C45– Day 45

   Caesar: “……”

        Shen Hua: “……”

        The two cats stiffened and their dislike almost overflowed.

        Shen Tong said good night to the butler, and went back to the room with them.

        When the door closed, there was another silent smoke.

        The snow lion stepped in gracefully and took over the bed first. He jumped up, then slowly laid down, his tail flicked behind him a few times, as he stared down at the orange cat, silently declaring sovereignty to the orange cat.

        The response given by the orange cat was to turn its head and meow at Shen Tong.

        Like a complaint.

        Shen Tong looked helpless and amused.

        He just told them to get along.

        The big cat’s temper wasn’t good, the little cat’s temper was too good, always letting the little cat give way to the big cat wasn’t good, letting the big cat’s domineering nature become worse also wasn’t good. Shen Tong thought for a moment, then said to the snow lion: “Meow Meow, you came from another planet?”

        The snow lion leisurely met his gaze and nodded his head.

        Shen Tong: “Can you not go to bed here tonight? I’ll come back up tomorrow to bath you. “

        Caesar: “?”

        He stiffened and slowly stared at Shen Tong, with an extremely  dissatisfied expression .

        Shen Tong was oblivious to the big cat’s displeasure and just blinked at it, “Okay?”

        He knew that this big cat had to be coaxed, so he lightened his voice, and put his hand out to scratch his chin a few times, calling out, “Meow meow?”

        Another pout.

        Caesar thought expressionlessly.

        He didn’t move immediately, he just turned his gaze to the orange cat on the ground.

        Shen Tong noticed and replied, “It’s the same.”

        The orange cat was more or less different from the snow lion, it could change into human form, so Shen Tong automatically dispensed bathing hum, “Is it okay?”

        The orange cat nodded obediently.

        Shen Tong looked back at Caesar.

        His eyebrows lightly curved, his dark eyes pupils was like water, very bright, also extra gentle, Caesar looked atwit him for a few seconds, and finally reluctantly jumped off the bed, his posture high and proud.

As if it was some kind of gift that he would say yes.

        Arrogant and twisted.

        Exactly the same as in the spirit world.

        Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh.

        This night, Shen Tong turned off the lights early.

        The snow lion lazily laid on the carpet, the orange cat was far away from it, it climbed onto Yuanyuan and laid on the head of the furry panda, perhaps because of the long journey, the cat quickly fell asleep.

        Shen Tong gently turned over.

        His hand dropped down from the side of the bed.

        In the darkness, only the outline of the hand could be seen, long and beautiful, the snow lion stared for a long time, then slightly raised his head, the tip of his nose rubbed against it, like a kiss on the fingertips of the youth.

        Sneaking a kiss.

        Branding his mark.

        The next day.

        Thanks to the rest, Shen Tong woke up very early.

        But the little orange cat woke up even earlier than him.

        When he woke up, the orange cat ran over to him, and the first thing he did in the morning was to meow for a hug.

        Shen Tong sat up, as he held it in his lap, he remembered the big cat, he couldn’t help but move a little, and inclined his head to look over, he unexpectedly found that the place where the big cat was lying last night was empty, it wasn’t there, so Shen Tong asked softly: “Where is Meow Meow?”

        The kitten shook its head.

        Shen Tong put it down and looked around a few times.

        Did it go out?

        Shen Tong was still confused when the terminal rang.

        He subconsciously turned his head sideways, it wasn’t his terminal, but the orange cat ran towards it .

        It took a look at the screen and directly refused to answer.

        In a few seconds, the caller sent another call request.

        The furry paw pressed reject again.

        The personal terminal kept ringing, the little orange cat had no intention to accept it, Shen Tong looked at it and said in a soft voice: “Calling so much, maybe it’s something important.”

        The orange cat hesitated for a moment, then because of Shen Tong, it accepted the call.

        “Shen Hua, where have you been?”

        The agent sounded annoyed, “How many times have I said this , you’re looking for someone, okay, I didn’t stop you, but you must at least take some responsibility, right? Can Fan groups be disbanded when you say so, can’t you think about yourself or your company? And–“

        “Your fans have loved you and supported you for so many years, and in the end, all they get is a disbanding?”

