Ye Tianyi only felt that his spiritual power was like a fish going into the sea, being contained in it was incomparably comfortable and soothing.

At this time his spiritual power was still entangled with the huge spiritual power, the huge tree in his eyes no longer had the previous appearance, the tree’s circumference was full of stars of light green dots, the bright green leaves had countless dots of light, and the light green dots concentrated the most on the flame-like fruit.

The fruit was obviously red, but Ye Tianyi looked at it again and saw that the fruit was composed of green light points full of vitality.

[Child ……]

Ye Tianyi froze for a moment, he seemed to hear someone speaking in his mind?

[It’s me, child ……]

Ye Tianyi looked in shock at the huge tree in front of him, because he found that this voice in his mind came from that huge spiritual force, and the source of that spiritual force was this incomparably huge tree.

The mysterious tree was not speaking the language of Earth, but a very rhythmic pronunciation of a very strange language, which Ye Tianyi didn’t understand, but because it was directly through spiritual power, Ye Tianyi was able to understand the meaning of the language through the spiritual contact.

It was just that he was a twenty-year-old zombie, but he was still called child ……

[Child, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, come on, come to me ……]

Ye Tianyi hesitated, although he didn’t feel that the giant tree’s spiritual power contained anything malicious, instead it was very kind and accommodating to him, but that giant snake on the giant tree’s trunk couldn’t be messed with, also he didn’t know how that giant snake grew, surprisingly it was the same level as him, a full fifth-rank intermediate level.

In fact, the giant snake luckily broke into this place and lived in the giant tree, it usually ate the leaves of the giant tree, and the giant tree’s leaves were countless, it didn’t care about a small insect occasionally nibbling on two leaves. That’s right, it occasionally nibbled two leaves. The energy in the leaves was too much, so the giant snake could only gnaw a little bit of leaf now and then.

And these humans were just a team of survivors whose luck was either good or bad.

Their destination was B city survivor base, dozens of people, there were more than 20 ability users. This road was a relatively close road to B city, they just inadvertently broke into the boundary.

If anyone could get a leaf of the tree, it would be a big harvest. The survivors were unlucky enough to encounter a mutant snake that had been promoted to the fifth rank. In front of this mutant snake, which even Ye Tianyi found tricky, they were just a plate of vegetables, not even qualified to give it a chance to stuff its mouth.

When the survivor team was down to a dozen people, Ye Tianyi barged in and saved their lives temporarily from the venom of the giant mutant snake.

But if they hadn’t fought with the giant mutant snake which made the ground tremble and also attracted the attention of Ye Tianyi, Ye Tianyi would not have come to check the situation and would have taken another path to B city.

It could only be said that everyone had their own destiny.


The call of that mysterious giant tree was getting stronger and stronger, and Ye Tianyi even had a feeling that he would regret it if he didn’t go.

This premonition was too strong, so strong that he could barely resist the urge to walk towards the giant tree.

But still, the first thing he needed to do was to solve the giant mutant snake.

Ye Tianyi shouted at the dozen surviving ability users, “How about we cooperate?”

The dozen ability users were not fools, they entered here, naturally, they could see that this giant tree and the fruit borne on it wasn’t ordinary, otherwise, why would that giant mutant snake be guarding the tree, and from time to time it raised its head salivating at the fruit? Even as it attacked them, it was simply unwilling to come down, otherwise, they would have been wiped out.

Faced with Ye Tianyi’s request for cooperation, they cautiously asked Ye Tianyi’s ability level and ability.

The reason why he asked them to cooperate was just to use them as targets to attract the giant mutant snake. Therefore, he also didn’t hide his ability level and said, “I am a fifth-rank lightening user.” The Spatial and Mental abilities were less likely to be seen during battle, they were concealed by him.

The dozen or so ability users sucked in a breath of cold air, shocked beyond measure.

A fifth-ranking lightning ability? They had never seen one before, let alone a fifth-ranking one.

After the shock, they were overjoyed, they were saved, the giant mutant snake was only fifth-ranked, they might be able to escape.

