The last time Su Mingge had called a doctor to Duan Hengye’s residence, it had alarmed many of the surrounding staff, and to this person who hadn’t been sick since birth, Duan Hengye’s condition was truly frightening. Although Duan Hengye had now fully recovered, anyone who saw how he looked during his seizure had palpitations.

Thanks to the fact that Duan Hengyee’s current workload wasn’t too heavy, he simply listened directly to Meng Jinhuai’s advice and temporarily stayed at Southern Province.

After Meng Jinhuai went to work at the military department, Duan Hengye arrived at the library of the marshal’s residence. Although the name still retained the ancient meaning of “library”, in reality, the library of this era had nothing to do with paper books anymore.

After the iris recognition system, Duan Hengye walked into the room and saw a silvery-white metal wall, as well as a row of neatly arranged light-brains in the room.

In this era, the light-brain had already become indispensable to everyone’s life and to the development of various industries. But compared to the ordinary light-brain that everyone had, there were less than five super light-brains in the entire interstellar world. For example, the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute had a super-light brain that was responsible for calculating armor data… The original owner had used it to trap Meng Jin huai.

In addition to the Institute, the Military Department also had such a machine. Unlike the one dedicated to armor calculations, the military department’s super-light brain contained all the data of the armor’s operation in recent years’ major battles. From the memories, it could be seen that the original owner used to come here to check the data.

Duan Hengye had decided to make improvements to the original armor, so this battle data was especially important to him.

Within the silver space, a thin man sat quietly in front of the light brain, and at this time he was carefully watching the fine and complicated numbers in front of him. At the same time, in the unit marshal’s office located in the core of the military building, Meng Jinhuai also received a hint that the light brain was being turned on.

With the flicker of dark blue light, the Eastern General who was about to leave after reporting his work suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“…Lord Marshal, are we still going to do no data restriction this time like before?” As someone who knew Duan Hengye’s true identity, he hesitantly asked.

Duan Hengye was a spy, and one who had tampered with Meng Jinhuai’s armor. Even though the specific data from the last incident had been destroyed, Admiral Dongfang still wasn’t sure if he should allow Duan Hengye to continue to access the core data.

Unexpectedly, Meng Jinhuai shook his head, then said in a very relaxed tone, “It’s okay, no restrictions.”


Meng Jinhuai turned on the library’s monitoring device and said, “The Imperial Army . The power is in my hands, and it’s to our advantage to have new armor built . Besides… the existing armor was developed by him, so there’s no way to prevent it if he wants to do something about it.” After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Admiral Dongfang fell silent. What Meng Jinhuai said wasn’t wrong, from the technical aspect alone, as long as Duan Hengye still wanted to tamper with the armor, the military department was still powerless to do anything about it.
  Fortunately, Meng Jinhuai’s mental energy had advanced during that crisis and the tracking system was still working. If Duan Hongyi wanted to change the armor program, the military department would be notified at once.


Despite their very different personalities, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were indeed very similar in their love of work. From morning to evening, the two of them were even buried in work, without a moment’s rest.

Until the evening, Meng Jinhuai finally finished dealing with the day’s business, and then opened the monitoring device around the halo. There were information shielding devices around the homogeneous super-optical brain, this monitoring authority was not high, he could only see a simple two-dimensional image, and could not read the light brain screen information.

Meng Jinhuai originally just took a casual look, he didn’t expect to see such a scene after he turned on the surveillance – how was Duan Hengye sit side by side with Meng Hexian?

Lord Marshal had to adjust the monitoring time with a frown.

The current Duan Hengye had the task of teaching the armor theory course at An Luo University in addition to his work at the research institute. After looking at the battle data inside his light-brain for a while, Duan Hengye left the area and moved to another table to study the questions raised by the students.

This table was located in the corner of the library, and it would be hard to notice that there was actually a person sitting here if they were indoors.

This afternoon, the door of the library, which had been closed, slowly opened again, and a little boy sneaked in… As Meng Hexian’s guardian, Meng Jinhuai didn’t think that his nephew would come to the library to do any serious business.

Meng Jinhuai squinted his eyes, and as expected, the Meng Hexian in the picture didn’t see Duan Hengye who was sitting in the corner, he quickly ran to a silver ball in the library after looking around for a week to make sure there was no one here.

This was currently the top holographic sphere in the stars.

Meng Jinhuai instantly understood what exactly his nephew was here for. Holographic entertainment had been popular in the stars for hundreds of years, and there were naturally countless fun games. It was just that holographic spheres were usually user-bound and had heavy restrictions, for example, Meng’ Hexians own holographic sphere could only play certain children’s games and had an anti-addiction system.

Few people probably knew that these holograms belonging to the military department located in the library were the only few anonymous holograms in the interstellar, and they were generally only used to simulate armor piloting….

