C17–War Of Public Opinion[Part 1]


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Zhang Rong was a small employee at a PR firm, his job title was operations, but he knew that the people in this position had a large number of social accounts, which were used to attack or tout the targets designated by the top.
That was the common sense of the “water army”.

The recent list had caused an uproar on the Internet. He was just one of many people who had fallen into the rocks. It stood to reason that he should no longer feel guilty after dealing with many such incidents, but this time …   

His headphones were filled with the ethereal and melodious voice of Cao Qiyue, so fiery and indifferent in a slow rock tune, so fairy-like and unearthly. Contradictory but harmonious and unified, this was the reason why everyone was obsessed with Cao Qiyue, and he was no exception, he had only listened to it once and was deeply poisoned by a poison called “Flow of Fire”, but who had thought that such a good divine song was actually copied….

Zhang Rong sighed deeply, five days, Cao Qiyue and the Black Emperor hadn’t make any statement.

The keyboard warriors attacked a stranger with even more righteousness and madness, with rumors of big names, suspected homosexuality, and low EQ… All the rumors against Cao Qiyue sprung up, and even if people didn’t know Cao Qiyue before, they would have a deep impression of her.

One could imagine that if this continued, Cao Qiyue, the miraculously rising star of tomorrow, might have to fall from here.

Zhang Rong shook his head as he skillfully pulled up the Weibo hot search list, and found that the original harmonious and overwhelming hot search at the end of the search, suddenly leaped to the end of the “Cao Qiyue Zhou Yuhe” hot search, and this hot search was still going up at a visible speed.

Who was this person, how dare he try to gain anything from the heat! Did he want to die?
  Zhang Rong sneered at it, but his curiosity still prompted him to click on the hot search.

The first item under the hot search was a long Weibo posted by Zhou Yuhe himself – “The True Facts About Cao Qiyue’s Plagiarism”, and the number of comments, retweets and compliments below had all broken the 200,000 mark, and Zhang Rong, like every netizen, always habitually opened the comments before reading the text, and nearly fell out of his chair in shock at the clear picture at the bottom.

“If this is crisis communication I’m really convinced, I hope everyone’s efforts don’t carry a stigma.”

“Thank you for being willing to stand up for Qiyue at this time, fans strongly believe in Cao Qiyue’s character, and every decision she makes.”

“She’s just a young girl in her early twenties, why did she have to encounter such a horrible shady and oppressive situation, and firmly resist the Black Emperor’s inaction!!!”

 ”Scratch that: 1. Cao Qiyue and I have been friends for many years and have a deep affection for each other, the reason i’m standing out is not rubbing against the heat nor is it a dog with a mouse 2. No plagiarism 3. There are regular receipts for copyright purchases 4. The company is not speaking out because of the uneven distribution of benefits 5. Avoiding Valentine’s Day and weekends is to be considerate of media workers 6. I hope everyone who works hard for their dreams will be respected and not be inexplicably slandered or suppressed. I just want to ask, this friend upstairs, are you really not going to run a Chinese tutoring class? “

“Praise upstairs, all public relations teams open their eyes! Look at what’s called God-level PR! Please take my knee [doge] [doge] “


This was what was happening!!!

Zhang Rong incredulously looked at the black-sided comments on the net, and then looked at the overwhelmingly positive comments under this Weibo post, he calmed his complicated feelings, and then opened this long Weibo post with apprehension and anticipation.

Apart from some obviously sensational statements, the content of this Weibo post was very simple.
Simple, but not “simple”.
Because every paragraph hit the nail on the head!

I. Explain the reason for him speaking out, and describe the efforts Cao Qiyue has put into this album from the perspective of an observer.

(2) Make it clear that there is absolutely no plagiarism, but rather sampling, and attach the creative manuscript and the circled sampling part in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Third, emphasize that the samples were purchased through regular channels, and the copyright receipt was in the company’s hands, and could be uploaded after the application was approved.
 Fourth, the explanation was not clarified in time because the Weibo account was managed by the company, and Cao Qiyue could not make any meager excuses for herself. Then it was revealed that because of the differences in personality and thought, there had always been a contradiction in the distribution of interests between Cao Qiyue and Black Emperor. The three-year contract was about to expire, and Cao Qiyue had no plans to renew it. So Black Emperor wanted to take this opportunity to blacken Cao Qiyue, so as not to make wedding clothes for others, so they had not made any statement so far.

Fifth, to avoid sending clarifications on Valentine’s Day and weekends, he didn’t want everyone to work overtime because of this, so he angrily received the favor of media workers.

The sixth paragraph, the last paragraph.
At the beginning of the sentence, “No result is wrong when you work hard, but no result when you work hard, you will be wronged when you are inexplicably vilified and suppressed”, which affected the hearts of countless netizens.

This whole paragraph’s voice about hard work was really heard, and every word was deeply rooted in the heart. Even passers-by who just watched the good play before, at this moment, they also remembered the things that they had been done wrong before and finally lost all their efforts. Suddenly, the public opinion turned against each other instantly.

The hot search of “Cao Qiyue Zhou Yuhe” jumped higher and higher, and firmly occupied the first position of the hot search list in less than half an hour. Then, the related hot searches of “Cao July Black Emperor” and “Black Emperor Suppressed Artists” also appeared in the top ten of hot search.

This long weibo post only responded positively to all doubts, but also turned a good eye.

In particular, the large-scale description in the fourth paragraph simply shifted the emphasis from “plagiarism” to “a little girl chasing dreams fighting against the shady scene and the suppression of the company”.

People always sympathized with the weak.

And when the object of tearing was changed from a plagiarist to a big company and a monster, the fire of public opinion would naturally blow to the seemingly invincible evil force.

Completely, out of control …
Zhang Rong felt as cold as falling into ice.
A long Weibo post destroyed all the efforts of so many people in the past five days
  He watched woodenly as the phone on his desk frantically rang with all sorts of tweets, texts, and phone calls.

It wasn’t just him, the entire PR department was drowned out by all the phone ringing and demands for explanations.
They weren’t the only ones who hadn’t slept well that night, with almost the entire PR team running around in private.
Zhou Yuhe…who the hell was this!

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