all interstellar seasonal high quality, and the overall style was more casual. After Meng Jinhuai put on his coat, Duan Hengye suddenly discovered that it seemed like this was the first time he had seen the marshal wearing this type of clothing. He couldn’t help but …… Duan Hengye sneaked a few more glances at Meng Jinhuai.

The Marshal had broad shoulders and long legs and was a standard clothing rack. Previously when he wore a military uniform, as long as he didn’t smile, a sense of abstinence would appear. But now when he changed into casual clothes, not only did he look half as strong, but he also had a little more of a refined taste.

At this time, Duan Hengye had to admit that the Marshal had completely grown in his own aesthetic point ……

Duan Hengye was a person who wasn’t good at sneaking glances, but in fact, Meng Jinhuai had already discovered the other party’s half not-so-hidden gaze. He who was arranging his collar couldn’t help but smile, then walked to Duan Hengye and said, “It’s getting late, let’s go out for dinner.”

Although he was still stealing glances last second, after hearing the other party’s invitation to dinner, Duan Hongyu finally remembered the main matter that had been forgotten by himself for a while. Although Duan Hengye knew that he was an undercover agent, he didn’t deserve to talk about “trust value” at all. But he still believed that he should refer to the royal statement and “explain” to the marshal about the concealment of his skills in the first place.

“Today’s matter ……” Duan Hengye hesitantly spoke. But before he could say the words that he had difficulty making up, Meng Jinhuai gently shook his head and said: “It’s good to have the ability to defend yourself. Although we are legal spouses, we also have the right to have our own privacy.”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye was slightly shocked, then raised his head to look into his eyes – The Marshal’s eyes were filled with sincerity, so it was clear that he hadn’t just said a lie.

Duan Hengye thought that he might have understood what Meng Jinhuai meant: before becoming the “Marshal’s husband” in the people’s language, they were two independent individuals.

Despite being on opposite sides of the fence from him, Duan Hengye had already felt Meng Jinhuai’s charisma in their day-to-day communications. He wanted to go back to the original world again one day, so he would definitely vote for the Marshal in the Dumping Interstellar character popularity contest.

After the end of his imagination, Duan Hengye suddenly felt that as an “undercover” his conscience was once again heavily condemned.

Professor Duan didn’t know, looking at his expression of wanting to say but couldn’t, standing beside him Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth.

I don’t know when, Meng Jinhuai felt, his spouse began to day by day “angry” up. This is especially true today, probably because the situation is critical, although most of the time still paralyzed as usual, but Duanheng night’s emotions are obviously more exposed.

Normally, Meng Jinhuai could have directly arranged for the robot to bring dinner to the room. But after seeing Duan Hongyu turn off the simulator and leave a room full of cold white people, he didn’t want to do that.

This hotel called “Zhilu” is so large that after walking out of the door, Duan Hongyu realized that the room he was staying in was not a corridor, but a silver indoor plaza – thousands of square feet of bare space. As a top interstellar luxury hotel, this kind of no decorations is indeed a bit strange.

Duan Hongyu who had just woken up didn’t know that he and Meng Jinhuai would have stayed at the Tisei Star Chief’s residence according to the custom of the Empire. But because of the incident this morning, the marshal had temporarily changed his residence to this hotel.

After leaving the house, Meng Jinhuai explained as he led Duan Hongyi towards the other end of the square, “This hotel, ‘Solstice’, has been around for some years, and it was just built when Tisei Star wasn’t at war yet.” Duan Hongyu was very interested in the history of the Star, and he listened attentively after Meng Jinhuai spoke.

“Out of secrecy, very few people know about it because of the huge scale as well as the sturdy structure of the building. This luxurious hotel had undergone a series of renovations when Tisei was in a state of war, and received a long period of military garrisoning. So in terms of security level, the Chief Executive’s residence can’t be compared to this place.” Meng Jinhuai said as he walked.

Duan Hongyu understood that although the large-scale war had faded away, the “VIP area” where he was now hadn’t recovered from the war until now. After estimating the height of the floor here, as an armor designer, he immediately realized that the open space he was in should be used for parking armor.

Just as Duan Hongyi was estimating the number of armor parking in his mind, Meng Jinhuai suddenly slowed down his pace, then slightly lowered his head to look into Duan Hongyi’s eyes and said, “The VIP area of Solstice Leu has 270 floors.”

