C61—– Day 61


What should I do when I wake up with a big lion beside me?


And he also used the lion as a pillow.


Normal Shen Tong would recognize it, hug and tease the snow lion, but the juvenile Shen Tong didn’t know it, he also vaguely understood that the lion was more terrible than the existence of rats, its bite was worse, so when Shen Tong woke up a few seconds later –


He was scared to the point that he started crying.



He covered his mouth, crying very quietly, afraid to wake the lion, very large tears fell on the snow lion’s flesh pad.


Warm, moist.


The snow lion lifted his eyes, then immediately started pretending to be asleep.


He originally thought if he changed back to his original body, with the youth’s love of felines, he wouldn’t be as resistant as before.


He didn’t expect him to cry again.


Before going to bed, he cried, after waking up, he started crying again.


Was this little thing made of water?



The big lion was disgusted in his heart, but his actions were surprisingly gentle. It lifted its front paws and reached for Shen Tong’s face, the little guy stiffened and opened his eyes wide as if scared, not daring to move.


The next second, the meat pad gently landed on Shen Tong’s wet face, the horrible scene he imagined didn’t happen nor was he in pain, instead his tears were wiped away by the big lion with its meat pad.


But even so, it couldn’t offset Shen Tong’s fear of the lion.


As the Snow lion wiped his tears, Shen Tong desperately kept crying, it was an evergoing scene.


Patience exhausted, the snow lion simply put down his front paws, pressed Shen Tong down, then it lowered his head to lick his tears.


And this action, not surprisingly, it scared him again.


Shen Tong haphazardly pushed it, but it didn’t move, his mouth curved and he started sobbing again, the snow lion immediately put his paws on his mouth, trying to make him unable to make a sound.


Shen Tong bit it.


The child’s small milk teeth didn’t have the slightest deterrent effect.


On the contrary, the snow lion cleaning his face with his barbed tongue wasn’t very comfortable, but this novel way of wiping tears, almost immediately drew Shen Tong’s attention to it.


His eyes widened slightly.


His tears finally stopped.


The big cat was eating his tears?


How come it didn’t eat him?


Shen Tong pondered for a long time, the he blinked and spoke quietly: “…… big cat.”


The snow lion cooperated by raising his eyes to glance at him.


His tender white little hand touched his wet face, then Shen Tong softly guessed: “Big cat not eat people, only eat tears?”


Caesar: “……”


Never mind, as long as he didn’t cry.


He reluctantly nodded his head.


Shen Tong also nodded, and boldly discussed with it: “You don’t eat me, I will cry, give you tears, OK? ”




He looked serious, and where his tears had dripped, he was licked by the snow lion, which was red and made small marks one after another. He was trying very hard to convince the snow lion not to eat him. It was kind of cute.


Caesar looked at him a few times, then he nodded.


Shen Tong felt that they reached an agreement, he finally relaxed a little.


At his age, it was normal for him to be curious, and he wasn’t as well behaved as adult Shen Tong.


He wasn’t afraid anymore, he wanted to explore.


Shen Tong stretched out his hand, he quietly pulled the snow lion’s mane and plucked some hair, then he went closer to see, and raised his head, the snow-colored fur ears was hidden in his fur, Shen Tong couldn’t help but pinch it a few times.


It was soft.


Because of his touch, its ears trembled slightly.


Shen Tong’s eyes opened round in surprise, his fingertips poked a few more times, and then the ears trembled again.


He looked happy, he wanted to put it in his mouth, so Shen Tong shakily stood up, held of the lion’s head, and went “Ahhh”.


But his baby teeth didn’t work at all.


Caesar: “……”


Was he bored?


The smoky gray eyes narrowed, and he looked at Shen Tong expressionlessly, Shen Tong held the ear in his mouth for a while and then he quickly let go, he tilted his head to look at it and giggled: “Big cat cat.”


He intimately hugged the lion’s head and rubbed it.


He was obviously not afraid anymore.


This little look was cute and hateful.


Caesar relented for a moment and allowed him.


The result was that the cub became even more aggressive.



After playing with the ears, he immediately moved to the snow lion’s tail.


