“If he shows up at the entrance of Qing Garden next time, give me a call.” Li Zheng picked out Zhong Peng’s resume from a thick pile of applications.

But to his surprise, he actually saw the names of Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin in this thick pile of resumes.

Yes, it was the two inland scholars
recommended by Xu Mingsheng, they had left Japan and to Hong Kong.

Li Zheng checked the information of Dongchen University, although it was a private university because of the high fees, it was mostly the children of rich families that attended. The university’s salary for professors wasn’t low, plus the current president was also an ambitious person, he was determined to make Dongchen University get rid of the title of “Diploma Mill”, so his investment in research wasn’t small.

[TN: Diploma Mill is probably where people go to just get diplomas but they haven’t learnt anything.]

With good treatment and sufficient research funds, Li Zheng couldn’t think of any reason for them to give up their current jobs and come to his unformed lab.

Moreover, unlike Zhong Peng, these two people had never left the biopharmaceutical circle, for more than ten years, under such excellent conditions, they actually didn’t have any achievements. Not that Li Zheng underestimated people, but he did have doubts about whether these two people really had the ability.

The other professor in Dongchen University, didn’t have shallow attainments, with the weight of the papers he published in international authoritative journals, He could seek a position in a good public university, but he didn’t know why he hadn’t left Dongchen University.

“It’s a pity that he’s a bit older.” Li Zheng silently thought about the professor’s profile.

Li Zheng hesitated for a while, but picked out the resumes of Wen Feng and Ma Wenmin and put them together with the other candidates for examination.

“Li Zheng, Zhong Peng is here again.” Zheng Lingling’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

The corner of Li Zheng’s mouth curled up into a smile, “Let him in.”

Following behind Zheng Lingling, Zhong Peng looked around Qing Garden like Liu Loulou entering the Grand View Garden for the first time.

“Is this really a laboratory? Not a villa?” Zhong Peng couldn’t help but ask.

Zheng Lingling didn’t know how many times she had answered this question, and every time she saw these people looking “stunned”, Zheng Lingling felt a sense of pride in her heart.

“Mr. Li Zheng said that Li Zheng Lab will become the top lab in the world, and for a top lab, the staff experience is far more important than the construction cost.” Zheng Lingling said with a smile.

Zhong Peng was startled, and the face of that Mr. Li Zheng, whom he had only met once, flashed in his mind. Hearing Zheng Lingling’s answer, the uneasiness he felt because of Li Zheng’s age was swept away. At the same time Zhong Peng, for the first time felt an emotion called admiration for a young man of that age.

Zheng Lingling led Zhong Peng into lab number two.

“This is lab number two, that building behind the tree over there is lab number one, lab number one is a P3 level lab. These two labs are Mr. Li Zheng’s dedicated labs. Labs three, four and five are still empty, which is why Mr. Li Zheng opened this recruitment, to find owner for these three labs.”

Zhong Peng couldn’t help but gasp.

Even once as a professor at the University of Hong Kong School of Medicine, Zhong Peng once owned a small laboratory of less than 50 square meters, the size of this entire villa was almost a world away.

After changing clothes and walking into the second laboratory, Zhong Peng couldn’t help but be secretly surprised in his heart. The experimental equipment that could make a group of professors at Hong Kong University covetous was even more shocking to Zhong Peng.

He couldn’t help but open his mouth and ask, “The other three labs are also at this level?”

Zheng Lingling froze for a moment and then replied, “If you don’t count some small things that Mr. Li Zheng bought for himself, then yes.”

“Little things? What little things?” Zhong Peng was excited in his heart, and although he knew his question was rude, he still asked it.

Zheng Lingling pursed her lips and pointed to the reagents in the Reason freezer, “The reagents and glass tubes used by Mr. Li Zheng are the best and most expensive in the world, and what Li Zheng’s lab can supply to the remaining three labs can only be the standard models.” This was the only special treatment that Li Zheng, the boss, enjoyed.

Zhong Peng raised his hand and wiped his glasses, trying to get closer to the laboratory glass to see the glass tubes placed on the desktop.

Li Zheng came down from the second floor and saw Zhong Peng’s effort to get close to the glass, and was dumbfounded.

“Hello, Mr. Zhong.” He walked down quickly and extended his hand to Zhong Peng.

Zhong Peng subconsciously wiped his hands on the sides of his pants before he shook Li Zheng’s hand.

“How do you do?” That time when he was at his doorstep he was different, in this laboratory, it was as if Li Zheng was a new person, that calm confidence that lab veterans had emanated from the inside out, it couldn’t be faked.

The doubts in Zhong Peng’s mind flashed, this Mr. Li Zheng was only 17 years old, unless he was born in the laboratory, otherwise ……

This doubt didn’t last long in Zhong Peng’s mind, his mind was drawn to Li Zheng’s question.

