[Congratulations! The new scene has been updated! Please player enter the game!]

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He was looking forward to the update of the new scene, but after he learned that Qin Hengyi in the new scene would be in heat 24 hours a day. He didn’t have a sense of anticipation, but instead wanted to reject the new scene.

At this time, the game scene update was completed.

In fact, Zhu Qing’an could choose not to enter the new scene so soon, but the two little cubs he adopted were hiding in the game!

He wasn’t sure what Qin Hengyi would do with their sudden appearance! And there was no telling what danger the new scene would pose to them, those were two little living beings.

He had to hurry into the game to save the cubs!

Zhu Qing’an wrinkled his brow, as he looked at the absence of the cubs on the screen.

He gritted his teeth and chose to enter the game.

Even if he didn’t enter now, he would certainly have to enter later. He also had to help Qin Hengyi untie a knot in his heart. This was the little return he …… couldn give Qin Hengyi at the moment. He thought.

Zhu Qing’an put down the light computer, stood up, and straightened his clothes in the mirror next to him. Then he went to the window, pulled down the curtains, turned on the heating, then he picked up the holographic helmet, and slowly laid on the bed.

He looked like he was making a vow of death.

[Welcome back to “False Love”!]

[New scene 4.0 has been updated.]

[New Scene – The Frozen Grassland: It is a grassland that will never appear warm. Your lover is a ‘werewolf’ in the grassland, a lone wolf living in the cold.]

[Werewolf: a mythical creature. Possessing a power that no one can match. Attention! Werewolves are very energetic! Please take care of your body!]

[Please find the knot in your lover’s memory that corresponds to this scene! And heal!]

Each scene, would correspond to a knot in the life of Qin Hengyi. For example, the mermaid scene corresponded to the loneliness and darkness he experienced as a child when he transformed into a mermaid. Zhu Qing’an put the song sung by the little mermaid on the internet, giving the mermaid a large fan base, while also unintentionally eliminated the shadow of loneliness.

Zhu Qing’an’s task was to his untie the knot, untie, then this scene would pass.

If all the scenes in this game passed ….. then something wonderful may happen.

But this was only a fleeting thought in Zhu Qing’an’s mind, his attention was on the “werewolf” identity.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

Werewolves ……

The energy of …… and then add a rutting period.
Zhu Qing’an felt cold all of a sudden. Feeling a headache, he gently rubbed his temples.
[One second later, the player will enter the game!]

Zhu Qing’an didn’t have time to react before his consciousness sank.

–Three seconds later, Zhu Qing’an was pushed by someone, and his whole body woke up with a start, and he opened his eyes.

He was already in a strange scene – “the frozen grassland”.

Zhu Qing’an sneezed violently.

Only then did he notice that the white stuff around him wasn’t a fog, but a fine rain of white snow. The sky was covered with cold wind.

The ground was covered with layers of frosty white dry grass, hard and solid.

Very cold, extremely cold.

It seemed to be able to freeze a person’s hot heart at any time.

Zhu Qing’an couldn’t care less, he had to find Qin Hengyi first, then it was possible to find the two young cubs along the way.

He shook the snow off his body, stood in the snowy wind, and gently called out the man’s name.

“Qin Hengyi.”

His voice was very soft, a whisper in the wind, easily drowned out by the wind and snow.

The snow was getting heavier and the temperature was getting colder.

Zhu Qing’an found a rock and sat down against it, the snowflakes that fell on him became less. But he felt more sleepy, his eyelids felt like a thousand pounds, he didn’t have time to think about anything, he hung his head and fell asleep.

Before he fell asleep, he felt himself being embraced in a very warm embrace.


The man’s quiet and magnetic voice jolted Zhu Qing’an awake.

He opened his eyes and found that the temperature around him had become warmer and the white snow had disappeared. In its place was a small warm yellow cave.

Qin Hengyi was half-crouched, guarding his side.
When Zhu Qing’an saw the man, he hurriedly sat up and sized up the person who had turned into a werewolf.

The man was wearing only a thin singlet and shorts. His robust muscles was wrapped in a thin fabric, the perfect curve outline was visible, he seemed to contain an amazing explosive power. Standing in front of Zhu Qing’an, he was like a thick wall.
His light blonde hair was tinged with snow.
Zhu Qing’an narrowed his eyes and surveyed the top of his head.
The top of his head …… hid a pair of palm-sized, soft, fluffy white wolf ears. The tips of the ears also had hair hanging from them.

Zhu Qing’an subconsciously raised his hand and rubbed the man’s wolf ears.

Thicker and softer than cat ears. His palm couldn’t wrap around it.

It was too cute.

Zhu Qing’an’s cheeks flushed and he laughed lightly a few times. But the other’s gaze was getting hotter.

Qin Hengyi stared at the teenager. The teenager’s slightly narrowed eyes contained love for him , even his ears weren’t spared.

This child …… no matter what he became, he always liked him.

The teenager’s hand was soft, as it touched his ears, he had a strange feeling, his lower abdomen tightened and  his body tingled.

The wolf’s ears were jerked around for a long time before he reluctantly let go.

He had to hurry and find the two naughty little cubs.

He clutched the corner of the man’s coat and asked in a small voice, “Mr. Qin, have you seen …… a small rabbit and a small cat.” He was afraid that the other party wouldn’t understand, so he also used his hands to gesture.

“……” Qin Hengyi frowned, he reached out and reached into the pockets he had on his body and pulled out two small cubs that resembled small objects: “Is this it?”

After he woke up, the environment he was in not only changed, his pockets also somehow got two small things. The little things were frightened and frozen, and they tried to burrow into his pocket for warmth.

