The ordinary people’s eyesight wasn’t good, they could only see a lot of black dots moving on the horizon in the distance, but the early warning of the ability users guarding the walls was different, the people guarding the walls were basically equipped with binoculars.

There weren’t only gold, wood, water, fire, earth, lightning, and spatial abilities, there were varieties of special abilities, some could become mutant beasts, the beast state combat ability was very powerful. And some shape-shifting ability users were able to mutate into birds, their vision even exceeded the ordinary telescope. They immediately transformed into mutant birds and flew high into the sky when those black dots just appeared in their field of vision, and then gave a long whistle.

Now the survivor base had a relatively complete defense, after receiving the warning, they almost immediately let those ordinary people into the city, and then tightly closed the city gates and opened the defense system, a number of cannon muzzles on the walls were set, the army of ability users moved in an orderly manner. The radio inside the base also sounded: “A large number of zombies are approaching the base, please all ability users accept the dispatch and prepare for battle ……”

The ability users had all kinds of privileges in the base and lived much better than ordinary people, basically, an ability user could support a family of five and live more generously. And the ability users had to do their duty – they had to listen to the dispatch and work together to guard the base.

The speed of ordinary zombies wasn’t really fast, so until the base was ready for defense, the thousands of zombie’s army finally appeared in the view of people.

Thousands didn’t seem to be very big, but the visual scene of the zombie pile gave people a very scary feeling. Almost at a glance, their sight was filled with monstrous bodies, and a strong smell of rot and decay floated into the base. There was no end at all, and only the birds, who had the upper hand in the sky, could see where the end of the army lied.

The number of shape-shifters was very rare, and the number of shape-shifters who were birds was even rarer. Yu Ping was one of these very rare ability users, and her ability level was the highest among these ability users, the intermediate third-rank, and was also their captain. In particular, Yu Ping’s beast was a corpse-eating vulture, very good at dealing with zombies, and it had a very strong combat power.

   Originally Yu Ping had been a rearguard under Commander Jiang, and because she was an ordinary human, she hadn’t had much to do. Awakening her ability in the late period of her life, she once again felt dissatisfied with General Jiang’s respect for civilians and reduced interests of the ability users, and surreptitiously turned to the Xiao family. Now the Xiao family was the last to laugh at the change of power in the survivor’s base. As the winner, she congratulated herself on her foresight.

The first thing Yu Ping did was to turn into a beast and fly into the air, hovering in the air in the name of reconnaissance and not willing to go down. Because once she went down, she would have to fight with the zombies, in this large battle, she would inevitably be injured, it was better to continue to monitor the zombie army by hovering in the air, anyway, the zombies couldn’t fly, as long as she didn’t fall, nothing could hurt her.

With this idea, Yu Ping managed a few bird shape-shifters hovering in the air to monitor the zombie army, from time to time to send some news back, taking the credit.


The zombie army rushed to the base wall not far in front and began an extremely fierce battle, the injury rate was rapidly increasing.

Yu Ping hovered in mid-air, immensely glad that she had once again made a wise decision.

She waved her wings in a swoop and descended a little, her sharp eyes casually swept over the zombie crowd, and she was about to fly up again when she suddenly stared wide-eyed at the two people who were surrounded and covered by countless evolved zombies at the back of the zombie army.

These two people, no, not people. One of them had cat ears and cat tail, it seemed to be shape-shifting beast or an incomplete mutant cat shifter, while the other wore clean clothes, not much different from a normal man.

However, after Yu Ping saw the man’s appearance with her incomparably sharp bird’s eye, she almost forgot to wave her wings

Wasn’t that man the high-ranking zombie she found in the base last time?

Yu Ping remembered that she had just defected to the Xiao family, and when she met with Young Master Xiao, she intended to borrow that rather strong third-ranked ability user Ye Tianyi from Young Master Xiao to establish her authority, only to be shocked to find that the other party was a zombie.