“…… Okay.” Duan Hongyi gave up on his estimation. As a Trekkie, he had obviously underestimated the meaning of Meng Jinhuai’s phrase “massive”. Seeing that Duan Hongyu had obviously paused for a moment, Meng Jinhuai smiled and gently placed his hand on his shoulder. “So don’t worry, the place is now filled with the military.” The Lord Marshal said in a relaxed tone.

According to the regulations of the Empire, the military department should not interfere in the affairs here anymore after Tize Star was recovered. But because of the accident that happened a few hours ago, the forces of Tize Star were once again back on this planet. Duan Heng Night thought that perhaps it was not to blame Zhuoyan for being on guard, who called Meng Jinhuai was indeed a person who was good at seizing every opportunity.


This hotel was the largest of its kind on the planet Tisei, and for the Marshal’s visit today, the staff from all the media outlets had been stationed here well in advance. After this morning’s event, countless imperial and military staffs had also rushed over from all corners of the interstellar world on starships. For a time, the hotel, which was originally deserted due to its high consumption, suddenly became extremely lively.

Although it was already late at night, but the interstellar era was always not too particular about meal times, and the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel was exactly the lively time. Many reporters even took this opportunity to surround those staff members who had just come out of the conference room to dine, attempting to get the specifics of the incident from them.

These reporters who are trying to exchange information and get gossip don’t know that the hero of the incident is now slowly walking towards them step by step ……

After walking out of the empty “square”, Duan Hengye finally saw the bustling scene in the restaurant.

The hotel was made up of two towers, one tower was the VIP area and the other was the general area and the restaurant was right in the middle of the two buildings. Although the living quarters were divided into two areas, the restaurants were interconnected, but there was a special “wall of light” between them.

This translucent wall of light may look ordinary, but it was capable of blocking all quantum and laser weapons. If someone tried to break in, the sensor device would automatically and temporarily knock the person out. Therefore, although it didn’t look special, no one in the hall dared to approach this side.

Perhaps it was because the translucent wall of light was too empty, and when someone appeared on the other side, those on the other side could see it surprisingly well ……

The restaurant was filled to capacity, with reporters chatting and exchanging information standing all over the floor. They didn’t know who shouted first, and then everyone cast their eyes towards the wall of light.


Only across a light blue light curtain, two men that all the reporters were familiar with were walking towards the other side of the restaurant from behind the light curtain. One of them was wearing a beige trench coat and looked like he was still a little weak, but his overall condition had obviously recovered quite a bit. As for the man beside him …… when everyone finally turned their attention away from the man in white, they realized that the man in the black casual coat beside him was Lord Marshal!

Instantly, the hall that had been unusually noisy immediately quieted down.

–No matter who it was, it would be shocking to see the object of one’s discussion and speculation from a moment ago suddenly appear before one’s eyes, let alone the person who suddenly appeared here being Meng Jinhuai!

As a military high… officer with little personal schedule. Officer, it would not be an exaggeration to refer to Lord Marshal as the most difficult celebrity to encounter in the stars. And even during working hours, some of the activities of the military department were only scheduled to be fixed.

Several media conducted interviews. So for most reporters, seeing Meng Jinhuai with their own eyes was considered a complete half of their career. Not to mention …… now that he was clearly in a non-working state and there was Duan Hengye standing by his side!

Not too long ago, the media had just received a message from the military that Duan Hengye was now awake and that his health was fine. However, since this was only a written statement and Duan Hengye himself didn’t show up, so with a fine questioning spirit, many people were speculating whether this news was true or not.

It wasn’t exaggerated at all to say that many of the reporters gathered at the restaurant right now were here to seek confirmation of this news.

The sudden appearance of Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai at this moment even called some reporters to wonder if they were hallucinating due to fatigue.

As the two of them were about to walk to the other side of the hall, some bold and quick-reacting reporters finally took out the camera they were carrying. His position was very close to the light curtain, and Meng Jinhuai certainly noticed the reporter’s action. Surprisingly, the marshal did not refuse to film, and he even stopped and turned around to wave slightly towards the hall. After seeing Meng Jinhuai’s movements, Duan Hengye also habitually stopped.

Unlike Duan Hengye who had slept for a long time, Meng Jinhuai had been paying attention to the public opinion trends on the Star Network today. He knew what the reporters were thinking right now, so after noticing Duan Hengye’s movement, Meng Jinhuai gently leaned over and whispered in the other party’s ear, “The reporters just received the news that you woke up.”

