C52— Day 52

  After a brief moment of silence, the number of people in the live room increased massively!

        This was thanks to the platform-wide system alert.

        It was very common to give gifts to anchors, but such a crazy rush of fireworks wasn’t so common, for a moment, many people became curious about the anchor “Shen Tong”, and clicked into his live room, wanting to find out.

        The viewers who were already in the live room, weren’t calm either.

        Who was this user “C”?

        As they all knew, one firework = 1000 star coins.

        The system reminder had swiped over many times, he had set off at least two or three hundred fireworks.

        Hundreds of thousands of star coins!

        Hundreds of thousands of star coins, just like that, without blinking!

        What kind of family did he come from?

        Were they mining stars?

        The comment section was instantly filled with jealous comments.

        [Don’t Remember Floating Life: the happiness of the rich is beyond my imagination].

        [What’s for lunch: The happiness of the rich is beyond my imagination.]

        [Don’t want to be a cat anymore: The happiness of rich people is beyond my imagination.]

        [Sandwich Cookies: The happiness of rich people is beyond my imagination.]

[The happiness of rich people is beyond my imagination.]

[The happiness of rich people is beyond my imagination.]


        Shen Tong was also startled, then he subconsciously said, “Thank you, Mr. C……?”

       He opened the profile panel of this “C”, which was blank and had only basic information, like a new account that had just been registered.

        The live broadcast still had to continue, and with the interruption of ‘sending you a thousand miles’, Shen Tong decided to go ahead with the original plan, he softly asked, “How about I sing a song for you?”

        The audience naturally wouldn’t refuse.

        [Matcha flavor: Okay.]

        [ Sweet by five points: listen, I’ll listen. Are you a treasure anchor? You can play the piano and sing, and you also come with a catnip buff.]

        [Ying isn’t short: well behaved, etc.]

        [Doris: really polite. ]

       Shen Tong smiled.

        He began to play the piano as he sang.

        This was a pop music from ancient earth.

        His voice was clear, because of the course he was studying in university, he had received some vocal training, perhaps Shen Tong’s singing skills couldn’t be compared with the professionals, but it was enough for him to sing this song well.

        The sound of the piano was melodious and the song was beautiful.

        Everyone couldn’t help but listen intently.

        Maybe it was the quiet temperament of the youth or maybe it was the beautiful atmosphere around him that made it was easy for  people to indulge in it.

        In his song, there was an endless sea, the ebb and flow of the tide, and the huge body of a whale.

        They came together and formed a calming image.

Their hearts calmed down.

        Relaxing with the tide drifting far away.

        They were immersed in the gentle atmosphere he created.

       Not long after, Shen Tong pressed the last piano key.

      The song had finished.

        An overwhelming number of gifts was sent.

        [Eat pomegranate seeds?: Roses bloom in September, only you are in my heart, I want to be with you so much, a mine for you!]

        [FOUR GRAINS: I don’t care about the sky above, I don’t care about the earth below, and I don’t care about the air in between, I just bury you with a rocket launcher!]

        [BIUBIUBIU: Chirp~Stick! A rocket launcher smashed to the anchor!]


      And interspersed in the sea of gifts were many compliments to him.

        [cotton hair candy: It was good! It was really good! QAQ]

        [Rolling Paper: The anchor’s skills are great! He can play and sing, he’s also very sincere, ah!]

       [Eat pomegranate seeds?: Really great. Whether it’s playing the piano alone, or singing, he makes people feel comfortable and warm.]

        [Cheese seaweed: Anchor, were you a catnip in your previous life?]

        The comments made Shen Tong laugh.

        He answered Cheese Seaweed’s question, “I don’t think so.”

        In his previous life, Shen Tong was just a human.

        This live broadcast was considered his second attempt, Shen Tong also only prepared these two songs, so the live broadcast could end here, “Thank you all for the gifts, today’s live broadcast has ended……”

        As he spoke, the screen crazily moved to show all the comments.

        [Ying isn’t short: Anchor’s cat must be very happy, QAQ, if anchor needs an English Shorthair! I’m here.]

[Little Beans: I’ll answer for the anchor. He only needs a cat who is invincible and lovely, like me. ]

[Four Seasons Milk Green: NO! The anchor obviously needs my beauty at home. ]

[All present are garbage: I haven’t spoken yet ? ? ]

        Shen Tong slightly paused and laughed again.

       When he remembered the viewers were all furry little guys, he felt they were  incredibly cute.

        At this time, the snow lion slowly stepped within the captureable range of the camera.

        It lifted its eyelids.

       Even though felines had evolved, for such small cats, large felines still remained a deterrent, perhaps it was usually less obvious, but at this moment, this snow lion looked very unhappy, its eyes were also very dark.

The felines on the other side of the screen met its gaze and shivered involuntarily.

        The, the anchor already had a cat!

        A lion that was so fierce?

        The snow lion skimmed through the comments on the screen.

        It glanced at the camera again, its gaze implying a few threats, as well as silently declaring its ownership of the Anchor.

        After that, without hesitation, it raised its paw and pressed the end of the live broadcast.

      The screen went black.

        Shen Tong guessed that the big cat was jealous again and said soothingly: “They were just talking.”

        The snow lion didn’t pay attention to him, it firmly pressed the terminal under his paw.