        She was still angry at the moment, and her volume subconsciously raised, “Shen Hua, you’re really good.”

        This was the reason why Shen Hua didn’t want to answer her call.

        The orange cat changed back to its human form, and Shen Hua smiled playfully at her, “Sister Xu, if you get angry, the mask you used at night will be wasted.”

The agent was about to die from anger, “You can still laugh?”

        She knew early on that Shen Hua wasn’t interested in this, and she also knew that Shen Hua didn’t have a heart, but she never thought that he could be heartless to this extent, not caring about anything else, as if he only had a Shen Tong in his heart.

This time Shen Hua stabbed a basket, which wasn’t handled well, his career would be finished. They were anxious and thought about more than ten sets of remedial measures. Finally, they rushed to finalize it and began to implement it. As a result, he ran away and disappeared.

        The agent said angrily: “Do you know what you have done this time?”

        She roared so loudly that even Shen Tong couldn’t help but glance sideways.

        The agent thought about it, “Did you go to that Shen Tong?”

        “Every day you’re always talking about him , if he’s really as good as you say, would he let you do this?”

        Shen Hua didn’t like to hear anyone critique Shen Tong, so he directly hung up.

        He didn’t care about himself, instead he was very nervous about Shen Tong, Shen Hua explained to him anxiously, “Tong Tong, Sister Xu is too angry, she’s not usually like this, and she didn’t really blame you.”

        “It’s okay.” Shen Tong smiled a little and shook his head to indicate that he didn’t mind, “Actually, I also want to talk to you about this, I just hadn’t found the right time.”

        For Shen Tong, he had always been unable to peacefully enjoy the kindness and friendliness of others to him, nor could he turn a blind eye, not to mention Shen Hua was an artist, for him, so what he was doing was tantamount to self-destruction.

        Shen Tong couldn’t sit back and watch.

        Shen Tong said to him, “Your fans must be very sad these days.”

        Shen Hua wasn’t too concerned, “Maybe. Who asked them to bully you, Tong Tong.”

        “This is something between me and them.” Shen Tong said, “And it’s actually enough for you to come out and explain the situation for me and let them apologize to me.”

        “Not enough.” Shen Hua didn’t agree and said, “I don’t like it when they talk about you like that.”

        “You can talk to them properly.” Shen Tong his eyes and smiled, “Tell them to be more sensible in the future, try to restrain them a bit, they like you so much, they are definitely willing to do this for you.”

        “But I don’t like them, and I don’t know them.”

        Shen Tong thought for a moment, “Why did you want to find me?”

“Because you are Tong Tong.” Shen Hua said rightfully, “I want to be good to Tong Tong, and I want to raise Tong Tong.”

        “But your goodness to me caused trouble.” Shen Tong said slowly, “You used my song, your fans misunderstood that I exposed your album in advance, and some of their words and actions made me feel uncomfortable.”

        Shen Tong said to Shen Hua, “I don’t want you to be nice to me anymore.”

        Shen Hua looked up abruptly.

        Whether in his last life or in this life, Shen Hua was used to taking, he could always get a lot without any effort, with human favors and feline pursuits, he had too much and it was too easy, causing Shen Hua to never put these in his eyes, and there was only one person that he put in his eyes and in his heart.

        Now this person said to him-

        Your kindness to me has caused distress.

        I don’t want you to be nice to me anymore.

       He was sad.

        Very sad.

        Shen Hua touched the location of his heart, he felt sour and hurt, it was very uncomfortable.

        He knew that the youth was good-tempered and soft-hearted, and from the time he met Shen Tong, he was constantly pretending to be aggrieved, but at this moment, Shen Hua was really aggrieved.

        The corners of his eyes sagged and his head drooped, like a small homeless animal.

        Shen Tong asked in a soft voice, “Do you understand?”

        Shen Hua was stunned.

        Shen Tong said, “That’s probably how your fans feel.”

        Shen Hua froze for a long time and finally reacted, but he was still not quite sure, so he had to ask carefully, “Tong Tong, you don’t hate me?”

        Shen Tong blinked, “Of course not.”

        Shen Hua let a sigh and lunged towards him fiercely.

        “Tong Tong.” He lowered his head and rubbed against him, “I thought you really hated me.”

