Ye Hansheng was no longer the same Ye Hansheng, he not only knew what CP was, he also knew where these CP fans would be active. After blocking the pop-ups, he pulled the progress bar to watch Wen Run’s scenes and made a few comments, then he turned off the video and logged on to his Weibo account.



He now had two accounts, the official account of the president of Starland was taken care of by his assistant, mainly used to forward some company and artist work related. The other small number was the “Xiao Xiao Wuye” that was once on the hot search list, except for him, no one else knew about it.



Since Wen Run’s birthday, he hadn’t been online, before he was curious and joined a support group of fans, then he was kicked out. Ye Hansheng was a little unhappy and temporarily abandoned this small account.



As a result, after he logged in, the phone was crowded with countless message reminders. Ye Hansheng frowned, and waited for a good half a day for the phone to finally stop buzzing, Then he saw that the message interface, clicks and “like comment” and all the reminders were bright red 99.


If he pulled it down, it was just private messages from strangers.



President Ye was still calm and a little confused. He casually opened the first few private letters and read them, but many of them were apologizing to him. The main idea was that he was kicked out of the group because they didn’t know he was telling the truth. Then they begged him to forgive them and continue loving Wen Run!


There were also invitations for him to re-join the group.


Then he checked the comments and the posts that tagged him and finally understood what happened. After understanding, he also didn’t care, after all, these fans were mostly little girls, he wasn’t that calculating.


He joined Weibo just to see Wen Run, as for the rest, he had no time to take care of it.



However, he didn’t want to take care of people, but there were always fans that wanted to take care of him. In the eyes of Wen Run’s fan group, “Xiao Xiao Wu Ye” was a rich woman who threw a lot of money for her favorite star, although the rich woman was cold and didn’t talk much, but she was willing to spend money ah! If they could convert her to their fandom, it’d be a wonderful thing!




So President Ye received a lot of advertise. With more adverts, it was natural that there wee many CPs, such as CP with RPS (real people), sweet, and abusive models. Ye Hansheng unintentionally went in and as he looked along the topic, the darker his expression became.


These fans, even if they wanted to make a CP from the dramas, it was fine, but they even put Wen Run and Chen Yun, Shen Muxun, Xie Yupan and Chuyu together… a lot of messy people!


Wen Run was his, what did it have to do with these people?



In addition, a large number of fan pages had been produced. Some even had high heat and the CP fans were very active!


Before, in the comment screen, he was able to shield his eyes, but in the face of this big pieces of novels and drawings, Mr. Ye finally lost his temper.


Ye Hansheng, holding his temper, withdrew from Weibo and sent a message to Zheng Xuan.



Zheng Xuan was busy, when his phone rang, he picked it when he had time and immediately he saw who it was from, his brain hurt. The notifications on the screen was all from Ye Hansheng.


[Brother-in-law: link|link|link …… delete these all.]


[Brother-in-law: How many times have I mentioned it? No CP.]




[Brother-in-law: Why are there so many CPs without me?]


[Brother-in-law: Let me, the official boyfriend, keep my distance, but let him form CP with others?]


[Brother-in-law: Give me feedback on how to handle it tonight]


Zheng Xuan: ……


Zheng Xuan clicked into a few links and looked at them, basically the CP talk of Wen Run and others, his head throbbed with pain as he tried to reason with him, “This is not official, we can’t control fans’ spontaneous behavior, you can’t stop them from posting things, right?”


” Even if you are a domineering president, you control the sky and the earth, but can you also control what people say?”


“Can you be a little more reasonable? Weibo isn’t ours, how can I delete so many posts?”


Zheng Xuan talked until his mouth was dry, trying to make him understand, a legitimate and single star, not letting fans engage in CP was impossible.


They couldn’t stop it, even if he was the president, he couldn’t.



Ye Hansheng sneered, “Since you can’t delete it, then go build a CP with I and Wen Run. A decent boyfriend can’t beat those cults?”


Zheng Xuan was speechless, “You still know cults?” Was he secretly mixed in fan circle?



After saying that, he quickly reacted to the point and immediately responded: “No! If you want to come out publicly now and ruin Wen Run’s career, go!”



Ye Hansheng choked, he was silent for a long time, then he angrily hung up the phone.



But his anger didn’t stop, obviously this person was his, but they had to hide it, he couldn’t declare ownership, which for Ye Hansheng, was already a torment. He had always had a strong desire to control his own things, if not for Zheng Xuan constantly reminding him of Wen Run’s future, if not for the fact that Wen Run’s eyes were always extra bright when he mentions acting, what he wanted to do most was to detain him by his side, so that everyone knew that person was his, and could only be his.



Ye Hansheng’s expression was cloudy, and his face wasn’t much better than the stormy sky.



He sat in front of his desk for a while, and took out his phone, logged into the small number, and quickly made a post.


[Xiao Xiaowuye: Wen Run doesn’t have an official CP with anyone.]


After posting that, he still felt that it wasn’t enough, so he added another post, [Wen Run is mine.]



The rich fan who didn’t even show up when she was on the hot search list, suddenly sent two posts in a row, and the netizens who followed her exploded.



[ooh! I thought the money fan was just a normal fan, but she’s actually a wife fan.]


[Although you’re rich, but he’s my husband! I was obviously here first!]



[Wen Run is my husband +1, but for the sake of your money, I don’t mind sharing with you]


[With a little money, you really take yourself seriously, Wen Run is everyone’s.]



Ye Hansheng looked at the increasing comments, with slightly cold eyes, he pondered for a moment, then dialed the assistant inside, “Let the public relations department send a person who manages Weibo accounts.”


