C29— Thank You For Being A Fan.

When Zhou Yuhe arrived at the crew today, he found that the atmosphere had changed a lot, and the few supporting characters who were lazy and gagging suddenly got angry and sat on the stool with their scripts and read furiously.

Perhaps the atmosphere in the cast and crew had infected the others and all the staff members were much more swift today than before.

Zhou Yuhe caught Zhang Liran and asked, “Sister Zhang, is there something going on lately?”

Zhang Liran looked at the innocent face of the originator and couldn’t actually find words to spit out at once, so she could only vaguely say, “Diligence is a professional quality that every actor should have.”
Zhou Yuhe thought about it and felt that it was right, so he stopped dwelling on it and took the script to memorize it himself.

Director Cai was watching and couldn’t help but be a little touched, before, he rolled the script and cursed everywhere, these little brats were all like old loaches, now he stopped cursing, instead, everyone worked harder, in the end, it was Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng who took the lead.

He was just about to speak to praise them when he suddenly noticed that the script in Zhang Liran’s hand was marked in exactly the same way as Xie Yifeng’s, and without thinking too much he said, “Little Zhang, your script and Xie ……”

His voice wasn’t small, and everyone present including Zhou Yuhe looked at Zhang Liran’s script.

Zhang Liran: “Oh, this ah, the ‘script markup method’ that senior brother posted on Weibo three years ago I found very useful, so I’ve been using it until now.”

Zhang Qi’s character, Sa Tong, sniffed and raised his eyebrows cheaply, “Three years ago?”

He deliberately delayed the word “three years” for a long time, as if there was some secret between them.

Yang Dingding’s brother Yang Chong’s character, Deng Xian, was also a deep gossip lover, hearing this, without prompting, immediately picked up his words, “You have a situation ah ……”.

Zhang Liran’s assistant glared at Deng Xian, “Don’t talk nonsense, our Liran is famous for being a ‘Xie Yifeng Iron Fan’, the fans all know about it, you can just come up with a question to test her.”
Xie Yifeng’s Iron Fan?
They couldn’t believe there was such a thing.

Zhou Yuhe was startled, he took his sight away from the script and turned to Xie Yifeng.

He had been in the industry for a long time, and had played nearly a hundred roles over the past ten years, and his fans often cried at the top of their lungs when he posted up videos.

Xie Yifeng’s fan, he admitted, but an iron fan, well tsk ……

Like Zhou Yuhe, across the room, Xie Yifeng smiled and lowered his head to concentrate on the script, seemingly not paying much attention to what they had to say.

  ”Ohhhh? Really? So can you name the first role that Brother Xie …… played as a girl?”
“Deng Xian you’re up to no good! Watch out for Brother Xie beating you up!”
“Come on, come on!”
“Ahem,” Zhang Liran sneaked a glance at Xie Yifeng’s face and whispered, “If I remember correctly, it should be Bai Shi, a troubled teenager with a feminine fetish who he starred as at the age of sixteen.”

Bai Shi? Zhou Yuhe shook his head with a subconscious smile.
His movement was tiny, but it was conspicuous enough for the melon eaters who could accurately capture gossip, and Deng Xian coaxed, “Zhou Yuhe looks like he has something to say oh!”

Zhou Yuhe: “Strictly speaking, the first feminine role would have been in 03, when Xie Yifeng was 13 years old, as Bin, an autistic teenager with a dual personality who often fantasized that he was his own sister who died four years ago, in Dawn, because he didn’t really wear women’s clothes in the drama so people usually overlook this …… drama ……”

Only after Zhou Yuhe finished speaking did he realize that something was wrong, the people around him were all staring at him with a very profound look.

Zhou Yuhe: “……”

  Zhou Yuhe defended, “No, I’ve been following Brother Xie’s example since I joined the industry.”

Deng Xian laughed and spoke as cheaply as he wanted, “You can pull it off, have you been in the industry for a year ah?”

Even if you jump into the Yellow River, you can’t wash your hands of this, Zhou Yuhe: “……”

The noises around him grew louder and louder, and Zhou Yuhe turned his head with a headache, suddenly glancing across to see that Xie Yifeng was also looking at him.
The two of them were separated by the crowd, but their eyes directly met.

He didn’t know when Xie Yifeng stopped reading the script in his hand but looked at him with a look as obscure as the deep sea.

Zhou Yuhe was perturbed by such a deep gaze, they had been friends for so many years in their past life, it was normal for them to know all these things, but now he had the nervousness of an unspeakable secret being discovered, a blush climbed straight up from behind his ears.

Xie Yifeng, whose expression had been aloof, suddenly, smiled after seeing him blush.

Ah, cute.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t stand him laughing like this, so he had to escape.
As a result, it caused another wave of laughter.

From now on, the name of “Xie Yifeng’s fan” would be hard to take off.
He was afraid it would be hard for him to take it off.

After a month, they finally got to shoot the scene where Zhou Yuhe auditioned.

