C1—- Strange Youth

 The holidays for popular artists were generally ridiculously little.

  Like Lu Wenxi, he could only sleep for 3 hours in two days, it was generally a common occurrence, but the company suddenly gave Lu Wenxi a full seven days of vacation. It wasn’t to let him rest, but to let him hide from the press, for him to be a quiet beautiful man.

He didn’t take drugs, didn’t gossip, didn’t fight, or make a mess everywhere, it was because his acting skills were poor.

A movie just recently released, titled “The Patriarch”, was in the midst of a key promotional period.

  The film’s director, screenwriter, and production team were all top-notch, and the cast was full of big names, with international action stars in the lead roles, making it a big production with a big cast and huge investment. The initial publicity was also a particularly big battle, occupying the headlines of all major platforms.

Lu Wenxi, who got the leading role in the movie, was the young Patriarch in the movie. In history, this person was a hero in the past, a master of martial arts in the Republic of China, and in turbulent times, he became the spiritual leader of people, being decent and serving people with virtue.

In the early days, there were many films featuring this character.

It happened that such a character was turned into a rebellious teenager by Lu Wenxi, taking the style of “young and dangerous”, and the hero was turned into a rebellious person.

After watching the movie, the descendants of the hero took Lu Wenxi directly to court, saying he had tarnished the image of the hero and posted a lawyer’s letter on Weibo.

Fans also began to troll like crazy, saying that Lu Wenxi’s face was paralyzed, his acting was so bad that it was embarrassing, and that all the screenshots of him in the movie only had  one expression, and he couldn’t do anything else but stare.

His anti-fans launched a crazy attack for Lu Wenxi to get out of the entertainment industry and continue being a rich second generation, which promptly reached the front pages, and the company felt the powerlessness of a  public relations team for the first time.

The producer tried his best to promote the movie, but he didn’t suppress Lu Wenxi, he didn’t know whether Lu Wenxi was popular or whether he was really … It was a long story.

After Lu Wenxi got his vacation, he was “escorted” to the suburbs to “recuperate”.

He was a special rich second generation, ranking first in the rich list, Lu Wenxi’s father was properly on the list, and his name was a household name-Lu Yushang.

Many people said, Lu Wenxi was a young master that came to the entertainment industry to play.

When Lu Wenxi entered the entertainment industry, he got first tier resources that many struggling actors couldn’t reach. The result was good movies and good scripts. In addition, this person’s reputation had been bad, it wasn’t surprising that he was hacked on a large scale this time.

This apartment was one of the many properties under the name of Lu Wenxi, after it was renovated, he had never lived in it. If not that a few days ago when he was packing things, he suddenly saw the apartment’s door card and key, he would have forgotten that he had such a house.

When the doorbell rang, Lu Wenxi was unpacking the express delivery.

He wasn’t doing it because he lacked people, but because he enjoyed the feeling of unboxing packages, there was a sense of thrill of exploring the unknown. This was also considered a way for him to decompress. He kept buying things and left them in the living room. He couldn’t remember what he bought. So when he opened it, he was quite surprised.

  He clapped his hands and stood up, walked to the door and pressed open the visual intercom, but that no one was at the door.

The screen switched from the doorway of the unit downstairs to the doorway of his own home, all empty, which made him “tsk”, he turned off the visual intercom, and turned back to continue fighting with the boxes.

As a result, just when he turned around, the doorbell rang again.

He quickly turned around and immediately clicked on the screen to see, after switching between the two places, there was still no one.

  At this point, he was a little annoyed.

  Before he came, he deliberately asked his assistant to handle things, he didn’t like to be disturbed, especially by the paparazzi and stalker fans. His orders were uniformly placed on the floor of the property, written in the name of his assistant, and every morning when his assistant came to bring him food, he would carry the packages up.

  It was hard to believe that after only one day of living here, the paparazzi had found out? Were they so capable?

  He wanted to curse into the visual intercom, but after thinking carefully, he gave up, he was undoubtedly exposed.

When he went to unpack the courier again, the doorbell rang twice more, but he stopped paying any attention to it.

