Ye Tianyi slowly climbed up, as if he couldn’t feel the intense pain and the wounds that left black blood on his body, he staggered a few steps forward. 

  He looked around somewhat dazedly, and when his eyes fell on the ugly zombies, a lightning bolt escaped from his hand and fell into the pile of zombies, and the dozen or so zombies were quickly electrocuted into charcoal.

  As soon as he awakened, he was a third-tier supernatural ability, these newly mutated ordinary zombies were no match for him at all.

  After killing all the zombies, Ye Tianyi was startled and stared at the wound on his arm that was bleeding black blood, his eyes were blank and hollow – who am I?

  By the way, his name was Ye Tianyi….

  What did he have to do?

 He was going to find…find little leaf….

  Ye Tianyi, who had barely found a bit of memory from his empty mind, looked up at the huge floor-to-ceiling window on the second floor, he felt a huge life force inside, the scent was familiar… Little Leaf….

  He wanted to jump up the stairs, but his limbs were a little stiff, completely unable to do such a difficult move.

  Ye Tianyi gave up after a few attempts and stood hovering on the ground, using his much slower thinking speed to think of how to jump up.

  Before he could come up with a method, the floor-to-ceiling window upstairs that was tightly closed clattered and shattered, and a small white cat jumped down from above as the glass scraps splattered.

  Almost immediately, Ye Tianyi recognized the white haired cat as his little leaf, and subconsciously reached out to catch it.

  After jumping into his master’s arms, little leaf leaned in close to sniff vigorously, then a hint of panic flashed in his beautiful sapphire blue eyes as it picked at Ye Tianyi’s injured arm, looking at the pale flesh turning up from the several hideous wounds that were coagulated with black blood, and stretched out his tongue to lick it, but Ye Tianyi pulled him back.

  Ye Tianyi was bitten by a zombie when he awakened his powers, so although he had awakened his powers, he had also mutated into a zombie.

  But because he was mentally strong, and because he was still somewhat resistant to the zombie virus when he awakened his powers, he still retained some semblance of consciousness, and remembered his name, and remembered little leaf… He also knew that the black blood on him was poisonous, so he instinctively stopped little leaf, who was trying to help him lick his wounds.

 Little leaf was pulled by its tail and looked up strangely at its no longer so warm master and meowed softly.

Ye Tianyi opened his mouth, but only a low growl came out of his throat, and not a single complete word could be uttered.

  His eyes that had become as blood red as the other zombies but much purer in color flickered with frustration, and he felt kind of bad that he couldn’t say anything even though he knew exactly how he was supposed to speak.

  Little Leaf seemed to sense his frustration and meowed a few times, stuck out its little tongue and licked his thumb.

  This kind of action was something Little Leaf used to do a lot, and losing most of his memory, Ye Tianyi blinked blankly, then catching a fleeting fragment in his mind, he subconsciously also reached out and scratched Little Leaf’s chin like he used to do.

  The cat was so comfortable being scratched on the chin that its sapphire blue eyes narrowed.

  After scratching for a while Ye Tianyi suddenly remembered several beats slower, his claws seemed to have become very sharp, could he have hurt little leaf?

 He grabbed little Leaf by the back of its neck and picked it up, staring with his blood red eyes to see its chin.

  Although seeing things with a zombie’s vision would be clouded with a layer of red mist, and the only thing in sight was black and white, like putting a red veil in front of a black and white TV screen, a zombie’s eyesight was much better than a human’s.

  Ye Tianyi could even see the hairs on Little Leaf’s chin clearly, not even a single hair had fallen off after being scratched with his sharp claws.

  Ye Tianyi, whose thinking speed had dropped significantly after turning into a zombie, saw that Little Leaf was unharmed and didn’t think much about why it wouldn’t be injured, he held the tiny blob in his arms and walked outside.

  He could smell the fragrant food, it was outside, and the food was going fast, he would not be able to catch up if he didn’t get out soon.

  Even though he could feel the little lump in his arms was even tastier, he kept holding back his hunger from eating the lump, and as to why… he didn’t know why, he only remembered that his name was Ye Tianyi, and he also remembered that he had a lump, and the lump was important… so he couldn’t eat the lump.


  The Ye family villa was in a neighborhood, the residents here were all rich and upper class people who lived in villas similar to the Ye family, they were not close to each other, so there were not many people in the neighborhood.

  Most of the humans mutated into zombies, except for those who were trapped inside the house and couldn’t get out, the zombies that were able to move around freely were mostly attracted by the movement of Ye Tianyi’s awakened supernatural powers.

  The more powerful the supernatural ability was when it awakened, the more attractive it was to the zombies, and naturally the more zombies it attracted.

  The zombies that Ye Tianyi had killed with his lightning abilities could be said to be half the number of zombies that could move freely here, and half of them were still too far away before Ye Tianyi’s abilities finished awakening and mutated into a zombie.

  The number of zombies became less, and the people who were hiding in their homes before and didn’t dare to come out also found the courage to rush outside.

  They were all rich people, and rich people were very refined, and they definitely didn’t eat anything that wasn’t fresh, so the refrigerator at home only had one day’s worth of food for that day, which wasn’t enough to support them to hide in the villa for a few more days.

  Hunger forced them to come out.

  After Ye Tianyi came out, he saw a luxury sports car staying in front of a villa not far away, and there were several people moving things into the car next to the sports car.

  Although most of his memory was lost after turning into a zombie, Ye Tianyi still remembered the common things, so he recognized what the sports car was as soon as he saw it and also knew that it was much faster than his speed.

  Ye Tianyi’s gaze fell on the running and moving food, deciding it was better to hunt now, or he wouldn’t be able to catch up when they got on the car.

  He gently placed the little leaf in his arms on the ground and hissed a few times in a low voice: wait here until I return!

  Looking at Little Leaf’s large, confused sapphire blue eyes, Ye Tianyi didn’t know if it understood or not.

Ye Tianyi, who was hurting his brain over the issue of different species communication, irritably clawed a nearby zombie that came at Little Leaf, when a mental idea suddenly linked up with the mental energy he had been using.…

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