After hearing these words, Duan Hengye froze in place. He couldn’t help but ask himself a rhetorical question in his head: What did Meng Jinhuai’s words …… mean?

But before Duan Hengye could think of a reason, the Lord Marshal gently patted Duan Hengye’s back with his palm, then let go of him and said, “It’s time to remove your arm.”

Meng Jinhuai’s words interrupted Duan Hengye’s thoughts, and he followed the other party’s line of sight to look. As expected. The wound on his arm, which was hideous a few hours ago, had now disappeared without a trace under the soaking of the nutrient solution.

In addition to the new skin that was a bit red, he couldn’t see the traces of the wound.

Although he already knew that the interstellar era’s nutrition pods were very miraculous. But after seeing his own arm, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but marvel at it in his heart.

Duan Hengye hadn’t used the nutrition module before, now the wound had healed, but he didn’t know what he should do next for a while. Meng Jinhuai saw Duan Hengye’s confusion, he got up and walked to the back of the nutrition pod, and then clicked the small light screen at the back.

Just as Meng Jinhuai’s finger lifted from the light screen, Duan Hengye saw the dark blue liquid that had been wrapping his arm begin to evaporate rapidly. Duan Hengye didn’t know what the principle of this evaporation was, but as the liquid gradually disappeared, his arm also slowly regained a little warmth.

After the nutrient liquid completely disappeared, the transparent nutrient cabin also slowly cracked open from the middle. Although Duan Hengye saw the process of its closure with his own eyes when he came, but once again, to see the smooth bulkhead cracking, he still felt some novelty.

Meng Jinhuai had been watching Duan Hengye, he had long felt that his spouse retained a higher than normal sense of curiosity about the things around him. Whenever this feeling emerged, Duan Hengye would have a childlike innocent aura that was the opposite of his usual mature and stable state.

After seeing that the wound on his arm was completely healed, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but sit there and bend his arm. Because of his position, in doing these movements, Duan Hengye’s muscles were slightly sore and numb.

Duan Hengye was just about to get up, and at this time, Meng Jinhuai suddenly walked next to him again, and then slowly half-kneeled on the ground again like earlier. Duan Hengye saw that Meng Jinhuai carefully put down the sleeves he had pulled up.

Standing up again, Meng Jinhuai extended his hand to Duan Hengye. Despite being stunned by Meng Jinhuai’s actions just now, Duan Hengye finally eased up a little. He hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his right hand, and then was gently pulled up by Meng Jinhuai.

Duan Hengye’s body was draped in a black trench coat, and just as he got up, the trench coat slipped off his shoulders. When Meng Jinhuai noticed this, he immediately reached out his hand, then took the cloth that almost fell down, and then put it back on for Duan Hengye.

Under the lights, Meng Jinhuai’s movements were gentle to the extreme, and within these few minutes, Duan Hengye couldn’t even help but hold his breath for fear of disturbing the tranquility of this moment.

It wasn’t until Meng Jinhuai re-approved the clothes for Duan Duan Hengye that he smiled at the other again, and then he childishly reached out and ruffled Duan Hengye’s hair and said: “Well, you have to pay attention to the warmth of your arm during this time.”

…… Duan Hengye’s ears instantly became red.

From the beginning of the establishment of An Luo University’s establishment, it had never been continuously closed for such a long time. Two days after the incident, the entire school’s daily work pressed the pause button, and people from the military department entered An Luo and began to use professional equipment to line up weapons in the corners of the campus.

The An Luo campus was very large, despite the adequate manpower of the military, the matter still took two full days. During this time, the students who were restricted from moving around turned on their light computers out of boredom and began to communicate with their friends on Starnet about the incident ……

From the morning of the day after the incident, some of the students of the Mecha Department who had been taken as “hostages” returned to their dormitories. They, like the first group of students, also described Duan Hengye’s actions on the Internet.

As eyewitnesses of the second half of this incident, they were most impressed with Duan Hengye’s performance after his arms were tied. The students of An Luo were all deservedly “academic”, although the nature of the specialization of the Department of Mecha was science, everyone’s writing was also very stunning.

So while the netizens of Star Network hadn’t come out from the shock of the previous day’s event, and then several logical and smoothly written posts appeared on the Internet. Although the people who wrote the posts were different, the same thing was true – the image of Duan Hengye in them was incomparably stunning.

Although people had seen the live video on Tize Star, the description of “flying up” in the post still tickled everyone’s heart.

But unfortunately, the event wasn’t live. The day after the incident, Duan Hengye returned to the Institute under the escort of the military, temporarily stopping his lectures at An Luo University.

The virtual model of the mecha had already passed the light computer experiment, and after a while of preparation and review, a mecha manufacturing site located in the Institute finally opened after many years.

