C18— War Of Public Opinion[Part 2]

 Who exactly was Zhou Yuhe.
This question was not just of concern to the PR team, but netizens were even more concerned.

When they clicked into Zhou Yuhe’s homepage out of curiosity and flipped to his previous weibo posts, the unifying image appeared again.

“Fuck! So handsome!!!”

“Mama how in the world can there be such a handsome man!!!”

  ”No, mom I’d rather know how in the world there are people so handsome and still so smart and kind!!!”

  ”Isn’t this the actor that I.S. pushed last year? I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“Exactly! It’s been a year, little brother became even more handsome!”

Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo followers leaped up by half overnight, 300,000, faster than the PR team that pushed him up for six months.

His original fan base was so busy that it was impossible to keep busy, and the support group was going around to popularize him and selling Amway [  to passionately recommend; to introduce; to promote.] , and after a series of beauty flashes, the industry of passers-by and IQ fans had been transformed into face fans, meat fans, personality fans. The body fans, character fans, who would have thought the little brother’s words wouldn’t be shy, but with a powerful and elite sense of a youth, okay!

Zhou Yuhe not only became a brave man who fought for his friends, but also made a real rise. The conversion rate of fans was so high that people were envious and hateful, which many people were unwilling to see in the whole network black incident, including Ceng Ang.

Ceng Ang hugged a sweet-looking girl who was attached to him like a boneless person, and stared at Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo page in his cell phone with a jealous face.

Since when did he have this level of PR?
If he had such an emotional intelligence, why did the company push him around for a year with no improvement?
It must be Cao Qiyue’s team!

Ceng Ang was convinced that Zhou Yuhe’s brain would never be able to come up with such a good PR tactic, and he was just a lucky opportunist in this case.
  The more Ceng Ang thought about it, the more unhappy he felt.
The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he was. He was kicked out of his home, he had nowhere to go, and he had nothing to rely on in his career, but this guy was jumping around so happily…….

These things accumulated together, and the more Ceng Ang thought about it, the more his anger rose.
He remembered that Zhou Yuhe had praised this album by Cao Qiyue countless times in front of him, and a vicious and irrational thought suddenly rose from his mind….

Zhang Rong’s PR department stayed up all night, had an all-night meeting, and then immediately went into a new round of fighting the next day.
They focused on the indistinct line between sampling and plagiarism, and then used “smearing Cao Qiyue’s character” to divert attention.

In fact, they were already very passive at this time, but after all, they had received money from their clients……..

Zhang Rong sighed and was getting ready to work when a Weibo post by I.S artist Ceng Ang suddenly entered his sight.

It was also a bit long, and it looked as if it was in response to Zhou Yuhe’s long Weibo post, but Nay, it wasn’t as logical and well organized as the other, and it took Zhang Rong quite a bit of time to extract what exactly Ceng Ang was trying to say from that redundant statement.

After reading Zhou Yuhe’s textbook long microblog, and then seeing Ceng Ang’s, Zhang Rong was able to appreciate what the difference was, but it was good that Ceng Ang’s wording wasn’t very good, but the message was crucial!

A thousand words or so, and it said only two things.

One was to point out that “Flow of Fire” not only plagiarized “Song to You,” but the Russian folk ballad “Lake” as well!

  Secondly, Ceng Ang, who worked under the same agent, attacked Zhou Yuhe in a roundabout way, saying, “There are things and people that can never be covered up by a glossy exterior”.

Finally, this Ceng Ang even attacked Zhou Yuhe!

Who would dare to do such a destructive act if it were not true? Unless they were out of their mind!

“Leave everything else alone and keep an eye on Zhou Yuhe!!!” The team leader’s growl came out of the phone.

“Yes!” Zhang Rong immediately shivered.

All the PR team poured out their nests.
  Just the day after the crisis, when Cao Qiyue’s wind reviews were barely on the rise, a long blog by Ceng Ang made things confusing again.

One song was similar and you could call it sampling, but two songs were similar and you still have the nerve to call it sampling?

And what about the promised receipts for copyright purchases? How come there’s no news of the Black King? Was it not well ventilated, or was it simply not real?

  And that Zhou Yuhe, who couldn’t even speak on the variety show, he wrote that clarification article? Excuse me?

If Ceng Ang’s Weibo was the one that made things confusing, then Yan Yingyi’s fans’ sneak pics on the set really made the heat explode again.

Even though there were only back shots, and even though they were far enough away that they had no idea what was going on on the set, just the sight of Yan Yinyi covering his stomach and getting into the nanny van, followed by Zhou Yuhe appearing under the camera in his costume, was enough for fans to brainstorm a 10,000-word mini-essay!

“Zhou Yuhe steals the corner,” “Zhou Yuhe’s character,” and “heartbroken Yan Yingyi” contracted the top three hot searches.

“Under the same agent, there are irreconcilable conflicts with the other two artists, what kind of character is this!” Yan Yingyi’s fan left an indignant message.

“And isn’t his name on the top of the official ‘Rejuvenation’ blog? It’s not just stealing the role but also rolling further, so don’t make a bigger face, okay?” Yan Yingyi’s fan B said.