But now, it seemed that Meng Hexian had probably already used it to play quite a few games.

Thinking about his brother and sister-in-law who sacrificed their lives for the country, and then looking at his little nephew in front of him who was not learned and knew how to do bad things, as his guardian, Marshal Meng Jinhuai’s heart for the first time had a sense of frustration. Perhaps he had indeed been negligent in disciplining Meng Hexian, Meng Jinhuai’s heart could not help but feel some guilt….
  The monitoring was still playing, and the picture showed Meng Hexian looking excited, but unfortunately, he forgot that the anonymous holographic ball wasn’t muted, and he didn’t know that there was even another person inside the library now. Meng Jinhuai saw that just as Meng Hexian diligently turned on the holographic ball, Duan Hengye, who heard the start-up beep, raised his head in some confusion. Professor Duan then immediately locked onto the device that was flashing on the other side of the library… Meng Hexian just flipped over.

Although it had been a while since they got married, Meng Jinhuai found that he had never observed Duan Hengye properly.

With Meng Jinhuai’s understanding of Duan Hengye, the other party should have just ignored Meng Hexian in this situation. But the picture showed that Duan Hengye, who was once indifferent to everything around him, slowly walked over to the holographic sphere, and then appeared opposite Meng Hexian with an expressionless face.

“Auntie… Ah, Professor Duan…” after seeing the man in front of him, Meng Hexian, whose psychological quality wasn’t up to par, almost rolled out from the holographic ball with weak knees. After hearing the first word “auntie”, Duan Hengye’s face darkened for a second, fortunately, Meng Hexian was very responsive and took back the deadly name. The next after seeing the other party’s expression, the always fearless Meng Hexian finally held back a “good afternoon” after half a day.

Obviously, Duan Hengye didn’t eat him, “What are you doing here.” He asked.

Meng Hexian looked around nervously, then he said as if he suddenly remembered something: “Uh… I’m here to simulate the machine! Armor pilot.” He seemed to have found a good reason, but unfortunately, the person standing in front of him was the one who knew the most about armor in the entire interstellar.

Of course, Duan Hengye, who had just heard the game’s startup sound himself, didn’t believe his bullsh*t, and Professor Duan then asked, “Oh? What’s the model you’re simulating?”

“……. “Meng Hexian who had never simulated Mecha piloting and only played games was silent.

What do you mean, bumping into a gun? This was it!

At this time, Meng Jinhuai, who was watching the monitor, suddenly felt that his nephew was a little embarrassing.

Seeing Meng Hexian lowered his head and remained silent, Duan Hengye reached out his hand and ruthlessly turned off the holographic ball. And Meng Hexian, who was still self-conscious, lowered his head and came out of the holographic sphere, he muttered in a low voice, “I’m going to study.” Then he turned around and tried to run.

Unexpectedly, Duan Hengye still didn’t let go of Meng Hexian, “Write here.” He said coldly.


The video was fast-forwarded to the current point in time, and Meng Jinhuai saw that in front of another desk in the library, Duan Hengye and Meng Hexian sat together frowning at the other’s homework. Although he was busy with work and didn’t have much time to take care of his nephew, Meng Jinhuai, the guardian, was aware of Meng Hexian’s poor grades.
  He hadn’t expected that Duan Hengye, who had always had the reputation of being a genius, and who had once not even bothered to answer the difficult questions of his colleagues at the institute, would now have the patience to watch a small child learn.

Obviously, the other party was still that cold and indifferent, but Meng Jinhuai was very sure – Duan Hengye had changed, and he didn’t understand the current Duan Hengye at all.

Meng Jinhuai, who had always been able to face all problems peacefully, was actually a bit distracted. He liked to control everything in his hands since he was young, but now Meng Jinhuai suddenly found a person who was not only out of his control, but also he couldn’t even see through him.

He didn’t like this feeling.

Meng Jinhuai turned off the monitor.

At this time in the library, looking at the child’s answers, Duan Hengye who was sitting next to him finally sighed in his heart in some despair, he couldn’t find any psychological shadow in the child….

“It’s not right here.” Duan Hengye, who hadn’t touched these basic subjects for an unknown number of years, finally couldn’t help but point out Meng Hexian’s problem on the light screen.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Hexian, who had been in mourning for half a day, suddenly had a bright look in his eyes and blurted out, “Thank you, auntie”.

Auntie? After hearing those two words, Duan Hengye’s nerves were tight, but before he could correct them again, he looked up and saw that the door of the library was already half open. A few seconds later, Meng Jinhuai, who hadn’t seen him for a day, appeared at the door, looking at the man’s meaningful expression, Duan Hengye was very sure that Meng Jinhuai had definitely heard the two words that Meng Hexian had just said.

It seems that there was still not enough homework.

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