C6 —– Slaughterhouse


“Player Feng Huai has lit up the monster atlas, current monster collection progress 2/??”



Feng Huai heard the sound in his head and raised his eyebrows slightly – a monster atlas?



With a thought, a translucent heavy dictionary appeared in front of him, and with his mind, he opened the first page.


[Poisonous Insect Man: The evil ghost who is hosted by evil creatures can’t switch between the real and the virtual. The low-level monster is vulnerable – if you think it is too dangerous, you are too weak.]




Feng Huai gave a soft laugh, a monster atlas with its own taunting skill.





Second page.





[Tower Hanging Man: A fleshly body piled up by countless evil spirits, like a twisted tall building in a stacked tower game, the speed of action doesn’t match its clumsy appearance. Low-level monster, when hit, it will scatter into countless small evil spirits, the typical representative of bullying, if you are strong enough, then it will definitely disappear in a flash.]



Feng Huai squinted his eyes and looked over to the dusty corner near Yu Rui, nothing could be seen.



Most likely, it ran away.




Feng Huai noticed that in the upper right corner of the monster atlas, the “2” representing the number of lights was glowing softly, and while Feng Huai was looking over, two comments popped up one after another.



[Light up the “Insect Man” monster icon, reward 1 point].




[Light up the “Tower Hanging Man” monster icon, 1 point awarded]



There were two more points, so he could spin the gray level reels once again. But Feng Huai decided not to use it first.



“Congratulations to player Feng Huai for using the Cross Heavenly Staff and successfully summoning 100,000 thunderbolts. The Heavenly Staff has been refined by the power of thunder, and its rank has been raised to Green Scepter.”



The system’s voice rang in Feng Huai’s head once again as he remained hunkered down in the corner with the other prisoners, checking the brand new description of the Cross Heavenly Staff without making a sound.



[Cross Heavenly Staff: It doesn’t have much attack power by itself, the only bonus is that it is used to summon the power of 100,000 thunderbolts. The product of Feng Huai the Great’s failed refinement, but for some reason it has never been discarded. Green-grade finished product, the number of uses is limited. Current number of uses remaining: 2 times]



Compared to that initial irresponsible prop introduction, the upgraded Cross Heavenly Staff finally didn’t seem so chicken-hearted.



“Hey newcomer, get up, the prison warden is calling the roll.” A prisoner hiding beside him pulled Feng Huai up and reminded him in a low voice.




Feng Huai returned to his senses from the upgrade message of the Cross Heavenly Staff, he sniffed, covered his mouth and coughed lightly twice, propped himself up against the wall as he stood up.



Due to the previous power outage, no one noticed what he had done in the darkness.



In particular, everyone’s attention was drawn to the shadow of the giant monster behind Yu Rui, even if they could see his movements against the falling lightning, no one would look at him.


He was wearing a oversized black-framed glasses, his face was pale and sickly, his arms were wrapped around his chest, like a sickly child who was reticent and out of place.





Rabbit who was cowering in the same corner as Feng Huai saw this and huffed, wondering why Arthur looked at this sick cat so differently.




All the prisoners were asked to join in the cleaning of the second floor.



The remnants of the second floor, which had been collapsed by bright lightning, were quickly cleared out, yet the expected corpse of the massive monster wasn’t crushed underneath.



“Strange, I clearly saw that lightning strik the monster. How come it disappeared?” Rabbit Hair muttered in wonder.



“It must be something impure again.” Another prisoner shivered and said as he passed by Rabbit Hair, “This prison used to be an orphanage, and it’s heavy with yin energy, so I’m not surprised that all this mess is happening now.”



Rabbit hair sniffed and swallowed


“An orphanage is heavy with yin?”


“Which orphanage doesn’t have some problems?” The man rightfully asked rhetorically.



Rabbit hair: “……”



He looked around, the warden sat on the huge pile of ruined rocks, staring in one direction without turning his eyes, as if he was contemplating something.




The rabbit hair with the prison warden PTSD thought that he looked really gloomy and terrifying. He must be thinking about how to severely punish those who just started violence chaos while the power was off.



Rabbit Hair subconsciously looked in that direction, he didn’t see the people who had fought in the chaos before, but saw the new prisoner wandering around the ruins.



Rabbit Hair suddenly realized that the warden was a man who was catching fish in troubled waters.





Arthur approached Feng Huai with a face full of bl-ood and bruises from whoever – most likely the warden – had punched him in the melee.



The bl-ood-melting ants in Feng Huai’s sleeve were stirring.



“You saw that thing, too.” Arthur said.



“I don’t think you’re here to talk nonsense to me.” Feng Huai’s face remained unchanged as he said indifferently.



Arthur’s gaze sank slightly, but then he curled his eyes again, “Every newcomer is like a hedgehog when they first arrive, just like you, but soon they will find out that this place is like a giant grindstone, and even the sharpest thorns will be smoothened out.”



“In fact, you don’t need to put up a thorn in my side, we are the same kind of people, you and I know this very well in our hearts.” Arthur said.



“From the moment you entered here, I smelled the scent of my kind of people from you.” He inclined his head to look into Feng Huai’s eyes, but he couldn’t read the emotions in those eyes, as if they were covered with a fog.



