Yu Ping stumbled and flew back to the base, she landed and turned into a human form, then staggered a few steps and fell to the ground unconscious.

The mutant birds that fell behind her also hurriedly turned into their human forms and sent the unconscious Yu Ping to the back of the medical department for treatment.

Ye Tianyi led tens of thousands of zombies to attack the base only to test the strength of the ability users today, so they soon retreated. After the battle, young master Xiao had time to come to the medical department to visit Yu Ping.

It wasn’t that he had much regard for her, but mainly because he learned from his men that Yu Ping was attacked in the air, but the other mutant shapeshifters didn’t even see who the attacker was. Why were mutant shapeshifters higher up in the hierarchy of ability users? The reason was that they were natural scouts, unless they encountered a flock of zombie birds or had long-range attacks, the zombies on the ground couldn’t stop these mutant shapeshifters.

And now Yu Ping was attacked in public and seriously injured, but others didn’t even see the face of the attacker, how could this not catch young master Xiao’s attention?

Mental trauma was difficult to heal, after all, the human brain was the most complex, and mental power was invisible, it was difficult to study, not to mention that the post-apocalyptic conditions and facilities were far less than before the end of the world. Basically, if you were attacked by a mental ability user, you could only rely on yourself to resist.

Yu Ping had been in a coma for five days and five nights before she woke up.

As soon as she woke up, someone reported to Young Master Xiao.

The matter was very important, young master Xiao rushed over, not caring that Yu Ping just woke up, then he anxiously asked: “How did you get injured? What attacked you?”

Yu Ping’s head still felt as if it had exploded, she barely opened her eyes to look at young master Xiao, her voice weak and broken: “It’s …… him! It’s him who came back to take revenge ……”

Young master Xiao frowned: “Who? Who is he?”

Yu Ping had a terrible headache, but still struggled to say that name: “Ye …… Tianyi! I saw him, he was in the crowd of zombies. He found me and ……” Then she couldn’t speak anymore and passed out once again.

The doctor who had been standing by examined her and said to Young Master Xiao, “The mental power hasn’t yet healed, and the headache was too intense, so she fell into a self-protective coma.”

Young master Xiao flatly nodded, it was okay as long as the person didn’t die, he instructed the doctor to carefully take care of Yu Ping, and immediately left.

The information just revealed by Yu Ping was more than enough.

Ye Tianyi! This name wasn’t unfamiliar to young master Xiao, it was Su Tianyun’s brother who turned into a zombie, the high-level zombie that gave him a headache for a long time, Ye Tianyi probably also had his coveted space.

But young master Xiao wasn’t a greedy young master, he was very shrewd, he wasn’t thinking of capturing Ye Tianyi for research experiments and to seize the space, but he thought of Ye Tianyi’s ability to control the zombies.

He didn’t think that the zombies could evolve to the point of controlling other zombies not to mention the number of zombies was also so huge, and he still didn’t know if this was the full strength of Ye Tianyi.

In the past, the base had also encountered a wave of zombies, but those zombies were attracted by the huge smell of living people in the base, they only stupidly rushed to the base. This time, there was a zombie leader in the back, no wonder these tens of thousands of zombies caused considerable damage.

Young master Xiao stepped out of the ward with a heavy heart, he waved away the ability users who followed him, striding towards his father’s office.


   Ye Tianyi took the rest of the zombie army back to the city and then took Ye Zi towards B city.

B city was a prosperous first-tier city not much worse than A city. Over the past year, Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi had joined forces to sweep the entire A city. Basically, the higher level of mutant zombie beasts/plants were used as reserve energy for their advancement by digging out the exotic balls/crystal cores, so it was useless to stay in A city. They could only move on to B city, which is closer to A city.

The road to B city wasn’t smooth for Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi.

Ye Tianyi was worried about encountering humans on the way and Ye Zi’s half-human half-cat appearance being seen by others, and the possibility of him not killing them fast enough, which would cause trouble. So he let Ye Zi stay on his shoulder in his cat form.

Ye Tianyi ran there, which was extremely fast, it was definitely beyond the reach of ordinary people. Therefore, although there were other survivors on the road, no one had found their whereabouts.