  Waiting for 10 minutes, he got up, went to the door to open the visual intercom, switched on the screen again to observe, but also turned on the video function, to see if anyone would come back, he wanted to catch them.

Immediately he switched it on, the doorbell rang again.

  In both screens, there wasn’t a single person.

“F*ck……” Lu Wenxi cursed, speculating whether the doorbell was remotely manipulated.

  He opened the door of his house to confirm, to see if the doorbell had been tampered with, but as soon as he opened the door, cold wind blew in.

  The cold wind was very strange, it wasn’t too much to say that it was gloomy.

  The wind almost passed through his body, chilling Lu Wenxi to his bones, his body in that moment felt like it had entered an ice cellar. There was still unpacked bubble wraps on the floor of the house, but it was also blown away.

  The wind swung in the house, made a spin, then disappeared.

  Lu Wenxi was stunned for a while, then peeped out to see, but there was no one in the corridor. He stood at the door again and looked at the doorbell of his house, it didn’t look like it had ever been taken apart.

Even though this was in the suburbs, it was also a first-tier city, with good residential properties and good confidentiality. If someone wanted to come up, he had to swipe his card on the door of the community and the door of the unit, and the elevator card corresponded to the floor where he was located. If he applied for a new card, he had to bring a real estate license. The general paparazzi shouldn’t be able to get in, so it was very likely that the doorbell on the first floor had been tampered with.

He sighed and went back to the living room, ready to ask his assistant to find another property tomorrow.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t find it himself, but if he did, it would definitely lead to unnecessary trouble, and he had decided to be a dedicated “shrunken turtle” now.

When he rolled up his sleeves to continue to unpack the courier, he suddenly heard the sound of walking in the hallway, Lu Wenxi had been paying attention to the movement of the door, so he immediately noticed.

In fact, the sound of footsteps was very light, the strange thing was that this person walking, seemed to be dragging something, the thing scratched the floor tiles, making a screechy sound.

  Lu Wenxi was listening attentively, and then he heard a knock on the door.

  He couldn’t help but laugh, this time it was a knock on the door, there couldn’t be no one there, right?

  He immediately turned back, opened the visual intercom, he finally saw the person.

It was a teenager.

  With simple short black hair, no make-up, but he still looked like a trainee.

  The teenager had a pair of sword eyebrows, his eyes weren’t big or flashy, but when he looked carefully, his eyes were very beautiful, with narrow phoenix eyes, he looked heroic. He had a high nose, but his lips were very thin, with sharp features, he was a uniquely handsome teenager.

  The teenager only wore a simple white sweater, with not even a letter on it, holding a feng shui compass-like thing in his hand, the teenager lowered his head, looking at the pointer.

  Lu Wenxi looked at the teenager for a while, and couldn’t help but laugh mockingly.

He reached out and opened the door, quietly looking at the teenager standing in the doorway, the teenager seemed more handsome in person, his skin was very good.

But the moment the teenager raised his head, Lu Wenxi couldn’t smile again.

  The teenager’s pupils were extremely black, like unmelted ink, it was pitch black, hollow and bizarre.

His gaze was more piercing than the winter.

  After a moment of reprieve, Lu Wenxi asked: “How did you get up here?”

The young man was also looking at Lu Wenxi, he seemed to have never seen such a fancy man, he couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.

  Lu Wenxi’s hair was dyed silvery white, with a bit of cherry blossom pink at the end, and was organized by Lu Wenxi’s stylist to the top of his head, revealing his full forehead. His jacket was also silver-white, at a glance, there were also blue, pink, yellow and flowery green colours.

  Also because of this jacket, let Lu Wenxi looked like a blooming flesh pink rose.

Obviously he was afraid of the cold that was why he was wearing a jacket, but with the torn jeans, in the teenager’s opinion, it was weird.

The teenager finally put his eyes on Lu Wenxi’s face.

  In the entertainment industry, Lu Wenxi’s acting skills and personality couldn’t stand the test, but his face could.

