C43— Day 43

So soon?

Shen Tong subconsciously looked at the time.

From the time he sent the message to now, it was only five hours.

The little orange cat must have been in a hurry to get here.

Shen Tong couldn’t help but smile, then he pushed open the door.

At night, the palace was full of lights and shadows, Shen Tong walked through the long corridor, and unexpectedly ran into Caesar who finished his business, and the butler who followed him.

Caesar threw a look at the butler, who asked, “Mr. Shen, where are you going at this late hour?”

“My friend has arrived, I’m going to pick him up.”

“It seems that the planet he lives on is not far from the capital star.”

Shen Tong pursed his lips and smiled, “He must have been in a hurry to come over.”

Butler: “Since we have a guest, let’s accompany you.”

Shen Tong: “You guys are so busy, don’t mind me.”

“Not busy.”

This time it was Caesar who spoke, his tone was cold.

Shen Tong met his gaze, thought about it and didn’t refuse any more, he nodded down, “Then I’ll trouble you guys.”

They went to the entrance of the palace together.

Only then did Shen Tong discover that there were many more bell orchids near the palace, just like the model of the palace he received, the bell orchids were blooming in clusters all over the ground, its petals were gilded with a few rich colors under the dim light, and swayed silently when the wind picked up.

He had never seen it before, apparently it was newly planted.

Maybe Shen Tong looked at it more, Caesar asked him in a light voice: “Like it?”

Shen Tong nodded, “It’s beautiful.”

Caesar lightly raised his eyebrows and said in a normal tone, “It’s good if you like it.”

Shen Tong: “?”

He was a little confused, but a hover cab drove their way and stopped not far away.

A few minutes later, someone got out of the car.

First two long and straight legs appeared, then a neatly buckled white shirt. The teenager had black hair and eyes, and his hair looked soft, it fell around his face and neck. He looked like a clean and refreshing student.

He raised his head and his eyes fell on Shen Tong almost immediately, his eyes shined brightly, “Tong Tong!”

Shen Hua happily pounced over and fiercely hugged Shen Tong.

He was a little taller than Shen Tong, his head rubbed against him, as if he was still a cat.

Shen Tong wasn’t quite accustomed to him as a human, “you ……”

“Tong Tong.” Shen Hua raised his head, his voice muffled, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

As he pretended to be aggrieved, the corners of his eyes drooped, he looked pitiful, like a lonely little animal, Shen Tong’s heart softened and he stopped pushing him.

Shen Hua lowered his head again and rubbed against him again, only in a place that Shen Tong couldn’t see, he put away his aggrieved expression, licked his tiger teeth, and smiled.

Caesar: “?”

The butler also wanted to say something.

Catnip’s friend wasn’t a plant species?

How was it also a cat?

The butler intuition flared.

Caesar’s gaze gradually became dangerous, he endured for three seconds, when he saw that these two people hadn’t separated, he expressionlessly reached out and dragged Shen Tong to his side, and examined Shen Hua in a condescending manner.

Where did the ugly thing come from?

Tong Tong? How dare he be so intimate?

How dare he hug him?

At the same time, Shen Hua was also sizing up Caesar.

Was this the cat that raised Tong Tong for him this time?

Well, his temper wasn’t very good, and he didn’t look like an ordinary feline, Tong Tong liked cute and touchy animals the most, this one shouldn’t be too much of a threat.

Thinking of this, Shen Hua put his heart down.

He knew Tong Tong very well.

“Your Majesty, he is Shen Hua.” Shen Tong said, “My friend.”

Caesar said “hmm” with a lack of interest.

Shen Hua greeted politely, “Greetings.”

He smiled coyly, it was easy to make people feel good, but Caesar’s eyes twitched, he was very unhappy.

He grunted lightly.

The butler hurriedly came out, “First time meeting, Mr. Shen.”

Seeing Shen Tong, Shen Hua again became the little chatterbox in private messages, “Tong Tong, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t see me, so I had to go out of the way.” Shen Hua said aggressively, “Dance practice is so hard, singing also makes me tired, I didn’t even have time to eat.”

Shen Tong listened guiltily, “I didn’t expect you to come here fast.”

“Luckily Tong Tong didn’t expect.” Shen Hua looked at him, his eyes were amazingly bright, “It’s too hard, so I came to find Tong Tong first.”

Shen Tong was stunned, and then his eyebrows lightly arched.

Was this a cat?

This was obviously a dog, right.

It was like he was wagging his tail wildly.

Caesar looked lightly mocking,as his bony fingers played with his ring, the dangling catnip pendant wobbled, he didn’t bother to speak, so he glanced at the butler, signaling him to answer.

The butler then asked, “Listening to you, it seems that you have just found each other?”

Shen Tong nodded his head and replied softly, “Lost contact.”

“That’s so.”

The butler inquired about Shen Hua again without moving, “You’re an artist?”


“You must have put off a lot of schedules to rush to meet Mr. Shen?”

“It’s okay.”

Shen Hua’s response were extremely short, compared to his attitude towards Shen Tong, he was obviously much colder, the meaning expressed was very obvious –

I don’t want to talk to you I just want to chat with my Tong Tong.

The butler had always been good at reading people, but at this moment, even if he saw the other’s behaviour , he could only ignore it and continue to talk with him.

After all, their majesty didn’t want to see this Mr. Shen Hua always pestering Shen Tong.

“Where are you coming from?”

“Raph …… What is this?”

Shen Hua asked about the small pendant between Caesar’s fingers.

