Ye Tianyi’s fourth-rank lightning ability would completely destroy the mutant bird, but because the mutant bird was born to fly, and not slow, it caused him a lot of trouble. But probably because the mutant bird’s ability was lightning, its temper was very irritable, seeing that Ye Tianyi not only snatched its fancy prey (mutant elm core), but also attacked it, so it wanted to fight.

Ye Tianyi, with the unexpectedness of spatial teleportation and the mysterious and unpredictable mental ability, made the mutant bird suffer several big losses.

The mutant bird’s intelligence wasn’t very high, no matter how irritable, it still had the instinct to sense danger, it found that its strength was inferior to Ye Tianyi, so it spread its wings to fly, to escape Ye Tianyi’s attack range.

At this point, with Ye Tianyi’s quite tacit understanding, little leaf blocked its escape route and immediately turned into a huge cat, and slapped it down, the mutant bird froze and then shot to the ground.

Ye Tianyi came over and looked at the mutant bird’s corpse, then he pulled out the crystal clear core, the round light purple core looked extraordinarily beautiful.

Ye Tianyi smiled and pulled over little leaf, who was in his human form again, and said, “Let’s go into the space!”

Since the fusion of the space with the Jade Goddess space, they had a portable residence, they usually rested there and breakthroughs were done in the space, This space allowed them to have a good time after wandering and hunting outside.

They hunted in A city and met some survivors in A city. Although they didn’t come into contact with those humans, Ye Tianyi monitored them through his mental energy and learned a lot about human bases.

For example, the first rain after the end of the world, not only destroyed Ye Tianyi’s plan to occupy as king, but also made the human base extremely cautious. The situation of the far bases were not clear, but the A city survivor base’s situation wasn’t very optimistic.

As there were not many houses in the base, it was difficult to accommodate all the survivors, and the house rent was also very expensive, so many ordinary survivors who couldn’t afford to pay the rent casually slept on the ground in the open space, anyway, the weather was very hot, so they weren’t afraid of catching a cold. But when the rainstorm came, these ordinary survivors became infected, although there were ordinary people who awakened their powers, more ordinary people became zombies, the base in A City was extremely chaotic.

The ability users were okay, even if they got caught in the rain, at most, they suffered some burns, they wouldn’t mutate into zombies. But the base suddenly had many zombies, causing panic to the base and the number of survivors greatly reduced.

Originally, the head of the A city survivor base was Commander Jiang, he was considered a good commander who loved the people and had made many decisions that were beneficial to the ordinary survivors, so he had high prestige in the hearts of the general public. However, if he wanted to give benefits to ordinary survivors, he would harm the interests of the ability users, so the number of ability users under Commander Jiang’s command wasn’t as good as those under General Xiao’s command.

The general believed that the strongest was the most important, and believed that the end of the world was a natural evolution of superiority and inferiority, and that the ability users would eventually replace those ordinary people as the future masters. Therefore, he didn’t care for the general public, and focused on the interests of them. General Xiao was embraced by many of the ability users.

The survivor base of A city had been reshuffled after the rainstorm, and the Xiao family replaced the Jiang family as the biggest power holder of the base.


For the power change of the human base, Ye Tianyi wasn’t very interested, but A city survivor base was the closest human survivor base to A city, so he was a bit more attentive. After learning that the Xiao family was on top, Ye Tianyi wasn’t in a happy mood, he hadn’t forgotten that the son of General Xiao was behind the discovery of his identity as a zombie in the base last time and then ordered for him to be killed, making him flee the base.

He still held a grudge for that.

Therefore, after Ye Tianyi learned that the Xiao family was  in charge of A city survivor base, he planned to break through to the fifth rank and lead tens of thousands of zombies to the base to walk around, to give the Xiao family an increased sense of crisis, and also for them to be prepared for danger? He thought the Xiao family was a bit complacent and forgetful, because they got the power.

Ye Tianyi got the lightning core and couldn’t wait to pull little leaf into the space, ready to start the breakthrough into the fifth order. He had been waiting for this day for a long time.

