Once Ye Tianyi awakened the Thunder, Spirit, and Space abilities, and all of them reached the third level, so he started off extremely high.  

  And he also mutated into a zombie.

  The difference between a zombie and a human was that humans needed to figure out how to use them, while zombies instinctively maximized the powers.

  In other words, a zombie’s proficiency in the use of supernatural abilities and control techniques was more powerful than a human’s.

  As soon as Ye Tianyi awakened his abilities, he instinctively used his lightning abilities to kill the zombies that were causing him damage and released his mental energy to monitor the surrounding area.

So that mental thought was caught as soon as it entered the range of his outwardly released mental energy, and Ye Tianyi was trying to viciously cut off this mental energy that invaded his territory when an intermittent paragraph came from that mental idea: [Lord… Master, I’m here… …Here to wait for you.]

Ye Tianyi was stunned, he looked down at the little white haired cat crouching at his feet and hissed lowly, suddenly realizing that his roar was unintelligible to Little Leaf, and instead wrapped his mental energy around the mental thought, sending a message over: [Little Leaf, is that you?]

  He was originally a human, so the voice transmission was smooth, unlike Little Leaf’s intermittent nature.

  [Master… it’s me… I’m… it’s Little Leaf.]

  For the first time he was communicating with little leaf, Ye Tianyi happily picked up the little leaf and excitedly spoke to it, even forgetting what he had just planned to do.

  Although one had forgotten most of his memories from when he was human and was a bit slow in the head, one was not human in the first place, and the two chickens with blank outlooks and different races had been talking for a long time before Ye Tianyi’s attention was called back by the sound of a car starting its engine.

  Ye Tianyi hid at the side and watched the sports car with a lot of supplies strapped to the roof of the car quickly drive towards the outside of the community, ruby pure eyes flashed a light of disappointment, the food ran away… But even that didn’t dilute the joy of being able to talk to Little Leaf.

  But Ye Tianyi still complained to Little Leaf, [Little Leaf, your master’s food ran away today…]

  Little Leaf meowed a few times, licked Ye Tianyi’s palm, then without saying anything struggled away from his embrace and jumped to the ground to chase after the sports car that was heading out, moving with great agility and speed.

After Ye Tianyi reacted, he hurriedly caught up, but he had just mutated into a zombie, although he was a third-tier zombie, he hadn’t passed the rigor mortis period when he just mutated, his limbs were a bit stiff, and he wasn’t fast.

  Before he could catch up, Little Leaf suddenly exploded with hair all over his body, then his petite body quickly became huge, and one of his tails at the back swiftly flicked and separated into two.

  After completing this series of transformations, Little Leaf’s body was already as big as half a villa, and it pressed down on the sports car like a mouse catching a mouse, using its claws to pick the sports car back up.

  When Ye Tianyi rushed over, Little Leaf paddled and pulled the sports car, which already had its chassis facing the sky, in front of him, its huge sapphire blue eyes shining with anticipation.

  Ye Tianyi looked at the little leaf that had grown many times bigger, stunned out of his mind, the little leaf’s little appearance was so cute, and it was also cute after it had grown bigger….

Little leaf, who thought he would be praised by his master after helping to catch the food that almost escaped, looked down at his stunned master discontentedly. Why did he feel that his master had become stupid?

It unhappily tried to scratch its master’s paw, but after its right front paw was raised, little leaf compared the size of its master and its own paw, and then quickly changed back to its previous little cat appearance, landed on its master’s shoulder and giving its master’s clothes a good scratch, scratching out a few tears, it happily licked its small pad of flesh.

Ye Tianyi, who was awakened by little leaf’s claw, turned his head to look over his shoulder, feeling the warm, furry touch on his face, a wonderful feeling spread from his heart, and a smile stiffly surfaced on his face.

Despite his stiff smile and blue face, he was handsome and his smile wasn’t ugly. 

  He didn’t care at all about his scratched clothes, reaching out and grabbing the little guy on his shoulder and held it in his hand, he looked at it with a soft gaze as he gently smoothened its fur and rubbed his stomach: [Little Leaf has really helped me a lot, great! 

As expected from his master’s praise and smooth fur, little leaf proudly shook his fur, then swept his tail at Ye Tianyi’s arm, indicating that the food next to him was about to run away.

  Ye Tianyi gazed at the humans who were heading out of the overturned sports car, some of whom were banged up, the fresh blood spurring the red glow in his eyes even more.

  He rested the cat he held in his hand on top of his head, then rushed over, a deep purple lightning bolt hit the first man who crawled out of the window of the car and tried to run away, electrocuting the man to cinders.

  Seeing what happened to the first man who climbed out, the remaining few people who were struggling to get out didn’t dare to move any further.

  Ye Tianyi came over and squatted next to the electrocuted man and sniffed, smelling the paste.

He was hungry, but there was so much fresh food beside him, there was no need to aggravate himself by eating paste.

  He turned his head, his keen red eyes staring straight at the few people shivering inside the deformed car he was hiding in.

   The four or five people inside the car were all rich people who lived in this villa area, and they certainly knew Ye Tianyi, the young owner of the Ye family.

  Especially Ye Tianyi’s mutation was quite special, except for his eyes turning blood red and skin turning blue-white like zombies, he didn’t have horrible rotting flesh festering all over his body like ordinary zombies, and his appearance was also complete.

  So these people all recognized Ye Tianyi, and also the white folded ear cat lying on Ye Tianyi’s head, wasn’t it the little leaf that Ye Tianyi doted on as his son?

They also associated the seemingly harmless little leaf with the huge white giant cat they had just seen, and they were suddenly terrified.

  They no longer had the heart to lament the fact that the once all-powerful head of the Ye family had turned into a zombie, they could only hide in fear in the even narrower car after the transformation and tremble together, silently waiting for death to come.

  Ye Tianyi walked over to the car to pull the food out and eat it, but as soon as he took a step, there was a sound under his feet, as if he had stepped on a watermelon, and it had been accidentally crushed….

  He looked down and saw that the corpse of the man he had electrocuted was between him and the car, and he didn’t think of a detour when he walked over, so he stepped on the head of the man’s corpse.

  After Ye Tianyi became a zombie, his strength became much greater, and the head that was cooked by lightning couldn’t withstand him stepping on it so much.

  Ye Tianyi had only wanted to take a glance and go around the road to grab the food in the car, but he smelled something that was even more enticing than a living person, making him drool.

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