“Yes, it’s indeed for you,” this smile was 100% presented to Adrian’s eyes through the video screen, making the curvature of his mouth become deeper, “Since I already know what I think, the next choice will be left to you.”



“Such a good contract, of course I want to sign it,” understanding the other’s mind, He Yishu’s attitude also became much brighter, then he half-jokingly said, “But why did they sign the contract for only three months? I thought they would drag it out for a long time.”


“Because the virtual arena probably guessed that if the contract period is too long, I won’t agree to sign the contract, and it is likely to cause my dissatisfaction,” As Adrian patiently answered He Yishu, his voice became softer, “there is another very important reason. The registration period for the mecha competition is in two months, and the audition starts in one month, so in about three months, the mecha competition will officially kick off. At that time, everyone’s attention will shift to this competition, and the virtual arena will not need to use any means to attract traffic, right?”



“So that’s how it is,” He Yishu suddenly realized, and then a thought crossed his mind, making his eyes light up, the corners of his mouth hooked up into a arc, “Adrian, since this mecha competition is so popular, then… …do you think I could use this competition as a starting point for my own emergence?”


Thinking about the strange talisman cards that He Yishu had produced, Adrian’s gaze flickered fiercely, and after a moment of silence, he said with a firm gaze, “If you set sail, I will naturally follow you.”



This year’s mecha competition could be described as the right time, the right people, and the right place for He Yishu. The mecha competition itself was an extremely popular competition, and at the same time, it was perfect for him to showcase the ultimate charm of the character cards, plus there was Adrian, the perfect partner to accompany the occasion, so why should he give up such a good opportunity?



At least for a short period of time, He Yishu couldn’t find a more suitable occasion than this.


Since this was the case, He Yishu also boldly made a plan to spread and promote the charm of Chinese characters, which would start from the upcoming Mecha Competition.



At the same time, He Yishu’s heart couldn’t help but start to stir up, as long as he thought of the people of the interstellar empire revealing shocked, admiring, amazed and curious …… eyes under the charm of the Chinese characters, He Yishu felt particularly excited.



This excitement directly led to He Yishu not sleeping well all night, and when he got up the next morning, a not-so-subtle dark circle hung under his eyes, and his mental state was somewhat bad.



Qiao An, who woke up earlier than He Yishu almost every morning, was startled when he saw his appearance: “He Yishu, did you not sleep well last night?”


He Yishu rubbed his eyes and asked, “Do I look bad?”


“It’s …… okay,” Qiao An’s character was very soft and peaceful, even if he noticed that He Yishu’s mood wasn’t very good, he didn’t ask anything more, but very actively changed the topic, “By the way, do you know about the mecha competition? ”


He Yishu sat down on the sofa and nodded: “Yes, I’m signing up for the competition.”



Qiao An’s eyes widened a little, looking a little surprised and then a little worried: “Then have you thought about who you want to team up with? A mecha warrior and a rune card master must team up for the competition and both of them have to sign up together.”



He Yishu knew that Qiao An was really worried about him, after all, his real strength in making rune cards hadn’t yet been revealed to him, and in the other’s view, even if only the level of spiritual energy was taken into account, it was already a big problem worth worrying about.


Therefore He Yishu smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ve already found the person to team up with, Adrian, he agreed to team up with me.”


Qiao An suddenly sighed with relief: “That’s good, then you can do your best, and try to partner well with Classmate Adrian by then.”



“Don’t worry, I will,” He Yishu nodded and asked about Qiao An, “What about you? Registration will start soon, have you thought about who you want to team up with?”



“Not yet,” Qiao An sighed and said with a bit of concern, “My family really wants me to participate in this competition, it would be best if I can get a ranking, but so far I haven’t figured out who I can team up with, I know too few people.”


“I think there should be a lot of people who want to team up with you, but you are a bit introverted and don’t get in touch with other people.” He Yishu said his thoughts.


He wasn’t saying this to comfort Qiao An, in fact, although Qiao An’s personality was very introverted, his mental energy level and card making ability weren’t low, plus when making rune cards, he was extra serious, with his current ability, he could already steadily make C-effect rune cards.



Qiao An pursed his lips and seemed to be a bit at a loss for words, He Yishu knew he was taking into account his own views, so he smiled and patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry about discussing this with me, I’ve found a very good partner, right? And although we are good friends, we are also two completely independent individuals, in every aspect there will be certain advantages and disadvantages, it can’t be because you are better than me in this area, that you refuse to communicate, right? This can’t be considered a real friend.”



“I was thinking out of the box, don’t mind me,” Qiao An smiled embarrassingly and finally agreed to voice his concerns, “Actually, it’s because my family expects more from me and specifically instructed me to find a partner with a mental power level of A+ and mecha control ability of A. It’s too hard.”


