C31-Short shift before Being Verified (Part 2)

After getting off the studio, Zhou Yuhe received a call from Yang Yu, and he and Su Su rushed to the hotel arranged by the director’s team without stopping.

As soon as they entered the room, they saw Yang Yu holding his cell phone and cursing at the top of his lungs.

“No way? What do you mean there’s no way! What do you PR people do!”

The other side was still slow to say that this was not in line with the rules, and there was nothing they could do about the company’s decision.

Yang Yu was so angry that he just hung up his phone and turned around with a face full of anger and saw Zhou Yuhe and Su Su.

“You guys are here,” Yang Yu came back to his senses, he scratched his hair irritably and sat down on his chair, “Do you know what I called you here for today?”
Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips, “I heard it from Cao Qiyue.”

Yang Yu sighed: “You have just seen the situation, as long as it involves Ji Chen, all the company’s resources will be tilted towards him, “Obviously sweet” and “Rejuvenation” starting at the same time, in addition, the “Rejuvenation” crew said the share of publicity resources we can get from the company may be ……”

Yang Yu was stunned, because it wasn’t him who said that.
Rather, it was said by Zhou Yuhe.

The current Ji Chen, to outsiders, looked like a second son who was drunk on showbiz.

That uncle of his, although he kept a strict eye on him, as long as Ji Chen didn’t reach out to the business world, he was very supportive of anything he did. After all, he had to play the role of a loving uncle in front of the old man, so he naturally had no problem in promoting Ji Chen’s new movie.
Crashing into the same period as Ji Chen, it could only be said that the timing was not good.

Yang Yu: “……”
Zhou Yuhe: “……”
The two of them were speechless with each other.
They were both a pawn under the capital chessboard, and a small decision from the top could potentially ruin their long-standing efforts.

Please don’t take away our promotional resources, “Rejuvenation” is the king of dramas this year, and we’re not afraid at all in the face of “Obviously Sweet” -.
People would just think he was crazy if he said things like that.

Even if there was no “Obviously Sweet”, there was a whole lot of people who didn’t like “Rejuvenation”.
After all ……
Innovation meant risk, uniqueness meant no one had been in the field before.

What anyone must admit was that-.
Any hot topic was cold until it became hot.

So, faced with a resource grab, they didn’t even have a convincing argument to negotiate with the top brass.
They could only accept it.

Zhou Yuhe sighed long and hard in his heart.

The butterfly effect.

For the first time since his rebirth, he felt this way.
If he hadn’t helped Cao Qiyue fight the Black Emperor, the Black Emperor’s financial chain wouldn’t have been in trouble, Obviously Sweet wouldn’t have been postponed, and his original publicity resources wouldn’t have been robbed ……
  Not all the destinies he wanted to change went in a good direction.
It was certainly disturbing.

What was more, the Shen Yan from his previous life wasn’t him either – he replaced Xie Yifeng as the crucial male lead of the drama Rejuvenation.
So, would “Rejuvenation” still create the same mythology as its predecessor and become this year’s drama king?

Zhou Yuhe felt unprecedented pressure.

The crew was also deadly quiet.

Zhou Yuhe was fine, he was reborn, at least he knew that “Rejuvenation” was a hit, but the actors and crew, they knew nothing about it.
Many of them had never even thought about the word “famous”.

…… Whether it was the work or the relationship between everyone, these little bits and pieces, each and every one of the crew from the bottom of their hearts, hoped that “Rejuvenation” could get good results.

If they wanted to talk about people who were really unaffected, only director Cai and Xie Yifeng were.
Director Cai was the director, even if the entire crew was bereaved, he couldn’t be bereaved, he was holding a script rolled up into a barrel, directing the staff back and forth, speaking in a neutral voice, but his eyes hid indescribable fatigue.

Zhou Yuhe knocked on the door of Xie Yifeng’s lounge for the first time.
“Please come in.”

As soon as Zhou Yuhe entered, what he saw was the same image Zhang Liran had seen –
Xie Yifeng was picking up a piece of ginger and preparing to send it to his mouth.

Zhou Yuhe: “……”
Zhou Yuhe: “That’s ginger.”

Xie Yifeng froze, put down the script in his hand, slowly moved his eyes, and then tossed the ginger slice aside.
The entire process was so easy that it reminded one of the sloths in a certain Disney cartoon.

Xie Yifeng turned his head, his expression quite “surprised”, “What do you want to see me about, Yuhe?
The two words “Yuhe” was said incomparably naturally, exactly the same as the tone he used when he called him in his last life, just as gentle, just as drowning.
It was too familiar for Zhou Yuhe to remember that the other party wasn’t as familiar with him now as he was in his last life.
  He sat down next to Xie Yifeng, looked at him, and sighed, “Nothing.”
Nothing, then what do you want with me?
–If it were a normal person, they would definitely think this way, even get irritated.
But Xie Yifeng didn’t.
As if he had expected it, he didn’t say anything, just quietly finished his meal.

The slight, polite, sound of chewing food.
It was oddly relaxing in the tiny lounge.

It was only after he had finished eating and wiping his mouth that he turned to face him formally.

He had actually heard quite a bit of news these days.
Xie Yifeng: “Feeling stressed?”
Zhou Yuhe: “……”
Xie Yifeng: “You feel aggrieved and unhappy because the company has given all its resources to Ji Chen?”
Zhou Yuhe: “……”
Xie Yifeng: “You’re afraid that because of your lack of publicity, Rejuvenation will be held back by you?”
Zhou Yuhe: “……”
Xie Yifeng: “You have no confidence in yourself.”

This last sentence was an affirmative sentence.

…… This guy couldn’t be f*cking born again, too!
Was his mind so easy to read?

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