Ye Tianyi’s cooperation meeting place with Chief Jiang and others wasn’t within the city of Radiance Base, it was within the First Guard City. This he understood, after all, not everyone had the courage to bring a zombie king and dozens of high level zombies into their base. But the humans were also very sincere, […]


After Ye Tian Yi reached an agreement with Chief Jiang privately, he returned to the Cemetery of the Dead. The Cemetery of the Dead was a city similar to the Radiance Base City established by Ye Tianyi, where countless high-ranking zombies with high levels lived, and there were even several zombie kings, and those ordinary […]


After the young king was subdued by Ye Tianyi, the control of these tens of thousands of zombies naturally all fell into Ye Tianyi’s hands. Instead of letting the zombie army attack the human city, Ye Tianyi went up to the city wall alone. The ability users on the wall naturally didn’t hesitate to attack […]


After the underground research institute of the b-city survivor base was blown up by Ye Tianyi, the information and experimental bodies were destroyed, and much of the research on abilities and zombies in the institute came to a standstill. The forces within the base were once again in chaos, and the division of interests began […]


Wang Lifeng and the others just stabilized the situation, seeing those speed ability zombies retreat, they breathed sighs of relief, but it didn’t take long before a huge whirlwind moved towards them, they could see dozens of wind ability zombies. The whirlwind was strong, the almost frozen ground lifted up, Wang Lifeng and the others […]


Unfortunately, Wang Lifeng’s warning came too late, before his words ended, the flat ground underneath them suddenly turned into a swampy quagmire, the weight and size of the military truck were usually a great advantage against the zombies, but in this case, it only accelerated their demise. The military truck sank at a great speed, […]