Ye Qiuting was really scared. He thought that Ye Hansheng would at most be the same as last time, locking him up in the garage for two days. But when he saw the tray of fine needles brought over by the bodyguard, he finally realized that Ye Hansheng was really not going to let him go.

The fine needles on the tray reflected a faint cold light in the miserable white light of the underground garage, and his scalp went numb as he looked at it.

He was aware that Ye Hansheng had a crazy illness, and was once forced by his father to go to a mental hospital, but he didn’t know that Ye Hansheng would be so crazy.

Gritting his teeth, Ye Qiuting’s trembling voice rang out: “Father will not let you go when he finds out.”

Ye Hansheng looked down on him from above, without a single fluctuation in his expression. He just casually pinched a sharp and thin needle from the tray, and then without changing his face, inserted it into the back of his hand.

The needle didn’t fully enter the flesh, it reached the bone before stopping, Ye Qiuting haphazardly cursed in pain. Cold sweat gathered on his forehead, half of it was from the pain, the other was fear.

As if he wasn’t aware, Ye Hansheng didn’t stop, without blinking, he stabbed in again, with force that penetrated the bone.

But after a few minutes, the back of Ye Qiuting’s hand had been stabbed with ten needles, his face distorted in pain, but he no longer dared to continue his insults.

He was really scared by Ye Hansheng.

The man sat in the wheelchair with gloomy eyes, his black pupils were as deep as the bottomless abyss, he stared at the needles without blinking, he was like a devil.

Ye Qiuting was terrified, but Ye Hansheng still didn’t let him go. He wanted this pain and fear to be deeply rooted in Ye Qiuting’s heart, so that he wouldn’t dare to have bad thoughts towards Wen Run in his life.

Another needle went into the back of his hand, Ye Qiuting looked dull, already numb with pain, his hand seemed to have lost all sensation. However, this time Ye Hansheng didn’t let go of his hand, he used his finger against the fine needle, twisting little by little to drill it further inside, the sharp needle couldn’t penetrate the hard bone, but could pass through the soft tendons between the finger bones on the back of the hand, the needle tip pierced through the back of the hand to his palm, the needle also pierced Ye Hansheng’s finger due to the. The blood flowed down the thin needle, but he didn’t even frown, only a pair of dark and gloomy eyes firmly fix Ye Qiuting, slowly and gloomy said: “Remember today, if you dare to touch him again, I will make you taste a hundred times more pain than today a thousand times.”

He straightened up, took the handkerchief handed over by the bodyguard slowly wipe the blood on the finger, eye wind swept over the side covering the head stunned starlet, raised his chin, coldly said: “You go over, keep your eyes wide open.”

The starlet trembled, not daring to look. The two bodyguards had already caught her and dragged her over to the side of Ye Qiuting, gruffly ordering, “Open your eyes and watch!”

The starlet could only open her eyes with trepidation, Ye Qiuting was lying on the ground like a dead dog, both hands were pressed by the bodyguards, the right hand had been stabbed with more than a dozen shiny fine needles, she panicked and subconsciously wanted to move her eyes, but the corner of her eyes glanced at the indifferent man in the wheelchair, she could only grit her teeth, so stiffly turned back a little.

“Continue.” The ghostly voice sounded again, Ye Hansheng faintly instructed, “One is not allowed to be left.”

The bodyguard received the order and picked up a thin needle and stuck it to Ye Qiuting’s hands.

When the tray finally became empty, Ye Qiuting didn’t need to be held down, and no longer moved, the pain in his body wasn’t bigger than his psychological fear, his psychological defense completely collapsed, he laid down motionlessly on the ground.

The starlet was face to face with him, she saw with her own eyes how the bodyguard stabbed the needle into Ye Qiuting’s hand, her lips trembled for a long time, she rolled and crawled in front of Ye Hansheng, her face was messy with snot as she begged, “Mr. Ye I know I was wrong, I really know, forgive me, I don’t dare, it was Boss Ye who told me to do it, I I dare not again ……”

 Ye Hansheng looked at her with disgust and said coldly, “Let’s go.”

The six sturdy bodyguards who came with him then clustered around him and walked out. Ye Qiuting and the young star were left in the garage, the miserable white light was even more gloomy. The starlet sat frozen on the ground, and she didn’t know how long she sat there before Ye Qiuting moved and struggled to get up.

His face was as white like a ghost, his forehead was drenched with cold sweat, his eyes were full of fear, but at the sight of the starlet, he didn’t know where he got the strength, he stumbled to stand up, he kicked the starlet’s chest and cursed: “It’s all because of you!”

The starlet was caught off guard by the kick and fell to the ground, the wound on his hand pulled, he jerked in pain and his whole face twisted together, but he became more frantic to vent his inner hatred and fear. He was scared out of his wits by Ye Hansheng and didn’t dare to retaliate against him, so he vented all his anger on the little star, with red eyes, he gasped for breath and pulled the needles off the back of his hand, stabbing the little star haphazardly one by one.

She screamed in pain.

