Ye Tianyi deeply reflect on himself, in fact, the mutant tree had quite a lot of weakpoints, it was because he was too confident, his abilities awakened at the third stage, he was just promoted to the fifth stage, his strength was far more than other zombies or human, he never encountered any tricky enemies, so he became blindly confident and took everything lightly.

The previous Ye Tianyi saw the illusion that his abilities couldn’t attack the giant mutant snake, but those humans were able to use their abilities to attack it and attract its attention, yet he didn’t find see such an obvious flaw.

There was also the huge and all-encompassing spiritual force, which was also an illusion. The mutant tree’s spiritual force was simply inferior to his and it didn’t dare to attack him, or else Ye Tianyi would surely have awakened from the illusion. He was tempted at that time due to carelessness.

For his previous unproductive performance, Ye Tianyi was very dissatisfied and blamed himself, his originally swollen self-confidence was also withdrawn.

The world was so big, that something somewhere was stronger than him was a possibility, even if their strength was weaker than him, if he was gullible, he could also be killed.
Ye Tianyi reorganized his mind and then looked towards the mutant tree that almost got him.

The original form of the tree was no longer visible, the branches and leaves were very luxuriant, but the mutant tree gave out a strange aura, the gray-brown trunk was dry, the green leaves were surprisingly dark green, not to mention the sinister dark red fruit. This mutant tree gave the overall feeling of being dead.

Ye Tianyi looked at the pile of skeletons under the tree, humans and beasts, and even a few skeletons covered with a layer of skin dry corpses, as if drained of flesh and blood by something. This scene reminded him of the baby zombie he met on his way to the survivor base in A city when the end of the world had just broken out, and the humans it killed also looked like dry corpses.

Ye Tianyi gathered a thick lightning and threw it at the trunk of the mutant tree, the weak point of the mutant tree was the trunk and roots, the roots were deep underground, it wasn’t easy to kill it unless all of it was pulled up, so he chose to attack the trunk of the tree exposed on the ground. The mutant tree, which had honestly played dead since he broke out of the illusion, immediately erected a barrier of branches to block the trunk.

However, Ye Tianyi’s lightening ability had already reached the fifth rank, far from the branches of the peak fourth rank mutant tree couldn’t easily stop it. The dark green leaves were like snow meeting boiling water when they encountered the dark purple lightning, easily destroyed the defense, and even Ye Tianyi was a bit surprised at the ease.

He had dealt with many mutant trees in the past, and the level of those mutant trees wasn’t as good as this one, and their branches, although also unable to block his lightning, lasted longer than the fourth-rank peak mutant tree.

Not waiting for Ye Tianyi to think about the reason for this, the lightning bolt fell hard on the trunk of the tree, the original thick gray-brown trunk revealed a large hole, revealing the veins inside. That dense veins looked like it had blood-like red liquid flowing, seeing could make people’s scalp go numb with fear.

Ye Tianyi was directly surrounded by countless lightning, like the god of thunder, it went directly to the branches and leaves that wanted to attack him but couldn’t break through the lightning defense and straight to the trunk of the tree.
The trunk could be said to be almost a dense vein composed of blood vessels, and this vein inside was indeed a red liquid flowing, from the bottom to the top.

Ye Tianyi took out a knife from his space and peeled a little bit of the tree bark, and found that the liquid in the veins were all flowing towards the dark red fruit borne on the tree. He couldn’t help but feel curious about the very evil-looking fruit, he jumped up the tree and reached out to pick the fruit.

The mutant tree was very protective about the fruit, and when he found out that Ye Tianyi wanted to pick the fruit, its attack, which had been much more moderate, immediately became frantic, and Ye Tianyi could even feel a spiritual force baiting him, trying to drag him into the illusion.

But this mutant tree was only the peak of the fourth rank, and the fifth rank was a big gap, before, if not for the fact that Ye Tianyi was caught off guard, it was impossible to pull him into an illusion, now Ye Tianyi was prepared, this mutant tree was better at illusions, its attack ability wasn’t good, it could only struggle in vain.