After entering the territory of B city, Ye Tianyi no longer used the instantaneous movement to rush, but moved forward slowly.

Now it had been more than two years after the end of the world, no ordinary zombies could be seen, the lowest level was the first-rank zombie, the second-rank zombie followed, third-rank zombies were also everywhere, and Ye Tianyi even encountered a fourth-rank zombie. The evolution of mutant beasts and zombie beasts was a little slower than zombies, but their strength was generally good in battle.

The speed of evolution of mutant plants and zombie plants was even faster, Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi even encountered the peak of the fourth-rank mutant plants, if Ye Tianyi wasn’t a fifth-rank zombie, they may not have been able to deal with it. Especially after the mutation of many plants, their images from before the end of the world was very different, they were simply unrecognizable, they also didn’t know their capabilities, which often made them suffer from lack of understanding.

Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi just k!lled a mutant vine, then they heard the movement of a battle not far away.

Of course, this ‘not far away’ was more than two thousand meters away from here.

Ye Tianyi gave a wink to Ye Zi, Ye Zi immediately turned into his cat form, then lightly jumped to Ye Tianyi’s shoulders, and disguised his tails fluttering around, leaving two tails behind.

The reason why Little Leaf disguised as a two-tailed cat was because Ye Tianyi had seen many mutant cats after mutation not only become much larger, their tail had become two-tailed, but these two-tailed cats were not like Little Leaf, who continued to grow tails.

Ye Tianyi looked sideways at the little leaf sitting on his shoulder, and then his figure quickly disappeared from the spot.


Ye Tianyi was suddenly repelled from the space.

He looked at the empty front with a grave expression, since he reached the fourth-rank, he had been able to teleport, this was the first time he was forced out before reaching his destination.

Ye Tian Yi could feel that there was a transparent invisible barrier in front of him that was rejecting his continued progress. However, this refusal was only towards the instantaneous movement, and not on foot.

Therefore, as he continued to walk forward, he didn’t find any obstruction.

However, Ye Tianyi was sensitive to the feeling that he had passed through a transparent water mist barrier. However, he soon didn’t care to think about the mysterious barrier, because he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

A huge tree climbing thick giant snake appeared, generally speaking the color of the python made it look non-toxic, but the size of the snake mouth with black sharp teeth and the top of its head that had flesh tumor, it was clear that this was a very poisonous snake.

This giant snake was big, but not as big as the giant tree it was wrapped around, in the giant tree, it was like a tiny worm crawling on it, and even its tumor bubbling with poisonous mist from time to time that dropped on the bark, it slowly rolled down without any damage to the bark. The poisonous pus fell on the ground, but the soil eroded, making a huge pit.

The huge tree was as huge as the legendary world tree, he couldn’t see the head of the tree, it had lush green branches and leaves swaying in the breeze. And the most conspicuous thing on this giant tree was that it bore a bright red, burning blood-like fruit, the fruit seemed to have a slight red glow.

The giant snake’s body wriggled, from time to time it looked up salivating at the fruit, but didn’t dare to approach. It crawled down a distance, not far from the ground, spitting venom coldly at the dozen humans under the tree, and there were still a dozen human bodies on the ground, their bodies were all black, they had clearly been poisoned.

Ye Tianyi was shocked at the scene in front of him, when he just came in, he clearly didn’t sense the presence of a giant tree and snake and humans here, could it be that the barrier he just crossed was a legendary boundary?

But the reality no longer allowed Ye Tianyi to continue to make wild guesses, when he and little leaf went through the barrier to this place, the humans and the giant snake both paid attention to him, their gazes weren’t good.

Ye Tianyi subconsciously released his mental energy, the humans and giant snake’s ranks were inferior to his, so they didn’t notice, but Ye Tianyi suddenly came into contact with an incomparably large and vast spiritual energy, his energy compared to this huge spiritual aura was like a drop of water in the sea being swallowed in minutes.

But this huge and incomparable spiritual force didn’t attack him, but incomparably accommodating to his mental energy, it expressed its goodwill.

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