Seemingly not expecting Meng Jinhuai to suddenly approach, after feeling the warm breath coming from the top of his neck, Duan Hengye’s fingers hanging at his side also trembled slightly.

“Mm,” Duan Hengye pretended to be insensitive to this and turned around, then nodded towards the reporters in front of him.

Although Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai didn’t stop for too long, this short few seconds was enough for the reporters to play. It wasn’t until the two had finished greeting and disappeared at the other end of the restaurant that the reporter who had pulled out his camera at the right time finally remembered to turn it off.

Just a few minutes later, the edited footage was uploaded to StarNet. The scene of the marshal whispering in Duan Hengye’s ear was even looped by countless people into the next day ……

The VIP restaurant needed to be entered from the lower level by hovercraft, and only after slowly passing through the silver-white ceiling at the top did Duan Hengye discover that the compartment was completely transparent on all sides. The actual stargaze outside the restaurant was different from the fake interstellar scene that was created by the simulator just now, through the transparent material walls.

Although Duan Hengye had just seen an incomparably gorgeous galaxy on the way to Tize, it didn’t prevent him from being attracted by the beautiful scenery outside the window at the moment.

Dinner had already been prepared, and when the two of them sat down, the robots served up the dishes in turn. While the robots were setting the table, Duan Hengye was admiring the beautiful scenery outside the window while Meng Jinhuai was observing the person sitting opposite him.

This time, Meng Jinhuai didn’t hide his gaze, but a moment later Duan Hengye noticed that the other person was looking at him.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward for a while, perhaps Meng Jinhuai also felt this, and he finally spoke up to break this silence, “I didn’t know beforehand that His Majesty had come to mention the matter of choosing a star.”

Hearing the word “His Majesty”, Duan Hengye immediately focused. He never forgot that he was an undercover agent sent by the other party …… Today Zhuo Yan’s sudden appearance, coupled with that pile of inexplicable words, caused Duan Hengye to become nervous as soon as he heard the other party’s name.

After saying the previous sentence, Meng Jinhuai didn’t continue, but raised his head slightly to look at Duan Hengye and then asked, “Does Ah-heng know why he’s here?”

After Meng Jinhuai finished his question, Duan Hengye’s mind immediately brushed past a row of bright red exclamation marks – all from his “undercover” instinct.

Thanks to the time spent with Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye’s psychological quality, and acting skills had greatly improved. After hearing the other party’s question, he was nervous for a bit, but in the end, he still made a matter-of-fact shake of his head, “…… don’t know, he didn’t tell me anything very important.”

“Hmm,” said Meng Jinhuai with a nod, “His Majesty didn’t alert anyone when he came to Tize Star, and I only received the news after he arrived in Solstice.”

Although Zhuo Yan clearly looked like he was interested, Duan Hengye was not a narcissistic person after all. He knew very well that as the emperor of the Ye Tian Empire, Zhuo Yan would never leave the Capital Star rashly if there was nothing important. Since he had personally come to the still unstable situation of Tize Star, he definitely had business to attend to.

Just as Duan Hengye was pondering what exactly Zhuo Yan was here to do, Meng Jinhuai, who was sitting across from him, suddenly took out his light-brain. Although the light-brain had excellent entertainment functions, Duan Hengye’s impression was that the Marshal had never worked with it.

As an undercover agent with professional cultivation, Duan Hengye very tacitly lowered his head, preparing to pretend that he wasn’t interested in his work. But what he didn’t expect was that Meng Jinhuai suddenly opened the light screen in front of him, “His Majesty is finally willing to announce his intentions.” Lord Marshal looked at the light screen and said.

Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but raise his head to look at the light screen.

The place where the video was taken was probably the study room of one of the suites, and Zhuo Yan was sitting behind the desk, with the attendant who was in charge of delivering the message this morning standing at his side.

“Look behind him.” Meng Jinhuai suddenly prompted.

After the words fell, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but look towards the floor-to-ceiling window behind Zhuo Yan. Only a short distance away from the window, a lighted tower-type building completely stole the limelight from the diffuse starlight. At this time, Zhuo Yan was also in the VIP area of Zhilai! The building behind him was the other building of the hotel. This was so obvious that he was sure a reporter watching the live broadcast would have noticed with a little bit of attention ……

In the light screen, the attendant was seriously informing the outside world that Zhuo Yan had arrived at Tize Star an hour ago.