Under normal circumstances, mass-produced mechas could be precisely assembled in just over half a day. However, newly designed mechas like the “Nanzhu” needed to be assembled at a special manufacturing site, and this work usually took two weeks.

Duan Hengye returned to the research institute, and after completing his daily research work, he would take the hovercraft to the manufacturing site. Now five days had passed, the internal assembly of the mecha was still some days away from the end, but from the appearance alone, it wasn’t different from the virtual model on the light computer.

Looking at the silver mecha that had not yet been painted, Duan Hengye’s heart was full of satisfaction. Although the assembly of the mecha was completely done by them, even he, the designer, wouldn’t play any role in the assembly. But no matter how busy he was every day, Duan Hengye would still take the time to come over and watch it being assembled.

Of course, Duan Hengye wasn’t the only one who was curious about the new mecha. There were less than ten people in the research institute who had permission to come to the manufacturing site to watch. And during these five days, these people, like Duan Hengye, would come and walk around when they had nothing to do …… In addition, the one who liked to do this was Admiral Yu Xinran who was currently in charge of keeping an eye on the Institute’s security.

Today Duan Hengye’s work was relatively easy, at one o’clock in the afternoon he had arrived at the manufacturing site.

Unlike the imaginary factory, the place where all the new mechas of the Ye Tian Empire were bred looked very much like an egg standing on the ground from the outside. In order to enter the manufacturing point, one had to go through more than ten identity verification sessions without repeats to get in.

“…… identity verification is over, Southern Star: Duan Hengye, Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute Director.”

After completing the last verification procedure, Duan Hengye finally walked inside this manufacturing point. It was a ten-meter long silver and white corridor, after Duan Hengye walked in, the door behind him slowly closed, and after another ten seconds of waiting, the door in front of him opened at the same speed.

At this time Duan Hengye saw that there was actually a person standing inside the manufacturing site at this time.

That person was wearing the Institute’s white uniform, with long dark brown hair pulled up behind his head. His hands were gently in his pockets, and he was looking up at the mecha in front of him, his whole posture was very elegant. Duan Hengye identified the person from his hair and height, but before he could call out the other’s name, after hearing the beep of the manufacturing point door opening with a delay of a few seconds, the man in white standing in front of him slowly turned around.

He nodded towards Duan Hengye and then greeted, “Good afternoon, Professor Duan.”

“Good afternoon, Professor Su.” After saying that, Duan Hengye went to his side, this was the best angle to observe the mecha assembly.

During this period of time, in the eyes of the colleagues of the research institute, the relationship between Duan Hengye and Su Mingge had unknowingly changed from the previous dislike of each other to a friendly working partner.

Duan Hengye wasn’t originally a cold person as it seemed on the surface, and Su Mingge was also considered a person who gossiped more. So because there was no permission to come to the manufacturing site, most people didn’t know that the relationship between Duan Hengye and Su Mingge had been slowly getting closer and closer in the recent period of time as they watched the mecha assembly and chatted.

When he saw Duan Hengye come over, Su Mingge took his hand out of his pocket, then he looked up at the mecha and said to Duan Hengye: “I studied mecha design when I was an undergraduate, but I started to focus on mecha weapon system research after my master’s degree. I didn’t feel anything before, but now I’m seeing a complete mecha slowly assembled …… this process is indeed very accomplishing, after watching, I’m really a little envious of you.” Although Su Mingge said so, in fact, his tone didn’t have a “lost” or “envious” undertone.

Everyone in the research institute had a hundred percent passion and love for their profession, not to mention Su Mingge, the vice director. Duan Hengye knew that the reason why the other party said this to him was because he was fascinated by the process of rapidly assembling the mechas from nothing to something day by day.

Duan Hengye also looked up at the mecha, then casually said to Su Mingge, “If it’s not compared to the mass production state, this assembly is actually not slow, and it’s estimated that it will be finished in the next week.”

“Is that so?” Su Mingge couldn’t help but raise his tone, “Remember to call me when the time comes, we’ll go together to watch the new mecha test flight.”

The mecha test flight was conducted on a special planet, Duan Hengye nodded and said, “Okay, I will inform you when the time is set.”

Su Mingge was concentrating on the mecha, and after hearing Duan Hengye say the words “the time is set”, he suddenly turned around, then faced Duan Hengye and asked, “Will you return to An Luo University?”

This huge manufacturing room had three rows of operating tables, each with a silver leather seat behind it. Seeing this, Duan Hengye slowly walked to the operating table, then pulled out a chair and sat on it. He thought for a moment, then shook his head towards Su Mingge and said, “Not for the time being, the investigation of An Luo University is not over yet.”

Su Mingge also sat down with Duan Hengye. He nodded and said, “I remember that this semester is about to end, and the suspension of classes at this time will have a big impact.”

