The rain became heavier and heavier, from fine threads of rain to big raindrops, which fell on the glass windows with crackling sounds, and soon the originally clean and transparent glass windows were all covered with murky sewage.

Ye Tianyi stood by the window, stretched out his hand to open the window, and the raindrops from outside splashed in and landed on the ground, creating small puddles of sewage traces. Some other raindrops splashed onto his body and landed on his skin …… Ye Tianyi reached out his hand and watched as the raindrops that fell on the back of his hand were gradually absorbed, and finally, only a little wet trace remained, and he knew that this day would change again …….

The raindrops were not the transparent color before the end of the world, but gray, and the gray substance contained in the rain was not filth, but energy that could be absorbed by zombies and zombie animals to increase their strength, but had a harmful effect on mutant beasts and people with different abilities.

Ye Tianyi told Little Leaf to stay in the house and take shelter from the rain, while he took off his clothes and stood in the rain, doing his best to absorb the energy in the rain. Although he didn’t know how the gray color in the rain could increase the power of the zombies, he wouldn’t miss this good opportunity to increase his strength.

Compared with the zombies who could only passively accept the rainwater falling on their bodies and absorb their abilities, Ye Tianyi had a much bigger advantage, he could absorb the unknown energy in the rainwater by chanting the mysterious words, and for a time, his rapid absorption speed created a spectacle – the rainwater falling within a five-meter radius of him was involuntarily absorbed by him, and even the speed of the raindrops falling in the vicinity became much faster.

The rain had been falling for three days, and during these three days, the zombies outside the Z Hotel were all standing in rows, looking up at the sky, greedily absorbing the energy in the rain, while the humans were dodging the rain in a mess, not daring to let a single drop of rain fall on their bodies, or else they might be infected with the zombie virus and mutate into zombies.

However, no one noticed that when the rainwater fell into the ground, it was absorbed by the soil, and the roots of the plants planted in the soil that were rooted in the ground, also greedily absorbed the rainwater, the branches and leaves from the original slightly withered yellow due to the scorching sun turned into a bright green, as if a new life ……

Three days later, the unusual rain finally stopped, and the city, after being washed by the rain, not only didn’t look new but became even dirtier because of the gray matter in the rain. Many of the ruined buildings collapsed under the impact of the majestic heavy rain, leaving the city in a mess.

Ye Tianyi felt his peak fourth stage strength and much enhanced physical strength, a fist punched through a luxury car parked nearby, a light kick made the car fly, he clenched his ten fingers, quite satisfied with his current strength.

The advantage of a zombie over a human was that even if a zombie didn’t awaken power abilities, its own strength could be comparable to that of a human with a strength ability. The same went for speed. Even without awakening the speed ability, the zombie would increase its speed when it advanced, which was comparable to that of a human speedster. This also caused the phenomenon that strength and speed people in humans were less valued, because every evolved zombie had natural strength and speed.

However, human beings with other types of abilities may not be as strong and fast as zombies, and they had little chance to run away after beating a zombie. Therefore, human ability users were generally no match for zombies of the same level.


Although Ye Tianyi still had memories from when he was human, it would be a joke to ask him to be some kind of savior to save humanity.

He was, after all, a zombie!

Ye Tianyi knew human nature very well, even if he helped humans kill all the zombies and save them, to humans, he was still an alien, waiting for his fate to be dissected and studied after his value was exhausted.

If there was a chance in front of him, a chance for him to become human again, the present Ye Tianyi would never choose to become human again.

It wasn’t only that the identity of a human in the end times was not as convenient as that of a zombie, but also because his zombie identity had already been exposed. After all, a person who turned back to a human from a zombie was too valuable to not research.

Ye Tianyi had long given up the idea of being with humans, and now that the zombies had an absolute advantage, the humans could only linger in the base. What Ye Tianyi wanted to do now was to occupy A city and try his best to be strong. If he didn’t want to be enslaved by other higher-ranked zombies, he could only be strong enough to enslave other higher-ranked zombies.

