After Ye Tianyi dressed Ye Zi, he looked the pretty cat boy up and down, satisfied and also a little amused, he reached out and touched Ye Zi’s head and smiled, “Well, quite good.”

As soon as Ye Zi became happy, he wanted to get on all fours, Ye Tianyi quickly stopped him and said, “Now that you have taken a human form, you can’t crawl like a cat in the future, you have to stand up and walk upright on two legs.”

Slightly bewildered, Ye Zi looked at his white and tender legs, and then at his hands, which were grasped in Ye Tianyi’s hands, he tentatively stood up and took two steps in Ye Tianyi’s direction.

He felt a little uncomfortable with this way of walking, but it was indeed more convenient for a humanoid to walk on two legs than on four limbs of different lengths, Ye Zi took a few steps under Ye Tianyi’s guardianship and jumped into Ye Tianyi’s arms after getting used to it, he stuck out his tongue and licked his face.

The slippery touch on his face caused Ye Tianyi’s body to stiffen, before little leaf licked him, but that was, after all an animal’s way of showing a friendly and intimate behavior, but licking him in human form, was filled with a teasing ambiguous meaning, it almost made him unable to hold back. Originally, he didn’t have ordinary feelings for the beautiful young man in his arms, and he was still very stunning. In addition, his puzzled little expression, and pure actions was really a killer … Ye Tianyi felt that since he could hold on to Ye Zi, his self-control was good.

Holding Ye Zi, his heart was very torn. He had the heart to educate Ye Zi on not licking people casually, but also selfishly didn’t want to let this little benefit go, and finally, after hesitating for while, Ye Tianyi still didn’t say anything. Anyway, Ye Zi could only come into contact with him as a man now. If he wanted to lick him…. Such a good benefit couldn’t be thrown out.

However, Ye Zi’s childish personality was still the same as before, but he was now in human form. If he acted like a cat, it was a little bad. Therefore, Ye Tianyi intended to teach Ye Zi words and behaviour of a human.

# Minute by minute, I’ll teach you how to behave! #

First of all, from eating with chopsticks – Ye Tianyi helplessly watched Ye Zi knock over a plate of food again, and finally gave up teaching him how to eat with chopsticks, anyway, the cat demon didn’t need to eat, failing for nth times, Ye Tianyi consoled himself.

Teaching Ye Zi to dress himself, in the end, it still ended terribly, it was a failure again.

Ye Tianyi followed Ye Zi for more than ten hours, teaching him to eat, dress, walk and talk …… Apart from talking, the rest all ended in failure.

Finally, Ye Zi impatiently changed back to his cat form, Ye Tianyi could only give up helplessly.

Ye Tianyi sighed and stroked the hair on the back of Ye Zi and said: “Forget it, you don’t want to learn it, anyway, now is the end of the world, maybe the human race will be extinct.”

Anyway, he and Ye Zi were not humans, what was the point of clinging to the habits of human life? In the future, he would help him wear clothes, he would carry him …… he would take care of everything.

Moreover, Ye Tianyi had an unexplainable intention in his heart-it would be best if Ye Zi was always inseparable from him.


  Ye Zi glanced at Ye Tianyi’s face, after seeing that he really gave up on ‘teaching’ him, then happily jumped into his arms: “Meow~ Master you are really good!”

Ye Tianyi reflexively hugged Ye Zi, and when he heard him speak, he was quite shocked: “You can actually talk?”

It wasn’t strange that Ye Zi in human form could talk, but now Ye Zi was in the form of a cat, but he could still speak?

Ye Zi wagged his tail in confusion: “I could talk long ago, ah.” Why was master making such a fuss?

Ye Tianyi touched his throat area, so little leaf was like those TV dramas that the animals could talk, he calmed down and no longer fussed.

He looked at the little leaf and suddenly spoke: “I’ll give you a name, okay?”

Little Leaf tilted his head and asked strangely, “Don’t I have a name?”

Ye Tianyi said, “Little Leaf is just a nickname, I’ll give you a real name, okay?” Little Yezi was just like the nickname Little White and Little Black, a nickname that the owner gave to the pet at will, but now that Little Yezi could become a human, Ye Tianyi decided to treat Little Yezi as an equal, not as his pet, so he wanted to give Little Yezi a proper name.