The fourth stage to the fifth stage was a qualitative breakthrough, not easy. The remaining energy was enough for him to hit the fifth stage, and the spatial and mental abilities he had accumulated for a long time, plus the assistance of the spiritual spring, Ye Tianyi almost effortlessly broke through to the fifth stage and his spatial and mental abilities reached the fifth advanced stage at once.

Ye Tianyi, who came to his senses from the breakthrough state, immediately pulled Ye Zi and kissed him hard.

Ye Zi, whose cheeks became red from a kiss, turned his head in embarrassment: “Master, what are you doing kissing me?”

Ye Tianyi smilingly coaxed him: “I kissed you because I like you ah, you lick me, isn’t it because you like me? Since we both like each other, of course we can do some intimate things.”

“But …… but ……” Little Leaf was still a little hesitant, he didn’t watch a lot of TV series, but he knew that kissing was always between a man and a woman, who were lovers. Although he didn’t quite understand what lovers meant, this didn’t prevent him from feeling sensitive to Ye Tianyi’s words, which seemed somewhat incorrect. But then again, he thought the master’s words seemed to make sense ……

Ye Tianyi once again kissed him on the forehead, but this time it was different from that forceful kiss, it was a gentle and compassionate light kiss, showing Ye Tianyi’s rare tenderness.

He reached out and caressed Little Leaf’s smooth face and whispered, “There is no but, you don’t have to think too much, you just have to remember that we are the closest existence to each other.” He held Little Leaf tightly in his arms, as if to rub him into his bones, completely fusing the two into one, and truly becoming the most intimate existence.

Although Ye Zi still some doubts, he listened to Ye Tianyi and no longer dwelled on this, he happily followed Ye Tianyi’s example, and kissed him on his face: “I’ll kiss you too, because I also like you.”


The fourth-rank to the fifth-rank was a watershed, the strength was a completely qualitative change, Ye Tianyi was now a fifth-rank zombie, with fifth-rank lightning, space, and mental abilities, his strength has increased greatly.

He felt that now that his strength had increased, he could go and try out exactly how much his strength had increased today. As for the target of the experiment ……A city survivor base was a good choice, just in time to also test the Xiao family. Anyway, he already intended to break through to the fifth-rank after leaving A city to B city, before leaving, he had to find trouble for the Xiao family.

Before the breakthrough, Ye Tianyi could use mental energy to control other zombies, after the breakthrough to the fifth-rank, even if he didn’t have the mental energy, only the coercion of a fifth-rank zombie, was enough to make countless ordinary zombies obey him. And as long as their level didn’t exceed him, he could still use his mental energy on them.

This way, Ye Tianyi could almost control tens of thousands of zombies, of which there were not a few high-grade evolved zombies, and it was easy.

A city survivor base was located in the outskirts of the countryside, covering a large area, but very desolate. If it were not for the desolation and sparse population here, the survivor base would not have been established after the end of the world, because a place with many people before the end of the world meant that there were many zombies after the end of the world.

A city was a big city with an extremely developed economy and a large population. Even if most people turned into zombies or died, the number of survivors was still a very significant number and a survivor base simply couldn’t support so many humans. So a circle of land outside the base walls was opened up to grow some high-yielding food, and it was a good thing that third-rank wood ability users could purify the soil so that humans had a place to grow food.

It was a pity that the third-rank wood ability was still low, they had the ability to purify the soil, but there was no way to purify all the toxins in the soil, at most, the food could grow in the soil, the food would have a slight toxin, which wasn’t very suitable for human consumption.

But people were hungry, did they care whether the food was toxic or not? Even if it could kill them, these hungry people would also eat.

This kind of grain containing toxins was supplied to ordinary civilians, so outside the walls of the city, those who risked working to serve these foods were also ordinary civilians. This kind of land work was dangerous, but the pay was relatively generous, a family of four could earn three days of rations, so many ordinary people were willing to risk it.

On this day, the sun had just come out and it was so hot that people were sweating. A small door was opened at the city gate, and those ordinary people who were responsible for planting outside the city came out with hoes and other tools.

However, before they could start working, they noticed a small black dot appearing on the distant horizon, which was rapidly increasing and slowly approaching the base ……

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