Shen Tong wobbled behind the snow lion, squatted down and poked the long tail, the tail moved, he was startled and quickly retracted his hand, after carefully observing for a good half day, he put his hand out again.


After repeating this several times, Shen Tong finally dared to catch the tail.


He tried to feed it into his mouth again.


His tail was more sensitive than the ears, Caesar sensed his intention and immediately withdrew the tail.


The tail in his hand was gone, Shen Tong looked at his empty hands in shock, and looked down at the tail moving behind the snow lion, he wanted it.


The tail of the snow lion swayed left and right.


Shen Tong also moved left and right to grab it, but it always escaped.


Unknowingly, this tail became a teasing stick.


He had to say, even though Shen Tong cried when he was scared, he obviously didn’t like crying.


Unless he was too scared, when he teased him, even if he couldn’t catch it, Shen Tong wouldn’t lose his temper, or try to launch a crying offensive, he would only get tired of reaching out to grab.


He was a very good-tempered baby.



Caesar saw that this could stop this little guy’s curiosity and he no longer tried to bite things, so he resumed the original lazy posture, his tail also moved slowly.


The two of them, one tirelessly waved, one tirelessly moved.




They weren’t hard to raise.


Caesar thought carelessly.


After playing like this for a while, Shen Tong rubbed his eyes sleepily.


He ran out of energy.


The snow lion watched as Shen Tong rubbed his eyes, he knew the cub needed a lot of sleep, so he withdrew his tail, stood up from the bed, picked up Shen Tong and gently put him on the pillow and laid aside again.


Not long after, a pair of small feet stretched over.



Shen Tong, who was lying on his side on the bed, put his feet under his belly.


It was fluffy and warm.


Shen Tong gently kicked a few times.


It was a signal that the cub trusted him.


Caesar glanced at him, and lowered his eyes, acquiescing to his bold behavior.


This wasn’t enough, Shen Tong thought, he picked up the pillow and put it next to the snow lion, Shen Tong patted the soft pillow a few times, “big cat cat sleep pillow.”


Caesar didn’t know what he wanted to do, but still did as he was told and moved closer to the pillow.


Shen Tong saw him move obediently, and happily fell on the snow lion, he took the initiative to nestle into its arms.



Shen Tong found a comfortable position for himself, and pinched the snow lion’s ears, then he gently rubbed his face against the white fluffy belly a few times and happily closed his eyes.


Shen Tong said softly: “Big cat cat sleeps on the pillow, I sleep on the big cat cat.”


Earlier it was a bit cute.


Now –


Overly cute.


Caesar lowered his head gently against the top of the cub’s head, he quickly learned to use his tail to pat Shen Tong’s back and lulled the cub to sleep.


It seemed good to maintain this state for a few more days?


Caesar thought with pleasure.


At the same time. Blue Star Prison.


Time was frozen here, and the endless darkness was despairing.


Shen Jue personally sent the attacker in.


The Blue Star politicians also followed without fail.


In addition, they invited the officials who traveled with Caesar to interrogate the assailant together –


This was also a last resort.


After all, the possibility of collusion between them and the Blue Star was very high, and it was more important to invite people from the Capital Star to cooperate in the interrogation, to show that they weren’t covering up and to dispel some suspicions.


After receiving his approval, Caesar’s minister also decided to make the trip himself.


“Mr. Blake, you are here.”


“I’ve kept you waiting.”


Shen Jue exchanged a few pleasantries with him and got straight to the point, “He has already been interrogated once earlier, but he refused to speak, you can view the video to your heart’s content, as for the report on the Zergs, here it is.”


Shen Jue handed him a series of information, the foreign minister looked at each item carefully, but he spoke easily, “President Shen doesn’t need to be so polite, His Majesty naturally trusts you.”


Shen Jue also smiled.


After the foreign minister finished checking and confirmed that there was nothing wrong, “Then …… Let’s start the interrogation now?”


“Of course.”


Shen Jue turned to the prison officer.


“Arthur.” The prison officer squatted down and pulled up Arthur’s hair so that his face was facing him, “I’ll ask you once more, who sent you to assassinate His Majesty? Where are your accomplices?”


