C63 — Day 63

Once these words came out, it was as if the pause button was pressed, and everyone stopped moving.


The Blue Star politicians couldn’t react.


Especially the Blue Star politician who persuaded the foreign minister not to stay.


What was the situation?



They tried to recall.


What did the cub, no, the temporarily little Mr. Shen do?



He blew a few wounds, patted the man’s hair a few times, and fed him a candy.


Wait a minute.





There must be something wrong with the candy!



The previous severe punishment couldn’t make Arthur reveal one or two things, how could the cub just playing with him, make him willing to honestly explain everything? Mr. Shen wasn’t a catnip that could make all felines, including those of them who had feline recessive genes in the Blue Star people affected.


The Bluestar politicians didn’t believe it had anything to do with Shen Tong.


But in a way, they just happened to have a brush with the right answer.


After all, the heartwarming Mr. Shen was really catnip in his own right.



The foreign minister was calm, and not surprised that Arthur would relent.


— Since even their majesty had fallen once, the foreign minister had determined that there was nothing that catnip couldn’t conquer, and a mere blue star man wasn’t even in the picture.


“We want to know everything.” The foreign minister said, “Why the attack on your majesty, your accomplices, and the intentions of the Zerg race.”



“As for Mr Xiao Shen.” Could Arthur see Shen Tong again, the foreign minister didn’t answer his question directly, but took an ambiguous approach, “He is not a cub. Do you remember? That day you attacked His Majesty, but someone blocked for His Majesty, it was Mr Shen.”


The foreign minister said regretfully, “He was injured because of you, and also because of you, he is temporarily in a state of mental incompetence, so he is currently present in a cub state and doesn’t remember anything.”



His words were actually very cunning.


Both to make Arthur feel remorse, but also politely cautioned Arthur not to have unrealistic hopes.


Arthur heard it.


The dull luster in his eyes was also completely extinguished.


He had hurt him.


He had actually hurt him.


Arthur held the fruit candy, he wished the candy would melt a little slower, just a little slower, it was the only trace left by the cub, and the proof that the cub had comforted him.


The cub that let him see the light and also let him feel warmth.


No, actually, that cub wasn’t a cub.


And it was all his fault, and his doing.


Arthur’s heart shrank hard at the mere thought of it, and it hurt a dozen times more than the whipping he had experienced. Arthur closed his eyes for a moment and agreed: “Yes, I’ll tell you everything.”



He couldn’t let this cub get hurt again.


Even if there was the slightest possibility of such.


Arthur was even more determined to tell everything truthfully.



— Blue Star was no longer safe.


Outside the prison.


In only a short time, the snow had thinly spread.


Caesar walked back with the cub who dared to touch someone’s head and peel the candy paper and feed him in front of him.



The wind was a bit strong, he wasn’t afraid of the cold, but he didn’t want Shen Tong to freeze so he walked slowly.



Shen Tong also thought about the sick person, he hastily patted the snow lion, “Big cat, go back ah, go back ah.”



This was indeed the way back, but not back to the prison.



The snow lion slowly stepped through the snow layer, leaving a few shallow footprints, it ignored his words, but still took the time to put Shen Tong back on his back, carrying him to the air garden, after all, the gripping posture wasn’t very comfortable.



This was fun for Shen Tong, he reached out and touched the lion.


After he was put back on the back of the snow lion, he was no longer scared like the first time, he naturally hugged the snow lion, and lowered his head and rubbed against it intimately.



For Shen Tong, riding the big cat was a small game that could make him happy, but the big cat had to be very tired.



Shen Tong brought out a few fruit candies from his pocket, the strawberry flavor was given to someone else, he only had other flavors left, Shen Tong thought about it, peeled all the candy paper, leaving a handful of crystal clear fruit hard candy in his palm.



“Big cat, it’s all for you to eat.”



Shen Tong generously extended his hand.


The snow lion glanced down at it.


He didn’t like eating sweets.



Shen Tong saw that it didn’t respond, and reached out again, “Big cat, eat.”



He remembered that when he was a picky eater, his mother would always scare him and say that she’d give the rice to others to eat, so Shen Tong followed suit, “If you don’t eat, I’ll give these candies to others to eat, I won’t keep even one for you!”




The snow lion opened its mouth.


Shen Tong praised it: “Good cat.”

Caesar also realized what he had done.



The youth always teased him, no matter what state he was in.


But –


These candies, they were really sweet.



The snow lion’s expression got a little better.


But it was only a little better.



After all, there was still a candy that fell into someone else’s mouth.


The most noble man of the entire interstellar status was so calculating about an unobtrusive fruit hard candy, a strawberry flavored fruit hard candy.



His tail swayed behind him.



Back in the sky garden, Shen Tong had almost forget about the things in prison.



And before going out, Caesar had someone prepare some toys that cubs at Shen Tong’s current stage loved to play with, after making a trip out and back again, gift boxes piled high in the room, Shen Tong’s eyes opened round, corresponding to what he knew, Shen Tong said happily: “Big cat, it’s Santa Claus! Santa Claus came to visit!”



It was snowing, there were presents, so it was Christmas!


Shen Tong’s thoughts were very simply.



But he didn’t even guess that it was the handiwork of the big cat he was talking to.



Caesar: “?”


What Santa?



He didn’t bother to think more. Caesar walked to the high pile of gift boxes, paws raised to push it forward, the pile of gifts fell one after another, the snow lion unwrapped one, inside was washable markers.



