C33—- Please Start Your Performance



Qiao An seemed to understand He Yishu’s words, but he pursed his lips without speaking.


He Yishu could understand, Qiao An had an extremely soft personality, changing his mind once and for all was almost impossible: “I’ve said so much, it isn’t necessarily right, I just want to provide you with another way of thinking, so that you can look at the problem more comprehensively
As for how to think, what to do, and how to use this way of thinking to improve your situation, this is a problem that you need to seriously consider. After all, everyone is an independent individual, we have our own life environment, as well as different personalities, even the same basic guidelines, placed on different people, there will be certain differences, this is all very normal, but also very necessary.”



After saying that, He Yishu patted Qiao An’s shoulder again and slowly stood up, “But you don’t need to be too anxious, the most important thing in front of you should be to find a suitable partner first, after all, it is also very important for you.”



“He Yishu, thank you.” Although Qiao An hadn’t yet fully digested He Yishu’s words, he could see that He Yishu was indeed thinking of him, so he was very grateful.



“It’s not early, I’ll go wash up first and then go out to find something to eat, see you later.” He Yishu walked towards the bathroom, he didn’t sleep well last night, he now needed to wash his face first to completely wake himself, and then he’d use delicious food to soothe his heart which had become a bit fragile because of the excessive excitement.


Qiao An sat on the sofa and began to digest what He Yishu had just said. After getting along with He Yishu these days, he gradually realized that his thoughts were different from his. Maybe he really needed to consider these issues.


He Yishu guided Qiao An because he saw Qiao An as his friend, but the relationship between the two was only a good friendship, if Qiao An didn’t change, He Yishu wouldn’t continue to forcefully interfere with anything, instead he’d slowly alienate this person.


The difference between the two was that He Yishu had no intention of being friends with a soft person with the attributes of a saint for the time being.


Since then, Qiao An never mentioned this matter with He Yishu. The relationship between the two people seemed to have returned to the time before this incident, without any change.



He Yishu put aside Qiao An’s matter for the time being, but was soon entangled in another matter.



He Tingting stopped him once again and said with red eyes as if she was aggrieved, “He Yishu, why don’t you answer dad’s communication? You’ve even blacklisted daddy?”



“Isn’t it the right of every citizen in the Star Empire to refuse to receive communications and to blacklist a person?” He Yishu raised his eyebrows in amusement, he didn’t want to continue arguing with this person, “If you have no other questions, please don’t block my way, it’s very rude.”



“He Yishu, don’t you think you’re really going too far with this?” He Tingting sucked her nose as tears fell, “You can refuse to forgive me and humiliate me, but you shouldn’t treat dad like this! You keep saying that I have no manners, do you know how rude you are, behaving like this?”



“For a man who has barely cared about me since I was a child, cheating while married and having a pair of illegitimate children, I don’t think it’s so rude to pull the plug on him,” He Yishu laughed lightly, his voice filled with sarcasm and indifference, “and if If I remember correctly, he and I no longer have any relationship, so from what standpoint are you accusing me?”



After saying these words, He Yishu didn’t wait for He Tingting to refute, and directly continued, “He Tingting, whatever you say is your freedom, but only if you are ready to be responsible for these words, my light computer monitor has been turned on, now you can start your performance.”


Such a blatant threat made He Tingting’s words go back into her throat, blocking her chest and making her uncomfortable.


A moment later, He Tingting choked up, “He Yishu, do you have to deliberately target me like this?”



“Continue your performance.” He Yishu raised his eyebrows.


He Tingting’s expression was almost twisted, and she was silent for a while before finding her lines: “Are you really unwilling to take Dad’s communication? He really has something very important to say to you.”

“If it’s really important, it’s not impossible,” He Yishu thought for a moment and smiled, “One communication is 50,000 credits, the call is limited to five minutes, after five minutes, every minute is charged according to 20,000 credits, what do you think of such a price? ”


He Tingting held a breath in her chest and nearly failed to gasp, she sharply responded, “He Yishu, don’t go too far!”



