C19— Late Date Night[Part 1]

 ”Zhou! ! We made it! ! !” Da Pan hugged Zhou Yuhe, with snot and tears, he was usually calm and smart.

It was so loud that Zhou Yuhe’s skull hurt, and it took a lot of effort to strip Da Pan from his body.

It wasn’t because he was weak, it was because the crisis started with Valentine’s Day planning and lasted for five days. In the past five days, although it seemed that they had only published a long Weibo post, in fact, they had done a lot of things in private, and they had eaten three meals almost irregularly. Now, it was not too much to describe him as “starving from front to back”.

At this moment-
Two bowls of delicious noodles were brought to Zhou Yuhe and Da Pan.

The oily and tender side dishes on it, the two poached eggs lying down, and chopped green onion accompanied by the rich aroma of soup had warmed their stomachs before they started eating.
Two people look to the right at the same time-
Cao Qiyue, dressed neatly, held a slender lady’s cigarette in her mouth and raised her eyebrows. “Looking at what, eat quickly.”

Da Pan’s eyes were sour: “Grandma Cao, you …”

Cao Qiyue sat down. “You have been busy for me these days, so I can’t be so worthless and decadent?”
Da Pan was moved beyond measure by Cao’ Qiyues remarks in July, and hugged the soup bowl and began to eat noodles.

His grandmother Cao had no other shortcomings, that was, she was true to things and people.

It seemed like a straight man, in the face of feelings, he would cherish it when it came, and it could go, but in fact the kind of pain was not really “laughed away”.

Otherwise, how could she write such heartbreaking love songs?

She was serious about Meng Churong, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten involved with the company CEO’s daughter and joked about her own future.

This time it got better so quickly, which was largely moved by the atmosphere of “doing their best” for her. Although they didn’t say anything, all three people understood this friendship.

Zhou Yuhe was not in a hurry to eat the noodles, but had a somewhat surprised look: “You really figured it out?”

He knew that after breaking up with Meng Churong in his previous life, Cao Qiyue wrote many songs and never talked about a new lover until her death, so of course he was surprised to see her so unrestrained.

Cao Qiyue held a lady’s cigarette in her hand and spat out a cloud of mist, her manners were elegant and had her own unique charm.

“For seven whole days, she didn’t say a word for me, and the Black Emperor also sent the receipt only after Lucas clarified … Hey, I should have seen it clearly, why bother, she’s not worth it.” Cao Qiyue said softly, her eyes lost in sorrow, she looked very endearing.

Although she had short hair, she was actually not masculine at all, her short hair looked very clear and elegant, like the high school goddess in the hearts of many boys in the last century. It was said that she was like a straight man, in fact, that part of her personality was too free and spontaneous, too prominent, fans used the word “straight man” to describe her.

Looks were beautiful and pure, but she dared to love and hate inside; Her singing was ethereal, the feelings conveyed were so hot and blazing; It seemed that her mind was simple, but in fact she knew a lot of things, but she just didn’t care about it … She was a person who had gathered too many contradictions, and she was unique enough to fascinate countless people.

Zhou Yuhe’s heart was clear.
In his previous life, Cao Qiyue was too quick to silence, and she had always thought that this scandal had destroyed her and Meng Churong’s love. As a passionate person, she would not bind her lover and would only let herself taste the bitter consequences.

But in this life, Cao Qiyue managed to turn over a new leaf, and with room to spare, she saw clearly Meng Churong’s choice and the person she was, so she let it go.
Just like she said, it was indeed not worth it.

Zhou Yuhe assuredly ate the noodles.

  Cao Qiyue was really still Cao Qiyue.

As a result, Cao Qiyue’s next words almost made him spurt out-…
“Man, Xie Yifeng has helped you so much, when are you going to repay him properly?”

“Ahem-! The help was for you!”

“So what, I’m not the one who owes a favor.” Cao Qiyue glanced at him in a peaceful manner.
Zhou Yuhe instantly choked.
How could this person’s skin be so thick?

Da Pan also leaned in, “I’m actually quite surprised that he would agree to help you.”
Zhou Yuhe was startled as he looked at the steam coming out of the soup bowl in front of him.
Why wasn’t he surprised?

The lights were on.

Xie Yifeng was wearing a simple hooded black sweatshirt and a pair of black trousers leaning under the lamppost by the side of the road, looking a bit like a Korean star from afar.

Zhou Yuhe tightened the trench coat on his body and walked up to greet him.
“Have you been waiting long?”

Xie Yifeng smiled, his deep eyes reflecting a few stars under the light of the street lamp.
“Only been here a short while.”

Zhou Yuhe: “Let’s go, the cinema is over there.”
Xie Yifeng kept up with the other’s footsteps, staring at his toes, he kicked a small stone on the road somewhat carelessly, “Actually, there’s no need to be so polite, you’re the one who managed to convince Lucas, I just pulled the strings.”
  Lucas, the key figure in this Cao Qiyue incident.
In his previous life, when Cao Qiyue’s incident happened, Zhou Yuhe didn’t have the public relations skills he had now, he could only watch his old friend being maligned by the netizens but couldn’t do anything about it.

Lucas was a man with a penchant for music, and had been preparing for three years for Fun, the album that would become famous. The eponymous title track lacked a distinctive string sound, and he searched for over a year before finally finding an old musician playing the horse-headed zither in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, who tweeted about it to document the precious moment.

And this tweet just happened to be seen by Zhou Yuhe.

What was more, it just so happened that Lucas and Xie Yifeng were good friends.
The former Xie Yifeng was a real drama nerd and a little bit of a communicator, having been on countless film sets, and the two of them got together in a musical film made by a European director.

On Valentine’s Day of ’14, exactly six months after Lucas began his search for a string sound, Zhou Yuhe saved him nearly half of that time straight away, and with statements and track comparisons prepared in advance by him and Da Pan, Lucas only had to swipe his finger to get the sound of his dreams, so how could he refuse?

The so-called “divine public relations”, the so-called “timing, location and harmony”, in fact, behind the so-called “divine public relations”, was a lot of unknown efforts.

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