The scene was about Shen Yan, who skipped class to buy a birthday gift for Yang Dingding, and ran into Xu Chang, who was also skipping class. After escaping from the Director of Education, they confided in each other under the night sky and realized that both of them liked Yang Dingding.

When the official shooting began, a few changes were made to the plot.

  Xie Yifeng’s Xu Chang was more vulnerable than the original Xu Chang, so when asked by Shen Yan, he didn’t admit that he liked Yang Dingding.

When he thought that Xu Chang was just teasing Yang Dingding’s feelings, he was not as rational as in the original script.

  So Director Cai added a fight scene for them.

Although the fight scene in the plot may only last a few seconds, both Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng agreed that they had to really fight for the sake of filming effect.

The camera took its place.
Xie Yifeng pointed to the protective belt his assistant had wrapped around his waist and grinned at Zhou Yuhe, “Punch hard, don’t be shy.”

Zhou Yuhe witnessed Xie Yifeng lift up his school uniform to reveal his eight-pack abs before being wrapped in a protective belt by his assistant …… The despicable male pride made him also point to his own waist where his abs were not so obvious, indifferentlly: “Save your energy if you don’t want me to beat you up.”

Deng Xian laughed: “The director let Brother Xie be beaten up, you’re pointing to your flat stomach ah ha ha ha.”
Zhou Yuhe glared at him, and the latter immediately shut his mouth obediently.

Who the hell was the senior, did he still have a place on this film set!
Deng Xian thought with tears streaming down his face.

The director said “Action”…
Zhou Yuhe was the first to rush up and punched Xie Yifeng hard in the stomach, his good looking eyes filled with real anger, he said, “Xu Chang you coward! A*sh*le!”

Xu Chang curled up painfully and raised his head, but he still looked like he was sneering fiercely, his eyes were vicious and a little flirtatious as he said, “Bastard? You haven’t seen anything!”

  Shen Yan grabbed his collar, bent his leg and rammed his knee into his abdomen.

Xu Chang was not an easy man to provoke, he broke Zhou Yuhe’s restraint, clenched his fist and was about to throw it at Zhou Yuhe’s smooth jaw.

Zhou Yuhe’s heart jumped, and he involuntarily closed his eyes.

The expected fist didn’t fall and he opened his eyes in disbelief, but he saw the fist close to his face, and the heartbroken, stubborn eyes behind the fist.

“You’re right, I am a coward.” These words were said by Xie Yifeng through gritted teeth, not daring to admit his feelings, not daring to fight for everything he wanted, this kind of Xu Chang might really deserve a good beating.

His eyes shot straight out of his heart, where it was as if layer after layer of unspoken protective shell had fallen apart in a short amount of time, revealing a scared, trembling child inside.

No one could accuse this appearance of Xu Chang, Zhou Yuhe was stunned, he wanted to speak, but the other party abruptly walked away.

The moment he left, Zhou Yuhe clearly saw the fortress in the other party’s eyes built up again layer by layer, this rebellious and stubborn teenager, never allowed himself to show too much cowardice in front of outsiders ……

“CUT! Very good! One over! Good work everyone!”
“Good?” Zhou Yuhe heard Director Cai’s words and was in a fog.

The said plot, was not like this ah, it originally said that it would take two people to fight.
Although this rendition was indeed better ……
  Director Cai poked his head out of the monitor and laughed, “Yifeng and I had already agreed that he would hold back from hitting you with this punch. But then, I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to do it, so I hid it from you Ah Zhou.”

Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows, this plot was changed only last night on a short notice, the new addition of the script was only completed this morning, to say they had a good discussion earlier, he wasn’t too convinced, most likely Xie Yifeng acted spontaniously, this punch was really not planned ……

So was it him who couldn’t do it, or was it Xie Yifeng who couldn’t do it?

A strange feeling flowed through Zhou Yuhe’s heart as he walked towards Xie Yifeng, who was being helped to rest by his assistant, and asked softly, “Are you okay?”
Xie Yi Feng’s hand happened to be rubbing his abdomen, and he could clearly feel the skin under his palm, which wasn’t very painful with the protective band.

Xie Yi Feng used his super high acting skills to make his expression look as weak as possible, and then incomparably heartily said, “It’s fine.”

You’re fine even though your face looks so bad?

Then, Film Emperor Xie watched as Zhou Yuhe ran off with a worried face to ask the props team for medication.

The assistant looked at Xie Yifeng’s slightly hooked up mouth, and suspiciously thought: I thickly tied the protective tape.

It was only when the filming was winding down that Zhou Yuhe received the first phone call from Cao Qiyue in over a month.

Cao Qiyue: “Meng Churong and I have gotten back together.”
Zhou Yuhe: “……”

Cao Qiyue added, “Haha it’s a lie, Happy April Fool’s Day!”
Zhou Yuhe: “You must be bored.”

Cao Qiyue paused before saying solemnly, “No, I do have an important message to bring you today.”

“About the Black Emperor, I.S, Rejuvenation, and you.”

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