Hearing these words, He Yishu suddenly understood, it should be said that this requirement wasn’t only too difficult for the introverted Qiao An, but for the majority of people, especially the first year freshmen.



It would be fine if only the mental energy level was taken into account, but adding a mecha control ability meant that the other person was obviously a very experienced mecha warrior.


And generally the mecha warriors with very high spiritual energy level and experience, most of them had already found their fixed partners or even exclusive rune card masters, few of them would even temporary pair before the competition.



At the same time, people with great strength wanted to find partners that were generally experienced and strong, and few people chose to pick their partners among the first-year freshmen.


The fact that He Yishu was able to meet Adrian, a person with great strength and at the same time a kind heart and gentle character, was already a special arrangement of fate, to find a second such existence could be said to be comparable to the difficulty of ascending to heaven.


He Yishu silently gave a nod to his good fortune, while asking with concern: “This is indeed quite difficult, your family is asking you to do this for sure? Or did they only give you such advice?”


“That’s what they asked for.” Qiao An sighed with difficulty.



He Yishu asked again, “And did they help you with any avenues? After all, you’re only a first-year student now, and your friendship circle is still very narrow.” Coupled with such an introverted nature, this matter became even more difficult, but this was something He Yishu didn’t say out loud.



“No.” Qiao An shook his head helplessly.


Qiao An’s current attitude reminded He Yishu of the time when he was first targeted by He Tingting, Qiao An’s inexplicable apology.



He Yishu moved his eyebrows and asked with a hint of ominous foreboding, “This matter, you haven’t already agreed to it, right?”



“I …… after all, it is my family’s request, and it’s for my own good, I can’t refuse them.” The difficult expression on Qiao An’s face intensified.



He Yishu was silent for a moment, he simply didn’t know what expression to put on, he should have thought, with Qiao An’s character, he was so well behaved and obedient, let alone in front of his own family.



But consider it from another angle, would Qiao An’s family not know what kind of personality he had?


Knowing that Qiao An hardly delt with other people, but still forcefully putting forward such a request without even offering any help, this matter itself was a bit too much, right?



Thinking about the apprehensive expression on Qiao An’s face when he was communicating with his family by video, He Yishu was more sure of his suspicions.



With such a guess, He Yishu finally opened his mouth with a sigh, “The reason your family made such high demands on you was so that you could accumulate enough experience through this competition to qualify for the military?”



“They ……” Qiao An’s expression darkened for a moment before he reluctantly nodded, “Probably.”


Such a reaction made He Yishu sure of what was in his mind, he raised his hand and patted Qiao An’s shoulder and said somewhat abruptly, “Do you know that I’ve disassociated myself from my previous family?”



Qiao An froze for a moment, then nodded worriedly: “I heard you talk about it, it must have made you very sad, right?”


“It’s not bad, in fact it’s a good thing for me,” He Yishu smiled and shook his head, stating his thoughts in this regard, “In my opinion, a real family should be people who care for each other, supports and accompanies each other, not someone who is limited by blood and legal ties. If a person treats me well and is willing to tolerate me and care for me, I am willing to treat him as my family even if he is not related to me as recognized by law.
But if a person who is related to me by blood keeps ostracizing me and hurting me, why should I treat him well? Do I have to tolerate his harm to me just because I have a blood relationship with him, and at the same time respond to him with a very tolerant attitude? In my opinion, such logic simply doesn’t make sense.”



Seeing Qiao An’s amazed and confused expression, He Yishu slowed down his tone slightly and added: “Of course, I’m not saying this to completely deny kinship, in many cases, the bonds of blo-od are very wonderful and magical, but these bonds never originate from the harm that relatives do. Cherish what you think is worth cherishing, and at the same time, don’t be bound by those who hurt you because of blood ties, that’s what I’m getting at.”


“But ……” Qiao An looked very torn, “They say that this is all for my own good.”



Such a tangled and reluctant attitude made He Yishu unable to hold back a laugh, he blinked his eyes and said with a bit of self-deprecation, “You know what? When my best friend stole my boyfriend, he was still telling me that he did it just to help me verify whether my boyfriend was sincere to me or not, so the matter of him stealing my boyfriend became for my good in his mouth instead, but do you think the truth is really like that?”



Qiao An immediately shook his head in anger: “Of course not, such behavior is too much, after treating his friend like this, how can he still have the guts to say such things?”


“Yes, I also think it’s very excessive,” He Yishu shrugged, “So I didn’t really think it was for my good, neither did I forgive him for that. Qiao An, good or bad is not just a word, but depends on whether a person’s objective action is good or bad. Even if a person says it is for your good, as long as his behavior is hurting you, he is hurting you. Do you understand?”




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