Ye Tianyi ignored the irrelevant attack of the mutant tree, he directly reached out and plucked the dark red fruit, just after the fruit left the tree, the mutant tree’s crazy attack came to an abrupt halt, the random growth of shorter and longer branches stopped as if they had lost control.

Then Ye Tianyi found that its self-healing ability gradually shrank up, and then the surface of the tree seeped out dead red liquid, a strong smell of blood emitted.
Ye Tianyi jumped off the tree and his eyes fell on the ground under the tree, tsk, he didn’t know how many people’s bones were buried here, using so much blood to feed this fruit.

He looked at the dark red fruit in his hand emitting a sweet fragrance and couldn’t help but frown. This fruit didn’t smell like anything when it was on the tree, but after picking it off, it emitted this sweet to disgusting fragrance.

At this time, Ye Zi that had been clinging to his shoulder came further and sniffed it, Ye Tianyi looked at him and couldn’t help but snicker: “Little greedy cat, this thing can’t just be eaten.”

Ye Zi hummed twice and said, “I’m not trying to be greedy, I’m just smelling it, this fruit, if I’m not wrong, this fragrance should be the ten thousand dead bones fruit.”

Although Ye Tianyi was puzzled about what this evil fruit was, he didn’t expect him to really know its origin: “Ten thousand dead bones fruit?”

Looking at the colour and disgusting fragrance of this fruit, and then thinking that this fruit was likely raised by human blood, Ye Tianyi felt that the name really fit it.
Ye Zi had awakened his abilities and the bloodline of the nine-tailed cat demon, although his bloodline wasn’t very pure, at least it was a nine-tailed cat demon, and he was likely to be the only one on Earth.

Therefore, he also had the memories of the nine-tailed cat demon clan.

The nine tailed cat demon and an ordinary cat demon were not the same, just like an ordinary fox demon and nine tailed fox were not the same. So of course, the nine-tailed cat demon had a memory of inheritance, a high level of education for their offsprings, but Ye Zi’s inherited memories of weren’t very full.

But he still got the information about this fruit.

The tree that grew this fruit had to be grown in a place with heavy Yin energy and enough blood to feed it, however, a tree could only bear one fruit, and the mother tree would die if the fruit was picked. This was why this mutant tree was not even as good as an ordinary mutant tree in terms of attack and defense, except for its spiritual power, because most of its energy had to be supplied to the ten thousand dead bone fruit. When Ye Tianyi wanted to pick the fruit, the mutant tree frantically blocked him because if it didn’t block, the fruit would die if it was picked.

After listening to Ye Zi, Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but extend his spiritual power towards the underground, and then explored the many bones, there were human and animal bones, he couldn’t tell how many there were, no wonder it could grow a ten thousand dead bone fruit, so many people died, how could the Yin energy not be heavy?

But now it was the end of the world, Ye Tianyi also didn’t bother thinking about why so many people died here, he looked at Ye Zi and asked: “What is the effect of this ten thousand dead bones fruit?” It sounds like it is very powerful, but if you can’t use it, it’s useless even if it is powerful.”

Ye Zi hung his head in embarrassment and said in a small voice: “My inherited memories are incomplete, and some memories are still sealed because I am not strong enough, so ……” He couldn’t find the efficacy and usage of the Ten Thousand Dead Bones Fruit.

Ye Tianyi: “……” =_=

Ye Zi said: “But master, you can use the branches of the mother tree to make a wooden box to keep the ten thousand dead bones fruit here, when I improve my strength and lift the seal of the inherited memory, maybe I’ll know how to use it.”

Although Ye Tianyi felt that the inheritance memory of Xiaoye was incomplete, a part was also sealed, and it was very likely that there was no way to remove the seal, but he did as he said. Anyway, it was a pity to throw it away. It didn’t take up any space when it was saved.

With this thought, Ye Tianyi immediately cut a part of the thick branches from the dead mutant tree and made a small box, although the craft was a little rough, but that small box could still hold the 10,000 dead bones fruit cover tightly.

Ye Tianyi casually threw the covered small wooden box into the corner of the space, and left it behind for the time being, and they continued their journey.

But after this lesson, Ye Tianyi regained his cautiousness and did not dare to be that gullible and careless.

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