C46— Day 46

  Shen Hua was at the top of Starnet’s hot search list, and his every move attracted people’s attention.

In these two days, his behavior was even more eye-catching.

-Fans Sad Day, Anti-Fans Carnival.

        The internet was full of articles about this incident.

        The most uninterested people in the entertainment industry were compelled to take a look at this topic, to know some of the circumstances.

        For a while, there were four topics related to him on the hot search list.

        #Shenhua asked fans to apologize

        #Shenhua disbanded the fan group

        #Shenhua suspected of infringement of rights

        #Shenhua suspected of retiring from the entertainment industry

        The next day, in the afternoon, Shen Hua, who was in the thick of the storm, updated a message, saying that he would explain the situation, and attached a live address, which directly triggered the public opinion.

        Many people flocked to the site.

        This was the moment, in full view of everyone, Shen Hua carelessly revealed Shen Tong.

        His fans hostility was a well-known thing.

        The anti fans in the live broadcast room only jumped up and down, they wanted to jump through the sky.

        The fans didn’t say anything, but seeing the anti-fans jump happily, they still felt angry.

        But the young man who was sitting, for no reason, silently eliminated all this.

        The live room was instantly silent.

        The comments also stopped.

        In this moment, they were all attracted by this youth.

        The first look, the youth was beautiful.

        The second look, the youth had a  very calm temperament.

        Then came the third and fourth look that couldn’t be suppressed…

The young man was sitting there, with lowered eyes, his long eyelashes cast a strong shadow below his eyes and his beautiful hands turned the pages of the book.

        He was holding his cheek, with his head slightly tilted to the left, so his neck line looked extraordinarily long and graceful, and his temperament was special, gentle, calm, they couldn’t stop the urge to get closer, as if the youth was favored by the Creator, born with an incomparable attraction, but was also given a lot of beauty.

        It was simply impossible to move their eyes away.

        No one questioned it, they just stared at the screen in awe.

        At that moment, the young man raised his head.

        He faced the screen and smiled, “What’s wrong?”

        His black pupils seemed to be flowing with light, the world’s stars were not as shiny as it, and when the youth smiled, the atmosphere became brighter, he didn’t know what was going on, so he tilted his head in confusion.

        They all felt an inexplicable attraction to him.

        They could look at him all day long and not get bored.

        The fans, whether they were fans or anti-fans, their previous hostility had long been smoothened out unknowingly, and at this moment, everyone’s minds were filled with screams.

        He asked what was wrong?

        The heart thief had been encountered!

        The long-silent comment section finally came to life!

        [55℃ ice: It’s nothing, just falling in love.]

       [Don’t remember: What’s wrong? Wow, what did you say? Man, you are seducing me. Do you know you are playing with fire? ]

        [H: I want all his information in five minutes!]

        [Spicy rabbit head: Is it only me that wants to turn back to my original form and ask for a hug the moment I saw this little brother?]


        For the anti-fans, their initial intention was to stir up the muddy water, they didn’t expect this, someone could actually rely solely on the value of their face and temperament and make them become fans.

        As for Shen Hua’s fans, they were even a bit eager to jump ship.

        –They wanted to become his fans.

        The two groups of people who usually fought, coincidentally stopped.

        They also reached a temporary reconciliation, that was, not to get Shen Hua’s attention.

        But soon, Shen Hua found that because of his negligence, Shen Tong was exposed go the camera, he subconsciously shouted, “…… Tong Tong!”

        Shen Hua almost immediately ended the live broadcast.

        But it was still too late.

        Some of the viewers recorded the screen, some took a screenshot, and one after another uploaded it to their circle of friends and on their star network account.

This included a big Verified account user.


[Did Shen Hua dissolve the fan group? I went to the live room and watched it for a long time, but was still bored. It wasn’t interesting, and suddenly a little brother entered.

  This little brother is really amazing. With high value, good temperament and good looks, I was crazy enough to think about changing into a cat and asking for a hug. Later, when I asked my best friend, she said that she felt the same way. I thought, isn’t this a walking catnip or a humanoid catnip essence?

Seriously, is an entertainment company pushing him out or something. There’s no other meaning, I will be his fan when he debuts. If not, is he on Weibo? I want to follow him.]

        The blogger was known for discussing scandals, and was often in the center of the drama.

     Her family was good, and she was beautiful. It wasn’t too much to say that she was rich and beautiful. Because she could often get first-hand information, people paid attention to her page.

And because she wasn’t sure whether the young man strayed into the camera or was about to be pushed out by his company, she didn’t release screenshots, but many fans responded, and at the same time, many people who were in the live broadcast room echoed her.

        [The humanoid catnip is really accurate! I thought it was because I hadn’t seen catnip for too long].

        [Yes! That temperament is really similar QAQ. I am willing to become the book in the hands of the little brother, only if the little brother is willing to look at me!]

        [I also want to be a fan, I originally thought I would never jump ship, but I never expected to be hit _(:з”∠)_ ]


        [Speaking of which, before the live broadcast closed I vaguely heard Shen Hua shouting “Tong Tong” ……? I’m not sure, so I dare not talk randomly, I took screenshots of a few pictures, is there technical person to compare if they’re the same person?]

        This person posted several pictures respectively, from the live broadcast, then his hands and body shape.

        The other picture was taken from the video posted on the official Perth Palace account a few days ago, and it also showed a pair of hands and the back of the person.

        To be honest, there was no need for any technical person, it was easy to identify that it was the same person.

        There were many people who had beautiful hands, but there were very few who looked this good.

There were very few people who had such a good temperament, and who were so special and affectionate.

        The two comparison pictures were almost the same, not to mention the youth had dark hair which was rare among the stars.

        The person who was always commenting on the story immediately replied to this person: [Who is he?]

        The other person replied to her: [@Shen Tong].

        The blogger @eatingpomegranateseeds immediately clicked in.

        In addition to her, many other users clicked into Shen Tong’s homepage.

        There was only one retweeted comment: [I wrote this song recently, I don’t know Shen Hua, and I didn’t expose it maliciously.]

        The video that was reposted was one released by Perth Palace.

        The video was opened by everyone almost at the same time.

        The melodious music started.

        The white fingers on the black and white keys jumped, pouring out the sound of the piano, which was light and pleasant to the ear, almost in an instant, it seized their hearts and minds.

        The young man sitting there, gently lowered his head, his aura was good, making people want to approach him.

        And the music created a joyful atmosphere.

        He was able to drive people’s emotions, but also make them feel comfortable and happy.

        Just like…

        Like catnip!

        Just looking at the youth could make them feel good, not to mention that under such music, their heart slightly soared, somehow they wanted to change to their original forms, rub against him and roll a few times.

        How could someone be so similar?

        He must have been a catnip in his past life!

        They clicked on the button as they thought this.

       The internet was flooded with mentions of him…

        [The first time I saw little brother today, he was like a walking catnip, sisters, recently we can’t smell catnip, but it’s similar ah! @shentong]

        [Amway @Shen Tong, obviously you can make a living with your face, but you have to sell your talent _(:з”∠)_]

[TN: Amway is advertising something or someone]

        [My heartthrob is here! The humanoid catnip was playing the piano, his face is great and his temperament is super good! @ShenTong]


        In this way, Shen Tong became popular.

        And without his knowledge, Shen Tong’s blank star network account had increased by 50,000 followers!

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