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Ye Tianyi took Little Leaf into the space to rest, but just as soon as he entered the space, before he could properly interrogate Little Leaf about what he was hiding, Little Leaf swallowed the ice pellet and began to prepare to break through to the fourth stage.

Now Little Leaf was a four-tailed mutant cat, after breaking through to the fourth stage, it would grow a fifth tail.

Ye Tianyi also attached great importance to its breakthrough, seeing the situation, he seriously guarded little leaf. The good thing was that the space was isolated from the outside world, he didn’t have to worry about little leaf because of the fluctuations of the progression of the zombie or mutant beast and mutant plants.

Little leaf’s progress was very smooth, an hour later, the progression of the energy fluctuations gradually dissipated.

Ye Tianyi walked over to hold little leaf in his arms, but when his eyes fell on its tail, he suddenly stared, because he found that the little leaf still had four tails, the fifth tail was actually switching between non-existent and real, it clearly didn’t fully advance.

“Little leaf, wake up!” Ye Tianyi called out to little leaf that had fallen into a deep sleep, hoping that it would wake up quickly to control the energy in its body to continue to impact the bottleneck, otherwise this time if the advancement failed, it would be several times more difficult to advance again in the future.

Unfortunately, no matter how Ye Tianyi called, little leaf remained in a deep sleep and didn’t wake up the fifth tail constantly fluctuated, but hadn’t been able to complete the progression into a real tail.

Helplessly, Ye Tianyi could only give little leaf spiritual water, his abilities and little leaf’s abilities weren’t the same, so he couldn’t help, he could only hold little leaf and watch.

They stayed in the space for only a day and night, Ye Tiayi didn’t know how long he had waited, he only felt that his body had become stiff. He turned his head again to fetch a small bottle of spiritual spring water, ready to feed little leaf and suddenly felt the touch in his hand wasn’t right – how did the furry touch suddenly become smooth?

He looked down, and then this time all of his body really stiffened – who the hell was this beautiful boy ah?

In his arms laid an extremely beautiful teenager, the teenager’s beauty had transcended gender, so he couldn’t use words to describe his beauty …… just, Ye Tianyi’s gaze swept over the beautiful teenager in his arms, on his top of the head had two drooping furry cat ears, and finally fell on the naked teenager’s big tail, only to see that big tail instantly split into five small tails.

Well, even if he couldn’t believe it, Ye Tianyi had to admit that the beautiful boy with cat ears and cat tails in his arms should be the little folded-ear cat that he had.

He looked at the quiet sleeping teenager, his eyes carefully looked at the two cat ears on top of the teenager’s head, as if afraid of disturbing the sleeping teenager. But his free hand still couldn’t help but want to touch towards the furry little ears, and even the slightly waving five cat tails.

Ye Tianyi glanced at Little Leaf’s quiet, sleeping face, and thought, “just a touch, it shouldn’t wake him up” …… his right hand quietly moved towards the tail behind Little Leaf.

As he was about to touch it, suddenly the five tails automatically fluttered up, coincidentally avoiding his hand, Ye Tianyi stared closely at the mischievous five tails, and then touched the new fifth tail quickly.


People were always greedy, although Ye Tianyi was now a zombie, but he was, after all, a human that turned into a zombie, so after touching the tail, Ye Tianyi began to think about touching the cat’s ears …… he didn’t know why, he used to touch little leaf’s tail, but he didn’t have much interest in its ears, because its ears drooped and it had a very fragile feeling. But now he couldn’t help but want to touch and squeeze the cat ears that drooped on the top of the human-shaped Little Leaf’s head ……

Ye Tianyi once again looked at little leaf that was sleeping, it seemed to be sleeping very wel and wouldn’t wake up for the time being, so he was a little careful but he touched the tail and didn’t wake little leaf up?

So once again, the self-congratulatory Ye Tianyi moved towards the two cute furry cat ears on little leaf’s head ……



Ye Tianyi silently felt the slap mark on his face and expressionlessly looked at the beautiful boy in his arms and said: “You’re awake?”

Being touched on its sensitive ears he subconsciously yelped and then clawed towards the person that dared to touch his cat ears, little leaf woke up and dumbfoundedly looked at his master’s face with five finger marks, he suddenly became angry: “Master, quickly tell little leaf, which little b*tch dared to slap you? Master, I must clean up that guy!”