He pushed it to Shen Tong.


Shen Tong squatted down to see.



Perhaps by nature, cubs loved to fill in different colors in various places, and this “various places” was usually on the wall, the table, and all the places where they could add colors, and Shen Tong was no exception.



He took off the pen cap, drew a small red flower on the back of his hand, and stared at the snow lion.



The lion in the storybook wasn’t white.



The big cat was white, did it lose its color?



Shen Tong decided to fill in the color for the big cat.



The snow lion was still opening gifts for him.



Shen Tong picked up a handful of markers and ran over happily, “Big Cat, you’ve lost color, can I give you some color?”



Caesar: “?”



It didn’t move, Shen Tong took it as a tacit agreement.



There were too many markers, Shen Tong couldn’t hold it all, he threw them on the ground and seriously asked: “Big cat, what color do you want ah?”



Most children like brighter colors, Shen Tong held up the green brush, “green, okay?”


Caesar: “……”


Shen Tong decided on his own, “Okay!”



One color wasn’t bright enough, Shen Tong again lowered his head to pick, “Big cat, do you like pink?”



“Purple is also fine.”


He carefully chose and chose, and finally selected five colors, Shen Tong smiled with bent eyes, “Big cat, I’ll color you!”



Caesar expressionlessly stared at the marker in his hand.



What kind of thing would be painted?


He definitely couldn’t play this game with him.



The snow lion raised his paw and pushed the gift box, then opened another gift for Shen Tong


Obviously, he wasn’t interested in this small activity.



But Shen Tong was eager to play.



“Big cat.”


He held the brush, came up to the snow lion and blinked cutely, “I want to color you.”



The snow lion watched him from the corner of his eyes and withdrew its gaze, its paws gently scratched and pulled, and the bow ripped.




Shen Tong saw that it ignored him, so he squatted down and cocked his head, and came over again stickily, “Big cat.”



His voice was soft, and the light of his pupils was crystal bright.


One glance could make people soft to the bottom of their hearts, and they simply wouldn’t say anything to refuse.



The snow lion paused for a moment.


Shen Tong blinked and blinked.



Caesar: “……”



Forget it.



He had to be pampered.



The snow lion pushed the gift box away and plopped down on the ground, his smoky gray eyes glanced at Shen Tong, lazily drooping down his eyelids, it agreed.



Shen Tong happily hugged it and kissed the tip of its nose.


It was a little itchy.


The snow lion pushed him away like it was disgusted.



Shen Tong didn’t care.



He knew the big cat was actually very happy too.



Shen Tong couldn’t think too much for the time being, so he couldn’t pursue why he knew this, nor could he figure out why he knew the big cat so well and was good at coaxing it.



In short, the first time he saw it, he was scared by the lion, but the big cat gave Shen Tong, in addition to a sense of security, there was a lot of dependence and intimacy that he couldn’t understand.



It was a dependence and intimacy that was different from anyone else.


Shen Tong slowly colored the snow lion.



He chose to paint up from the ears that he loved to bite.



But cubs ran out of energy easily.


They also fell asleep easily.



Not even halfway through the painting, Shen Tong laid on the snow lion and fell asleep.


Because he slept too fast, the marker in his hand moved again, so a long color was left on Shen Tong’s face, including green, purple and pink. This little guy really became a colorful cat.


It was quite cute.

Caesar didn’t want to know what he looked like now.


He only knew that if he washed off these colors, the little thing would probably wake up with tears in his eyes.


Caesar had to maintain the status quo.



It took several hours.



Outside, the snow was also falling heavily.



— This had to be attributed to Shen Jue.


This also led Shen Tong to waking up. His first reaction wasn’t to praise his big cat for maintaining the original state well without wiping off any color on his body, but to move the small bench to the window, and then climb up the small bench to look out.



It was white everywhere.


Shen Tong opened his eyes wide, “Big cat, it’s snowing, there’s so much snow.”



His big cat indifferently glanced at it.



It was just snowing, what was all the fuss about?



He could make snow fall in the capital star from now on.



Shen Tong proposed, “Big cat, let’s go out and build a snowman, OK?”



Caesar didn’t care, he just gave Shen Tong a scarf.



Shen Tong wrapped it around himself 2 or 3 times, he was excited to go out to play in the snow, the snow lion slowly followed him, but just as he stepped out the door, he froze.



He was still colorful.



Shen Tong had gone out several steps, seeing the big cat lagging behind, he was puzzled and twisted his head to ask it: “What’s wrong?”



Caesar: “……”



His little friend was full of innocence and didn’t realize that something was wrong.



He was indeed innocent, this was that Shen June’s fault.



If it snowed, it snowed, wasn’t tomorrow good?




Caesar was very upset.



But he had to accompany the child out to play.



So the next second, all the guards guarding the door, saw a shrunken version of Shen Tong wobbling in front, and behind him was a big, powerful lion.



At first, no one noticed anything unusual, they all bowed down respectfully.


It wasn’t obvious who noticed that something was wrong first.



The lion, the first half of it was painted green, pink, purple various colors, the back apparently didn’t have any color, it was a snow-white color, the snow lion now seemed childish, innocent, a little naughty –




The guards wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh.



To be honest, this look was really, really –


Caesar seemed to feel their gazes, his eyes were very cold.



The guards shuddered and alarm bells went off in their hearts.




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