C24.2— Day 24

Unlike Caesar’s hand that catnip immediately shrunk into a ball, it even took the initiative to stretch out the half-rolled leaf, allowing Natasha to caress it.

Shen Tong could feel that Natasha’s touch wasn’t like Caesar’s, but it was filled with comfort and care, and goodwill.

Shen Tong also gave a response.

His leaf, gently rubbed back against Natasha a few times.

— He’s fine, no need to worry.

Natasha’s look became softer.

In contrast, Caesar’s face sank.

At this moment, he just wanted to blow Natasha away.

Whether it was the Z galaxy or another dimension, the farther away the better.

As soon as the housekeeper came back, he saw that Caesar looked so cold that he even wanted to freeze.

His own aura was amazing, and this moment because he was too unhappy, it became more intimidating. The butler and Natasha were used to it, Shen Tong as a grass, could also ignore it, but the others were frightened.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty.”

Caesar slightly lifted his jaw and answered arrogantly, “Hmm.”

The butler eased the atmosphere, “Miss Dai Xi, Mr. Abe, and Mr. Allen, welcome.”

The dean stammered, “It’s what we should do.”

He winked at Dai Xi and the others.

In case there would be any accidents when the catnip was sent to the capital star, the Academy of Sciences had brought all kinds of devices with them, and it was unexpected that they would really come in handy.

Seeing the familiar scientific staff, Shen Tong was in a good mood, and he waved at a few people and greeted them.

“Little mint, it’s been a long time.”

“You’ve grown up a lot.”

Dai Xi was also happy to see Catnip again, but this situation was, again, a bit awkward.

To be honest, she would rather only see Catnip on the screen in the future, rather than coming to check on him because he was sick.

What was more ……

She didn’t know if it was an illusion, Dai Xi felt that when the gaze of the king landed on her, it wasn’t quite right.

Very dangerous.

Dangerous to the extent that her wrists revealed a layer of fuzzy hair.

Did she do anything wrong?

As the glass cover was removed, Dai Xi, who was checking for Shen Tong, thought anxiously.

After the manual examination, Dai Xi and the others changed to special instruments, Dai Xi frowned: “Huh?”

The housekeeper hastened to inquire, “Is there a problem?”

Dai Xi analyzed the data several times and came to the same conclusion, she hesitantly said, “There seems to be nothing wrong with …….”

The housekeeper wondered, “Then how did it drop a leaf?”

Dai Xi asked the housekeeper uncertainly, “May I ask how much nutrient you pour on the catnip each day?”

The housekeeper said without hesitation, “Twice a day.”

Natasha was adamant: “Twice a day.”

Even Gina, whispered, “Twice a day.”

Several people answered this answer almost in unison, and when the words fell, they looked at each other.

Dai Xi seemed to realize something, “You each pour nutrients on it twice?”

The housekeeper said lovingly, “Catnip has just sprouted and is still so small, it is the time to grow, of course, it needs more nutrients.”

Natasha asked suspiciously, “Don’t cubs develop fastest at night when they are sleeping? I water it once a day before it goes to sleep and then replenish it in the morning to make sure it can absorb enough nutrients for growth every day.”

Gina said timidly, “I, we work shifts, but we all feel that the catnip seems a bit malnourished, so when we hand over, we all instruct the next person to remember to water the catnip once in the morning and once in the evening with a nutrient so that it can grow up sooner.”

The nutrient provided by the science institute had actually concentrated a lot of nutrients, and once a day was enough.

If it was watered twice a day, it would not be a big problem, but the key was that after Shen Tong was sent to Perth Palace, each person watered him twice a day.

One day, it was watered six times, right?

Dai Xi: “……”

Supplemental nutrition, of course, was the best, but the right amount mattered. Dai Xi, as a professional, should have felt angry, but she thought for a moment that everyone’s original intention was for the good of the catnip, and could only sigh, “There is nothing wrong with the catnip.”

“It will lose its leaves because of over-nutrition.”

Dai Xi said helplessly, “You guys need to control the dosage in the future, remember to discuss who is responsible for watering it with nutrients too much too soon, too little too late.”

After a morning of worrying, the conclusion that it was over-nourished was, in fact, quite light.

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief, “Luckily it’s not sick.”

Natasha was also a little thankful, “It would have been hard for it to be sick.”

The young maid Gina handed over the nutrients in her backpack and apologized to Shen Tong for her colleague, “Right, sorry, we didn’t mean to cause you to lose your leaf, we were just afraid that you would be malnourished and not grow up.”

The housekeeper also blamed himself and said, “It’s my poor consideration.”

Natasha knitted her brows and looked at Shen Tong, “I thought the pup needed a lot of nutrition during the growth period, I didn’t think that maybe you wouldn’t be able to bear so much, it’s my fault.”

On their faces, there was a bit of remorse, and even Natasha, who rarely made expressions, had a bit of unease on her face.

They should have been able to avoid it.

