“Sir, isn’t it too sweet?” Butler Fang asked tentatively.

Since taking over Liang’s, their young master’s state was getting better and better, although still aloof and not talkative, but housekeeper Fang had gradually seen the shadow of the old Mr. Liang back then in him, reticent but with great wisdom.

But since he saw a psychiatrist last month, Mr. Liang had fallen into a strange state, as if …… everything he did was absent-minded.

At the beginning of 1983, the price of housing in Hong Kong began to pick up. Because of the covered sales and hunger marketing strategy, the Liang’s won the opening of the new year, several subsidiaries of the large property rose one after another. In the upper class of Hong Kong, few people called Liang Zhe “Little Mr. Liang”, instead of a polite “Mr. Liang”.

Liang Zhe was unconsciously sipping the coffee in his hand when he heard the words of housekeeper Fang, he snapped back to his senses and felt the sweetness coming from his mouth, Liang Zhe couldn’t help but frown and spit the coffee in his mouth into another empty ceramic cup.

His table was already full of torn open boxes of creamer, butler Fang took a look at the already white coffee, and silently poured a cup of water for Liang Zhe.

“I heard that tomorrow is the day that Mr. Li Zheng’s laboratory will be unveiled.” The housekeeper Fang mentioned it as if he wasn’t thinking about it.

Li Zheng completely treated Liang Zhe as a good friend, the night of the laboratory opening, Li Zheng would invite his friends and teachers in Hong Kong to have dinner, so he specially called the Liang family.

When Liang Zhe heard Li Zheng’s name, it was as if he had been electrocuted, and the water in his cup almost spilled on him. He remembered what the psychiatrist said to himself.

“Mr. Liang, in this case, you must have met someone you like very much.” Dr. Tang raised his gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, with a pleased smile on his face.

“Like very much?” Liang Zhe chewed on the meaning of these words, and the moment he connected these words with Li Zheng, it was as if a stream of joy was rushing through the bottom of his heart.

The mere fact of realizing that he liked this person made him feel like he was drinking an iced drink on a summer day, and his body was indescribably comfortable.

“Like does not only happen between men and women, like for relatives, like for friends, like for anyone around is worth cherishing, this is a very beautiful feeling.” Dr. Tang had been acting as Liang Zhe’s psychiatrist since the incident with the Liang couple, and he had heard about the change that had occurred in the Liang family some time ago.

Little Mr. Liang had lived alone in the huge house since Mr. and Mrs. Liang left, and although the Liang family had many subordinates, there was no one he could be close to psychologically, and the only few relatives in his blood weren’t good, that kind of loneliness in his mind made him completely close himself off.

Not to mention that he had experienced something so terrible some time ago. Being stuffed into an oil drum and thrown into the sea, a dark and small space, and outside the boundless sea that meant death, Dr. Tang was prepared for Liang Zhe’s condition to worsen.

Therefore, he was very excited when he found that Liang Zhe’s autistic tendencies not only did not worsen but also showed the tendency to be slowly cured. He tried to lead Liang Zhe to believe that like was a very beautiful emotion, he would not have thought that it was his words that succeeded in mending the window paper that was about to be pierced in Liang Zhe’s heart, and also added another layer.

Liang Zhe rinsed his mouth with water, “What time is it?”

The old face smiled like a chrysanthemum, “Nine o’clock in the morning, don’t worry, I will wake you up early tomorrow!” Dr. Tang’s exhortation before leaving made him even more sure that his path of “warming the young master’s lonely heart with friendship” was the right one!

On the other hand, Li Zheng’s lab welcomed its first guests – the engineers of AKS.

“Mr. White, it must’ve been hard for you to make the trip.” Li Zheng personally stood at the entrance of the laboratory, he wanted to pick them up from the plane but was refused by the old Mr. White, saying that there was no reason for customers to greet them as service providers.

In the top biopharmaceutical circle, Mr. White enjoyed very high prestige, he was a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, but later suspected that staying in school couldn’t expose him to the most advanced equipment, and he resolutely give up the social status and income, to join the Exxon, and became the chief engineer of Exxon.

Although Mr. White left the circle of top scholars, he was close friends with many leaders of the discipline. The old engineer, who was stubborn by nature, once scolded a Nobel laureate for eating noodles on top of a biosafety cabinet.

“Li Zheng, I’ve heard of you, you’re a very impressive young man.” Mr. White spoke in Cantonese, though not very fluent, it still took Li Zheng by surprise.

“You know Cantonese, Mr. White?”

“A little, my daughter and son-in-law have been in Hong Kong for a long time.” He switched back to English this time, apparently Cantonese was still difficult for him, and his first sentence in Cantonese was just to show his politeness and respect.

Li Zheng smiled and nodded, and did not pursue the question.