Although the assistant was a bit confused, he still went to ask for someone from the PR department.



On the other hand, Zheng Xuan thought he had finally convinced Ye Hansheng with all his efforts, so he didn’t take it to heart. He was accompanying Wen Run to the studio to shoot a set of anti-smoking public service videos.



In China, the indoor smoking ban was introduced in early years. Although the implementation of the ban had achieved remarkable results, the population base was here, and indoor smoking had been banned repeatedly. In order to set an example and play a leading role, the Department of Health had begun to select some popular young stars to shoot anti smoking public service advertisements in recent years, hoping to have a positive impact.





This year was no different. As World No Tobacco Day approached, the filming of the PSAs was also on the agenda. And after the scandals, Wen Run had a more positive image, so he finally got some benefits.


This time, a total of three artists were invited to the PSA, two men and one woman, and Wen Run was among them.


The other two people filming with him, one was a female star that was making an acting debut, Chen Xi, and the other was a child star, Huo Guangzhi.


Chen Xi was two years older than Wen Run and almost had the same background as Wen Run, she only had a high school education, but a tough person could bear hardship, because of her love of dance, even when working in a factory she insisted on self-learning, and then when she participated in a program audition, she was seen by talent scouts and signed with a brokerage company after the group debuted. Later on, the girl group was disbanded and she went solo. Chen Xi sang and danced well, and had a positive image with little scandals, although she wasn’t as good as the top stars, but she had a very high popularity.


This time, Chen Xi was Wen Run’s partner, and the two of them had to shoot a group of short films together.


Huo Guangzhi had to shoot another group of short films alone. He was two years younger than Wen Yun, not yet 18 years old. But he was a child actor debut, he’d been in the industry for nearly ten years, because of his good looks and gentle temper, he was the second generation of the stars, nicknamed “little prince” by his fans.


Wen Run arrived at the studio and greeted the two of them first.


Chen Xi was outgoing, plus the two were going to work together, so her attitude was more enthusiastic, she took the initiative to invite Wen Run to practice their lines later.


Huo Guangzhi elegantly smiled, “I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Wen, and today we finally have the opportunity to meet.”



Wen Run responded politely, and the three of them went to makeup first.



There was only one make-up room, three people sitting side by side, and the make-up artist was busy applying make-up and styling on the side. Chen Xi sat in the middle of the two, she was bored, so she casually found a topic, “Guangzhi, you’re not going to college entrance exams? Have you finished studying?”


“I have already finished reviewing, but there is nothing special to prepare for.” Huo Guangzhi tilted his eyes in Wen Run’s direction and said with some annoyance: “But my agent is always worried that I will not be able to pass the exam. He said that I would stop working and prepare for the exam after the short film is done.”


Chen Xi laughed: “You’re preparing for Q University, huh? I know your fans are guessing which school you are going to take and want to be your alumni.”



“Well, there’s no need to go to any other school except Q University.”


After seeing that Wen Run didn’t participate in the conversation, Huo Guangzhi added: “Teacher Wen seems to be from Q University, right?” He jokingly said, “Do you have any experience in Q University to pass on?”



Wen Run thought seriously, “I don’t have any experience, I just studied hard. Since you’re ready, there should be no problem.”


Huo Guangzhi choked, seeing that he didn’t fall for the trick, he smiled again: “I heard that Mr. Wen was admitted from the countryside. The educational resources in the countryside are so poor that Mr. Wen can still be admitted to the University of Q at the age of 15. You should be very knowledgeable about learning, right?”




How come this question sounded strange?



Wen Run furrowed his eyebrows and instantly became alert: “I don’t have much experience, just listen to the teacher in class and do more questions.”



Chen Xi, who was sitting in the middle, glanced from side to side. He noticed that the atmosphere seemed wrong and didn’t want to be a raft, so he simply shut up.


Huo Guangzhi saw that they both quieted down, although he wasn’t willing, he didn’t continue, “That’s true, if I wasn’t too busy with work, I’d want to take classes every day. Otherwise, it isn’t just a Q University exam.”



After doing the makeup, Huo Guangzhi went first, Wen Run and Chen Xi rested on the side of the lines. Wen Run took advantage of Chen Xi going to the toilet and whispered to Agent Zheng: “That Huo Guangzhi seems to want to target me, have I offended him before?”




Although his performance wasn’t obvious, Wen Run was sensitive to emotions, when Huo Guangzhi asked those questions, it wasn’t only strange, but ut always emphasized the rural areas. He seemed to want to prove something.


Zheng Xuan saw his ears pricked up a wary expression, and couldn’t help but laugh: “You have no impression of him at all?”



Wen Run was confused, “No?” Then he hesitantly continued, “We haven’t worked together, right?”



If there was no cooperation, then there was no conflict, so why would he be targeted?



Zheng Xuan helplessly answered, “Huo Guangzhi was the previous brand spokesperson of Faith Jewelry. Later, the brand saw you and felt that you were more suitable for the brand image than he was, so when the contract expired, they didn’t renew it with him and found me.”



Faith Jewelry was a high luxury brand. International first line. Many artists wanted to endorse these high luxury brands in order to raise their endorsement fees. He heard that after the brand intended to change the spokesperson, Huo Guangzhi’s agent had tried to reduce the endorsement fee, but the brand didn’t value this endorsement fee, their brand image was more important.



The fans on both sides had fought once because of this matter. Zheng Xuan also thought that Wen Run would have an impression.



Wen Yun understood, he stole his rice bowls. No wonder Huo Guangzhi didn’t like him.


He scratched his face, “Then forget it, let him just target me. Anyway, it’s the only time we’re cooperating.”





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