C53—– Day 53

Snowflake was a silver cat that was passionate about gossip.


Whether it was the entertainment industry, scientific research or netizen circle, as long as there was something, snowflake would be first in line to know, also, she had followed the blogger “Eat Pomegranate Seeds” for a long time.


This blogger, always posted new topics, and because she usually posted some selfies and shared her life, she was the goddess of many people’s hearts.


Today, snowflake found a new post.


I’d like to show you a blogger @shentong
He can play the piano and sing, and the moment the music starts, my mind is gone, really gone. He is very able to mobilize my emotions. How do I put it? He’s probably the same as catnip, his scent makes my brain empty, he also has this skill, it’s easy to feel at peace with him, just playing the piano, singing or doing something, somehow makes me full of satisfaction.


“Eat pomegranate seeds” added two videos in the post, snowflake didn’t rush to watch it, but first looked through the comments:.

[You are my goddess, even when selling Amway, you’re still so cool: I’ll show you! If you don’t like it, screw off!]

[TN: Selling Amway —— Advertising]


[A few days ago, I saw this post, and I thought it was exaggerated. In the afternoon, I saw the live broadcast notice and conveniently went in to have a look … I’m really gone _ (:зз ∠⧰⧰⧰б) _]


[Woo-woo-woo, this is Amway, goddess, don’t lie to me! I’ve been sad for a long time that catnip hasn’t gone live!]



To be honest, Snowflake’s first reaction was that it was an advertisement.


But then she thought about it, the goddess was a famous rich beauty on the star network, she had paid attention to “Eat Pomegranate Seeds” for a long time, so she also generally knew the family background of this goddess, she wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about an advertisement, right?


With this thought in mind, Snowflake was convinced to click on the video.



A few minutes later, the two videos finished playing and Snowflake still hadn’t recovered.


This, this was too powerful, right?


Just seeing the youth sitting there, her heart was filled with peace, not to mention the song and music together, snowflake’s heart was filled with untold joy.


This blogger, in a previous life, he was catnip, right!?


Snowflake opened the comments again, wanting to reply to the netizen who asked about it being an ad, but someone was one step ahead of her and already replied: [Is it an ad? You’ll know if you click on it, I’ll use my head to guarantee you won’t be able to get out].


[Is it an ad? Click on it to see, I guarantee you won’t get out.]


[Is it an ad? Click on it to see, I guarantee you won’t get out.]


Snowflake also posted an identical comment and entered Shen Tong’s homepage.


She solemnly clicked and created a separate account for it –


The nutrient of life.


After all this, Snowflake unintentionally glanced at the number of followers of this blogger as it continued to rise like crazy!

She wasn’t surprised.


As popular as catnip was, this blogger would be more popular!

At the same time, Perth Palace.


Caesar had summoned his think tank into the palace overnight.


It was late at night.


He didn’t state the reason for summoning them to the palace, it was the members of the think-tank who gathered at his study that tried to think of a reason.


Did His Majesty reveal what the matter was?




Was it because the Zergs weren’t being honest again?

They hadn’t hear anything.



The think-tankers said one thing and refuted another, but finally realized that no one knew what was going on, so their curiosity grew stronger and stronger as they stayed in the study and waited for Caesar.


Not long after, Caesar pushed the door and entered.


Several people immediately stood up and greeted in unison: Your Majesty.


Caesar nodded slightly, glanced at them thoughtfully, but didn’t speak.


One of them took the initiative to ask, “We have been summoned. May I ask Your Majesty, is there something important?

“Yes.”, Caesar answered and raised his head higher, “How can someone be chased?”


” ……?”


Inside the study, there was an eerie silence for a few seconds.


The members of the think tank had envisioned many scenarios before this.


Let’s say their Majesty decided to conquer a planet in another dimension.


Let’s say their Majesty decided to wipe out the Zerg race.


If not, their majesty was probably planning to introduce a new policy.


And then their majesty opened his mouth and asked this.


How to chase someone?


The members of the think tank were shocked.


As the butler came in to pour tea, he apparently also heard the conversation, but he looked calmer, and even in the interval of pouring tea, the butler closed a person’s jaw and asked with concern, “Are you okay?”


“No, no ……”, The man was still in shock, “He, His Majesty, His Majesty wants to ……?”


“Yes, you heard correctly.” The butler said with a smile, “His Majesty is asking the lords for advice on how to chase someone.”


It was the butler that came up with the idea of asking the think tank.


They were the brains of the whole interstellar world.


This matter started after the live broadcast.


Shen Tong received many rewards, the plan to move away from the palace could be carried out, he began to look at the capital star housing, Caesar was very dissatisfied, but in this moment, he was in his animal form, so he couldn’t make the youth dismiss his idea, he pretended to go out for a walk, he wanted to change back to his human form and ask the youth to stop thinking about leaving, but he met the butler.


Caesar tried asking, but the butler couldn’t help with this, so he made a suggestion, “Your Majesty, why not ask your think tank?


Caesar took his advice.


And there was the matter of the think-tank being summoned to Perth’s palace overnight.


After chasing him, it would be natural to keep the youth in Perth Palace.


Caesar slightly narrowed his eyes, his tone slightly threatening, “I’ll give you five minutes.”


The meaning implied in the words was clear –


If they couldn’t think of the way, there would be consequences.