Mr. White was surprised to see this and gave him a look, a trace of satisfaction flashed in his eyes. Li Zheng led the engineer towards the inside of Qing Garden.

Zheng Lingling jogged all the way from the other way to the inside of the villa first, she checked the tea and related information again to make sure it was correct before patting her little heart, this experience of being in contact with the outside world as an individual made her feel amazed and excited.

AKS engineers were very professional, in just one morning all the equipment debugging and installation were done, Mr. White walked around several test equipment with interest.

“This is a product of American Dixon?” Mr. White spoke up.

In addition to the Exxon products purchased through David, Daniel provided the best American biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment supplier, Dixon products.

The United States in the eighties had gradually left the United Kingdom and even Europe behind, the American customs although not as open to China as the Europeans, but certain top of the line high-tech equipment wouldn’t be sold to Europe.

With Mr. White’s identity, to get one or two pieces of American equipment wasn’t impossible, but the stubborn old man just couldn’t get past the point in his heart. Today, when he saw Dixon’s products in Li Zheng’s laboratory, he couldn’t help but be pleased with them.

Li Zheng saw Mr. White’s torn mood, he lightly smiled, “Mr. White, Dixon’s engineers have not been available recently, if you can guide me on how to install and debug these devices, I would be very grateful. As you know, for a scientific research scholar, time is very precious.”

Li Zheng’s words made the only obstacle in Mr. White’s heart disappear, and he coughed dryly, his good feeling towards Li Zheng rose several steps, “I heard that you developed medicine for frozen blood and made its molecular formula public, good heart, and good temperament. A scholar like you deserves the best.”

The other engineers stopped the work at hand in unison, they looked at each other, this stubborn old man could actually praise a person like this! The way they looked at Li Zheng instantly became different.

Because of Dixon products, Mr. White decided to stay in Hong Kong for a few more days, and Li Zheng obediently invited him and his party to attend the unveiling ceremony and dinner party the next day, and Mr. White agreed with a smile.

“I had promised my daughter and son-in-law they could join us for dinner, you shouldn’t be short of two pairs of chopsticks here.” Mr. White was obviously very knowledgeable about Chinese culture.

“Naturally, you are very welcome.”

While the guests were enjoying themselves, the phone in the lab suddenly rang.

Li Zheng froze for a moment, the lab’s phone had just been installed, and even he himself had not memorized the number, so the only people who would call now were probably the people at the security booth.

Li Zheng picked up the phone.


“Mr. Li Zheng, this is security guard Xiao Liu, there is a man here named He Zhongming who claims to be your classmate, should I let him in?” The voice of the doorman Xiao Liu came from the phone.

He Zhongming? Li Zheng’s mind went to the scene he saw that day when he argued with the middle-aged man, and he couldn’t help but frown, what did he come to see him for?

“Let him in.” Li Zheng still valued the relationship of classmates, and it was very common for his fellow students not to look at their birth or school in the scientific community. For example, the Department of Architecture at Shangji University was a giant in the construction industry in China, and an alumni group from the same department held together to form an exclusive force that had a very high voice in the industry and had been made a construction school valve by others in the industry.

Li Zheng spent so much time in Huaqing University in his last life, naturally, he was also a member of the school valve, so he had an ear to the ground and valued the relationships of classmates, alumni, and teachers.

“Mr. Li Zheng has agreed to let you in, Xiao Zhang, take him in.” Xiao Liu hung up the phone and said to another young man who was standing straight outside the security booth.

This young man called Xiao Zhang didn’t have a fierce aura, he nodded his head, jumped down from the standing booth, and walked to He Zhongming, “Come with me.”

At this time, He Zhongming was different from his past poise, he had thick dark circles under his eyes, a not yet clean shaved chin with fine stubble, he lowered his head and looked at the delicate and atmospheric Qing Garden, he felt torn.

If Li Zheng was a rich second generation, perhaps he would still feel better. But he clearly knew that this place was bought with his patent money, why could he do it and he could not.

He Zhongming clenched his fist, remembering his father’s harsh words, he clenched his teeth and continued walking.

He Zhongming was led into the second laboratory by Xiao Zhang, Li Zheng was talking with Mr. White very pleasantly, one by one professional terms popped out from the two, Zheng Lingling tried to write down what the two said.

She thought it was much more interesting than the teacher’s lecture.

When He Zhongming came in, he saw such a scene, Li Zheng had a fluent London accent, he spoke professionally with pride and confidence, and his conversation with Mr. White seemed like an exchange between the wise men of ancient Greece, which was admirable.

But in He Zhongming’s eyes, this scene was extraordinarily eye-catching.

“Class president? Why are you here? The unveiling ceremony is tomorrow.” Zheng Lingling thought that He Zhongming was invited by Li Zheng to attend the opening ceremony of the lab, after all, Li Zheng did not publicize the matter of Qing Garden, so the students couldn’t be aware of it.

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