“How am I going too far, please say, I’m still recording,” He Yishu clicked his light computer and smilingly said, “but I kindly give you a warning, if you can’t objectively state how I acted excessively, I am going to report you libel in turn. ”



He Tingting was once again choked, although He Yishu’s behavior of blacking out the family was indeed very excessive in her opinion, it was as He Yishu said, now he no longer had any relationship with the He family.



The refusal to receive communications, as well as the blacklisting, was indeed the personal rights of the citizens of the Star Empire, there was no way to hold him accountable for this matter.


So even though He Tingting was furious and felt that He Yishu’s behavior was cold-blooded and abominable to the extreme, she still couldn’t find an objective point of blame against him.


This feeling was too stifling, just like every time she was humiliated by He Yishu, she was the one who was hurt, but He Tingting had no good reason to accuse him.



And not to mention sufficient reason, she couldn’t even find a good reason right now!



He Yishu waited for a moment and saw that He Tingting just stared at him in anger and embarrassment, but couldn’t say a word, so he kindly spoke: “Since you once again have nothing to say, then it is better for me to make a concluding speech.”



The smile on He Yishu’s face instantly disappeared, his gaze suddenly turned cold, and his voice became even colder: “He Tingting, what happened today, I can ignore it, but I hope this will be the last time you make such disgusting actions, if you disturb me for boring things again, I will report it together with all the previous videos. ”


This was the first time He Tingting faced He Yishu’s indifference and disgust, which made her feel cold for a moment, and a trace of fear surged in her heart.



Between the daze, He Tingting saw He Yishu slowly smile meaningfully, “In addition, the ‘before’ I mentioned is not limited to after entering the First Academy, I think you should be able to understand what I mean.”


After saying that, He Yishu didn’t bother about He Tingting’s reaction, he directly walked around her and left in stride.



Although He Yishu’s attitude seemed extraordinarily cold and ruthless, he was actually not affected by He Tingting in the slightest, He Tingting’s level was really too low.


At most, He Yishu regarded her as an amusing part of life. After all, abusing scums could also make people feel happy.


It was probably that this event had a great deterrent effect on the He family. In the days after that, He Tingting didn’t appear in front of He Yishu again until the registration of the mecha competition officially began.

The first day of registration, He Yishu, who was an absolute activist in many matters, directly dragged Adrian into the virtual network and completed the registration for the competition.



After the registration was completed, the two of them didn’t directly exit the virtual network, but played around inside in a good mood, and He Yishu sighed tersely with satisfaction: “I seem to have seen the champion’s trophy beckoning to me.”



Adrian was amused by He Yishu’s rare lazy and cute appearance: “Not as if, but we can definitely get the championship.”


He Yishu nodded repeatedly, smiling so much that his eyes narrowed: “You’re right, if we can’t win the championship with such a combination, then there must be an inside fix.”



Adrian’s heart jumped slightly, as if it was moved by something, even his fingertips moved along.



He Yishu smiled and looked at Adrian: “Don’t you think so? With your strength, plus my strength, it’s strange that we don’t win, right? After all, we have a killer trump card in hand.”



Adrian came back to his senses and smiled at the sudden fluttering in his heart, “I just think that maybe your existence is the biggest inside story of this tournament.”


“I’ll take it as a compliment.” He Yishu held his chin and winked at Adrian with a smirk.



This wink immediately made Adrian’s heartbeat inexplicably speed up a few points, if not that his nature had always been calm, his face would have shown an abnormal expression.


He Yishu didn’t notice that Adrian’s expression wasn’t right, he happily dragged him around the virtual network again and bought a lot of interesting gadgets.



Before saying goodbye, He Yishu gave Adrian the gifts he bought: “You may not like these things, but consider it a small gift from a friend to you.”



Adrian took a small booklet, a strangely shaped pendant, and a small packet of pastries handed over by He Yishu, and nodded: “Hmm.”


“Then I’ll leave now, see you tomorrow.” He Yishu happily waved goodbye to Adrian.



“Hmm.” Adrian continued with his blank expression.


After He Yishu left, Adrian carefully held the gifts He Yishu gave him with one hand and touched his ear with the other.



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