C42—– Double Happiness

The popularity of “A Hundred Ghosts” movie continued to be high, in addition to the appealing plot and story, the characters created by the original author were also well liked.



From the protagonist to the supporting characters, whether it was Gu Yanshen as the Hundred Ghosts’ valley master Mo Xu, or Song Jiajia as Xue Ning, Le Hanfei as Si Yi, and Lu Wenxing’s Xiao Mo Xu.



The story revolved around these four people, it was a pure plot story, but because there was no emotional line, it made the audience more vigorous.



[I know there’s “no CP”. Regardless, I stand for Ah Yu and Mo Xu.]



[Upstairs, me too, I hold the flag of Mo Xu and Ah Yu]



[Anyway, I stand for Xiao Mo Xu and Senior Brother Si Yi. Senior Brother destroyed his cultivation for Xiao Mo Xu, just to protect him from worry. If this is not love…]



[My CP is more exciting, I stand for Ah Yu and Si Yi, brothers to enemies to lovers.]





[ After three strokes, I found another abuse point. Ah Yu can’t leave the Valley and let the others frame him up, because he doesn’t want to live at all. He wants someone strong enough to fight him thoroughly and then pierce his heart with a sword.]




[Ah Yu is really miserable. One person carries so many things. He avenged the school and cleaned up the Hundred Ghosts’ Mountain. He was scolded by people all over the world and trapped in the Valley]



[Another one! Ah Yu couldn’t leave the Hundred Ghosts Valley, but why could he enter Si Yi’s illusion?]



[I know this question! When Ah Yu first trapped himself in the Valley, Si Yi tried to persuade him, but the two of them fell out after disagreeing… I doubt that Si Yi had met Xiao Mo Xu at that time, because Xiao Mo Xu was driven by Ah Yu’s obsession, and he must be inseparable from Ah Yu’s own person.]



Lu Wenxing had also been paying close attention to comments recently. Seeing the netizens who were discussing warmly, he replied to the netizens with his other account.



[Si Yi didn’t try to persuade Ah Yu. He sent Xiao Mo Xu to accompany Ah Yu. The Windless Valley is actually in the border of A Hundred Ghosts Valley. Although they can’t see each other, they have been together for a long time]



[Why do I feel better when I saw this comment? Maybe in a parallel time and space?]




Lu Wenxing: “…” He was really discussing the plot.




[I think Miss Xue Ning is the embodiment of beauty, misery and strength. In the early stage, the soft and cute junior sister was favored by everyone, but later, she was reborn from the ashes, which made me very distressed]



[+1 , in the later stage, Xue Ningning and Ah Yu teamed up, which was really explosive!]



Before Lu Wenxing acted in A Hundred Ghosts, Gu Yanshen asked Lu Wenxing which role he liked best..





In fact, every character in this whole drama was very well portrayed, but if he had to choose one, it would be Xue Ning.





Whether it was the brave and lovely little sister in the early days, or the Xue Ning who had been baptized by fire, Lu Wenxing liked the character a lot.



An innocent and bold little sister that was likeable, this was her own personality charm. Later, when the phoenix bloodline awakened, the evil thoughts of her master and brothers were exposed, and when her life was on the line, Xue Ning was saved by Ah Yu.



After Mo Xu disappeared, Ah Yu also woke up, unlocked the spell and left the Valley. He could be an evil spirit, but Ah Yu didn’t intend to let go of those who had done evil things and framed him. Saving Xue Ning was an accident, but he didn’t expect to be haunted by Xue Ning.



“Even if you are an evil spirit, I will follow you, either ki-ll me or teach me how to cultivate.”



“You have broken tendons and veins, it is difficult to cultivate.”



Xue Ning had long been without tears, her eyes were filled with determination as she coldly replied.



“When you were crippled in both legs, you were able to climb up from the bottom of the Endless End, I just have broken tendons and veins, just pick them up again.”



Xue Ning said this sentence with an indifferent attitude, abusing many readers and drama fans. The youngest sister, who was once cut by a branch on the back of her hand and cried miserably, didn’t even grunt when her tendons and veins were broken by her brother.



Not only Xue Ning, but also Mo Xu, who was k-illed, was pulled out by the fans several times to compete with other characters.



But Lu Wenxing played Mo Xu, which was also the Mo Xu that Ah Yu’s obsession conjured up. Since he had his own thoughts, he could be regarded as an independent personality, with his own judgments and interests. Even if he knew that he was repeating the same life day after day, he didn’t find it difficult to accept.