They immediately agreed to Ye Tianyi’s request for cooperation, even though Ye Tianyi offered to let them attract the attention of the giant mutant snake, as he went to kill the giant mutant snake, it made them cannon fodders, but they still agreed. In this case, their strength wasn’t as strong as others, in order to seek that silver lining, they had to follow what the strong man said.

Ye Tianyi’s plan was simple yet very effective, because mutant beasts, except for his little Ye Zi, other mutant beasts were not very smart, dominated by the instincts of the beast. But this fifth-rank mutant giant snake seemed to be highly intelligent, no matter how they attracted its attention, it always just spat venom at them, not allowing them to approach the giant tree, dead or alive, it wouldn’t leave the trunk of the giant tree.

Seeing this, Ye Tianyi had to personally face the giant mutant snake, giving up the intention to sneak attack.

Ye Tianyi first used his ability to launch a tentative attack on the giant mutant snake, but as the lightning fell to a distance of a few meters above the trunk of the tree, it was swallowed by a series of light green light dots.

That’s right, swallowed.

In the eyes of others, Ye Tianyi’s lightning somehow disappeared, but in the eyes of Ye Tianyi, he could clearly understand that the light green light around the tree gushed over to swallow the thick lightning, and then returned to its original appearance.

The giant mutant snake seemed to have expected this, it raised its head high, the snake’s pupils coldly stared at Ye Tianyi, flashing with mocking provocation.

Really mocking and provocative, Ye Tianyi was sure he saw correctly, the giant mutant snake was almost humane.

When he was worried, the voice calling him sounded again: [Come straight over, don’t be afraid …… come on child …… come over ……]


Ye Tianyi’s legs involuntarily moved towards the giant tree, just as he was about to touch the light green light point, he was suddenly awakened by a sharp pain in his arm.

After waking up, Ye Tianyi hurriedly moved backward, far away from the giant tree again, afraid that the light green light dots would stick to his body.

Ye Tianyi looked at his arm, reached out, and touched the head of little leaf: “Thank you little leaf, you saved my life again.”

Little Leaf that had been following Ye Tianyi for a long time didn’t quite understand the ‘again’ that his master said, obviously he only helped his master this time, but he was still very happy to be complimented and thanked by his master =v=.

Ye Tianyi moved all the spiritual power back into his body and no longer used his spiritual power to observe the surrounding, but used his eyes to see.

Sure enough, the view with his eyes was once again different.

The giant tree wasn’t at all as huge as he saw before, just a little bigger than the other mutant trees, and there were no more ability users with whom he had reached a cooperation agreement, but a ground of corpses and bones, both human and zombie mutant beasts. The trunk of the tree no longer had a crawling fifth-rank mutant snake, but a huge vine that was writhing, the fruit hanging on the tree was still there, but the fruit wasn’t as beautiful as the immortal fruit that Ye Tianyi saw before, but it looked blood-stained and dark red, it emitted a disgusting smell, full of an ominous feeling.

At this time, Little Leaf transformed into human form and stood beside Ye Tianyi, “This mutant tree’s ability is to create illusions, it belongs to the mental system of psychic abilities, the level is almost fifth rank.”

This point was also clear to Ye Tianyi, who had just left the illusionary realm.

He began to reflect on the reasons why he almost fell under the means of a fourth-rank peak mutant tree.

He felt that one was because he was too confident in his own strength, and the other was because he relied too much on his mental detection.

This mutant tree’s spiritual ability was relatively special, it wasn’t only good at making illusions, but also good at using other people’s spiritual power to lure others, this lure was non-compulsory, people automatically in the illusion thought things, it was difficult to be detected, even if their spiritual power was higher than the mutant tree.

Just now, Ye Tianyi was attracted by the mutant tree’s deliberate commotion, as soon as he came over, he released his spiritual power to detect, and coincidentally fell into the trap of the mutant tree and fell into the illusion. The ability of the mutant tree deliberately lured him, and the behavior and demeanor of the ability users and the giant mutant snake were all subconsciously imagined by Ye Tianyi himself.

If Little leaf hadn’t bitten him, Ye Tianyi only to be tempted to actively walk into the mutant tree’s hunting trap, although he could escape the mutant tree’s trap, in any case, today he was really careless.

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