        Shen Tong good-naturedly picked it up, casually clicked on the system automatically generated live earnings, he casually looked at it, and helplessly said to the big cat: “You ……”

        In the live broadcast settlement, today’s earnings: 380,000 +

      Shen Tong: “?”

        He forgot what he was going to say and looked at it several times in a row, finally making sure he hadn’t misread it.

        What was going on here?

       Shen Tong was stunned.

        He only knew that after the viewers had sent their gifts, after splitting them with the live streaming platform, the remainder would be the anchor’s earnings, but Shen Tong didn’t expect that his earnings today would be so much.

        How could it be so much?

        Shen Tong’s first reaction was that there was a mistake, and he immediately looked for the platform customer service to verify.

        Seeing his behavior, the tail of the snow lion moved as it watched in a good mood.

      The customer service quickly gave a response.

        [Star Ocean Live Broadcast: Verification is complete, the earnings are correct and there are no errors.]

        [Star Ocean Live Broadcast: Please receive the earnings details.]

      Shen Tong clicked on it.

        In a series of earnings records, the user name “C” almost covered dozens of pages, that was, in this 380,000, there were 360,000 from the user “C”.

      Shen Tong also realized at this moment that a firework was worth 1000 star coins.

        He remembered that this user “C” gave him a lot, the site and Shen Tong had a 50-50 split, so this Mr. C, spent almost 720,000 star coins on Shen Tong.

        720,000 star coins.

        He wrinkled his brow.

        Wasn’t it too much?

        In Shen Tong’s mind, being rewarded was fine, but too much was a bit disturbing.

        Caesar was looking at him, after seeing the verification, the youth didn’t seem happy, he looked distracted, he  impatiently huffed at Shen Tong.

        Shen Tong looked over and met its eyes, spilling his worries to it, “Kitty, someone just rewarded me with a lot of money.”

He turned the terminal screen toward the big cat and inquired suspiciously, “Do you think it could be one of the kittens that used their parents’ money to reward me because they were under the influence of catnip?”

In his last life, the news often broadcast such things. What was more, Shen Tong also learned in advance that for such a large reward, except some stars who broadcasted live on the live broadcast platform for various reasons, making their fans spend money to put the stars on the top of the list, that was, their popularity was already extremely high, only anchors with a number of loyal fans would receive such a large reward.

This was Shen Tong’s first live broadcast. He had neither fame nor loyal fans. How could anyone reward him so much?

        The more he thought about it, the more he felt that an underage kitten was influenced by catnip.

        Caesar: “……”

        He didn’t even know what to say to the youth’s worries.

        His wealth was all over the stars, a few hundred thousand only, wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

        But the youth obviously didn’t think so.

        Shen Tong thought about it, “I’d better give them a call and ask.”

        He once again clicked on the “C” profile panel.

        Because the interstellar account used real phone numbers, and he gave Shen Tong a lot of fireworks, he was automatically determined by the system as a “fanatic fan”, in the default settings of the platform, Shen Tong was able to see his contact information.

        Shen Tong began to type the numbers.

        The snow lion, who was still lazily staring at him, saw the situation and suddenly stiffened.

        He unnaturally got up and slowly paced outside.

       It even seemed unusually hurried.

        Shen Tong looked at it, but didn’t pay it too much attention, he only thought it was going out to play.

        Shen Tong sent a call request to “C”.

        One second, two seconds, three seconds ……

        After a long time passed, no one answered.

        Shen Tong didn’t get discouraged and tried to send another call request.

        This time, it quickly connected.

        The other was very quiet.

        Shen Tong spoke: “Hello, is this Mr. ……C? Your ID on the Star Ocean Live platform is C.”

        The person on the other end gave a low “hmm”.

        Shen Tong continued: “I’m Shen Tong, just now you sent a lot of fireworks to my live room, at that time I didn’t know its price, so I’m a little shocked. May I ask–“

        Shen Tong hesitated: “Are you an adult?”

        Caesar: “……”

        Shen Tong apologized again: “Sorry, I know it’s presumptuous to ask, I just think your reward was too much, if you need a refund, I can contact the website to refund it.”

The other didn’t say a word.

      Shen Tong: “Mr. C, are you still there?”

        He directly ended the call.

        From the beginning to the end, he didn’t say anything.

        Shen Tong looked at the call time and pursed his lips.

        This meant ……?

        Shen Tong was quite confused.

        However, he received a message from this Mr. C.

        [I’m an adult. There’s no need to refund it.]

        [It’s not much.]

        Shen Tong: “……”


        He said thanks, opened the earnings screen again, and stared at the 380,000 on it for a long time.

        The big cat liked the capital star, this was more then enough to rent a better house in the capital star.

        Shen Tong immediately downloaded several softwares and looked at the houses for rent located in the capital star.

        And at this time, the snow lion, who had just left the door, wandered back around again.

        The big cat was acting a bit abnormal today.

        Shen Tong put down the terminal, looked at it for a long time, then he told the big cat the good news: “Kitty, I asked, this money is a reward for us, we have money.”

        Shen Tong gestured for it him to come over and look at the terminal, “What kind of apartment do you like? We can go out and rent a place, do you want to come with me to see?”

        Caesar: “?”

        Go out and rent a place?

        Was it too late for him to change his mind about being underage and needing a refund?

        Caesar thought expressionlessly.

        He had to find a way to keep the man here.

        And also to completely end his reluctance to stay.

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