Although he was driven by obsession, he lived more like a person than anyone else.



Drama fans were longer satisfied with rewriting novels or reviewing movies. Some people specially edited famous scenes in movies and some CP fans made novels to comfort themselves.


More than once, Lu Wenxing received the clips sent to him by Song Jiajia.



[Song minus minus] Wenxing, look at this!!! The part where you hold the sword flower is super handsome.



It was the section where Ah Yu took Mo Xu down the mountain.



Because Mo Xu yearned for the world outside the valley to meet his wish to be a great hero. Ah Yu took him out of the valley. They met villagers who were surrounded by fierce beasts and Mo Xu jumped from the peak of the mountain, and landed safely.



After kil-ling the beast, he deliberately put on a profound air, causing the villagers to marvel at him, they called him ‘immortal’.





Mo Xu was happy, but he was still a little embarrassed. He took a light look at the villagers and flew to the top of the mountain.



Ah Yu was waiting for him at the top of the mountain.


“Ah Yu, am I good?”


“Very good.”



Mo Xuxu said happily, “They just called me ‘immortal’.”



This was a little bit of a plea for praise, but it was also so embarrassing because he had never been thanked so much.



“Mo Xu was already very good.”



Hearing the praise, Mo Xu smiled happily.



But there were no fierce beasts at all, nor were there any trapped villagers. Everything that Mo Xu saw was all an illusion created by Ah Yu, just to let Mo Xu get what he wanted, to make him happy.



They never left the windless valley from the beginning to the end.


The two of them were still in the windless valley.


What floated in the comment screen was [ki-lling me].



[sweet, sweet],


[cold face Ah Yu’s beloved wife’s daily life],



[I really hope they are well in the Windless Valley]. The editing masters cut this scene then added a storyline that they left together, sprinkling sugar in the front, and sending a knife at the back.



Mo Xu seemed very happy every day. Ah Yu had never seen him angry or sad. But in fact, he knew that only Ah Yu could really let him leave the world.



Because he was Ah Yu’s obsession. When the obsession didn’t exist, when Ah Yu could get out of the situation he set for himself, Mo Xu would disappear without Ah Yu’s help at that time.



But rather than to unknowingly disappear, Mo Xu hoped Ah Yu could personally send him away, this was the best ending for him. The reason was that he came to this world for Ah Yu.



He hoped, moreover, that Ah Yu wouldn’t bind himself, and that he would be able to untie his heart’s obsession soon and get out of the Windless Valley to see the outside world.



“Ah Yu, you are so kind, you were willing to take me out of the valley. Senior brother Siyi wouldn’t even take me.” After saying these words, Mo Xu’s body turned into smoke and scattered.


[Abuse me to death]



[The sugar in front suddenly stopped being sweet]



[I can die alone, but my CP must be together]



[Don’t be ungrateful, Lord Editor. I want it to be sweet, I’ll kneel down and beg you.]



Lu Wenxing exited the video, and Song Jiajia sent a message.



[Song minus minus] How about it? I see a lot of people on the Internet knocking you and Gu Yanshen’s CP



[ET] it’s Ah Yu and Mo Xu.




[Song Jianjian] it’s the past life of Ah Yu and Mo Xu. The author wrote about the same people. After the BE, there was another life. Gu Yanshen heard about Wenxing, and they met again. At one glance, he selected you among so many artists




[Song minus minus] This is called renewing a previous relationship


The two pairs of CP, double happiness





[ET] …… Have you ever heard of a saying?






[E.T] Don’t dance in front of the steamer



[Song minus minus] I don’t treat you as an outsider.



Lu Wenxing looked at the message from Song Jiajia and fell into silence, a few seconds later, he sent a reply.




[ET] Then why don’t you go to Mr. Gu



The original intention of Lu Wenxing was to use Gu Yanshen to suppress Song Jiajia, but he didn’t expect Song Jiajia to be completely different.



[Song Jiajia] So you are also as curious as I am about Yanshen’s reaction, then I’ll casually forward it and say you sent it to me.



Lu Wenxing: “……” not even two minutes had passed, was it still useful to delete the message now?



Song Jiajia suddenly stopped typing, Lu Wenxing didn’t know if she really went to Gu Yanshen, so he reached out to him first.



ET] Mr. Gu, no matter what news Sister Jia sends you, it’s not my intention.