“He can’t be trusted at all, the so-called original manuscript, who knows if it’s ‘original’ or not? Copyright receipts are still not available, if you’re capable of proving it in court, otherwise I won’t believe another word.”

“To Zhou Yuhe, then to Cao Qiyue [Goodbye].”


Inside the conference room.

The group leader looked at the one-sided diss on Weibo and exhaled with relief, “Although it came out of the blue, it’s good that it’s finally under control, everyone has worked hard, go back and have a good night’s sleep.”

Zhang Rong and the others pinched their eyebrows in exhaustion, everyone hadn’t slept for more than thirty hours since yesterday.

Hearing the team leader say this, they all could not wait to rush up and give him a big hug.

Of course the one who should be most thankful was still Ceng Ang, who knew that at this juncture a divine helper would actually appear and help them pull back public opinion, and the heat was now even higher than before when the plagiarism was at its worst, the whole Weibo is watching the jokes of these two, not to mention that it was absolutely impossible for Cao Qiyue to turn over a new leaf, this Zhou Yuhe also blackened together!

Having won such a beautiful battle, the team leader greeted everyone to hurry home and rest.
Everyone got up to leave the conference room, only Zhang Rong was still staring at Weibo, he always had a feeling that this matter wasn’t over yet….

“F*ck-! Team leader check the blog!!!”
  ”What for, so much fuss…” the team leader clicked on Weibo, his entire body as if  it was struck by lightning, stood in place.

“Lu, Lucas made a statement on Twitter… “Zhang Rong was startled, Lucas not only publicly supported Cao Qiyue, but also insulted the comparison of the sampled tracks reviewed by professionals.

The original author had personally come out and said that there was no plagiarism, and the other foreign musician’s identity, that music industry status, that far-famed foul temper, there was no possibility of being bought off….

What could be more of a slap in the face than that?

All the other people in the meeting room felt stupid, a few people as if all their strength was emptied, they fell into their chairs.

The group leader was so angry that he threw his wireless mouse directly at the opposite wall, and the mouse was violently dismembered.

“They’re sick, aren’t they? Are they sick!!!! With the original author’s statement why wasn’t it released earlier! Was it fun to play us? Huh?”

  ”That Ceng Ang too! More plagiarisms? Get the f*ck off! How can he be so righteous about something that’s not true? Stupid!!!”

It was too bad that this kind of victory was on the horizon, but it was a lost cause, and the problem was that this one was simply baffling.
Was this a premeditated self-flagellation?
No, it shouldn’t be.

Plagiarism was something that every feisty musician didn’t want to get their hands on, let alone use it as a way to get hype, because if they were not careful, they’ll put everything on the line for it.

And the timing of Lucas’ announcement was so spot-on this time, jumping in to explain when public opinion had just erupted and the public’s curiosity was at its peak –

  So swift and decisive.

  Not at all like the one who had dragged on for a full five days before, dilly-dallying the best time.

“Is there such a possibility that that PR article by Zhou Yuhe mentioned Valentine’s Day and the weekend, but in fact, their ‘team’ only took over this matter after Valentine’s Day, and that time had missed the best time to clarify, that’s why they… “Zhang Rong wanted to stop talking.

The best time to clarify a crisis event was when public opinion had just begun to erupt, only at that time could rumors be effectively curbed, otherwise no one would pay attention to the belated explanation when bad comments had already taken deep root in people’s hearts.

So, what was the best thing to do in case the situation was not clarified in time?

  Being silent and letting this go by itself?

Gather all the evidence and explain it, solemnly, once and for all?

Zhou Yuhe’s choices were…
Let public opinion explode again.

Deliberately make it unclear in the first clarification, leaving numerous holes for them to step in.

They also gleefully thought they had caught the other side’s weaknesses, but it turned out that they weren’t afraid at all, and were calmly watching you bounce around with their cards in hand, and by the time things got more and more confusing and the heat rose to the highest level-.
Fatal blow.

The team leader was startled for a full ten minutes before he asked dumbly, “Did you find out the PR team behind the other side?”
The investigative team colleague lowered his head, “No.”

Zhang Rong’s gaze turned back to the young man who had an amazing appearance on the computer screen in front of him, and he felt that this wave of god-like operations was done by someone alone .

With such nail-biting evidence, the Black Emperor originally wanted to hide the copyright receipt had to immediately put up, Yan Yinyi himself also came forward to explain Zhou Yuhe was not robbing him, but it was a temporary rescue, Ceng Ang became the netizens’ enemy, he suffered from the netizens who had nowhere to vent their anger, and was forced to shut down his Weibo page … … …

After this, many people would know that Cao Qiyue was once suspected of plagiarism–
But more people knew that she was wrongly accused!
More people would know how dark the internal struggles of the Black Emperor was!
More people would know that there was an entertainer in the entertainment industry named Zhou Yuhe who stood up when his best friend was being attacked by public opinion!

Everyone knew it was a perfect, classic, crisis communication.

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