“What kind of rival is Lu Wenxing?”

“He’s good-looking, we don’t have an advantage standing with him.”

Cheng Yuan gave a ‘tsk’.

“What’s there to worry about a pretty loser, today is the selection of variety guests, not for a talent show.”

“But in case ……”

Cheng Yuan interrupted his words.

“Last week, Sister Man asked Lu Wenxing to accompany Director Jiang, Lu Wenxing wasn’t happy and even smashed Director Jiang’s head, do you think Sister Man will easily forgive him?”

The starlet’s eyes suddenly lit up, “That’s true, then how will Sister Man punish him?”

“Lu Wenxing’s magazine endorsements were all taken away, and maybe he won’t even attend today’s variety show audition.”


If that was true, it was simply a pleasant surprise. The smile at the corner of the young star’s mouth rose slightly, followed by a taunt.

“He’s just a small eighteenth tier star, Lu Wenxing can barely see the casting director, so he still wanted to accompany the general director?”

“A casting director has limited rights, but he can choose a small supporting role, Lu Wenxing thinks highly of himself, there is a real possibility that he didn’t like it, maybe he has ……”


The door was vigorously pushed open, making a loud noise.

When he saw Lu Wenxing standing at the door, the star’s face turned white and he quickly dropped his head, not daring to look at Lu Wenxing’s expression.

Unlike the star’s apprehension, Cheng Yuan had always been at odds with Lu Wenxing, he wasn’t afraid that Lu Wenxing would hear him, and continued with what he just said.

“….. found a backer.”

Cheng Yuan’s eyes fell on Lu Wenxing’s sneakers, and his voice was contemptuous, “These shoes have to be 10,000, right?”

Lu Wenxing didn’t even give him a look, he walked straight to the empty seat and sat opposite the two.

He leisurely leaned on the back of the chair, long legs stretched forward, in a lazy posture.

Just when Cheng Yuan thought Lu Wenxing wouldn’t talk, Lu Wenxing spoke.

“Very disappointed?”

His words made Cheng Yuan confused and he blurted out, “What?”

“You’re disappointed that you weren’t allowed to accompany Jiang Zhengqin.” Lu Wenxing lifted his eyes to look at Cheng Yuan.

“What are you babbling about?” Cheng Yuan retorted too sharply, and stuttered out, “Who, who would regret for that kind of thing.”

“Oh?” Lu Wenxing responded carelessly, “I thought you were eager to go.”

“Lu Wenxing.” Cheng Yuan propped himself up on the table and jerked to his feet.

“What do you mean I really want to go, when did I want to ……”

“What’s all the noise?” Manager Wang Man stepped in with high heels.

“I heard you guys yelling in the hallway, is the company a place for you to argue?”

“Sister Man.” Cheng Yuan instantly extinguished his fire and stood aside as quiet as a chicken.

The young star also stood up and carefully shouted ‘Sister Man’.

Wang Man ignored Cheng Yuan and said to the two artists behind her, “You two find your own seats.”


The two artists were rather restrained, and their mouths were quick to agree, but Wang Man didn’t sit, so they didn’t dare to sit.

Cheng Yuan and the young star stood there without saying a word, only Lu Wenxing leaned back in his chair without a care.

Wang Man’s eyes fell and looked at Lu Wenxing, who had the word ‘rebel’ written all over his body, and remembered the incident of him beating someone last week, her eyebrows knitted fiercely.

“Lu Wenxing, look at what you look like now?”

Lu Wenxing followed Wang Man’s words and looked himself up and down, “I think it’s fine.”

He wore a white hooded sweatshirt today with a jacket coat, a pair of ripped jeans, and new sneakers on his feet, a birthday gift from his foster mother.

Wang Man’s face darkened and she slapped the papers in her hand onto the table.

“Breaking Director’s Jiang’s head is called quite good? Why don’t you beat me up too?”

“If Sister Man is planning to use me as well.” Lu Wenxing replied unhurriedly.

Wang Man’s big eyes with pupils glared at Lu Wenxing and she angrily reprimanded him.