The think tank shivered and hurriedly pondered.


Chasing someone, with different personalities, each chasing method varied, one of the think tank cautiously asked, “Your Majesty, you want to chase this …… prospective queen? What is their personality?”

The queen-to-be?


This title greatly pleased Caesar, he lightly smiled, then lazily responded, l”His character is very good and he’s soft-hearted.”


The butler added, “He’s a very gentle person.”


Gentle and soft-hearted.


The members of the think tank had an idea.


They came together to discuss.


A few moments later, one person, as a representative, spoke, “Your Majesty, do you want to take your time, first boil the frog in warm water, and finally the water comes to a head, or do you want to see quicker results?”


Caesar raised his eyebrows and replied without hesitation, “Quicker.”


The think tank lowered their voices and explained their plan.


Caesar looked sideways, his expression focused and serious.

Early the next morning, Shen Tong woke up.

He laid on his side in bed, the other side of the bed was warm, a position that had always belonged to the snow lion.


He rolled over.


The tail wrapped around his wrist loosened a little.


The big cat didn’t look clingy, but it always needed to wrap its tail around Shen Tong at night before it would sleep honestly, especially in the past two days.


As if it was afraid that Shen Tong would run away.


Shen Tong shook his hand in amusement, signaling it to remove its tail, but the snow lion didn’t respond.

It lowered its eyelids, pretending it wasn’t awake.


Shen Tong lowered his head against its furry head and gently rubbed it a few times, “Kitty, you…”


“Why is your body so hot?”


Shen Tong quickly discovered the snow lion’s abnormality.


Unlike its usual warmth, the big cat was incredibly hot, Shen Tong helplessly touched the snow lion’s ears a few times, the temperature was also very high, he wrinkled his brow as the tail wrapped around his wrist withdrew.


The snow lion slowly blinked, Shen Tong worriedly admonished “Don’t go out for a walk today, okay?”


The big cat was feverish.


” Wait for me, I’ll find someone to examine you.”


He hurriedly went to the butler for help.


He didn’t know that after he left, the snow lion on the bed was in a good mood and wagged his tail, the tiredness in its eyes disappeared.


Last night, the think tank advised him on his first move –


Appropriate show of weakness.


Sickness was also a way to show weakness.


Caesar decided to test the youth’s reaction first in the form of a snow lion.


Shen Tong soon returned.


With him came the butler and the in-house doctor.


The butler knew what was going on, which led him to face Shen Tong with a face full of shame, in order to prevent him from noticing, the butler tried to avoid looking at him, and commanded the doctor, “Quickly check on him.”




The doctor put on gloves, took out the thermometer, and wanted to take the temperature of the snow lion on the bed.


But the patient wasn’t very cooperative.


The snow lion glanced coldly at the doctor, obviously unwilling to be touched, his eyes were dangerous to the extreme, meeting its gaze, the doctor froze, subconsciously afraid.

“Butler, Butler ……”

“I’ll do it.”


Shen Tong didn’t expect the big cat to be so badly behaved, he helplessly took the thermometer, after asking for instructions, he used it on the snow lion.


This time, the snow lion didn’t respond.


Shen Tong took a look at the temperature, he didn’t know much, so he handed it over to the doctor, he gently pinched the snow lion’s face, “Why are you so badly behaved?”


But the aggressive lion didn’t respond, and his tail flicked weakly a few times. If this were put in normal times, it would surely pretend to bite him impatiently, Shen Tong became more worried.

He felt like the big cat had wilted.

Shen Tong sighed softly and asked the doctor, “Is it a fever?”


“Yes.” After analyzing the data, the doctor said, “It should be a cold, let it rest for the next few days, and pay attention to its diet.”


Perhaps because Shen Tong was really worried, the doctor couldn’t help but comfort him, ” It’s just a fever, it isn’t a big deal. For us felines, medicine isn’t even necessary ……”


The doctor felt a gaze resting on him, and he looked over.


Meeting a pair of slightly narrowed eyes.

Threatening smoky gray eyes.


The doctor: ……?


He blankly turned his head to look at Shen Tong, Shen Tong had lowered his head again to soothe the snow lion and was speaking softly, the snow lion slowly raised his eyes and weakly glanced at him.


Just now, did he see wrong?


The doctor interjected, “You don’t have to worry too much.”


The snow lion glanced at him from the corner of its eyes.


It’s gaze was cold.


The doctor instinctively felt afraid, he couldn’t help but shrink back.


He tentatively continued, “It’s better give it some medicine, although the fever isn’t a major problem, it can cause other diseases, you must pay more attention in the next few days.”


Satisfied, the snow lion withdrew its gaze.


Doctor: ……?

Shen Tong worriedly responded, “Okay.”


He wrinkled his eyebrows as he looked at the snow lion lying on the bed, then he carefully rubbed its head a few times.


Poor kitty.



Hi, I wasn’t able to update due to family issues, my granny had a stroke earlier this month, and entered a stroke-induced coma, she woke up on Monday, but she’s wheelchair bound now, I’m happy she made it but it’s sad that time is moving, now I have to deal with the fact that she doesn’t have much time left. Either way, MERRRY CHRISTMAS. May you continue to be with your loved ones for as long as you can. Updates will resume for all novels as I spend time with my granny ❤️❤️.

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