Ye Tianyi was now at the peak of the fourth rank, just a short step away from the fifth rank, but the peak of his fourth rank was only the zombie level, not the ability level, the level of his abilities level was, his mental ability was at fourth rank senior, the spatial ability was the fourth rank intermediate, and the lightning ability was still at the fourth rank low level. In order to break through to the fifth level, he had to have all three types of abilities breakthrough together.

The multi-series abilities may seem very impressive, but there were limitations. Even if one ability was not enough to advance, the others could only be stuck at the peak and wait.

Therefore, Ye Tianyi still had to hurt his head for the lowest grade lightning ability.

The rain that had just fallen was called a rainstorm, but there was no lightning or thunder at all, so he couldn’t even experience being struck by lightning if he wanted to.

Ye Tianyi took a look around at the other zombies that had become a little stronger from absorbing the rain energy, then turned around and entered the hotel.

Little Leaf was not worried about Ye Tianyi, so it had been lying by the closed glass window looking down at Ye Tianyi, so when Ye Tianyi came in, he just saw Little Leaf lying on the window sill, with its four tails wagging behind it.

When Little Leaf saw that Ye Tianyi came in, it was so excited that it united its four tails into one, then rushed up and jumped on Ye Tianyi’s head, and even jumped on purpose: [Master, why did you run out? It’s too dangerous! It worried me for a long time.]

Because the rainwater was comparable to sulfuric acid for mutant beasts and humans, falling on the body was extremely painful and damaging, so Little Leaf thought the rainwater was very dangerous, and Ye Tianyi, who deliberately took off his clothes to go out and absorb energy in the rain, became someone deliberately going out to look for abuse in his eyes.

Ye Tianyi smiled and touched the tail of little leaf hanging in front of his eyes, and comforted: “I’m really sorry for letting little leaf worry, can I make amends with little leaf later?”

Little Leaf jumped onto Ye Tianyi’s shoulder and lay down, its sapphire blue cat pupils narrowed in delight: [And chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!]

Ye Tianyi’s expression was very gentle: “Okay, and chocolate.”


In the city of A, which was full of zombies, these two were the only ones who could take a leisurely stroll and take whatever they liked.

He could find some chocolates in a few small stores, but some of them were expired, so how could he give them to Little Leaf? Even the ones that hadn’t expired had turned into a sticky pile in today’s heat. So he gave up the chocolates in the store and took Little Leaf to the biggest supermarket nearby, where there should be chocolates in the freezer with a longer shelf life.

But as he was approaching the supermarket, his mental energy, which he always emitted to detect the surrounding situation, found Li Min’s group of people he had met before.

This group of people had lost their former ease and had become a mess, the number of people was much smaller, not to mention, there were several severely injured ability users who were lucky enough not to become zombies after being drenched in the rain, lying in the open space of the supermarket.

Ye Tianyi would have guessed that the energy in the rain was probably a zombie virus, etc. Ordinary human beings were likely to become zombies after getting wet in the rain, and their powers were much more resistant making it unlikely to mutate into zombies, but that was like sulfuric acid rain for human beings, and the burning pain fell on them.

The higher the level of supernatural power, the more powerful the spirit, Ye Tianyi estimated their supernatural power level by mentally probing the group of people in the supermarket, only the silent uniformed man who followed Li Min’s side was of the third level, the others were of the second level.

Nothing to worry about!

Ye Tianyi carried Little leaf through the back door of the supermarket, and his sharp claws easily cut open the locked iron door like a knife slicing tofu, without making much noise to attract the attention of the group of people at the front door.

Although Li Min and the others were not in Ye Tianyi’s eyes, he did not intend to kill them casually when they did not threaten him. Ye Tianyi avoided the sight of Li Min and the others and went straight to the supermarket.

Many shelves were empty, and some fell to the ground, with scattered goods falling all over the place, and a half-bodied immobilized zombie underneath.

When the apocalypse broke out, not only the feverish humans turned into zombies, but also some normal humans suddenly turned into zombies in an instant. Therefore, many customers in the supermarket zombies wandering around, and some zombies wearing supermarket uniforms, were the staff.

Ye Tianyi walked by the zombies, the zombies looked at Little Leaf hungrily, but under Ye Tianyi’s powerful pressure, they couldn’t help but instinctively tremble and waddle away.

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