Unlike Duan Hengye, who was secretly cultivated by the royal family, Su Mingge was a graduate of the mecha department of An Luo University, and although he graduated many years ago, Su Mingge still magically remembered the school’s vacation time.

“But ……” after the words were said, Su Mingge suddenly shook his head towards Duan Hengye, then suddenly said to him with an admiring face: “You are also really powerful, to have given so many lessons to the mecha department already. Someone like me who can’t stand children can’t be a teacher.”

If he just looked at his face alone, Su Mingge was actually no different from Duan Hengye’s group of students at An Luo. So when these words came out of his mouth, there was a sense of lack of harmony ……

Duan Hengye thought about it carefully, he didn’t know if it was because of his daily performance of being more serious, but in fact the students of An Luo’s mecha department were still very obedient during class. The reason why Su Mingge had this impression was probably that he brought himself into the identity of a student back then.

Of course, Duan Hengye just thought about it, he didn’t say that to Su Mingge.

As a somewhat talkative person, despite the fact that Duan Hengye, the companion of the chat, wasn’t cooperative at all, Su Mingge found a new topic every time it became silent.

He was a person who said whatever came to his mind, just now after talking to Duan Hengye about “the group of kids from An Luo University”, Su Mingge suddenly remembered something that had been buried in his heart for a long time.

Duan Hengye saw that Su Mingge, who had been leisurely looking up at the mecha, suddenly had a different expression. Immediately afterward, the other party twisted around somewhat hesitantly to look at him, and then asked, “There is something …… I don’t know if it is appropriate, but uh …… I’m still quite curious.”

Duan Hengye remembered that when he first met Su Mingge when he just transmigrated into the “Dumping Interstellar”, the other party seemed to be gathering to speak “badly” about him. And after finding out that he heard those words, Su Mingge’s performance was also disdainful enough.

He couldn’t figure out why Su Mingge, who wasn’t embarrassed at that time, would have such a hesitant expression on his face now.

Although after seeing Su Mingge’s expression, Duan Hengye knew that what he wanted to say was definitely not something good, but in the end, curiosity still defeated Duan Hengye. But before Duan Hengye nodded in agreement, he heard Su Mingge suddenly “um”, then he said to him: “Forget about it. What I want to ask is about the time I met you at the marshal’s banquet.”

That time he met him at the marshal’s banquet? Duan Hengye didn’t respond for a moment, and after seeing his ‘ready to carefully recall’ expression, Su Mingge then went on to add: “That is, did you recently plan to have a child?”


Duan Hengye finally remembered, what Su Mingge said was probably the most embarrassing moment in his life. Once he remembered this matter, Duan Hengye’s face instantly became red, and then his ears also had a “buzzing” sound.

At that banquet in the military department, he met Dongfang You and learned that she had two fathers. Then, prompted by curiosity, he took out his light computer and looked up the relevant information. Su Mingge happened to see this scene.

After hearing Su Mingge’s question, Duan Hengye felt the need to explain the problem. He cleared his throat, but before he could open his mouth, he heard the beep of the door opening from the corridor of the manufacturing point. Because of the nervousness of Su Mingge’s question, Duan Hengye, who was only thinking about his memories, did not notice that another person had walked into the room.

At the same time as the beep sounded, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but turn around and look towards the door. The next thing he saw was Yu Xinran, who was wearing a military uniform and smiling awkwardly at him.

“Hahahaha …… that, I didn’t hear it, I didn’t hear anything.” After seeing Duan Hengye look at her, Yu Xinran with an awkward smile raised her hand and then stiffly touched the back of her head. Today, Yu Xinran was wearing a dry dark blue military uniform, and her clothes and the insignia on her shoulder representing the admiral were a stark contrast to her awkward expression at this moment.

Well, despite what Yu Xinran said, with Duan Hengye’s knowledge of her, it was estimated that in just a few seconds, Yu Xinran had already planned the process of snitching in her head – yes, now Duan Hengye already knew Admiral Yu very well.


Whether or not Yu Xinran snitched, and to whom she told, a few days later, Duan Hengye still didn’t know.

Just as he had expected, the assembly of the mecha “Nanzhu” went very smoothly and faster than expected. After another week, the assembly of “Nanzhu” finally reached the final step.

This was a big day for both Duan Hengye and the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute. In order to witness the birth of the mecha, Duan Hengye canceled all research tasks on this day.

And even though it was only a non-public event, Meng Jinhuai, who was the military marshal, actually rushed over to witness this moment with him.

The research institute’s mecha manufacturing site was very large, and Meng Jinhuai’s mecha was also manufactured here. So although there was already a mecha and dozens of people around the manufacturing site, the indoor space still seemed very empty.