Caesar lifted his eyes and gently lifted his chin, “A pendant.”

He glanced at Shen Tong extremely quickly, his posture was high and noble, despite his flat tone, it was obvious he was showing off, “Catnip’s pendant, he made it by hand.”

Once Shen Hua heard that it was catnip, he became interested, “Oh.”

Caesar: “?”

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Shen Hua.

Only one?

The butler didn’t make a sound, but his gaze instantly showed envy.

He was aware that Shen Tong was making these small pendants, he saw it last time when the butler went to Shen Tong to ask for advice, he didn’t expect that His Majesty had already gotten his hands on it.

Catnip pendant made by catnip’s own hands, he also wanted it.

The housekeeper’s eyes was almost glued on.

This was the normal reaction.

Caesar took his eyes back from the butler and swept over the unresponsive Shen Hua again, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

— He didn’t know that the youth was catnip?

Thanks to the agent who was obsessed with catnip, Shen Hua more or less knew something about catnip – there was only one, which was held in high regard by the intergalactic people and the whole nation went crazy for it.

Shen Hua heard Caesar’s braggadocio as he topped his cheeks and commented sincerely, “The guy who made this? That catnip? His craftsmanship doesn’t seem too good.”

“This thing, well, it’s ugly.”

Shen Tong: “……”

He slightly regretted making the pendant by hand.

Shen Tong pursed his lips, Caesar looked at him sideways and asked the housekeeper in a light voice: “Ugly?”

The housekeeper shook his head repeatedly, “Not ugly, not ugly, of course it’s not ugly, how could it be ugly?”

Caesar cast an arrogant look at Shen Hua, “Only you think it’s ugly.”

He didn’t remember that in the afternoon, he also said to his face that this small pendant was ugly.

Shen Hua didn’t care.

He moved to Shen Tong’s side and whispered, “Tong Tong, the cats here are so insightless, a catnip makes them obsessed like this, that person-”

He watched the expressionless Caesar, “The catnip made him a good ugly pendant, yet everyone thinks it’s nice.”

Speaking of this, Shen Hua’s nose twitched, the scent of Shen Tong’s body was comfortable and light, it was very attractive, “What’s so good about catnip? It’s not as good as the smell of Tong Tong’s body.”

Shen Tong: “……”

Was it really that ugly?


This little orange cat still didn’t know that he was catnip, Shen Tong hesitated for a short while and decided not to tell him about it first, lest it would be embarrassing, “…… Yes, right.”

Shen Hua: “By the way, Tong Tong, where do I stay at night?”

The housekeeper heard him say this and politely replied, “It has been arranged for you, it’s in–”

Caesar’s tone had little ups and downs, “The floor with the best night view, facing the lake.”

The butler closed his mouth.

He had indeed arranged it long ago, but not where Caesar said. Considering that the visitor was Shen Tong’s friend, the housekeeper purposely cleared out a guest room on the same floor, so that the two could live not too far away and it would be convenient for them to communicate.

As for the best night view, and on that side of the lake ……

There was only the sky and the sea.

Shen Hua listened, he wasn’t too happy, he looked at Shen Tong, “Tong Tong, I want to sleep with you at night.”

Caesar: “?”

He stared at Shen Hua with dissatisfaction.

Shen Hua softened his voice, “Tong Tong, I’m afraid of the dark, I don’t dare to sleep alone.”

Caesar said indifferently, “Sleep with the light on.”

Shen Hua: “Sleeping with the light on is not good.”

Caesar narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Can’t sleep well? There’s medicine.”

They both looked at each other and saw a bit of hostility in each other’s eyes. Shen Tong seemed to notice that something was wrong and frowned, “I’m not used to sleeping with people.”

Shen Hua thought about it, “What about sleeping with a cat?”

“Cats ……”

Shen Tong was a little hesitant.

Shen Hua saw the situation, immediately changed back to his kitten form and meowed.

His eyes were bright.

Caesar: “?”

Didn’t he need face?

He stared at Shen Tong with a sullen face, as if he would immediately take the person away if he dared to agree.

Shen Hua turned back into an orange cat, which Shen Tong was familiar with, he squatted down and touched the cat’s head, the orange cat took the initiative to arch back, and then snuggled up to rub the back of his hand, and softly meowed.


Caesar thought indifferently.

As a result, Shen Tong fell for it, he curled his eyes and smiled, “cute.”

The little orange cat hugged Shen Tong’s wrist and rolled on the ground, revealing its white fluffy belly for him to touch.

No dignity.

Shen Tong gently rubbed him a few times.

The kitten tilted its head and stared at Shen Tong, tail wagging behind it.


Was his snow lion cute?

Caesar’s smoky gray eyes were full of displeasure, Caesar fiercely glared at the cat under Shen Tong.

His tail was so good at wagging, why didn’t he become a dog?

Caesar was annoyed, and his expression sank.

Shen Tong picked up the orange cat rolling on the ground, although he didn’t feel good about sleeping together, he could play with the orange cat for a while, so he said to Caesar and the housekeeper, “I’ll take him to my place first.”

“You guys get an early rest too.”

Caesar didn’t say anything, and his gaze was rather darkly fixed on Shen Tong.

The butler then responded, “…… Good night.”

“Good night.”

Shen Tong smiled and said goodbye to them.


Why be a cat when you can be a human?

What was so great about being a cat?


Caesar looked at Shen Tong, who was walking away, and thought expressionlessly.

Not long after, a snow lion appeared in the palace and walked aggressively towards Shen Tong’s room.

It was majestic and snow-white.

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