Ye Tianyi expressionlessly pointed to his left hand and said: “It slapped.”

Little leaf: “……”

# Just opened his eyes and slapped his master

# offended the food and clothing parent, what to do? #

Little leaf’s arrogant expression suddenly became absent, he looked at Ye Tianyi periodically and said: “master, I …… I did not mean to.” After apologizing, he couldn’t help but mutter a small voice, “Who told you to pinch my ears.” Wasn’t that a conditioned reflex?

And Ye Tianyi’s attention wasn’t at all on his words, his attention was attracted by the call of ‘master’.

The cat’s face wasn’t worse than a fox spirit, after turning into human form, little leaf was a beautiful teenager, and sitting naked in his arms! With cat ears and tails! And also called him master! In this situation, a man must stand up ah!

Although Ye Tianyi wasn’t a male ‘man’, but a male ‘corpse’, but thanks to the blessing of the mysterious chant, he was still intact and had a normal function, plus his sexual orientation was originally the same sex …… Therefore, hearing little leaf with his crisp teenage voice shouting ‘master’, his heart gave birth to a faint master and servant shame play …… cough.

Ye Tianyi tried to lighten up his face.

Unfortunately, his body was too honest. [TN: I’m changing little leaf to Ye Zi from now on, it still means the same same thing, but I think it helps a bit right?]

Ye Zi curiously reached towards the back of his butto*ks: “Master, it seems that a stick is sitting under my body ……”

Ye Tianyi’s eyes reddened, he silently reached out to grab Ye Zi’s restless arm and said in a deep voice: “Don’t move around!”

“Oh.” Ye Zi was obedient and looked at him with big eyes, seemingly waiting for his master’s next instructions.

So well behaved, simply made him especially have the idea of pouncing on …… Ye Tianyi’s face tensed up more tightly, and then he decisively and silently recited the chant.


Ye Zi curiously looked at the non-speaking Ye Tianyi, sensitive that his mood wasn’t right, he asked: “Master, what happened to you?”

Hearing the word ‘master’ again, Ye Tianyi’s eyes became a little more red, and his voice was hoarse as he said, “Don’t talk, I want to be quiet.” He felt that he really needed to be alone to have a good quiet moment, to have this impulse towards his cat that he had had for more than twenty years, wasn’t this too beastly?

Although Ye Zi turned into his human form, after all, he wasn’t a real human, hearing Ye Tianyi’s words, he immediately became a little aggrieved: “master, who is quiet? Where am I inferior to that “quiet’? You want ‘quiet’, why?”

Ye Tianyi: “……”

He looked at Ye Zi’s dumbfounded little face and sighed helplessly.

Although he and Ye Zi were not human now, even if they were together, it seemed to be  nothing. He didn’t need to struggle psychologically. It was just that Ye Zi that had just been transformed was as ignorant as a child. If he really started anything with Ye Zi right now, he would really feel a little guilty …

Ye Tianyi reached out and rubbed a hand in Ye Zi’s soft hair and smiled, “Quiet is not who, I just said I want to be alone and quiet.” He swept his gaze over Ye Zi’s ears and tail, “Can you put your tail and ears away?”

Ye Zi waved his tail and shook his head and said, “I can do it when I grow a sixth tail.”

Ye Tianyi picked up Little Leaf directly across his body and walked towards the house built in space and personally dressed Ye Zi. Since the five tails were a bit of an obstacle, Ye Tianyi had to modify the pants and then help Little Leaf put them on.

Ye Zi thought his master was playing games with him, and was particularly uncooperative in his special delight, spending nearly an hour putting on a set of clothes. But Ye Tianyi was also a little happy about it. Since he just found out that he had an impulse towards Ye Zi, he no longer looked at him with the eyes of his pet partner, but gradually regarded him as a lover, so the dressing process was interesting.

Ye Tianyi’s feelings for Ye Zi hadn’t yet reached deep love, but in this world, he cared most about the existence of Ye Zi. In the past, he was given to him because of the old little leaf, little leaf was valued because of empathy towards the dead old leaf, he had raised him for more than twenty years. In his mind, little leaf was just a pet with an important status in his heart.

However, he saw in a dream Little Leaf die to save him and was deeply touched, his feelings towards Little Leaf positioned from pet into a side by side combat partner who he would never give up on. Now little leaf had a human form which made him really think ……

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