The two tore each other up in the underground garage ……

How the situation in the underground garage was, Ye Hansheng no longer cared. He got Ye Qiuting over. The first reason was to return the favor, revenge out of anger, the second was to make Ye Qiuting remember that if he dared touch his people, he also had to pay the price.

Now his purpose had been achieved.

Although he had no intention of involving Wen Run in his fight with the Ye family, he cared about just a few people, so he pretended not care about Wen Run, but as long as he was good to Wen Run, the Ye family would sooner or later find out. What he could do was to kill the chicken to make an example of the monkey, so that the Ye family wouldn’t dare move against Wen Run.

Letting the bodyguard push him upstairs, Ye Hansheng squeezed the hand sanitizer to wash his hands seriously. The round wound on his fingertip had stopped bleeding. He dried his hands, went to the bedroom, and changed into a casual shirt and trouser, without a tie. He put on a light brown vest, and then put on a coat of the same color.

The man in the mirror was frowning, and his face was still full of hostility. He reached out and rubbed his brow again, stiffly squeezing out a smile to make sure his expression wasn’t too intimidating and that he was dressed appropriately without looking old before asking his bodyguard to drive him out.


When Wen Run finished recording the show and came out of the building, it was already dark. One of the two assistants took the things in his hand and one handed him warm honey water. Wen Run took a sip to moisten his throat and smiled: “It’s been a long time waiting, let’s go eat first and then go back to the hotel, right?” After saying that he looked at Zheng Xuan enquiringly.

Zheng Xuan nodded and asked his assistant to drive the car over. While waiting for the car, Zheng Xuan’s cell phone rang, he picked up the phone and said a few words, hung up, and then whispered to Wen Run: “Mr. Ye came to C city on business and happened to be in the neighborhood, he remembered the last incident and wanted to invite you to dinner.”

Wen Run was slightly surprised and had some secret little joy in his heart, he didn’t expect to meet him so coincidentally, so he smiled and agreed.

The assistant drove the car over, Zheng Xuan gave an address, and the four of them went over together.

It had been more than a month since they last met.

After the last needle incident, many friends called, but only Ye Hansheng didn’t even send a message, Wen Run felt lost, and thought that he actually didn’t treat him as a friend. In turn, he thought that Ye Hansheng was busy, and maybe he didn’t know what was happening on the Internet, so he pressed it down again. He didn’t expect him to remember after such a long time.

Wen Run thought, he was really too busy before, right?

When he got to the hotel and saw him, looking at his slightly slimmer, more angular face, Wen Run was more sure of his guesses. It was true that he was too busy and perhaps hadn’t eaten and rested properly. Wen Run quietly glanced at him, in his heart, he crazily nagged, but on the surface, he was good and polite and answered Ye Hansheng.

Wen Run nodded, the two assistants were very attentive and experienced. Some of the tactics and unspoken rules of the circle were counted, they were thoughtful, he sometimes didn’t notice the details of the problem, they would also remind him.

Ye Hansheng’s face then eased up some more, “That won’t happen again.”

His words had a double meaning, but Wen Run didn’t know the subtle meaning, he just curved up his eyes and nodded hard, “Well, I will also pay attention to myself.”

Afterward, Wen Run also reflected on himself, he still wasn’t vigilant enough. This was the first time his fans visited the set, he cared about them, but forgot to guard himself. As a result, even Liu Feng got hurt.

Knowing that he was inexperienced in many places, Wen Run simply listened to the advice of the two assistants, even if he was a little uncomfortable, he quickly adapted.

Ye Hansheng sized him up and saw that his face was not cloudy before.

The three of them ate a meal, Ye Hansheng had no reason to stay, so he said goodbye and left.

Ye Hansheng went straight back to B City that night, while Ye Qiuting and the starlet continued to be locked up in the garage for two days before they were let go.

After seven or eight days of peace and quiet, as Ye Hansheng expected, Ye Maokai called him, his voice filled with anger.

“Get back here immediately!”

Ye Hansheng originally didn’t want to pay attention, he never liked to return to the Ye family mansion, but he was in a good mood, suddenly he wanted to go take a good look at these people’s angry faces.

The more angry the Ye family was, the happier he was.

Ye Hansheng finished the company’s business, and seven or eight o’clock in the evening, he unhurriedly asked the driver to send him to the Ye family mansion.

The house was lit up at this hour, with Ye Maokai sitting in the main seat and Qiu Jihe and her children sitting on the side. Ye Qiuting was also there, his face still pale as if he hadn’t recovered from the torture, his hands were wrapped in bandages, he sat next to his mother with a dull expression. Qiu Jihe half-embraced him with a sorrowful look.

Ye Hansheng turned his wheelchair and slowly entered. His eyes faintly swept over Ye Qiuting, his body trembled and he hid behind Qiu Jihe, his smile became more obvious.

Seeing this scene, Ye Maokai’s face sank, he pointed at him and cursed: “Sinful son! Is this how you treat your own brother?”

Ye Hansheng’s mouth held a cold smile, he coldly snorted: “I do not remember when my mother gave me a brother,”

Ye Maokai choked and stared at him for a long time before cursing “bastard”!