Lu Wenxi could be popular in a short time, because he had a beautiful smile and a charming face.

He had thick eyebrows with a pair of peach blossom eyes, the bridge of his nose was straight and the tip of the nose was rounded and slightly upturned, the side view of the shape of his nose was perfect to be used as an example by plastic surgeons. Even in his “vacation”, he didn’t forget to put on makeup, his lips were painted with an orange powder, which matched his snow white skin.

  There was a trending topic on Weibo, the side faces of male celebrities, and Lu Wenxi was steadily chosen as No. 1.

  His jawline was very beautiful, and because he hadn’t had plastic surgery, his expression was natural and there were no ugly photos with a stiff face, so the face fans were been Lu Wenxi’s main fans.

Nothing about Lu Wenxi convinced anyone, but his face naturally convinced them.

  Perhaps because he knew he was handsome, so Lu Wenxi had a confident and relaxed expression.

The young man finally spoke: “This poor Taoist tracked an evil spirit all the way here, this evil spirit should have entered into the house, can you let this poor Tao ……”

  The young man’s words hadn’t finished, when Lu Wenxi coldly interrupted: “Evil spirit? Also poor Taoist?”

  ”Well, the compass shows ……”

  ”Are you a paparazzi or a trainee?”

  ”Poor Taoist is ……”

  ”Oh, where is the whole program team? Where is the camera?” Lu Wenxi interrupted the teenager again, looking a bit aggressive.

The teenager didn’t speak, he just calmly looked at Lu Wenxi, anyway, this person wouldn’t let him finish his speaking.

  Lu Wenxi was also looking at the teenager, the more he looked the angrier he became: “Look, I don’t know which company you just signed with, you came to me to show your acting skills, to take advantage of my situation? Why don’t you do something serious?”

He said, and looked at him properly. He found a chain hanging around the waist of the teenager, with one end on the ground. That was the source of that sound.

  The young man’s expression, from polite and humble, gradually became a little cold, he seemed displeased, his thin lips pursed into a straight line. Adjusting his mind, he said: “Poor Taoist has been tracking the evil spirit up to here, the compass shows that the evil spirit is in your home, can you let this poor Taoist go in for a moment, and get the evil spirit out immediately.”

The young man’s voice wasn’t as cold as he looked, but very warm, and his tone was mostly respectful. When speaking in a courteous manner, he had a kind of literati elegance.

  ”Yo, you’re still quite into the scene.” Lu Wenxi couldn’t help but laugh, then he took out a card from his pocket, “Okay, I’ll assume you are a Taoist priest, there’s no money in your pocket, so you can take this card, which is estimated to have fifty to sixty thousand yuan, the password is my birthday, go online to find out, this time, are you satisfied?”

The young man looked at Lu Wenxi and didn’t say anything for a long time.

  Lu Wenxi stared at the teenager, carefully measuring the teenager’s eyes, wanting to determine whether the teenager was wearing contacts, he still had a mischievous smile.

The teenager didn’t take the card, but instead took a yellow slip of paper from his pocket, and handed it over, Lu Wenxi understood, he quickly took the slip of paper, took a signature pen and signed a name on the yellow strip, then handed it back to the teenager.

  The teenager was stunned for a moment as he took the signed charm seal.

  Lu Wenxi was very generous and said: “If you wanted an autograph, you should have said so earlier. What, you still want a special signature? What kind of words do you want written?”

The young man took the seal and looked at Lu Wenxi again, slightly squinting his eyes, his eyes seemed to flash with a strange light, it became bright for a moment.

A moment later, those eyes returned to normal again, he sighed, “It’s a pity.”

  ”Hmm?” Lu Wenxi didn’t understand.

  ”You can take this to save your life, maybe it can keep you alive for more time. After the talisman seal is used, I will sense it, and if you can delay longer, I can still come and save you.” After saying that, he handed the talisman seal to Lu Wenxi again, he turned his head and left.

Lu Wenxi watched the young man leave.