Arthur closed his eyes and didn’t say a word.


The jailer pulled out the whip at his waist and hit him without hesitation, “snap”, Arthur’s hands clenched violently on the ground, the jailer ignored it and struck again hard, “You – will you speak or not? ”


The long whip fell, bl00dstained, the air filled with the pungent smell of bl00d.


Arthur gritted his teeth, “I don’t know!”


“You don’t know?” The prison officer said coldly, “I see you still haven’t been beaten honestly.”


He once again whipped hard, and for a moment, bl00d and flesh were splattered everywhere, and the prison officer never had the slightest bit of softness from the beginning to the end, not to mention the fact that this man was his compatriot, his heart wasn’t forgiving.


“Speak! How exactly did you contact the Zergs? Who are your accomplices? Where are they?”


“I don’t know!”




When the whip was about to fall again, Shen Jue interrupted the prison officer, “Stop.”


The prison officer froze and tried to speak, “President ……”


The foreign minister also looked over with interest.


The purpose of his coming this time, in fact, everyone knew, and therefore, when Shen Jue called a halt to the whipping, it made the foreign minister pause.


Could it be that he was sympathetic?


He waited for the latter in good earnest.


Shen Jue walked to Arthur’s side, the prison officer took the initiative to make a place for him, Shen Jue smiled, “You ate Blue Star’s food, drank Blue Star’s water, Blue Star has raised you for so many years, and in the end you sold your life to the Zerg race?”


Shen Jue patted Arthur’s face, “Ancient Earth has a saying, the body, hair and skin, was given by the parents. Blue Star kept you and raised you for so many years, as your home planet, since you are bent on doing things for the Zerg race, why not return the things given?”


“Get a few people and skin him.”


The foreign minister couldn’t help but stare, but he didn’t say anything, he just looked down at the analysis report of the man’s body.



In fact, compared to such a troublesome way, he had a simpler method here.


But he wasn’t going to say it now, he wanted to make sure that these people weren’t just acting.


Shen Jue gave an order, and it didn’t take long for a prison doctor and more prison officers to arrive.


His meaning was clear –


The skin would be peeled, but the man couldn’t die, that was, to torture him.


Shen Jue stood up, lowered his head and gently asked Arthur, “Will you speak or not?”


Arthur still repeated the same words, “I don’t know!”


Shen Jue smiled, “The Zerg race is really lucky to have you.”


He looked at the prison officer, “Skin him.”


Several people stepped forward, sharp dag-gers flashed blindingly cold light, Arthur only trembled when he felt the tip of the knife against his back, it was a slight tremor, and then there was no other reaction, the prison officers also quickly determined the right positions, when they used slight force and were ready to cut his flesh, the foreign minister finally spoke, “I thought of a way.”


The prison officials moved with a start and looked at Shen Jue.


Shen Jue nodded at them, and the prison officers temporarily put away the daggers.



The foreign minister shook the analysis information in his hand, “Since he’s a feline, let’s ask His Majesty to bring Mr. Shen …… No, now it’s Mr. Little Shen? Whether it is Mr. Shen, or Mr. Little Shen, let him come over and chat with this person for a moment, then he can happily ask who the accomplice is, everyone is happy.”


As long as he was from the feline family, he couldn’t resist catnip.


And felines loved catnip, if he learned that he hurt catnip, he didn’t believe that this guy could still be the same as now.


What about loyalty to the Zergs?


It couldn’t compete with the nature engraved in their genes!


The foreign minister had full trust in Shen Tong.


The reason why he said this was also because the foreign minister was clear about Shen Tong’s true identity – catnip.


But the Blue Star people had no way of knowing this.


They were stunned at the words and couldn’t help but look at each other.


In their impression, the youth had a good and heartwarming temperament, but that was all, would letting him come make Arthur confess everything?


He was tortured, even with the blade against his back, this guy still refused to spill a word, yet Mr Shen could make him talk?




Besides, they just came from there, Mr. Shen was not quite right at this moment, he was in his cub form!


They and this foreign minister, one of them must be crazy!


They weren’t crazy!




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