Qiu Jihe, who was sitting on the side, sobbed quietly and looked at Ye Hansheng with tears in her eyes, “Hansheng, I know you have always misunderstood your father and me, but Qiuting is your brother after all, if he has done something wrong you can talk to me, how can you torture him so cruelly?”

A sentence evoked the most taboo past of the father and son, and shifted the blame, Qiu Jihe helplessly hugged her son.

Ye Maokai’s anger was immediately provoked, he casually picked up the teacupand threw it at him, “Admit your fault to your brother and mother!”

Ye Hansheng maneuvered his wheelchair and dodged it.

He looked surprised, “You called me back, what’s wrong with me?”

Ye Maokai shivered with anger, while Ye Qiurui poured him a cup of tea to appease him, she softly said: “Little brother went to C city, came back with a hand injury, he was also tortured, at that time, big brother was also in C city, right?”

Ye Hansheng lightly “hmmed” and eyed Ye Qiuting, “You think I did it?”

“If not you, who else could it be? Ye Maokai once again said angrily.

Ye Hansheng smiled, his eyes gazed at Ye Qiuting, and he asked lightly, “Did I hurt your hand?”

Ye Qiuting shivered, he subconsciously wanted to say yes, but met his dark gaze, and thought of the day he tortured him like a devil, the courage in his heart immediately scattered. Ye Qiuting curled up his shoulders and didn’t look at him. He shook his head slowly and said no.

Ye Hansheng turned around and looked at Ye Maokai with a smile.

Ye Maokai’s face was suddenly a little sarcastic. The youngest son came back and was tortured for no reason, he was rushed to the hospital, when he came back his wife cried and cried that he had to give his son revenge. When he thought of the last time he had locked up his youngest son for two days, he was sure that he wouldn’t do it again.

Who knew it wasn’t.

Ye Maokai glared at Qiu Jihe with complaint, but he couldn’t face saying he was wrong, so he could only say with a strained face: “Since it’s clear, let’s forget about it. It’s not early today, so you should rest at home. Go to the office with me tomorrow.”

Ye Hansheng knew his way of doing things, he only said coldly: “No need.” He turned around and went outside.

“You really don’t care about the Ye’s anymore? This is the century-old foundation of the Ye family!” Behind him, Ye Maokai roared angrily.

His son grew up smart, and was personally raised by his grandfather. He was always his pride and joy. But after the car accident, he was separated from him. He was once extremely disgusted and annoyed with this son, so he didn’t care about him in the past few years, but now the Ye family had problems, many shareholders were secretly complaining, he remembered this abandoned son again.

He thought Ye Hansheng would readily agree, but in any case didn’t expect him to refuse.

Ye Hansheng did not even stop for a moment, only his voice came quietly, “The Ye corporation being down or not, what does it matter to me?”

He calmly waited for the driver to open the door and got into the car. He didn’t look back once.

Ye Maokai was angry, but he was helpless.

Qiu Jihe saw his face wasn’t good, she didn’t dare to say anything more, she gave her daughter a wink, then on the pretext of sending her son upstairs to rest, the mother and son hid in the room to discuss.

Once the door was closed, Qiu Jihe angrily swept the vase off the table and looked at her cowering son with hatred, “What happened to you just now? Even if he didn’t do it, you have to bite the bullet and say he did it! How do I usually teach you?”

Ye Qiuting cowered for a moment, his face pale and his eyes wandering.

Ye Qiurui pulled her to sit down, she wasn’t so angry about what just happened instead, she just said with some concern, “Mom, don’t you think Ye Hansheng is different from before today?”

“He’s not getting better, is he?”

Qiu Jihe was stunned, and the anger on her face dissipated, showing some concern. She still remembered the scene when Ye Hansheng rushed into the old mansion with a knife and tried to kill someone. She also bribed the doctor to give Ye Hansheng a grief-stricken mental disorder label. Ye Maokai was so angry that it sent him to a mental hospital at her urging.

Qiu Jihe went to see it once, and it was full of crazy people. Even if it wasn’t mental illness, staying there for a while would make anyone go crazy.

Sure enough. Later, although Ye Hansheng was taken out, he wasn’t sane, and she heard that he also received psychotherapy for a long time. Every time he went to the house, his mood would be very violent, and she would fan the flames in the middle, and it was common for the father and son to fight.

However, this time, Ye Hansheng seemed to be much calmer, when Ye Maokai mentioned the dead Gu Siyu, he didn’t go crazy.

When she thought about what Ye Maokai said, Qiu Jihe was worried, this wasn’t the situation she wanted to see.

Ye Hansheng came out of the old mansion and had a feeling of refreshment. He felt that he had taken the bull by the horns, obviously it was enough to watch the Ye family jump, so why should he get involved personally.

He had a smile on his face, he tapped his finger on the armrest of his wheelchair, and ordered in a light voice, “Stir up the matter of Zhong Ling keeping a lover outside.”

Zhong Ling was Ye Qiurui’s husband, he didn’t have much ability, but he was handsome, and could coax people, especially Ye Qiurui. Ye Qiurui was very attached to this husband.

If she knew that Zhong Ling was keeping a lover behind her back, and not just one, he wondered what her expression would be.

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