“Lu Wenxing, because of your impulsiveness, you caused the artists of this company to miss the opportunity of casting for a drama. Can you alone afford to bear the damage caused?”

The leaders of the company invited Jiang Zhengqin to dinner last week and had reached a consensus in private. Jiang Zhengqin would prioritize the selection of suitable minor supporting actors or special actors from Mango Orange Entertainment.

But Lu Wenxing didn’t know how to behave, he disrespected Jiang Zhengqin in public and beat him up. This made Jiang Zhengqin angry with Mango Orange Entertainment, and all of its artists were removed from the casting list.

Wang Man has been scolded by the leader for two days because of this incident, and now when she saw Lu Wenxing, she got angry.

The few people present, except Cheng Yuan who was watching the show, all the others wanted to hide, they were afraid of being affected by Wang Man’s anger.

In the center of her anger, Lu Wenxing remained calm.

“If you’re smart, go apologize to director Jiang and invite him to dinner. Before he forgives you, I won’t give you any resources.”

Wang Man refused to rest even without stimulating Lu Wenxing a bit, she stared at Lu Wenxing and lowered her speech with a mocking tone.


“You and Wen Yu came into the company about the same time, he’s acted in two web dramas, he’s also received a lot of endorsements, the next will be a variety show, film and other resources. And you? You can’t even get on the big screen.”

Fearing that others would follow suit, Wang Man gave harsh words to knock down Lu Wenxing while also warning other artists.

“If you listen to me, I will give you another chance. Otherwise, get out of the entertainment industry before it’s too late, I don’t have time to spend with you.”

“Yes, Sister Man’s time is precious.” Lu Wenxing echoed her.

The corners of Wang Man’s mouth hooked up into a triumphant smile as she arrogantly raised her chin and waited for Lu Wenxing to admit her mistake.


Lu Wenxing’s voice changed, and the words that came out caused Wang Man’s smile to freeze on her face.

“That’s just right, cancel the contract.”

The meeting room suddenly fell into silence, several artists looked at each other, Lu Wenxing was crazy, daring to call out to Wang Man like this.

Wang Man was directly angry and laughed.

“You want to cancel your contract, right? Fine. You can leave after paying the $10 million breach of contract.”

Wang Man’s gaze fell on Lu Wenxing’s sneakers and snorted.

“Just because your boss is willing to spend $10,000 to buy you sneakers doesn’t mean he’s willing to spend $10 million to pay for the breach of contract.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t explain. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and clicked on the recording under the gaze of Wang Man.

A clear female voice came out, which could be heard fawning through the phone.

“Director Jiang, you can look at Lu Wenxing, it’s his good luck. If you don’t want him, we have other artists at Mang Cheng Entertainment.”

The owner of the voice was Wang Man, followed by Jiang Zhengqin’s thick voice.

“Lu Wenxing looks like a good talent in the entertainment industry, and I like people who are hardworking and progressive. How about this. You let him have the night ……”
The latter words were cut off by Lu Wenxing a pause button, Wang Man changed her arrogance, her expression also changed.

“Lu Wenxing, anything can be discussed. If you don’t want to, forget it, I’ll find another artist for Director Jiang as well.”

Lu Wenxing was too calm, Wang Man was worried that he had other recordings in his hands, so she suppressed her heart’s anger and pacified Lu Wenxing in turn.

“KM’s endorsement can be returned to you.”

Give it back?

Lu Wenxing sneered in his heart.

Wang Man took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

“You should know that this afternoon, Emperor Gu will come to choose the variety guest, you have an advantage in looks, you have a high chance of being chosen.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t make a sound, Wang Man gritted her teeth and continued, “You should think about it again, it’s really not a wise choice to terminate your contract.”

“There’s no need.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t want to give Wang Man face, stood up and left the conference room.

Wang Man was deep-rooted and it wasn’t the first time she made empty promises, she only wanted to trick Lu Wenxing into deleting the recording.

Lu Wenxing didn’t fall for it, no matter if it was KM’s endorsement, or if it was Emperor Gu’s choice of guests for the show, it would only be Wen Yu.