  The chain was only finger-thick and was rolled and tied around his wrist, looking like a very chic bracelet. After the teenager turned around, Lu Wenxi noticed that the teenager also had a fan pinned behind him.

It wasn’t until the teenager entered the escape tunnel that he was able to determine that the teenager had climbed the stairs up.

This was the 22nd floor.

After closing the door, Lu Wenxi looked at the charm seal in his hand, sneered, and casually threw it at the front door.

  He entered the room, opened the suitcase, took out an anti-eavesdropping detector from the inside, screwed up the telescopic rod, opened the door again, and scanned it in the corridor without finding anything. In the whole corridor, only the ceiling corridor monitor was on. He watched it for a while, then went back to his home.

  No wiretaps.

No pinhole camera.

There was nothing on the teenager that could hold a camera either.

 He wasn’t a paparazzi, just a private student in a strange dress code?

But the way the teenager looked at him, it didn’t look like he was looking at an idol at all.

  He stood in the doorway for a moment, then looked at the seal in the entranceway and took a look at it.

The seal was yellow paper with strange patterns drawn on it with red paint, which looked particularly cheap, except that the signature on the back was a bit of an eyesore.

“It can’t really be …… a Taoist priest, right?” Lu Wenxi rubbed his earlobe and entered the living room, sitting on the sofa and looking back and forth at the tailsman. “Uh …… Did what I said hurt? It won’t cause psychological shadows for the young Taoist priest, right? But even if he’s really a Taoist priest, I guess he’s still a little liar.”

Believing that there were ghosts in the world, it was better to study the core socialist values.

After being puzzled, he suddenly heard the sound of something falling down in the bedroom, which startled him.

Because the arrival of the teenager, coupled with the biting cold wind, he was a bit nauseous, thinking about it, his scalp went numb. Hearing a sound in the empty bedroom, he was so scared that his heartbeat went out of rhythm.

  After hesitating for a while, he took the talisman and tiptoed to the bedroom door, doing a half-day psychological construction before pushing it open.

The moment the door opened, he saw the newly bought floor sweeping robot bumping around inside, with his selfie stand upside down.

Lu Wenxi was very narcissistic.

  The kind of narcissism known in the industry.

He could stay in front of the mirror, taking thousands of selfies and staring at his face. Even in this situation, he didn’t forget to bring his selfie stick and camera.

He walked over to pick up the selfie stick, watched the sweeping robot pass smoothly and continue working, and felt  ridiculous that he really thought his home could be haunted.

  After casually putting the seal on top of the sweeper, he went straight back to the living room and continued to unpack the boxes.

About an hour later, his cell phone suddenly rang.

He only brought his personal cell phone, not many people knew his number, and it was usually very quiet, so it sounded especially abruptly at this time. He didn’t hesitate, he directly got up and brought the phone, glanced at the caller ID, seeing that it was his friend Yuan Yefu calling, he immediately pressed answer.

  ”Old Yuan, something wrong?” He asked.

  ”Brother Lu, let’s not be argue with that bastard.” Yuan Yefu directly replied, it must have been intended to comfort Lu Wenxi, but it made Lu Wenxi confused.

“With who?” Lu Wenxi asked breathlessly as his entire body slumped on the sofa.

  Yuan Yefu on the other side of the phone suddenly realized that Lu Wenxi didn’t know what had happened and didn’t respond. The agent and assistants around Lu Wenxi were very professional, he was always the first to know everything, if Lu Wenxi didn’t know, it could only be Lu Wenxi’s team were deliberately concealing it.

  The reason for the concealment was very simple, they were afraid of the poor temperament of Lu Wenxi getting him into trouble.

  ”Ah …… nothing, brother Lu, where are you? Do you have time to come out to play?” Yuan Yefu replied with a dry smile.

“It’s no problem, but tell brother first, who are we not going to argue with?”

Yuan Yefu made a wise decision in a flash and hung up.

  Just pretend that this call was never made.

Lu Wenxi looked at the phone screen and raised his eyebrow, knowing that if he called back, Yuan Yefu would play dead or play dumb.

After hesitating for a moment, he opened Weibo.

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