“I heard that Mr. Zhong Peng is interested in becoming a member of Li Zheng’s lab?” Li Zheng said carelessly.

He got up and made a cup of coffee for Zhong Peng and himself, placing one of the cups in front of Zhong Peng. Li Zheng took a sip of the bitter black coffee in the cup and smilingly waited for Zhong Peng’s answer.

Zhong Peng put down the coffee in his hand, sat up straight, and said seriously, “Yes, I wish to join Li Zheng’s lab.”

As a former professor of medical school at Hong Kong University, Zhong Peng had his own pride. If he hadn’t been unable to let go of his past, why would he have fallen to such a state today.

He had been a professor for so many years, he had taught a lot of students, and most of those who graduated from the University of Hong Kong were doing well in society, so if he had wanted to get rid of his poor status, it wouldn’t have been difficult at all.

But he hadn’t done so, he thought he would live a life of muddle, until Li Zheng came to his door ……

Li Zheng was a name that was very familiar in the biology circle of Hong Kong today.

The first time he read about Li Zheng in the newspaper, Zhong Peng’s first reaction was that it was really a long wave pushing forward. However, because at that time, Li Zheng was representing the University of Hong Kong to make a presentation at the Asian Biopharmaceutical Conference, Zhong Peng didn’t think that this was Li Zheng’s personal achievement.

Until the incident of the infection in Mary’s Hospital, Zhong Peng understood that in their circle, once may be a coincidence, but twice or three times, it must be true talent undoubtedly.

A kind, compassionate and also extremely talented boss, Zhong Peng actually felt that he couldn’t reject the choice.

The moment he saw Li Zheng, the uncontrollable excitement rose from the bottom of his heart, and his heart was beating like a drum, Zhong Peng realised that he had been deceiving himself for so many years, he had never given up the cause he loved.

Li Zheng looked at Zhong Peng’s serious appearance, and felt more open-minded about him.

He understood very well that age was the biggest obstacle on his development path today. In the eyes of many people, youth was equal to inexperience, and Li Zheng hoped that Li Zheng’s lab could become a highly productive lab.

And to achieve this goal, the most important thing was that others were convinced of Li Zheng. He needed a few colleagues who knew how to listen and cooperate tacitly, not well-known scholars who thought they were great and challenged his authority at will.

“Had instant noodles for lunch?” Li Zheng didn’t take Zhong Peng’s words head-on, but chose to digress.

The darkness in Zhong Peng’s eyes flickered as he smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s not easy to get around here, I walked for a long time before I saw a small store, so I just ate something random to settle.”

Zhong Peng waited from eight in the morning until twelve noon, he couldn’t help himself before he left to look for lunch, but he didn’t expect to almost miss Li Zheng.

“You’re old, it isn’t good to eat instant noodles.” Li Zheng said with a frown.

Zhong Peng suddenly laughed out, “Mr. Li Zheng, if you throw away the box of instant noodles over there in the trash can, your words would probably be more convincing.”

Li Zheng smiled, his eyes swept over the remnants of the kimchi noodles in the trash can not far away, and couldn’t help but awkwardly touch his nose.

“Mr. Li Zheng, this is the paper I wrote in recent years, you can take a look.” Zhong Peng carefully took out a pile of papers from his briefcase.

The papers at the bottom of the pile were already yellowed, so they had to be a bit old.

Li Zheng didn’t refuse, and took it directly, and looked at it carefully.

The yellowed papers at the bottom were already old, and many of the conclusions had been confirmed. But Li Zheng noticed the date of Zhong Peng’s paper, there were still many conclusions reached before the publication of those papers.

Just because there was no laboratory, he lacked the data argument piece in all these materials, it represented the level of the paper to some extent.

“These conclusions are not supported by enough data, how did you come up with them?” Li Zheng couldn’t help but ask.

At the top of those piles of papers was a conjecture about the improvement of palmatine that Li Zheng had developed. Li Zheng had to admit that if he didn’t have the knowledge from the future, he really wouldn’t have been able to come up with this conjecture.

If the previous papers were completely fake, but this one …… Li Zheng’s expression became serious, perhaps …… he picked up a treasure?

Everyone said Li Zheng was a genius, but Li Zheng knew that although his IQ was indeed a little higher than others, but compared to those real geniuses, he was still far.

In his previous life, in his career, he met this kind of person, that person had an intuition for biological experiments that was difficult to explain with science.

For many experiments, the average scholar needed to experiment with thousands of compounds. There were millions of compounds in nature, if there was no direction for the experiments, it would cost a lot of money and effort.

This was why the birth of a drug, took years or even dozens of years.

However, there was a kind of people, in later times, they were known as the laboratory “bug”.




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