        “How come?” Shen Tong soothed him, “Give your agent a call and discuss what to do properly, can you?”

        Shen Hua nodded his head forcefully.

        “And your fans.” Shen Tong said, “You broke their hearts, you have to apologize to them.”

        “But Tong Tong you ……”

        “They apologized to me, and I chose to forgive them, but only this time.” Shen Tong looked like he knew what he was going to say, “You’re afraid I’ll mind, why don’t you try to discipline them so I won’t mind?”

        “I remember you said you would raise me.” Shen Tong pursed his lips and laughed silently, his tone was similar to coaxing a kitten, “I’m hard to raise, you have to work hard to be able to raise me ah.”


        Shen Hua agreed to everything .

   That afternoon, Shen Hua made a post on his Starnet account.

        Shen Hua V: A note about some recent events.

        Clicking on it was a live broadcast.

        The idea of opening a live stream to explain was actually a decision made by Shen Hua’s company. Some people, no matter how much evil they had done, could be forgiven just by looking at their faces, Shen Hua obviously belonged to this category, sending a post may be a little clearer, but the company thought a live broadcast would better, as long as Shen Hua’s attitude was good, there may be salvation.

        The premise was that he had a better attitude.

        Shen Hua’s anti-fans and fans poured into the live stream together.

        The difference was that the anti-fans were jumping up and down in the live room, frantically commenting , while Shen Hua’s fans were oblivious to this and remained silent.

        They were really hurt.

        A few minutes later, Shen Hua appeared on screen.

        “Hello guys.” Shen Hua smiled a little, revealing two tiger teeth, “I opened this live broadcast actually to talk to my fans – former fans? To say sorry to you guys.”

        “I was picked up by Sister Xu on the road.” He thought about it and chose to start from the very beginning, “Sister Xu asked me if I wanted to debut, I said yes, because at that time I wanted to find someone, maybe standing on the highest part of the stage, he could see me, so I didn’t think about it much.”

“It was you guys who saw me first.” Shen Hua said, “From an audition trainee to the current Center position of S.T, it was always you guys who accompanied me, but I never looked back at you guys.”

        “I’m sorry.”

        “Sister Xu always said that I was spoiled and got everything too easily.” Shen Hua nodded, “I think so. I should have broken your hearts, right?”

        “It seems like it’s not should, it’s definitely, because I experienced it once today too.” Shen Hua frowned and smiled a little bleakly, “It’s hard, my heart felt empty, I never want to experience it again.”

        Shen Hua tilted his head slightly, “I’m sorry that I made you guys so upset.”

        He remembered how he felt before and apologized once more, “And also for making you guys like such a bad me.”

        “I ……”

        There were actually many words that he wanted to say, but in the end, Shen Hua only said two words, “I’m sorry.”

        The comment section was silent for a long time.

        One after another, his fans sent out comments.

        [Big bite of meat H: It’s okay.]

        [Stay cute: hugs.]

        [Honey orange: I forgive you.]

[Oreo: brother it’s okay I’m only going to say this once, you hear me?]


        What do you like about Shen Hua?

        If Shen Hua’s fans were asked this question, the answers may be strange, but there was one thing, that was, as long as they liked it, they were addicted to it.

        After chasing the star for several years, Shen Hua was more than a star to them, his importance was self-evident.

        They were sad, but they understood that as long as Shen Hua was willing to say a soft word, they would still be unable to stop coming back.

        Just like now.

        The screen was filled with the words “it’s okay”.

        There was a comment that was abruptly interspersed.

        [Did you find the person you were looking for? What does he look like?]

        “Found it.” Shen Hua licked his tiger teeth and smiled, “What’s he like?”

        “…… very good and nice looking.”

        Shen Hua finished talking back, subconsciously twisted his head to look, the youth was sitting on the sofa  reading a book. He rested his cheeks with one hand, his eyebrows drooping, his fair complexion reflected in the daylight, glittering white almost transparent, perhaps sensing Shen Hua’s gaze, the youth raised his head slightly, curved his eyes and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

        It was a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.

        Shen Hua’s hand shook, he didn’t notice, the lens had shifted to Shen Tong.

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