C62—- Day 62



The next day.


Shen Tong was brought to the prison early in the morning.



This decision, no matter how ridiculous the Blue Star people thought it was, they had to bury it in their hearts, after all, this proposal was made by Caesar’s foreign minister, and Shen Tong could come here, that showed that it had gone through the approval of his majesty, which also reflected his majesty’s stance.



–The child would make Arthur honest.


That morning, snowflakes fell over Blue Star.



In the technologically advanced interstellar era, the weather had long been artificially controlled. Except for the planet Blue Star, there was no longer spring, summer, autumn and winter, because the heat and an extremely cold weather would be uncomfortable and cause series of inconvenience, but Blue Star didn’t used technology to control the weather, they didn’t think it was necessary.



Shen Tong whispered: “It’s snowing.”


The snow lion walking beside him lifted its eyes, but it wasn’t looking at the snowflakes, but at Shen Tong’s face.



The weather was cold, half of Shen Tong’s face was buried in his small scarf, but because of the snow, when he tilted his head, his hand also reached out to catch the snowflakes, the small snowflakes were beautiful, but once they fell into his hands, they immediately turned into a puddle of water, but Shen Tong persistently wanted to receive a complete piece of snowflake.



White smoke came out when he exhaled.



The little guy was obviously a little cold.



The snow lion’s eyes unkindly turned to Shen Jue.



He knew they were coming, yet he didn’t control the weather in advance?



Shen Jue received his gaze calmly.



No one had ever seen Caesar’s true form before, but today, instead of seeing Caesar, this unknown snow lion followed Shen Tong, people with a little brain could roughly guess that this was the true form of the King.



The albino species of lion, a snow lion.



It was no wonder that felines couldn’t help but feel fear when facing this King.



Put in ancient Earth, felines like them, the lion could probably eat ten of them in one bite.



As for the weather, to be honest, Shen Jue didn’t even think about this.



Blue Star retained the spring, summer, autumn and winter, for them, the summer heat and winter cold was a very natural thing, so much so that even before January, when the recent weather conditions were predicted, none of them thought to adjust it to the warm climate the interstellar residents were used to, because in their eyes, it was really very unnecessary.



Shen Jue looked extremely apologetic.


But as soon as he turned his head, he reverted to his previous blank expression.



If he wasn’t mistaken, this sire’s discontent probably originated from the cub who was afraid of the cold, but curious about the snow.



If this cub, no, youth, was really part of the Shen family…..


Shen Jue frowned.



This conjecture was actually very outrageous, but last night he watched the recordings left behind by his great-grandfather, they had too much in common, and a voice kept telling him –


It was him.



“Big Cat!” Shen Tong tried for a long time and finally received a complete snowflake, he hurriedly showed the snow lion, “for you.”



The snow lion was white, the snowflake was also white, the white snow lion would certainly also like the white snowflake, thinking in an extremely simple way, Shen Tong continued happily, “Look at it.”


The snow lion took a step and looked down.


Shen Tong was small, he stood on his tiptoes, with his hand raised to a high place, but it accidentally touched the snow lion’s nose.


The snow lion sneezed.


The snowflake in Shen Tong’s hand also melted.


Caesar: “……”



He had a bad premonition.



As expected, Shen Tong looked down at his hand a few times, the small snowflake was gone, he then looked at the big cat a few times, the sad tears began to fall.






The snow lion tried to comfort Shen Tong, while he once again glared at Shen Jue.



If he didn’t give him the opportunity to see snow, this little thing would have no reason to cry.



This was simply bandit logic.



Perhaps because their attention was focused on Shen Tong, Shen Jue immediately understood his expression.


Shen Jue was speechless, this blame was really unreasonable.


When Shen Jue looked at the teary-eyed Shen Tong, his heart softened, he spoke almost without thinking: “The snow is too small, so it melts easily, later I will have someone regulate the weather, let the snow fall a little bigger, how about building a snowman?”


Regulating the weather wasn’t necessary, but letting a suspected cub of their Shen family play in the snow was very necessary.



Shen Jue would be going against the rules of their Blue Star.



Shen Tong didn’t know this, he only heard the word, snowman.


Shen Tong lived in a place where it snowed in winter, but the snow couldn’t fall to the point where you could make a snowman, so the opportunity was really not much. He lifted his head with bright eyes, his voice was soft, but also a little nasally, “I want to make a snowman.”


