C88— Kill The Half-blood 17

Before Shen Jue could respond, there was a knock on the door.

        Yu Qing’s voice sounded outside the door, “Brother Xiang Wen, I need to see you, are you asleep?”

        Xiang Wen was startled, lifting his head from Shen Jue’s body, his eyes flashed with panic, shyness, annoyance and other complex emotions. In fact, as a qualified valet, seducing the Duke was wrong, Xiang Wen was undoubtedly out of line, if Shen Jue got angry, or the butler knew, he could be expelled from the manor.

        This was one of the reasons why Xiang Wen was unhappy with Yu Qing, he wasn’t even worthy of being a valet, but Shen Jue and the housekeeper both turned a blind eye to this and acquiesce to Yu Qing’s excesses.

       But Xiang Wen was, after all, properly trained, and although he had boldly seduced Shen Jue, he was still afraid that his affairs would be discovered by others. Xiang Wen bit his lip and looked down at Shen Jue again, his body shaking even more.

        “Brother Xiang Wen? I’m coming in.” Yu Qing’s voice rang out again from outside.

        “Duke.” Xiang Wen heard the voice outside and sadly looked at Shen Jue.

        Shen Jue wrinkled his brow, and only after half a second did he sigh, and with a push, switched his position with Xiang Wen. He clasped Xiang Wen’s hands, placed them above his head and leaned down, when Yu Qing opened the door, he saw Shen Jue’s face buried between Xiang Wen’s neck, while Xiang Wen’s face was red, his bound hands curled helplessly.

        Yu Qing gripped the door handle, expressionlessly watching the scene in front of him.

        Xiang Wen suddenly let out an ambiguous sound. Yu Qing didn’t think he couldn’t even make that sound, he felt cold, he wanted to speak, but didn’t know what to say, and only when Shen Jue raised his head to look at him unhappily did Yu Qing stiffen and slowly withdraw from the room.

        He thought the scene before him was fake, that he was dreaming, but when he saw that Shen Jue had blood on his lips and his fangs were still exposed, he knew it wasn’t a dream.

        Shen Jue didn’t even drink his blood much, but he made a point of drinking Xiang Wen’s blood in the daytime.

        Oh, no wonder that no matter how many things Xiang Wen did wrong, Shen Jue didn’t blame him, giving him a gift that Xiang Wen picked, but to Xiang Wen, he gave him a hand-picked brooch of great value.

        The loss of it was rewarded with a better one.

Yu Qing walked while sneering, he originally thought he was the most special in this manor, only he could have the Duke, but now it seemed that everything was just his self-interest. It was all wrong from the beginning, he thought too much, and now he was like his pathetic mother.

        In Yu Qing’s early childhood, someone had secretly told him that his father was a nobleman who played with a human maiden and left her with a pat on the back, but his mother waited for the man to return until her belly couldn’t be hidden anymore, she had to give birth.

        He was abandoned at the edge of the border between humans and bloods, where they both ignored, the cruelest place in the land. Yu Qing had vowed that he would live a human life and not let others look down on him, that he would never be like his foolish mother, who foolishly believed in a man.

        But now it seemed that he had through his mother’s path, he was blinded by an illusion.

        There was nothing to believe in, only the power and money held in his hands could make him really live well.

       Yu Qing closed his eyes, tears dripping to his chin.

        If he had power and money, he could have what he wanted, not what he had now, where he could only resort to despicable and useless means, where Shen Jue didn’t care about him at all, where even though he did more and was more attentive, Shen Jue still only cared about that stupid Xiang Wen.

        He laughed suddenly, his low chuckle sounded frightening in the empty long corridor. Yu Qing walked across the long corridor, his fingertips touching the bloody fresco on the wall, as his pretty face gradually became twisted with emotions.

        He would get what he wanted, even if it was against all odds, and Shen Jue’s eyes would ultimately be on only him, he was sure.

        Yu Qing stopped in his tracks, the smile on his face all but retracted, he gazed straight ahead into the pitch blackness as the manor’s Bloods were asleep, the curtains were tightly closed. The manor actually looked a hundred times more eerie in the daytime than it did at night.

        He stood in the promenade, not moving, not smiling, not speaking, like the gaudy ghost of this gorgeous and scary manor, he died of jealousy, and lived for revenge.


Yu Qing waited in Shen Jue’s room for the entire day, but it wasn’t until almost nightfall that the person he waited for returned. When Shen Jue saw Yu Qing, he  didn’t say anything, and headed for the bathroom, Yu Qing wanted to follow, but was stopped at the door.

        “There’s no need for you to serve me, go out and tell the butler that I don’t need dinner later.” Shen Jue said coldly, shutting the door heavily in Yu Qing’s face.

        Yu Qing opened his mouth slightly before pursing them into a tight line again.

       When he went to speak to the butler, the surprised butler responded, “What’s wrong today? Xiang Wen also said he wasn’t feeling well.”

        Not feeling well? Where was the discomfort? He was probably very comfortable.

        Yu Qing almost sneered, but his eyes were really dark, even the butler noticed.