As the director and the designer of this mecha, before coming to the site, Duan Hengye still used the super-light computer in the research institute to confirm the safety of the follow-up data. So by the time Duan Hengye finally reached the manufacturing site, the rest of the people who had come to participate in this activity had already arrived on site, including Meng Jinhuai.

The notification tone in the corridor of the manufacturing site rang softly, at this time the mechas were about to finish assembling and it was very quiet inside the manufacturing site. After hearing the beep from the corridor, everyone turned in unison to look towards where Duan Hengye was coming from.

Although not open to the public, today’s event was at least considered a “ceremony”, all participants were wearing formal clothes. But because of the final confirmation just now, he was worried that he’d arrive late and miss the important moments, this time Duan Hengye didn’t change clothes, he was still wearing the Institute’s white robe.

The silver bright light on the corridor hit from behind Duan Hengye, in the eyes of the people within the manufacturing site, at this time, in all white, Duan Hengye was simply stunning unlike anything else. It was obviously a common experimental suit, but with Duan Hengye’s expression and the lighting, it gave rise to a sense of sanctity.

The assembly of the mecha had already entered the end phase, and the assembly was going to end at any time within these few minutes. But when Duan Hengye entered the door, everyone’s eyes couldn’t’ help but stick to his body, as if they had forgotten the mecha in front of them.

…… Duan Hengye was creeped out by these people.

Seeing this, Duan Hengye quickly took a look in the crowd, then quickly walked to Meng Jinhuai’s side. The two of them hadn’t seen each other for a long time, since Meng Jinhuai had been in Southern Star recently. Although normally there was no feeling, at this time under the gaze of so many weird eyes, after Duan Hengye quickly walked to Meng Jinhuai’s side, only then did he have peace of mind.

Duan Hengye was less than a meter away from Meng Jinhuai when the other party suddenly extended his hand and called out “Ah Heng” in front of the crowd.

Now Duan Hengye had already gotten used to Meng Jinhuai calling him that, so after hearing these two words and seeing the other party’s outstretched hand, he even habitually put his hand on Meng Jinhuai’s palm. Then the two stood side by side and looked up towards the mecha.

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s “Ah Heng” just now, those who were still amazed by Professor Duan a second ago finally realized their identities as light bulbs. Instantly, everyone in the hall who attended the event came to their senses and then looked towards the mecha together.

[TN: Light bulb is a Chinese slang for “third wheel.”]

The external assembly of the mecha “Nanzhu” had already been completed, and the final installation of the light screen inside the mecha was now ongoing. The people outside couldn’t see the progress inside the mecha, but that didn’t mean they did not know when the mecha was finished assembling.

After seeing the mecha assembly progress stop at 99% on the light screen, all eyes converged on the assembly robots hanging next to the mecha.

When the mecha was assembled, the robots would restart and then engrave the code and name generated for it by the light computer on the outside of this mecha.

Time passed little by little, and everyone held their breath. Although he thought there must be no problem, Duan Hengye felt the already low temperature of his hand become colder. At this time, Meng Jinhuai, who had been holding Duan Hengye’s hand, suddenly and slowly pulled his hand over.

Before Duan Hengye could react to what Meng Jinhuai wanted to do, his right hand was wrapped in the other party’s hand and put into the pocket of his uniform coat. Then, the cold right hand instantly warmed up.

At this time, he didn’t know who whispered in alarm. Then Duan Hengye looked up and saw that the black robot that had been hanging on the sidewall of the mecha had moved. Everyone stared at it nervously, only to see the robot first flash a blue light, and then it slowly went closer to the mecha, and carved the words “Nan Zhu”.

The special thing was that Duan Hengye didn’t use the words in the font out of selfishness, but put his own handwriting on it.

Although due to the distance, no one could see clearly the font of the word “Nanzhu” for the time being. But the moment the robot finished carving the words and left, a burst of applause erupted in the room in an instant.

Duan Hengye let out a long breath, before he could react, Meng Jinhuai hugged him.

“Congratulations.” Meng Jinhuai said in Duan Hengye’s ear.

Perhaps this should have been an exciting and heartwarming moment …… but, once again, there was a person who ruined the atmosphere. Standing near Duan Hengye, Yu Xinran couldn’t help sighing. “This scene really looks like a child’s birth!……”

Duan Hengye thought he might have misunderstood Admiral Yu, Yu Xinran didn’t “snitch”, but simply shared this gossip with the public.

…… He was finished, this time, he was completely unable to explain!

At the same time as the voice fell, several people around her entered a strange silence. Only Su Mingge couldn’t help laughing with a “pfft” sound, and then he reached out and patted Yu Xinran on the shoulder.

“Admiral Yu can still talk.” Su Mingge said with heartfelt praise.


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