The size of the little cubs didn’t change after they left the light computer. They were still tiny, a pinky finger could grab them.

They were frightened by the wind and snow outside, cuddled into soft, sticky balls, and shrank deeper into the man’s hand.

Zhu Qing’an froze and nodded: “Yes! Thank you Mr. Qin!”

Qin Hengyi asked in a light voice: “What are these two little things?”

“…………” Zhu Qing’an froze.

If he told the truth, the odds were that the amnesiac man wouldn’t understand and it would also bring trouble.

He raised his eyes, glanced at the man’s intimidating red wolf pupils, and shrank back.

He thought about it, and decided to conceal part of the truth, “These …… are the two cubs I adopted.”

Zhu Qing’an didn’t find anything wrong with this statement. But after he finished, the temperature around him suddenly rose a few degrees, and the color of the man’s eyes grew deeper.

Qin Hengyi listened to the teenager’s words with a complicated heart.

This child, just how much did he like him?

Even the two children …… we’re quietly prepared.

Was afraid that he wouldn’t agree to his love, he wanted to use children to bind them together?

Qin Hengyi’s eyes ambiguously measured the teenager.

The teenager looked very young, his skin was  white and tender like milk, and his features were pronounced .

Too small ……

Qin Hengyi shook his head.

Zhu Qing’an was completely unaware of Qin Hengyi’s brain comparable to a black hole, he looked at the man with a confused face: “Qin, Mr. Qin? Can you give them to me?”

Qin Hengyi handed the rabbit and kitten in his hand to Zhu Qing’an.

Zhu Qing’an took them and hurriedly and carefully put them in his pocket, afraid they would escape.

AI small cubs were no less difficult to raise than real cubs.

Qin Hengyi’s eyes became even more complicated.

The two little things were really treated this carefully ? Why did he cherish ……

After a long time, the man’s voice, which became, rang out in the quiet cave: “An, I want to ask you a question.”

Zhu Qing’an: “?”

“How old are you?”

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

He didn’t know why the paper man was asking this question, but he answered honestly: “Just reached adulthood.”

Qin Hengyi froze.

But then, his tightly furrowed brow slowly loosened.

Adulthood …… now?

This meant something.

The rutting period was set to make the man become more outwardly hot and impulsive, like a stream of heat, constantly surging in his body.

But the man’s strong reasoning still overwhelmed the primitive lust. He couldn’t take the he next step.

A new adult was no different from a child.

Zhu Qing’an noticed a change in the atmosphere around him and also remembered that Qin Hengyi was now in heat.

He would, at any moment, be unable to protect himself.

He held the two cubs tightly and wanted to leave: “Qin …… Mr. Qin. The cubs want to go back.”

He successfully dumped the blame on the little cubs.

Qin Hengyi didn’t hesitate and nodded his head.

It was good for him to leave, to avoid danger.

“Next time, I’ll make you something delicious ……”

Zhu Qing’an finished speaking , then carried the little cub and exited the game.

Zhuo Qing’an An took off his helmet. The two cubs brought out of the game, obediently sat on the edge of the desktop screen.

Zhu Qing’an felt a bit helpless, and softly lectured: “You can’t just run into the software in the future. It’s be dangerous.”

Fortunately, Qin Hengyi found them in time. Otherwise, they would have become two small popsicles.

The little rabbit shrunk into a ball, there was a crying expression and text on top of its head.

[Oing oing oing, don’t dare, don’t dare again! (╥╯^╰╥)]

The kitten also knew its fault and stammered to admit its mistake.

【We ran into the software …… just because of a moment of curiosity ……

“You guys need to thank that big brother, the one with a pair of wolf ears ……” Zhu Qing’an said, “His red eyes makes him look a little mean, but he’s still quite nice. ”

[Got it!]


Zhu Qing’an rubbed their heads, then turned off the light computer .

He glanced at the time and wanted to cook a meal for Qin Hengyi, who had become into a werewolf.

Last time when Qin Hengyi was a mermaid, he made a seafood feast ……

This time he was a werewolf, so why not make a lamb feast.

Wolves must really like to eat sheep.

Red stewed lamb shanks, white radish and lamb soup, hand-held lamb ……

Zhu Qing An felt hungry just thinking about it, he packed up and went out to purchase the ingredients himself.

He went to the old market to buy a batch of fresh lamb and hired a robot to pull it back with a cart.

When he got home, the first thing he did was to take off some of the lamb and go into the kitchen. To make food for the paper man.

Zhu Qing’an loved to cook and loved to share the food he made with others. Before Qin Hengyi appeared …… he didn’t share food with anyone, he didn’t have any friends.

Now, he had Qin Hengyi.

He washed the lamb and cut it into small pieces. Then stewed for a few moments to fish out the blood foam and remove the fishy smell. After getting the white radish and all the spices ready, it was time to start making the red stewed lamb.

Inside the light computer.

The two little cubs muttered and communicated in a text box.

[Master said we have to thank that big brother. What is the best way to thank him?]

[Do what makes big brother happy. Can’t you see that big brother …… um, wants master? (*/ω\*)]]

[Yes! Let’s start with that! (‘ω’)]

The bunny and the kitten were AI pets and rightfully had AI functions. They were even much more powerful than the average AI, and they could modify a little bit of the settings of any software.

They surrounded the icon of False Love for a long time, muttering for half a day. They end up changing a little bit of False Love’s game experience settings.

–The next time the player enters the game, he or she will appear in front of the game’s protagonist n@ked. In order to promote the feelings of the player and the game protagonist.



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