Consult more and ask more people who had experience with plants.

But they didn’t.

Catnip was so soft, so fragile, what if something more serious happened instead of dropping its leaf?

It was a treasure dear to their hearts.

They almost lost it because of their negligence.

A few people’s hearts plummeted in pain just thinking about it like that.

Natasha apologized once again, “I’m sorry.”

The butler also promised, “Such a thing will never happen again.”

In fact, after learning the results of his examination, Shen Tong couldn’t be angry at all.

He also didn’t blame the housekeeper and the others.

They only had good intentions.

They were just expressing their liking and caring for him in their own way.

Shen Tong gently shook a few times to show his appeasement.

Seeing this, Dai Xi also knew that they were doing something bad with good intentions and smiled in comfort: “Actually, you guys don’t have to blame yourselves so much, I have two more good news to tell you.”

She bent down and pointed out the young stems of the catnip to the crowd, “Although you poured too much nutrients on it, causing the little mint to lose a leaf, but also because of this reason, here, it’s sprouted again, its second pair of leaves, will soon grow out.”

“There’s more–”

Dai Xi said happily: “Little mint, congratulations, your vital signs are very strong, perhaps, you will soon be able to become human!”

This news came so unexpectedly that even Shen Tong was stunned.

The first to react was Caesar.

He said in a strong tone that brooked no argument: “From today onwards, no one is allowed to enter the study without my permission.”

The butler froze and wanted to persuade, but then he thought that after such a big mistake this time, it was indeed time to control it.

One time was enough for something like pouring more nutrients.

They couldn’t do anything harmful to catnip again.

When the butler thought of this, his complexion couldn’t help but look a few shades darker, and his heart was quite upset, but he still barely managed to pull himself together and asked caringly, “Your Majesty, then who will take care of the catnip in the future?”

Of course, he would take care of it himself.

Caesar raised his eyebrows, he had just spit out the word “I”, he saw catnip slightly tremble.

In fact, not only catnip, even the housekeeper and Natasha heard the words, cast a disapproving glance at Caesar, the rest of the people were not as bold as they were, but those looks of hesitation, they were obviously not too comfortable.

Caesar: “……”


He said expressionlessly, “As I recall, that mechanical pet sent by UraStar has a companionship and care function.”

The butler sighed in relief, “That’s good.”

Natasha also said, “Your Majesty, it has lost a leaf, please make sure you don’t touch its leaves again until its new shoots come out, the pup needs to be in a good mood during its development period.”

If she could, Natasha thought, maybe she would keep it away from Caesar and it would be in a little better mood.

After all, yesterday’s live broadcast, their majesty’s actions, was a bit too much.

Caesar glanced at them.

With that he opened his mouth again lightly: “I promised the cabinet and the military, I will have a few more live broadcasts, the content is to take care of catnip.”

His smoky gray eyes dropped lightly, Caesar said carelessly, “He’ll have to get used to it sooner or later.”

His voice was low and melodious.

Shen Tong: “?”

How was it that being a grass was getting tougher by the day?

Later in the evening, Perth Palace’s official account updated.

Perth Palace: Although it lost a leaf, the little mint is about to harvest two new leaves.




Probably due to the publisher’s overwhelming emotion, on the same content, she put together nine pictures with different angles and different filters, respectively, and posted them neatly.

The netizens were all abuzz!

From the sleepy grass that became popular by chance on the star network, to the variety of people who later knew it, many people almost watched the catnip grow little by little, at this moment, they had a sense of relief, like their son was growing up.

The message that everyone posted expressed this.

[Geez QAQ I remember when I first saw the little mint, it was only a little big, sleepy and cute, I was silly and also wanted to raise it, and then I knew the truth I fell down with tears. No matter what, little mint, want you to grow up healthily!]

[Surprisingly a little touched! My little mint is the cutest among the stars! It can actually grow up as the first intergalactic cutie! I’m so amazed.]

[I remember little mint seems to be an evolved species? I don’t care, I want my cub to grow many pairs of leaves, and I want it to become human, little mint you will always be my baby! Did you hear that! You will always be my little baby!]


Of course, some people were moved, there was no shortage of people questioning.

[What’s with the little mint’s leaves?]

[It had only two leaves, even if a new one was to grow, the old one couldn’t be gone! Where did the old one go?]

[Did you really take good care of it? How could it have lost its leaf?]

[Oh my God, why is my baby bald? How much aggravation has it suffered!]


Message after message, finally pointed the finger directly at Caesar.

It must be their majesty!

Their majesty, who bullied the little mint during the live broadcast, must have bullied outside the broadcast too!

Catnip’s leaf fell off, and it was definitely because of him!

It was that tyrant who moved again!

Someone tentatively sent out a post: [Sisters, that stinky man is too much, I posted a petition in the official website of Perth Palace (ID 6438652), is there anyone to help me?

This post immediately attracted the attention of countless people!

People flocked to it!

