Under Fang Lin’s brainwashing, Meng Jinyu’s expression was now very wonderful.

In a kind of “what ah? this is also okay” and “seems to make some sense” range.

“You ……” he looked at Fang Lin, he was stuck at “you” for half a day but he couldn’t find what to say, his face was almost suffocatingly red.

“What’s wrong with me?” Fang Lin had sharp teeth and a sharp mouth. Compared with the speechless beauty in front of him, he was like a vicious villain who wasn’t easy to offend. “What’s more, why are you concerned about me? I didn’t rob you of your role.”

Perhaps Meng Jinyu was just angry for a moment before he stopped Fang Lin. He didn’t think about the consequences. As a result, he was still speechless after being played with. Now he looked almost aggrieved.

He held his tongue for a long time, and finally bit his lip, put on his sunglasses again, and left with a huff of anger.

Although Meng Jinyu’s figure and face was hidden, Fang Lin thought he was cuter when he was angry.

He suddenly understood why backers were willing to spend money for him.

He was young when he became popular, he was still childish, and arrogant and capricious, but at least his thoughts easily reflected on his face.

Maybe some people liked this type.

But what was Meng Jinyu doing here?

Fang Lin remembered that the other’s company was still considered moderate and not a demon company, it wasn’t too bad for him.

It couldn’t be that he suddenly wanted to jump ship, although Hui Yao’s top artists’ resources weren’t bad, but the risk of rushing in was still too great.

Not to mention he wasn’t going through the front door ……

Fang Lin had a vague guess.

But guesses were guesses, with no evidence, he didn’t dare to jump to conclusions.

Fang Lin didn’t care much, he quickly walked out of the company.

Walking in the hot sun, he was just about to go back when his phone vibrated slightly and a text message popped up.

It was bank card information.

Fang Lin was slightly stunned. The brand Duan Changke gave him last time was really straightforward, his new company had paid him the rest after deducting the commission.

Even if it was only a deposit, even though Hai Lin had taken part of it according to the artist contract, the amount received was still a surprise.

He stood in the same place for a while and took a taxi to the other direction opposite to this.

Senhai Hospital was located in the suburbs of the city, covering a large area with all the supporting facilities.

Fang Lin took a taxi from downtown to here, there wasn’t much traffic so it only took less than an hour. The driver was a talker on the way, once he heard he was going there, he first looked at the passenger from the rearview mirror, and then asked, “Boy, is your family member here?”

He nodded and said yes.

The driver then sighed: “The cost of treatment here is very high, right? But I heard that the reputation is very good, much better than those bogus private people, but still, not getting sick is the best ……”

Fang Lin had little desire to keep chatting, he casually returned two sentences, then the taxi driver no longer asked.

He got out of the car, walked into the hospital gate, and then breezed deeper into one of the treatment areas.

Behind the fountain surrounded by greenery, were low, townhouse-like buildings. This kind of hospital had always had good privacy and was very attentive in terms of care and service.

Fang Lin walked to the door of one of the houses and raised his hand and knocked on the door, “Grandma, it’s me.”

Soon, a caregiver-like woman greeted him and opened the door, pushing an old woman in front her, who looked up when she heard the sound.

Her expression looked a little dull, as if she hadn’t recognized who the person was.

But Fang Lin was used to it, he wasn’t upset at all, he smiled and squatted down, his eyes brighter than ever, he held the old woman’s hand, his speech slowed down, as if reminding her: “It’s me, Lin Lin is back.”

With an unreserved, pampered gesture like that of a child lying between the old woman’s knees, he said, “Do you remember?”

The old woman followed his movements and touched Fang Lin’s soft hair very gently, before her memories began to loosen a bit, and a bright smile suddenly appeared on her face, it wasn’t abrupt on her wrinkled face, but with a kind of back-to-basics innocence.

She slowly bent down and took out a small box from the corner, opened it and handed it to Fang Lin: “Lin Lin take it quickly, Grandma gave you the money saved for ice-cream.”

Fang Lin then knew that today’s grandmother’s memory probably remained fifteen years ago again.

He reached out and rolled up the already obsolete banknotes and put them away, nodding with a smile, “Okay, then I won’t tell mother.”

Alzheimer’s was a common disease for the elderly, as was malignancy.

It wasn’t even that new to have the two stacked together.

About a year or two ago, Grandma’s memory hadn’t shown a very significant decline, and neither had the tumor cell invasion.

She used to forget the present time only briefly, but gradually began to rewind back to the old days as time went on.

Fang Lin would often guide her sometimes when talking to her to see what time she was in now.

She lived in her own world for a long time of the day, and when she was awake she would tell her caregiver that her grandson was a very big star and was busy every day, and that she just needed to be at peace with her treatment. Sometimes not remembering the time, she would stand at the door and wait anxiously for him to return, and whenever she heard his voice, she would have to touch his head and then pull out her personal money from all corners and stuff it in his hand so that he could go buy snacks to eat.

Fang Lin sometimes felt that the tumor was like a kind of despair with dull pain, it gave you enough time to say goodbye, gentle as if this would cover up the cruel truth.

Because there was no chance of surgery, after the radiation dose had also reached its maximum, the next step was the long dr-ug chemotherapy.