Little leaf had very deep feelings for Ye Tianyi, so he nodded happily. The master was willing to give him a real name, which meant he was very important in the master’s heart.

Ye Tianyi smiled and said: “Then I will call you …… Ye Weiqing.” Using his surname Ye, it could be considered as following the husband’s surname, Weiqing, only you …… we are each other’s only.

Ye Weiqing’s limited brain capacity ultimately couldn’t quite understand the deep meaning of his name, he didn’t even know the three words of the name, so he quickly forgot his own name. He was still “little leaf”.

Ye Tianyi didn’t mind, he would still call him ‘little leaf’.

The reason why he gave Little Yezi another name, Ye Weiqing, was just to show his respect and fondness for him. The name was just a code name, the deep meaning of the name ‘Ye Weiqing’, as long as he alone knew, it was enough, as long as this name belonged to Little Leaf, it was enough.

  Ye Tianyi looked at Little Leaf’s happy appearance, a gentle smile appeared on his lips, and his eyes were incredibly soft.


Now that Little Leaf had finished advancing, and Ye Tianyi had had enough rest, he decided to go out of the space to continue their hunting trip.

The end world was becoming more and more dangerous, If they didn’t work hard to improve their strength, they wouldn’t be able to preserve their strength, and they had to keep working hard. He didn’t know what the trend of the end times would be, was it gradually towards peace, or gradually towards extinction? The future was confusing, Ye Tianyi could only strive to improve their strength so that he and little leaf would live a little longer.

Zombies were no longer considered living things, so there was no life expectancy, and a cat demon’s life expectancy was long. The future of Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi still had many years to go, of course, he didn’t want them to die in the hands of others because of poor strength.

Originally, he intended to unify all the zombies in A city, occupy the once incomparable prosperity of the city, to become the Lord of the city, but because of the unexpected mutation of the plant, he felt that their strength wasn’t strong enough to occupy the land as king. When he was strong enough, he could occupy cities. They wouldn’t have to worry about being discovered by humans as they did now, or about encountering mutant plants that were particularly difficult to deal with.

   In a blink of an eye, more than three months passed by Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi’s busy upgrades.

Ye Tianyi’s mental and spatial psychic abilities gradually rose to the peak of the fourth-rank in countless exercises, while his lightning ability was still in the middle of the fourth rank, but the good thing was that in time, because of the drag of the lightning ability, the other two abilities that couldn’t advance could also accumulate, and during the breakthrough to the fifth rank, perhaps the energy change would cause a qualitative change, directly letting the two abilities breakthrough to advanced fifth-rank.

So Ye Tianyi wasn’t in a hurry, he followed Ye Zi and fought both mutant beasts and mutant plants. Only after a lot of battles could their strength increase.

 Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi attacked the most fragile core of a huge mutant elm tree. The third-rank high-level mutant elm tree that was still majestic stopped waving its branches and then collapsed.

Little Leaf was now in human form – because Ye Tianyi wanted to train his human form’s combat power, so he was not allowed to turn into his cat form until the critical moment – and very fast, a few streaks of shadow flashed, its exotic core was pulled out by Little Leaf.

   Ye Tianyi watched with a gentle expression as Ye Zi happily waved the core in his hand, suddenly a sense of crisis flashed in his heart, and immediately he subconsciously teleported to Ye Zi’s side and then escaped from that place.

He had just transiently moved away with Ye Zi, and the place where they were standing before was struck by several very thick lightning pillars, making a huge crater.

Looking at that huge crater, Ye Tianyi wasn’t scared but delighted. It was a lightning ability user?

He looked over in the direction of the lightning, only to see a very beautiful bird standing on top of an ordinary tree without mutation, he didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but he could be sure that the lightning was from it.

It was really a great deal of work to find it. He searched for a long time for a lightning ability zombie or mutated beast, but at this time, it appeared in front of him, but it also happened to be the fourth-rank primary lightning ability which would allow him to enter the fifth-rank barrier with its core.

That’s right, it was another core. In Ye Tianyi’s eyes, this mutant bird had become a lightning core delivered to his door.

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