Shen Jue: “Then don’t cry.”



Shen Tong hurriedly wiped his tears clean and nodded, “No more crying.”



Shen Jue easily coaxed Shen Tong, while Caesar looked at him with scrutiny.



Of course, it also contained some dissatisfaction.


It was so cold, what snowman?


Unless he could make the temperature a little higher.



This sire refused to think about how unreasonable this request was.


He was very unhappy.



The child cried incessantly twice and was coaxed by Shen Jue.


Didn’t the youth like cats?


He was the only cat here.



He decided to play to his strengths.



The snow lion tossed its head, shaking off the snowflakes on its body, and when it opened its mouth, it picked up Shen Tong and put him on its back. Shen Tong was first startled, he couldn’t help but hold the snow lion tightly, after sitting down, he dared to look around again.



Snowflakes rustled down, falling on his face and it was really windy.



It was cold, but with the big cat carrying him, Shen Tong was very happy.



He buried his face into the soft and warm mane of the snow lion, and as if he remembered something, his voice was muffled as he asked, “Big cat, are you cold?”



The big cat couldn’t speak, so Shen Tong reached out his hand and touched the two ears of the snow lion, which were very cold.



Shen Tong gently covered it, “Big cat carried me, so I’ll warm big cat’s ears.”


Thinking it was fair, Shen Tong smiled again.



Inadvertently, he met Shen Jue’s gaze, Shen Tong tilted his head, still smiling.



The uncultivated eyebrows were lightly curved, enhancing his youthful appearance.



Shen Jue was stunned and subconsciously smiled back.


A smile that he wasn’t very good at, he was trying to convey goodwill.



Snow was still falling.


Ten minutes later, the group arrived at the prison.


The prison’s cold and damp environment was undoubtedly frightening for the cub Shen Tong.



He trusted his big cat the most, so Shen Tong clinged to the snow lion, not daring to look up indiscriminately, and refused to let go.



The Blue Star politicians didn’t have any hope for this third interrogation, but the process still had to be done, so someone came up and asked: “Mr. Xiao Shen? Can you have a few words with this person?”



Shen Tong covered his eyes, “Can I not talk?”



“This ……”



The snow lion turned back to him and rubbed him as if soothing.



He agreed to this proposal because he wanted to take the little guy on a stroll.


But glancing at the shrunken little guy, Caesar realized that it didn’t seem like a good idea to bring a cub to hang out in a prison.

In fact, cubs or not, no one should come to the prison to hang out.


But Caesar obviously hadn’t noticed this.


The Snow lion’s gestures reassured Shen Tong, he had always been very obedient, despite the discomfort of this environment, he still slowly raised his head and looked over.


There was a man lying on the ground, drenched in bl00d.


Shen Tong’s eyes widened.


Was it a fall?


He had also fallen, it hurt.


Shen Tong couldn’t help but substitute himself.



He fell and had to be given a hug, otherwise it hurt and he just wanted to cry non-stop.



With this thought, he patted the snow lion, “Big cat, I want to come down.”



The snow lion lowered itself so he could get off.



Once Shen Tong landed, he staggered to Arthur’s side, he squatted down and observed Arthur like a curious baby for a long time, his eyebrows remained screwed up.



Finally, Shen Tong softly asked Arthur: “Is it very painful?”



Arthur was recovering from the torture, he kept his eyes closed and ignored the child.



Shen Tong also didn’t care, he stretched out his tender white hand, wanting to touch the whip wound on Arthur’s back. Thinking it was too dirty, the snow lion immediately bit the hem his shirt, not allowing him to touch.



Shen Tong tilted his head to look at the snow lion, but didn’t try to touch it anymore, instead he asked Arthur: “I’ll blow on it, okay?”


He didn’t wait for Arthur’s answer, Shen Tong puffed up his cheeks and blew on the wounds he saw.



Shen Tong: “Blowing will stop it from hurting.”



Arthur was still indifferent.


Shen Tong began to worry about him.



He hurriedly ran to the place where Arthur was facing, reached out and touched his forehead.


Shen Tong himself actually couldn’t feel anything, his hands were cold, so much so that whatever he touched felt hot, Shen Tong’s eyes widened, “You’re sick.”



What to do?


He had to comfort the sick!



