When Ye Tianyi took Little Leaf to look for chocolate, he suddenly smelled a sweet and greasy aroma, and this aroma made him dizzy, making him immediately sense that something was wrong.

He was a zombie, although because of the mysterious chant, he could smell like a normal human, but he wasn’t breathing, even the smell of any drug wasn’t able to make him unconscious. But the sweet scent made him feel slightly dizzy, although not serious, it made him instantly defensive.

The supermarket was silent, the sound of zombies walking, the sound of humans whispering, all disappeared.

Ye Tianyi’s mental power detected that all the zombies in the supermarket had fallen to the ground and could not get up, and Li Min and his group had all passed out.

Ye Tianyi put the dazed Little Leaf into the space, then wrapped his body with his mental energy, and hid next to a shelf full of goods.

Mental energy was like his other pair of eyes, allowing him to see things at three hundred and sixty degrees without a dead angle to observe the situation in the supermarket.

He suddenly found that two large potted plants next to the supermarket entrance suddenly moved …… the plants in this potted plant were now completely invisible, only lush and incomparable green remained visible, the branches and leaves were elongated and easily wrapped around the ankles of an unconscious human, dragging the person to the potted plant.

The human being dragged to the potted plant was soon wrapped in the potted plant’s suddenly lush and elongated branches and leaves, and then came the sound of wind-blown leaves, and when the potted plant’s branches and leaves shrank back to their original size, there was only a clean corpse left next to the pot.

Mutant plants?

Ye Tianyi frowned, he used his mental energy to attack the two potted plants, but the attack was empty, because he found that this kind of mutant plant had no spiritual power at all. He scanned the plants with his mental energy and found that there was nothing special about them except that they were more dense in vitality.

Moreover, he didn’t find out where the sweet and greasy scent came from, but he was basically sure that it had nothing to do with these two potted plants.

The scent that could make him, a fourth-rank zombie, feel a little dizzy made him uneasy …… Ye Tianyi looked around, and finally found a small flower pot at the cashier’s desk, a small flower pot with a particularly small brown flower, if not that he was using his mental energy to explore everything, he wouldn’t be able to find it. The color of the soil and the small flower was quite similar.

The sweet, cloying fragrance was coming from this tiny brown flower.

Ye Tianyi walked over and the closer he got to it the more he felt the sweet, cloying fragrance and the vertigo was getting worse. But this brown flower was estimated to have just mutated, its flower fragrance had an effect on him as a fourth-rank zombie, but not enough to really make him unconscious.

Ye Tianyi’s hand emitted a small string of current, moving it directly to the brown flower, it even scorched the roots, he confirmed that the sweet greasy flower had completely disappeared before stopping.

Without the coma-inducing fragrance, those humans wouldn’t take long to wake up.

Ye Tianyi took a look at the two potted plants that had curled up their branches and leaves to look like particularly harmless ordinary potted plants because of his presence, and turned to leave. As for how many people would be eaten by these two potted plants before the group woke up, it was none of his business.


The mutation of the plants caught Ye Tianyi off guard.

When the end of the world came, animals mutated along with humans, either becoming zombies / zombie animals, or becoming ability users/mutant animals, or ordinary humans / ordinary animals, but the plants didn’t have any mutations, except that the water source soil was contaminated to become somewhat toxic.

Now encountering mutant plants, made Ye Tianyi remember the rainstorm a few days ago, he thought it must be the energy in the rain that went into the soil, absorbed by the plants. As for why the potted plants in the supermarket that didn’t get wet also mutated, they should have absorbed the mysterious gray substance that was free in the air.

After the rain was evaporated by the hot sun, the gray matter that made the zombies stronger also spread into the air and was absorbed by the plants, after all, the plants also had to breathe.

The plants in the supermarket didn’t get wet, they just absorbed some of the gray matter in the air yet they mutated, then those outside the street that stayed under the rain for three days, that was …… Ye Tianyi was thinking that those outside the open air were likely to be all mutated when he heard a loud clang, and then a rumble of an explosion.