Gu Yanshen was resting these days. When Lu Wenxing sent him a message, he was playing his cub raising game.



At first sight of Lu Wenxing’s text, he was puzzled that Lu Wenxing would take the initiative to find him. After clicking on WeChat, he was even more confused.



【. 】 What news?



Gu Yanshen suddenly realized that Lu Wenxing and Song Jiajia had a little secret and couldn’t tell him. He didn’t know whether Lu Wenxing had seen it. Gu Yanshen immediately withdrew his text.



If he showed that he didn’t know, Lu Wenxing would certainly not tell him, so he had to pretend to know what Song Jiajia sent.



【. 】 You didn’t mean it?



Lu Wenxing had just left Song Jiajia’s WeChat after dissuaded her from acting rashly. When he looked back on Yanshen’s WeChat, he saw a message of withdrawal and the latest text.



Lu Wenxing:?



What did Gu Yanshen mean?



He already saw it?



And thought he asked Song Jiajia to forward it?



Lu Wenxing: “…”



Because he didn’t know how to reply, if he explained, he might be mistaken as weak-minded, if he didn’t explain … why he should take the blame for Song Jiajia?



Thinking of this, Lu Wenxing’s eyes suddenly lit up.




He could directly send a screenshot of Song Jiajia’s chat with him to Gu Yanshen, nothing needed to be explained, a screenshot was clear and unambiguous.




Lu Wenxing got a long screen capture, and before he left the chat with Song Jiajia, Song Jiajia suddenly came back.




[Song Jianjian] Why are you so nervous?



[Song Jianjian] It’s funny. Look, it scared you enough to send me so many messages.




[ET] sister. If you replied one second later, I’d be dead.



Lu Wenxing silently deleted the long screenshot. Anyway, he didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said. Those strange words were all sent by Song Jiajia.



However, Lu Wenxing was also glad that he didn’t send it. If Gu Yanshen saw these videos from elsewhere, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t care, but if it was because he let Gu Yanshen see them, it … wasn’t right.



On the other side, Gu Yanshen waited for a long time, but didn’t get a response from Lu Wenxing. He thought he said anything wrong and Lu Wenxing didn’t believe him.





After receiving Gu Yanshen’s message again, Lu Wenxing remembered that he had not replied.



[ET] Is Mr. Gu trying to set me up?


【。】 You found it so fast


Looking at his response, Lu Wenxing could imagine Gu Yanshen’s helpless expression.


When the topic started, the two talked along with the trend, and finally the topic returned to movies and novels.



【。】Did you see the script I showed you last time?



Gu Yanshen wasn’t in a hurry. He knew that Lu Wenxing had study and extracurricular activities on weekdays, and he didn’t urge him to do so. He just asked casually.



Lu Wenxing has read one of the books, and he just turned over several pages for the other.



[ET] I haven’t read the other one.



【。】 No hurry


【。】 Which book did you read first?



[ET] Science fiction, it was interesting.



[ET] I didn’t have time to ask last time. Is Mr. Gu going to take on a new role?



Gu Yanshen answered with “secret”. Lu Wenxing didn’t ask. It was now afternoon in City C, and it was already more than eleven o’clock in the evening in Country Y. He had classes tomorrow. Lu Wenxing planned to go to bed early.



As soon as he put down his mobile phone, Lu Wenxing received Wei Ze’s text.



Lu Wenxing: “……” He was really popular tonight.



[Wei Lai Dingliu] Wenxing, I’m so angry



[Wei Lai Dingliu] I waited so long that I felt lonely



[Wei Lai Dingliu] Cat’s Grievance.jpg





Lu Wenxing didn’t know what happened to Wei Ze. It was reasonable to say that Wei Ze had officially started his career. They talked about it before. His first concert was being prepared, which should be a happy thing.



[ET] What’s wrong?



[Wei Lai Dingliu] Wenxing, you’re not sleeping. Isn’t it late at night?



[Wei Lai Dingliu] I just can’t find anyone to complain to.



[Wei Lai Dingliu] Do you remember the novel I told you last time?






Lu Wenxing knew that Wei Ze would read novels in his spare time, especially ones about the entertainment industry.



[Wei Lai Dingliu] The book I told you about “Being a Top Star”, a novel about beauty in the entertainment industry. There is a cannon fodder with the same name as you. I also told you to memorize the full text and be careful not to transmigrate.





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