The city’s major public hospitals could naturally do it, but everyone there was too busy, and the intervals between chemotherapy treatments were always long, usually requiring patients to discharge themselves and wait until the next cycle began before lining up again to return to the hospital, requiring a hectic turnaround almost every month.

Of course, the most critical thing was that patients like her who were a bit special were always not very well handled.

Later, Fang Lin transferred her to Senhai, looking for the best care environment and no need to be discharged in between treatments, so she could stay here all the time to recuperate.

But every month, a considerable amount of money had to be crossed out.

He used to be able to get a small drama and small variety show to mix things up, his personal expenses weren’t big, but he could barely afford to pay, in his previous life, he chose to renew the contract with the company and he didn’t receive any jobs, and finally he had no choice, he took his grandmother back.

She wasn’t able to adapt to the sudden change of environment, she had mood swings, plus her body was already weak, she didn’t survive the winter.

Thinking back on this, Fang Lin was silent for a while, before holding back the emotions in his eyes.

Fang Lin chatted with her for a long time, one moment saying “I wasn’t punished for copying the text today”, his grandmother’s memory jumped, another moment saying “Grandma, I’ve been really busy lately, Lin Lin is a big star”.

Until the old woman fell asleep laughingly, he came out of the room inside and communicated with the nursing staff of Senkai Hospital, asking her about the past few days.

“Although she sometimes recognizes me as you and insists on slipping me pocket money,” the nurse smiled at him, ” her spirit and diet are not bad, and she basically doesn’t get up much at night.”

Speaking of this, the caregiver remembered the last time Fang Lin came to mention transferring to another hospital, she knew the high cost here, but she hesitated and still said, “Mr. Fang, she is still in a good condition and is also well adapted to here, I suggest not to transfer …… ”

“No transfer.” Fang Lin answered quickly, “I didn’t think clearly at that time, sorry.”

“There should be no major economic problems. You can call me if you need anything. It’s OK.”

The nurse didn’t care about the news, and moreover she didn’t understand the world of young people, she only knew that the old woman only had such a relative, and according to the old woman, he seemed to be a small star. When she had asked her children, they confirmed it.

She didn’t know how such a young-looking child had been supporting the expensive treatment and care costs for so many years, but sometimes it hurt a little to think about it, so she was more attentive to the elderly.

When Grandma woke up from her short sleep, Fang Lin ate dinner with her in the evening sunset.

The old woman was in a good mood, and her timeline changed back to the present in her memory, a rare time of wakefulness.

The caregiver went to wash the dishes, and Fang Lin turned on the TV for her. Halfway through the show, the old woman suddenly thought of something and asked seriously, “Lin Lin, the TV show you mentioned last time, when will it be broadcast?”

Fang Lin was stunned before he remembered that was what he had told his grandmother when he had just received the audition for “Gentle Moonlight” and was too excited.

He didn’t expect that later he didn’t get the role, and even let her transfer out of the hospital because of financial reasons, and they went round and round, but now he was actually back to this time.

He smiled a little emotionally, “Soon, it’s filming.”

Now he really received it and she really didn’t need to be transferred.

Grandma laughed a lot and kept clapping her hands, saying that Lin Lin was a big star now, and that in the future, work was important, and if he was busy, he didn’t have to come over to see her all the time.

When the sky darkened, she urged Fang Lin to go, let him rest, so he would look good in front of the cameras.

When Fang Lin left, the old woman sent him all the way to the pavilion outside.

He took advantage of his grandmother’s inattention to sneak those banknotes back in, before saying goodbye to her.

As he was leaving, Granny grabbed his hand in the moonlight.

The old woman’s hand had a reassuring warmth, and she kept repeating, “Lin Lin don’t be too busy, take a break when you’re tired, you can’t suffer.”

Fang Lin then kept nodding with a smile, “Okay, I won’t suffer in the future.”

It was still early when he got into the taxi for the return trip.

Tao Le sent him a schedule. Recently, Group A had a tight schedule. As Group B, he could return to the production team later, but he would stay for a long time after returning.

He was now completely cut off from the original company, and before he left he took care of Meng Jinyu, and now his grandmother was still well, he really had to go into the group to shoot, and there were new jobs to take.

Fang Lin looked up at the car window, the moon was very round, the night breeze was also very cool.

All of it seemed familiar, but it was all new.

Someone gave him all of this, even though he didn’t even know what the other party’s purpose was.

Fang Lin’s heart surged with a half-splendid, half-exotic emotion.

It was better to take a shortcut than get nothing.

He wanted to change. He wanted to be different from before.

He just wanted a role and needed money.

So he didn’t mind being a bed mate with only body value, or a shameless canary.

So he desperately wanted to put this relationship into practice, so that he could at least have some peace of mind.

Even though he was worlds apart from Duan Changke.

He took out his phone, his fingertips paused on the screen, but he still opened the social software.

This time, he didn’t used any fancy emojis, but simply sent a message.

“Mr. Duan, are you at the apartment?”

The cab went through the tunnel and the moon was obscured.

Then let’s get something for nothing, Fang Lin thought, he didn’t want to suffer.






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