When he saw the scene outside the supermarket, he couldn’t help but sigh, it  really did ……

Just now he was thinking that those outside the street trees were likely to mutate, outside, the rows of wild devils dancing on the street overturned a moving car, which fell hard on the ground, and then the gasoline leak produced an explosion, the human beings inside the car with the sound of the explosion together turned into ashes.

The car explosion set off a heat wave of fire, touching the side of the immovable roadside trees, it easily blocked the flame attack.

Ye Tianyi clearly saw that the branches and leaves of the mutant road trees in the flames were only slightly softened and yellowed, and did not burn up.

But the phenomenon in front of him also subverted this point, the mutated plant wasn’t afraid of the flame?

Ye Tianyi felt the need to figure out the mutated plants, or else later, he would encounter tricky mutated plants and not necessarily know how to deal with it.

He condensed a lightning strike that fell on a mutant walking tree, the tree immediately became a scorched black, but the branches and leaves were still bright green …… he looked at the wounded branches and leaves, and gradually calmed down.

He originally thought that the mutant tree wasn’t afraid of fire, but he didn’t expect that only the branches and leaves were its strong defense, the tree body was their weakness. No wonder in the face of the fire wave of the car explosion, the mutant tree extended the branches and leaves to block the front of the tree, rather than not defending itself.

How many kinds of plants were there? Nowadays mutations had even more strange abilities, it seemed that even the zombie-filled cities were not necessarily safe.


Ye Tianyi originally thought that as a zombie in the zombie-strewn city, he would be safe, at most some mutant beasts would make trouble a little, just now even plants also became mutated …… he began to consider whether to continue his previous behavior, putting the whole city under his sphere of influence.

This end of the world, not necessarily all the future was the world of zombies. From the previous zombies that were also affected by the fragrance of mutant flowers, it could be seen that mutant plants didn’t only attack humans.


Ye Tianyi was calm on the way from Z Hotel to the supermarket, and no zombie dared to challenge his majesty. Because of little leaf, the mutant beasts didn’t dare to offend, and it went very smoothly along the way.

However, now from the supermarket back, he encountered a lot of mutant plants and zombie plants on the road.

The zombie plants didn’t have a strong desire to attack the zombies – as long as the zombies didn’t actively attack them, they generally ignored them. In contrast, mutant plants attacked everything.

The mutant plants had their own territory, before the zombies or humans went into their territory, they had a harmless look. However, when someone entered their territory, they would instantly go berserk and take care of the intruder.

But the above mutant plants were not aggressive, while there were aggressive mutant plants, these mutant plants would take the initiative to lure prey to hunt them, generally aggressive mutant plants advanced quickly.

Ye Tianyi found a second-rank mutant plant a month after the plants began to mutate, and its speed of advancement was really fast enough to make him feel a sense of crisis.

He wanted to rely on the mysterious chant to advance slowly, but finally decided to start hunting the lightning, space, and spiritual ability users / mutated beasts / zombies / zombie animals, using their exotic balls and crystal cores to upgrade. Although the energy increased by this method was not pure enough, but as long as he compressed and refined it a few more times it wouldn’t be a big problem.

Little leaf was also almost at a bottleneck recently and was quite enthusiastic about advancement, following Ye Tianyi to hunt for ice and water mutant beasts.

Ye Tianyi used his mental energy to drive away all the zombies nearby, and paid close attention to the little leaf that was fighting with an ice-ability animal. Looking at little leaf, it was still vigorous after it became bigger, and easily drew its sharp claws on the other, and he smiled gently.

Little leaf and he fought side by side these months, its fighting ability went straight up, now it could fight alone against mutant beasts without injury.

Ye Tianyi watched as Little Leaf dug out the ice mutant beast’s crystal core and ran towards him with gusto: [After absorbing this ice core, I’ll be able to prepare to break through to the fourth rank!]

He felt its heartfelt joy and couldn’t help but smile.

But …… Ye Tianyi was curious and asked, “You’re so happy enter the fourth rank?” As early as some days ago, it had been chattering about entering the fourth order, its expectant attitude really made him feel a little strange.

Little Leaf licked his cheek ingratiatingly, but wouldn’t say the reason why it was looking forward to it. It made him feel more strange.

What exactly was Little Leaf hiding from him?

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