Shen Tong learned from the memory of his mother coaxing him, he wanted to rub Arthur’s head, but he was just about to put his hand down when his sleeve was bitten again.



It was the snow lion.


Shen Tong turned his head and said to it seriously: “Big cat, he is sick, we have to comfort him.”


The snow lion’s expression turned dark.



Shen Tong coaxed it: “Don’t bite, let’s comfort him together, okay?”


The snow lion’s expression became even darker.



The Blue Star politicians next to him wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to do so.



His Majesty clearly didn’t want his queen to touch this guy.




This was a family style chat, they couldn’t say anything.


The crowd, already full of distrust, was now even more suspicious.


Their majesty wasn’t just here to walk the cub, right?



He had already made a decision for this trip, but under Shen Tong’s insistence, Caesar’s cleanliness had to be cured for a second.


He was forced to touch the bl00d-soaked man.


Unlike his disgust, Shen Tong was really trying to comfort this person.



His mouth was still chanting: “Not afraid, not afraid, don’t be sick, don’t be afraid.”



“Sleep, don’t cry.”


Even if he accidentally returned to his child form and wasn’t mature enough, Shen Tong would hide under the bed and cry because he was afraid. He also cried because he wanted to give snow to the big cat. However, he and Shen Tong were the person and had the same characteristics.



Soft-hearted and gentle.



Shen Tong patiently coaxed him.



His small hands patted him, it was very light, very slow, but also very gentle.


There was a silent power.


It inexplicably made his heart slightly sour.


Arthur’s eyelids moved a few times, tears uncontrollably fell.


This was just a cub.



Just a cub.


He tried to convince himself.


At this moment, whether Arthur or Shen Tong himself, they were unaware of the extremely faint catnip scent lingering around.



Arthur was unaware that his emotions were tugged and magnified, and his heart was partly occupied by this cub’s childish but warm-hearted behavior, and partly, tugged by the scent of catnip.


He wanted to do something.


His heart was stirring.



–whatever he had, he wanted to give to this cub for as long as he had, even if it was his life.


After patting the hair, he had to give a candy.



Shen Tong was often treated this way, and his pocket had hard fruit candy. Shen Tong took them out, lemon flavor was too sour, cantaloupe flavor was too sweet, he could give give the patient a strawberry flavored candy.



Shen Tong peeled off the sugar paper and fed Arthur, “Sugar, for you to eat.”



“Once you eat it, you’ll be able to get well.”



Shen Tong’s hand reached out to Arthur’s mouth.


Arthur could no longer maintain his indifferent expression, he opened his eyes and stared at Shen Tong.


Shen Tong subconsciously smiled.



This cub, if he had to, Arthur would describe him as –



He was like a light and he unintentionally fell into the abyss of light. Warm, dazzling, and moving, making it even more tempting to approach. But when he approached, Arthur was afraid that the monsters in the abyss would frighten him and make him hesitate.





Arthur looked at him steadily for a long time and opened his mouth.


At this moment, the snow lion finally couldn’t stand it, it picked up Shen Tong and ran out.



And the strawberry-flavored fruit candy, fell to the ground.



Arthur’s heart tightened.


He strained to raise his head, staring at the direction of the snow lion and cub, and the look in his eyes gradually disappeared.



He didn’t know how long it took, Arthur lowered his head again and stared at the strawberry candy that fell to the ground.



He endured all the pain, picked it up and ate it.



It was really sweet.



Arthur slowly, slowly revealed a smile.



But soon, this smile affected his wound, he grunted.



The Blue Star politicians had expected such an outcome, and they weren’t surprised, they packed up their things, they went up and re-bound Arthur.


Everyone left one after another.


Only Caesar’s foreign minister, stood calmly in place.


Someone said, “Mr. Blake, His Majesty and Mr. Shen have already left, are you still not leaving?”



Blake smiled, “Wait a minute before, he hasn’t said anything yet.”


This Blue Star politician shook his head, “Don’t wait, he won’t talk, these guys who have defected to the Zerg race, I don’t know what kind of ecstasy they have been fed, even if they are caught, their mouths are still tight.”


At this time, Arthur spoke: “What do you want to know?”


“I can tell you.”


The candy in his mouth melted, the sweetness of the strawberry went all the way to his heart, he remembered when the cub seriously rubbed his head, Arthur laughed while coughing, “I, I’ll tell you everything.”



He sounded humble, “The cub, can I see him again?”




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