In less than an hour, this petition, the number of supporters had broken nine figures!

Every day, the Perth Palace would select the petition with the highest number of supporters and present it to their monarch, and on this evening, Caesar saw this petition.

It was delivered by the steward himself, and its importance was evident.

–The importance of the petition was evident, and it was not without some selfishness on the part of the steward.

After all, he, Natasha, and the staff of the Perth Palace had supported the petition in their names.

Caesar lifted his eyes and glanced at it.

[No! Allowed! To! Touch! Catnip’s! Leaves! The leaves! !!!!!!]

Caesar: “……”

The steward said bitterly, “Your Majesty, this is the only thing the people expect of you.”


    8:00 PM.

Yura Star. Lower Eastern City.

This place was a black market that is notorious among the stars. Whether it was overpriced collectibles, precious jewels, or rare mermaid beauties, if you were rich enough, you could get anything you want.

In addition, the most talked about place in the lower city was an auction house called “Muse”.

It accepted designated auctions.

In other words, customers could specify any item, and this auction house, would also get it within a limited period of time, and then the item would be auctioned as an auction item for all customers, the highest bidder won.

Of course, the origin may not be so clean.

After all, there were rumors that the owner of the Muse auction house, raised many wanted interstellar thieves.

On this day, the owner of Muse Auction House, Suzy, received a greeting from an old customer.

“Suzy, long time no see.”

“Long time no see.”

Suzy bit down on her cigarette and said with a smile, “What can I do for you, big boss? You’d better want to spend money again, or I won’t provide escort service.”

“You haven’t changed at all.”

“I’m not an exchange rate, so of course I won’t change.” Suzy stared at her red nails and said absentmindedly, “What do you want this time?”

“Do you know catnip?”

Susie’s eyebrows knitted.

Catnip, of course, she knew about it. In the auction house, many times she caught the staff who were peeking at the live broadcast, it would doze off, could interact with people, interesting, but it didn’t belong to Suzy, much less could it bring Suzy any economic benefits, Suzy certainly wouldn’t take it seriously, let alone pay special attention.

What she liked was only star coins.

But the store staff loved to talk about this ancient Earth plant from time to time, Suzy also roughly knew that catnip was sent to Perth Palace right now, she whispered: “Big boss, don’t tell me that you want to raise catnip.”

“That’s right.”

Suzy said calmly, “This business can’t be done.”

“Don’t be in a hurry to refuse.” The other side said, “I’ll give you a price.”

“That’s Perth Palace, how much is not-”

“Ten billion star coins.”

Suzy’s words came to an abrupt halt.

Her heart was moved.

Suzy was addicted to money, and the rumors that she kept many wanted interstellar robbers were actually true. She provided these star robbers with shelter and refuge, as well as part of the remuneration, and in return, these star robbers needed to bring back the items specified by the customers to the auction house as requested by Suzy.

As for how they were brought back, Suzy knew it by heart and never interfered with it, after all, she was not a charity organization.

Catnip ……

Catnip could be brought back from the capital star, with its preciousness, not to mention 10 billion star coins, and then multiplied several times, it was very possible.

The customers who frequent the Muse auction house were wealthy or noble, with their price, as long as Suzy could really get the catnip, if the price was even higher, they could afford to pay.

Did they dare not want?

If they dared to come here, they certainly dared to pay.

And after the catnip was sold, the money, most of it would go into Suzy’s pocket again.

Suzy extinguished her cigarette, and her mouth loosened up a bit, “Big boss, it’s settled.”

She ended the call.

Suzy looked around and walk to the basement.

Yes, she kept the Star Bandits, in the basement of the auction house.

It was dark, damp, and noisy.

Suzy frowned and was about to speak when her terminal received a message from the same old customer from earlier.

[Here’s an exclusive message for you. In a few days, His Majesty may have to leave the capital star, and his visit will be much less stressful for you guys.]

That wasn’t a bad thing to mention.

Their majesty left the capital star, inevitably many guards would follow, the Perth Palace wouldn’t be so guarded.

Suzy didn’t doubt the truth of the information provided by the old customer.

After all, the old man in this old customer’s family is in a high position, he does not need to fool her in this regard.

Suzy replied, [Good].

She raised her head and slowly opened her mouth amidst all the noise: “I have a business deal here, will you do it?”

“As long as we can get it, we will share the star coins with you.”

Suzy said frankly: “But this time is very dangerous. Because the customer wants catnip that was only recently delivered to the capital star, you are needed to infiltrate the Perth Palace.”

Although Suzy had been withholding a lot, 1 billion star coins, was not a small number, getting this money, even if she spent it in a lifetime, she couldn’t use it up.

The question was whether she would be alive.

That was the Perth Palace.

The theft was that tyrant’s thing again.

For a while, the basement was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

After a long time, a few people replied, “Let’s go.”

Susie looked over and recognized them.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, there’s still part 3, maybe 4. Sedt

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