Wen Run didn’t know in the slightest that he had been given a foodie label in his teammate’s heart. After cleaning the piglets and taking extra care of Xiao Hua, the next step was to prepare pig food to feed the pigs.

In fact, even in the countryside, everyone fed the pigs more with ready-made pig feed now, convenient and hassle-free. But this time, in order to pursue the effect of the show, the show team asked the guests to cook the pig food themselves, not use ready-made feed.

Fortunately, Ah-Qing’s wife taught them how to cook pig food before she left home, which was not difficult, but a little more complicated, they had to boil cabbage, sweet potato leaves, wild herbs and bran together and chop them up before mixing them.

They had to pick the cabbage and sweet potato leaves from the garden, and the wild herbs and bran were at home. So they took their baskets and went to pick them.

In general, some fields in the countryside, some of them that were too high to store water for irrigation, were used to grow vegetables and beans for their own consumption, while others were planted with rapeseed or cotton, a cash crop. And Ah Qing’s house was used to plant a lot of vegetables, in addition to cabbage sweet potatoes, there were radishes and garlic and other varieties.

The two arrived at the vegetable garden, before they began to pick it, they suddenly heard a high-pitched scream from the cotton field not far away, Wen Run was shocked, ran over to follow the source of the sound, and saw Huang Ziyu running around as she yelled: “Hurry up and get rid of it, hurry up!”

“Don’t move!” Xie Yupan took a dead twig and tried to pick the worms on her body, but she bounced in place like a spring, and Xie Yupan couldn’t aim at all.

It just so happened that Zhang Lu had gone to the other side to pick again, and Xie Yupan was worried when he saw Wen Run and Qu Haowen coming and quickly called out, “Huang Xiyi has worms on her, one of you give her a hand.”

The crazy screaming Huang’ Xiyis eyes reddened when she looked over, and she rushed towards Wen Run, trying to jump on him. “There’s a worm crawling on me oooh…”

Qu Haowen on the other hand was quick-eyed and shoved the basket of vegetables in his hands into Wen Run’s arms. Huang Xiyi pounced on Wen Run but could only stand angrily, looking at Wen Run pitifully with tears in her eyes.

“You stand still, I’ll take a look.”

Wen Run took out his gloves from the basket and put them on, and when he went around to look behind her, he saw that Huang Xiyu had a gray flesh worm one inch long on her back, the kind of worm that grew in cotton, and he didn’t know how she got it on her body.

Pinching the worm off and tossing it aside, Wen Run said, “Okay.”

“Thanks.” Huang Xiyi wiped her tears and said tenderly with red eyes, “There are even worms in the cotton, I don’t want to pick them.” Her tone with a little petulant meaning,  the V-neck shirt also slipped down a little, faintly revealing her cleavage.
  Noticing that, Wen Run thought that there were indeed girls who were particularly afraid of insects, he said, “I’ll go pick them then.”

Huang Xiyu was delighted. She was about to say thank you when he handed over the basket of vegetables and continued, “Then you’ll go with Qu Haowen to feed the pigs.”

“???” Huang Xiyu was so stunned that her voice almost broke, “I’m going to feed the pigs?”

Wen Run looked at her in surprise, not knowing why she was so surprised, so she had to explain in a warm voice, “Ah Qing’s wife asked us to help take care of the piglets, and we’ve already cleaned the pigpen, so we just need to cook pig food to feed the pigs.”

Huang Xiyu’s face was green. It took half a day before she said, “Forget it, I’d better pick cotton.”

Xie Yupan sneered rudely behind her, and Huang Xiyu reluctantly continued to pick cotton.


The five of them divided up the work, and at last they all completed their tasks for the day. Wen Run and Qu Haowen took good care of the piglets, and Ah Qing’s wife really gave them a large piece of pork as a thank you after she returned from the county, enough for five people to have a full meal. The cotton picking trio picked more than three pounds of cotton, in exchange for ten pounds of rice. In the meantime, Zhang Lu and Xie Yupan squeezed in some time to coax the village’s grandmother, and they got ten potatoes in return. The dinner that day finally had meat and vegetables.

Wen Run’s cooking was the best, so he was in charge of the cooking, while Qu Haowen and Xie Yupan washed the potatoes and peeled them.

Wen Run steamed five salted duck eggs, stewed a big pot of braised pork, stir-fried sour and spicy potato shreds, and made a potato meat soup with meat sauce and langanma, it was a decent dinner.

After a busy day, they were all hungry and tired, looking at the soft braised pork stew, it was really large, after a full meal, they were satisfied and collapsed on the sofa, not wanting to move.


After the first day’s fumbling, the second day, everyone got on board and did their work in an orderly manner, and were able to take advantage of the work to say a few jokes, gradually also finding a bit of fun in the bitterness. Zhang Lu also let out a message saying, “At this pace, we can all live a very prosperous life in the next few days.”

Then that night, she was slapped in the face by the program team.

The program team temporarily issued an assignment that there would be guests visiting on the fifth day, and the five guests must prepare a total of ten dishes of five meat and five vegetables to entertain the guests. If the guests were satisfied, small gifts would be left as a token of appreciation; however, if the guests were not satisfied, all five of them would be punished.

The other four people all looked at Zhang Lu.

Xie Yupan angrily said, “You just had to mention it, stop speaking!”

It had only been an easier day and they were going to be busy again.

The director team didn’t reveal who the guests were in advance, only that there were three of them. They only had five days to get enough rice and vegetables.
 There was no way. In the next two days, the five people were busy picking cotton and helping the neighbors, trying to change as much rice, vegetables and meat as possible.

Waiting until the fifth day early in the morning, the five guests dealt with breakfast casually, and began to prepare lunch early. This time, it was still Wen Run cooking. The rest of them washed and cut the vegetables. After the first four days of running around, several people cooperated with each other in a tacit understanding.

When the ten dishes were finally put on the table, the guests arrived.

Wen Run never expected him as one of the guests. He gawked at Ye Hansheng, and his mind was a little dazed. He subconsciously wanted to ask “Boss Ye, why are you here?” Then he remembered the last time this man kicked him out, and then he slipped around and swallowed his words, fearing that he wouldn’t be happy.

Ye Hansheng’s eyes swept around the crowd, his gaze paused on Wen Run, then he looked away as if nothing had happened. After seeing the news six years ago, he wanted to see him, but after two days, he entered the group to record <Farming>. He couldn’t wait. He invested a sum of money in the program group and found an opportunity to come in.

The guests who came with him also included Chen E and Shen Muxun from the crew of Jinling Terrace.

When “Farming” premiered, “Jinling Terrace” publicized him while it was hot. This time, it directly reached a cooperation with the “Farming” program group, and gave Chen E and Shen Muxun a day off to prepare for another publicity shot.

The five led the guests to their seats, and they were embarrassed when they arrived at Ye Hansheng. He has a special status, and he was still in a wheelchair, and he was rumored to have a bad temper. Everyone didn’t know how to greet him, for fear of offending this evil spirit. After all, he was a living father of gold. No matter whether he cooperated or not, they couldn’t offend him casually.

At last, everyone looked at Wen Run. If they remembered correctly, this was Wen Run’s big boss.

Wen Run barely smiled and greeted him with a hardened scalp. “Boss Ye.”

Ye Hansheng was particularly easy to talk to today. His eyes fall on the dishes on the table. His lips were hooked, and he whispered slowly: “It looks good.”

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