Arthur furrowed his brow and added after a pause, “We are all people with b-lood and secrets.”



“The death row inmates here, who is not?” Feng Huai glanced at him, unmoved.



Arthur laughed out loud, “No, they are not the same, regardless of quality or quantity, you and I are the ones who are far ahead.”



“I appreciate those ‘works’ of yours, but I don’t think mine are too bad either.” Arthur smiled meaningfully, “You saw that thing too, this is no ordinary death row prison. There are things born in the darkness, and naturally there are means to deal with them.”



He lowered his voice, as if whispering and singing, “Our Father who is in heaven, whose name is hallowed, whose will will be done on earth. And I, I am His messenger.”



After he finished, he looked towards the prison warden who was walking towards them and pulled the corner of his mouth intending to leave.



Feng Huai froze, then he raised his eyes to look at Arthur, and unexpectedly called out to him, “Wait a minute.”



Arthur stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look at Feng Huai, with a sure and confident smile in his eyes.




“You mean that the thunder that struck the monster had something to do with you, with ‘him’?” Feng Huai asked.



Arthur paused, and didn’t deny, he only spoke quickly and left a sentence: “Only if you are on the right team, can you live longer here, think it over.”



Feng Huai stared at Arthur’s back as he left and snorted softly. So he was pretending.




Yu Rui came over, “What did he say to you?”





Feng Huai inclined his head to look, smiling, “He said if I follow you, I have to die.”



As soon as the words left his mouth, he felt a surprising surge of fury from the man beside him.



Surprised, Feng Huai looked at Yu Rui two more times, this sentence poked the man’s bottom line, it was out of his expectation.



After a few seconds, Yu Rui suppressed his anger and coldly snorted, “Nonsense.”



“Or else.” Feng Huai curled his eyes, “Who can’t use some harsh words.”



“He is prisoner number zero here, and the one who has stayed the longest.” Yu Rui looked at Arthur’s back as he left and said in a deep voice, “Whatever the reason, there must be secrets on him that are related to the deaths here.”



Feng Huai said: “He mentioned earlier those ‘works’ of his, he’s very proud of it, what is that?”



Yu Rui frowned at his words, “He was born in a slaughterhouse and also worked in the slaughtering industry for more than ten years, but later, for some reason, he turned the object of slaughter into human beings.”



“He mixed into the back kitchen of the high-end banquet restaurant during the day, and stalked the target object at night to do it.”



“Each victim was morbidly shredded and strangled, and each crime scene was deliberately mixed with some residual part of the previous victim’s DNA, like a play on authority.” Yu Rui frowned in disgust, “His crime files are dozens of pages long, this is his so-called ‘work’, right?”




“Most of the death row inmates here are ‘privileged people’ who cannot be put under capital punishment for some reason.” Yu Rui slightly pulled the corner of his mouth, his voice revealed a hint of sarcasm, “but bizarre accidents don’t avoid them because of certain secrets they carry.”



Feng Huai listened quietly.




Yu Rui’s voice was quiet , not at all like he was telling a creepy story, but rather like he was telling some secret story from the Baroque period.



“Since this orphanage was transformed into a death row prison, every once in a while, people would die here because of some kind of accident – at first at least it was disguised as an accident, but after that it got worse and worse, not even bothering to decorate the surface of the accident, and every death row inmate’s death became more and more bizarre and bl-oody .”



“Most of the death row inmates here got used to the strange noises that would appear every midnight, the cries of children, the angry curses of men, the giggles of women, the movements that looked like pranks, considered to be the wicked punishment and torture of the guards, until later prisoners began to die.”


“The first prisoner to die was a cellmate who shared the same prison with Arthur. His death was like a nightmarish accident. The ceiling fan overhead spun and fell so fast that it strangled his head into mush-even the quality of most commercially available ceiling fans couldn’t have done that.”


Feng Huai raised an eyebrow at his words.



“The second prisoner who died a bizarre death had buried himself in a toilet at night, suffocating with excrement in his mouth and nose. He had a large puddle of detergent under his feet for some reason, and the forensic identification results were that he fainted after stepping on the detergent and falling, bumping his head on the toilet, and coincidentally falling headfirst into his own excrement.”




Feng Huai wrinkled his nose hard, it was too disgusting and tragic.



“Two death row inmates died in quick succession, but no one paid much attention to their deaths. Even for most people, the unexpected death of these death row inmates who couldn’t get the capital punishment they deserved was even more gratifying.”



“The unattended practice was like tacit approval and encouragement, so more death row inmates died, no longer even wearing a false skin of it being an accident.”



“The next prisoner, who was stripped open to the chest, had his muscles, fat and other internal tissues removed so cleanly that only a fresh heart could be seen trapped in the skeleton.”




“Such a scene finally attracted the attention of others and completely triggered panic in the death row prison. It was under such circumstances that I took over the death row prison.”




“What about the last prison warden?” Feng Huai asked.



“I heard that he was found dead in the early hours of the morning, crying and calling to beg to leave.”



Feng Huai gave a laugh at that, “What about you? You’re not afraid?”



“Me?” Yu Rui paused for a second, then looked at Feng Huai, and slowly said, “I took the initiative to ask to transfer over.”




“Because, there’s someone I’m waiting for, here.”





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