        “Yu Qin, are you okay? Why are you acting strange?” The butler had never seen the well-behaved Yu Qing have such a horrible and frightening expression, as if seeing a d*mned creature, his eyes were full of abhorrence.

        Yuk Qing quickly concealed his expression, and looked at the butler in confusion, “What’s wrong with me?”

        The butler looked at Yu Qing who returned to normal and frowned, wondering if he was thinking too much, so he didn’t say anything.

       However, Yu Qing took the initiative to mention that he wanted to bring Xiang Wen some food.

          “Brother Xiang Wen isn’t feeling well, he needs to eat, why don’t I go and deliver it to Brother Xiang Wen.” Seeing the butler’s somewhat disapproving expression, Yu Qing added, “I know Brother Xiang Wen has some prejudice against me, but Brother Xiang Wen and I are serving together at the Duke’s side, so if this goes on, it won’t be good for both of us, and it’ll delay the Duke’s business, I want to take this opportunity to talk to Brother Xiang Wen properly, I hope he can let go of his prejudice against me.”

        The butler thought it made sense, so he agreed, but he still warned him, “You can go over, if Xiang Wen kicks you out, don’t argue with him, come out, to avoid being scolded. His character is like that, if you ignore him, maybe he’ll treat you normally.”

        Yu Qing smiled faintly, “I know, thank you butler.”

        Yu Qing took a portion of the servant’s dinner from the kitchen and brought it to Xiang Wen’s room, the servant’s dinner was actually quite good, but Xiang Wen was used to eating what Shen Jue distributed, so he wouldn’t want this dinner, not to mention that the person who brought him the dinner was Yu Qing.


        Yu Qing knocked on the door for a long time before Xiang Wen opened it.

        Xiang Wen had just left the shower, his hair was still wet, once he saw Yu Qing, his expression became a little unnatural, “Why are you here?”

Yu Qing replied in a warm voice, “I’m bringing dinner to Brother Xiang Wen, can I come in?”

        Xiang Wen looked at Yu Qing, but still gave way for him.

        Yu Qing took the dinner to the table in the room, then turned to look at Xiang Wen, and because of Xiang Wen’s foot injury, he inevitably walked with a limp, but such a walking posture looked suspicious to Yu Qing.

        A few hours ago, Xiang Wen was under Shen Jue, that image was still vivid in his mind.

        Xiang Wen limped over to the table and saw the dinner that Yu Qing had brought over, and although he grimaced, he didn’t say anything. He sat down on the chair next to him and raised his eyes and looked at Yu Qing.

        He let Yu Qing in, because he had something to say to him.

        “What did you want to see me about during the daytime?”

        Yu Qing took out an ointment from his pocket and gave it to Xiang Wen, “I came to deliver medicine to Brother Xiang Wen, I didn’t expect ……” he paused, “I seem to have disturbed Brother Xiang Wen and the Duke, sorry, I didn’t know Duke was also inside. “

        When Xiang Wen heard Shen Jue’s name, a trace of unnaturalness flashed across his face.

        Today, during the day, after Yu Qing left, Shen Jue had immediately let go of him, and threw the clothes he had just taken off onto his body. Xiang Wen had acted bold for the first time, and he’d been humiliated, he couldn’t hold back and cried for a while.

        The way he cried seemed to startle Shen Jue, causing him to comfort him for a long time, he cried on Shen Jue’s clothes, and hugged the man behind him to keep him from leaving. Xiang Wen felt crazy, fortunately he was injured and didn’t have to go to serve beside Shen Jue, if he did, he was afraid that he would not have the face to face Shen Jue.

        No wonder the predecessors of the Blood Clan always said they shouldn’t think about things in the daytime, it was likely that they would do something irreparably stupid.

    “Ahem.” Xiang Wen coughed and took the ointment from Yu Qing’s hand, “Thank you for the ointment.”

        He didn’t know how to explain about Shen Jue, so he simply didn’t, and he didn’t need to explain it to Yu Qing anyway.

        Besides ……

        He didn’t like Yu Qing.

        Thinking about it, Xiang Wen suddenly tugged at his collar, exposing the fresh tooth holes in his neck, “It’s a little hot.” He moved his body again, frowned and said, “This sofa is so hard, I feel uncomfortable, it seems I have to tell the butler to change the sofa, but I don’t know if the butler will agree?”

Yu Qing stared at Xiang Wen and said blankly, “It’s okay, the Duke loves Brother Xiang Wen so much, Brother Xiang Wen just wants to change the sofa, the butler will definitely agree.”


      The expression on Xiang Wen’s face stiffened, he quickly twisted away, but his face still couldn’t help but redden.

        His words made him think about what happened.

        Yu Qing looked at his red face with slightly narrowed eyes, he lowered his head, and quietly went close to Xiang Wen. When Xiang Wen noticed, their faces were very close to each other.

        Xiang Wen was startled and hurriedly leaned back, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so close?”

        Yu Qing looked fixedly at Xiang Wen and suddenly smiled, “Brother Xiang Wen, the Duke can’t get hard, do you also know?”

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