Her beast form was a corpse-eating vulture, and she was very familiar with the faint smell of rotting corpses that emanated from the bones of corpses and zombies, and even if she hadn’t transformed into her beast form, she would never have smelled wrong.

But how could a zombie look similar to a human? And how did the zombie enter the base?

These questions shocked her, she subconsciously revealed his identity of the zombie, and then she found that the IQ of the zombie called Ye Tianyi was very high, he fled the base before he looked towards her, those cold piercing eyes with murderous intent, she knew she wouldn’t forget it in her life.

The high IQ zombie that escaped wasn’t only a major problem for Xiao’s family and the base’s top brass, but also a nightmare for her. The strength of that zombie was very strong, from his ability to disguise as a human to infiltrate the base as well as to escape from the base after his identity was revealed, his strength was definitely not something she could counteract, if he could disguise as a human and quietly infiltrate the base to seek revenge on her …… this terrible thought kept her awake for days.

However, more than a year had passed, but nothing happened, the terrible zombie also seemed to have disappeared, which made her gradually put down her heart.

However, today she actually saw the zombie hiding in the zombie army of this zombie attack!

 Was he really here to seek revenge?

Yu Ping was panicking when Ye Tianyi, who had been watched, suddenly raised his head, a pair of ink-colored eyes stared straight at her, and then she realized that the eyes, which were no different from those of a normal person, gradually turned to the blood-red color of a zombie’s pupils ……

Yu Ping was frightened and flew towards the base after letting out a sharp whistle, her movements as stiff as the first stage zombies.


After Ye Tianyi watched the corpse-eating vulture fly crookedly towards the base, several other mutant birds also hurriedly flew after it into the survivor base.

  Were these mutated birds owned by the humans?

He looked up and saw an ugly-looking corpse-eating vulture staring at him, so he thought that the vulture and the other mutant birds were attracted by the noise of the battle here and wanted to take advantage of the defeat between the two sides. So he intended to give them a little gift.

But the mutant birds flew too high, and he could only use his mental ability to attack, not necessarily kill them yet. So Ye Tianyi had to choose to concentrate all of his mental energy to attack the corpse-eating vulture that was staring at him from a distance because this corpse-eating vulture was the largest in size and seemed to be the highest in rank.

The corpse-eating vulture that was attacked by his mental energy gave a sharp whistle and stumbled away, followed by the remaining mutant birds.

But they seemed to be flying away in the wrong direction, why were they flying towards the base? They weren’t afraid of being killed by the base’s ability users? Or, these mutant birds were pets? There was also a possibility that the corpse-eating bird was made insane by his mental attack and flew to the wrong place, but this possibility was too small, after all, if it flew in the wrong direction, other mutant birds wouldn’t follow ah.

   Not knowing the strange powers of the shape-shifters, Ye Tianyi didn’t take these strange mutant birds into his mind, after a moment of doubt, he threw all his attention back into the battlefield.

A city survivor base wasn’t a small base, the survivors inside the base were at least hundreds of thousands, the defense system was also relatively perfect, at least Ye Tianyi brought these tens of thousands of zombies, yet they might not be able to break into the A city survivor base.

So Ye Tianyi didn’t intend to show up at all, he and Ye Zi were surrounded by the zombies, they carefully hid and paid close attention to the strength of the base and the strength of the ability users.

In general, in this case, the base was unlikely to have experts hiding, Ye Tianyi could easily judge the degree of evolution of humans today from the ability users who had struck. If a large base like the A City Survivor Base only had a third-rank peak ability user, other small bases should be even less likely to have any experts, so the B City he was about to go to shouldn’t have any tricky ability users.

After testing the strength of the human base, Ye Tianyi’s mental energy swept around the battlefield, regrettably not finding Young Master Xiao and the female ability user who saw through his zombie identity and retreated with the remaining zombie troops.

From beginning to end, Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi did not expose themselves to the base’s ability users.

However, what he didn’t know was that the female ability user he had been looking for for a long time had once again seen through his identity ……

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