The world he was in was a novel called “When the Red Top Stream”.

The main character of this novel was Wen Yu, and the movie emperor Gu Yanshen was the male lead.

As for Lu Wenxing, he was a supporting role, a cannon fodder that set off the main character.

In the original, the protagonist concealed his rich background, and used his own efforts to stand firm in the entertainment industry.

From the beginning, Wang Man followed the protagonist all day long, she was more attentive than his assistant. The reason was to please the protagonist, because she already knew that the protagonist was from a rich family.

The protagonist entered the public’s field of vision through the endorsement of KM magazine, and because he participated in the same variety show with the protagonist, his popularity doubled more than ten times, changing from an 18-line star to a popular idol.

He was jealous of the fact that he had taken his resources to become popular, so he framed the main character several times and angered the main character’s fans.

The fans teamed up to expose Lu Wenxing’s crimes, sending him to the top of the search engines and encountering accusations and abuse from netizens.

The adoptive father of Lu Wenxing lost his job, and his mother, who was in poor health, was threatened by bigoted fans who sent dead animals, resulting in a heart attack and death.

Even his younger brother, Xie Chengfei, who was in high school, committed suicide by jumping off a building due to the pressure of rumors.

The cannon fodder Lu Wenxing met an escaped mental patient, and was hit by the other’s car, he remained in a wheelchair for life.

If only the tragic situation was only in the dream, he wouldn’t have taken it to heart.

But the dream scenario was confirmed several times, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but be cautious.

Although he didn’t know who his real parents were, but his adoptive parents were very good to him. Lu Wenxing had already lost his family once, Lu Wenxing cherished the hard-won affection, he didn’t want to get his family in trouble.

Lu Wenxing himself didn’t do the silly things in the book, but in case the world of this book would induce a mandatory plot, he wouldn’t be able to control his behavior.

After much deliberation, Lu Wenxing still decided to cancel his contract.

Regardless of whether the plot would happen forcibly, what could be done right now was to stay away from the entertainment industry and from the main character.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to terminate the contract successfully with only the recording, not only did Mang Cheng Entertainment do business in private, but this phenomenon also existed in other film and television companies.

Even if Lu Wenxing passed the recording to the entertainment media, but the involvement was too wide, the entertainment media wouldn’t dare expose it.

He needed more favorable leverage.


The WeChat prompt interrupted Lu Wenxing’s thinking, and the message was sent by Lu Wenxing’s college roommate.

“Xingyu, your Mang Cheng Entertainment is so awesome now. I heard that a director went to your casting a few days ago, and today Gu Yanshen went to choose a variety guest.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t have time to reply, his roommate sent another voice message, his voice was slightly excited.

“That is for the movie star recording variety show ah, you look so good, what if Gu Yanshen is a face fan? There is no possibility that you won’t be chosen.”

There was no possibility.

His roommate’s fantasy was shattered by the plot in hand, he turned the corner towards the bathroom.

“Don’t be so naive, the movie emperor isn’t just choosing a guest, he’s also choosing a concubine …….”

After he finished the last word, he raised his eyes and bumped into Gu – choosing a concubine – Yanshen who who was washing his hands.

The two looked at each other through the mirror, the air briefly stalled.

Lu Wenxing uncomfortably put his phone into his coat pocket.

It was less than two thirty, he remembered that Wang Man said the interview was at three o’clock, Gu Yanshen must have come early.

Of course, this wasn’t what Lu Wenxing considered, instead, he acted as if nothing had happened and put on a business-like smile.

“Hello Mr. Gu, you’re here really early.”

Gu Yan Shen drew out two hand wipes, then slowly and methodically wiped the water droplets on his hands, showing a cold side profile.

But Lu Wenxing didn’t have time to appreciate it, he wasn’t sure if Gu Yanshen heard him.

After a few seconds, Lu Wenxing felt that he should be more diligent, such as going to the downstairs bathroom.

“Sorry, I went to the wrong place.”

Lu Wenxing finished then turned around to leave, when Gu Yanshen’s clear and cold voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“What, you want to go into the ladies’ room?”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

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