…… If Duan Hengye’s memory wasn’t wrong, it had been many years since the Ye Tian Empire’s royal family had announced the emperor’s itinerary in an official form. Not to mention that this time Zhuo Yan had arrived at a planet that was still in danger at such a special time.

Duan Hengye’s intuition told him that what the royal family was about to announce next should be something that had never been said in the books and was completely out of his own foreknowledge.

Few people liked the unknown, especially when the two words were tightly bound to their own fate.

In a short amount of time, Duan Hengye quickly went through the events that had happened in his head.

Despite being an important male character, Dumping Interstellar was, after all, a novel that revolved around the life of the female lead, and many of the events concerning Meng Jinhuai were only briefly mentioned. But within those casually mentioned sentences, there was a description of the marshal having been assassinated more than once.

Duan Hengye thought that in the original book, Meng Jinhuai and the original owner had probably also encountered similar incidents in Tize Star. According to the original owner’s personality, he would definitely choose to find a safe place to watch this incident or just make a simple defense. The royal family would not have made the crazy suggestion of “replacing” the assassin with Meng Jinhuai, who did not fight with him.

Although at this time the spokesman has not revealed the royal family’s purpose, Duan Hengye had been able to confirm, this serious deviation from the plot definitely had its own credit …… also he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh now.

Anyone could tell that Zhuo Yan’s arrival was very purposeful, and this Mr. Servant didn’t mean to sell out. Just between this short pause, Duan Hengye’s palms couldn’t help but break out in a thin layer of cold sweat. Finally, the man in the light screen looked at the camera, then slowly spoke out their final intention: “Since the incident this morning, the royal family has been following the progress of the investigation …… ”

Duan Hengye stared at the light screen, and the man in the picture slowly raised his head, then spoke right into the camera about the royal family’s intentions – due to the great implications of the incident, from today onwards Ye Tian Empire’s royal family would also send people to join the investigation team.

Was this still the same royal family that didn’t have a presence and didn’t care about the present and future of the Empire?

It must have been obvious to anyone who was a citizen of Ye Tian Empire, even if they had no knowledge of the situation, that the royal family’s announcement today was significant.

After years of silence and watching, the royal family finally sent out an important signal: they were different from the past; they were no longer satisfied with the past; they wanted to return to the true throne of the empire.

Duan Hengye didn’t know what others would think of the royal family’s statement, and he couldn’t help but take his eyes off the light screen as the squire spoke. Meng Jinhuai was clearly the person who should be paying the most attention to this matter, but his expression was so relaxed that he lifted the wine cup in front of him calmly.

Perhaps this matter itself was within Meng Jinhuai’s anticipation? At the thought of this possibility, Duan Hengye actually let out a sigh of relief.


The royal family’s “cool” side remains unchanged, despite the signal of their return to the outside world. The video announcement was very brief, ending with a simple explanation of the royal family’s purpose, and Zhuo Yan didn’t say a word throughout.

Seeing the image suddenly return to a dark blue light screen, Duan Hengye hadn’t reacted yet.

Meng Jinhuai faintly swept a glance at the light screen, then put down the wine glass, “Eat quickly, rest early today.” He said as if nothing had happened.

Although there were few everyday words, today’s video had completely aroused Duan Hengye’s desire to discuss it. However, seeing that Meng Jinhuai no longer spoke about this topic, in order to avoid arousing the other party’s suspicion, he still swallowed back a his words.

But the moment Duan Hengye picked up his chopsticks again, Meng Jinhuai suddenly raised his head and said, “Right, I almost forgot about an important matter.”

An important matter?

Duan Hengye also sat up straight and looked towards the other party, only to see Meng Jinhuai smile and say, “The Academy of Sciences under the Military Ministry developed a new type of life detection device some time ago, and although it’s still in an experimental state, its performance is already very stable.”

The new type of life detection device …… After hearing these words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but stare at him. What Meng Jinhuai said should …… not be the kind of device he imagined, right?

“This device is a great improvement over its predecessor, except for the time it takes to examine you and the long wait for results. There just happens to be one onboard the military starship, so the accompanying doctor used it this morning to give you a full medical examination while you were unconscious. The results …… are expected to come out in a while.” Looking at the other party’s obviously nervous appearance, Meng Jinhuai finally said this judgmental sentence in a chatty state.


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