C50– Kill That Emperor 13

Sang Xinghe’s eyebrows jumped abruptly.

He felt that he was going to be driven crazy by this madman, Yu Ci.

He couldn’t help but think of the scene when Yu Ci confessed to him, at that time Yu Ci wore a very flirty pink robe, obviously asking him to fight, but also held a peach blossom, it was after April, and he didn’t know where he got the peach flower.

Yu Ci read a long love poem to Sang Xinghe’s face, and he said a lot of words that were touching. Fortunately, Sang Xinghe had seen the world for many years. He politely refused Yu Ci and declined the peach blossom to be sent.

After, his expression changed in an instant, he threw the peach blossom on the ground, trampled it hard, and then ran away. When Sang Xinghe saw him again, he was successfully attacked by Yu Ci, which wasted a whole effort.

The master said that the Ten Extremities Islands had an uncompromising devil religion, the people in it were reckless and unruly, he originally didn’t think so, but now meeting with this madman, he finally understood why the Ten Extremities Islands in the Jianghu were so notorious.

Sang Xinghe tried to reason with the other party calmly, “Yu Ci, leave first, okay? He can’t sleep with you.”

Hearing these words, he couldn’t understand why the dwarf could sleep with Sang Xinghe, but he couldn’t sleep with him. Besides, he wasn’t going to sleep with the dwarf, he just wanted a massage.

“Why can’t you sleep with me?” As long as one didn’t get enough sleep, their mind became more eccentric than usual, “I’ve said I can wait, you don’t want to do it all night, right? The first half of the night with you, the second half of the night with me, how isn’t it right? This is very fair, the dwarf is still eating my ten extremities island’s food, I want him to sleep with me, what is wrong? It’s not like I’m going to do that.”

Sang Xinghe felt that he couldn’t talk to him. He was silent for half an instant, pulled the clothes next to him, and put them on. He got out of bed to block his line of sight of the bed. “You can’t sleep, can you?”

He nodded his head.

“Then I will accompany you to chat.” Sang Xinghe said with a straight face, “He has slept.”

It was a big deal for him.

Yu Ci glanced at Sang Xinghe’s lower… body, “If you do that thing, he can sleep?”

The implication was that…

   “Are you too small?”

Sang Xinghe: “……”

Shen Jue, who was hiding under the covers, peeked his head out, and as soon as he did, he was spotted by Yu Ci.

When he heard the movement, his ears twitched slightly, he inclined his head and looked at Shen Jue on the bed, “Come down.”

Sang Xinghe pursed his lips, feeling like a breath of air was being held in his chest, and when he saw Shen Jue get out of bed, that breath couldn’t help but bubble out of his chest.

He grabbed Shen Jue’s wrist, “Don’t move.”

Shen Jue’s legs were a little weak at this point, and in fact, he would rather stay with Yu Ci now than stay here anymore. So, Shen Jue forcefully broke away from Sang Xinghe’s hand and braced himself to walk over to Yu Ci.

When Yu Ci turned his eyes and found that Sang Xinghe’s face was really ugly, he couldn’t help but touch his chin. His beloved seemed to be angry again, but he was always angry, so forget it and he’d come back to coax him next time. The most important thing now was that he had to go to bed.

Yu Ci took Shen Jue out of the Yi Shui Pavilion, only for him to stop and look at Shen Jue unhappily after he had walked a little way.

“Walking so slowly, are you counting ants?”

Shen Jue was holding his waist, and stopped at the sound of his voice. Seeing that he had actually stopped walking, Yu Ci took a few steps forward, “Why did you stop walking?”

Shen Jue exhaled faintly and shook his head at Yu Ci.

He looked at him with wrinkled brows and realized that Shen Jue had been holding his waist and was standing on flat ground, and both legs were trembling. He instantly reacted, “Can’t walk?”

Shen Jue nodded his head.

“Waste.” After cursing, Yu Ci looked to his left and right, none of the disciples of the Ten Extremities Islands could be seen in the dead of night now. He thought for a moment and turned to Shen Jue and squatted down slightly, “Climb up, I’ll carry you down.”

The highest place on the island was the Yi Shui Pavilion, so if he let the dwarf walk down at this speed, they might not reach his house by dawn.

When Shen Jue climbed on his back, he suddenly smelled a very sweet and greasy fragrance, which almost penetrated his bones, making him completely unable to ignore it. His body couldn’t help but stiffen, and he looked sideways at the person on his back, “You’re wearing perfumed powder?”

Shen Jue’s face instantly turned ugly, but luckily there was a mask to cover it up, so Yu Ci didn’t discover it.

Yu Ci inhaled the fragrance of his body. The fragrance was a smell that the body couldn’t help but send out when the celestial luo body met the person who took his virginity. But he just left Yishui Pavilion, and the smell on his body hadn’t faded, so it was noticed by Yu Ci.

It was said that every Celestial Luo body had a different scent, so it wasn’t surprising that Yu Ci thought he had applied fragrant powder, just, this kind of question was enough to annoy him. Fortunately, he was now mute, otherwise, what would he say?

It was his body. The smell of love?

Shen Jue’s refusal to answer fell into the eyes of Yu Ci as a tacit acknowledgement.

He carried Shen Jue on his back, using his light skills, and swept down the mountain, muttering in his heart.

This dwarf was really flirtatious, he even put fragrant powder on his body, was this the reason why Sang Xinghe was so protective of him?

Yu Ci seriously thought, he couldn’t apply fragrant powder to his body, if Sang Xinghe did it ……

He wouldn’t like it very much either.

The first thing he did when they arrived was to ask the boy to boil water.

“Wash the fragrant powder on your body, it smells bad.” Yu Ci finished and went into his house, leaving a sentence, “I’ll give you the time it takes to boil tea.”


When Shen Jue walked into his room, he had bathed and washed in cold water and was sitting in front of the desk wearing a single coat.

“D*mn shorty, massage me first, then we’ll go to bed.” Yu Ci said.

He said this really ambiguously, except that the two people present didn’t think crookedly.

The right guardian who was eavesdropping outside was a different story.

He had just returned to the island and had just finished drinking with He Qiuying, before drunkenly walking towards his courtyard, when he saw Yu Ci passing in front of him, carrying a person on his back. The right guardian had worked for Yu Ci for so many years, he had never seen Yu Ci carry a person, he couldn’t help but be curious, he followed all the way to Yu Ci’s courtyard and climbed the roof.

After the right protector heard what Yu Ci said, he felt strange.

The dwarf was called Shen Jue?

Wasn’t that the one the Island Master had given to Sang Xinghe?

How come he was with the Island Master now?

Could it be that the Celestial Luo body could also be shared?

Right Protector: “!!!”

Was their Island Master actually engaging in such a confusing male-male relationship?

No, he wanted to see.

The right protector carefully uncovered a tile.

The eyes of the man which had been closed suddenly opened, his eyes glanced upwards, took a teacup aside, and smashed it somewhere above the roof.

The right protector painfully covered his right eye, not even daring to say anything, and slipped away.

The next day, the right protector immediately went to find He Qiuying and shared the big news with him.

He Qiuying didn’t show the look he thought he would, but only smiled slightly, “So you came to me early in the morning just for this, have you had your breakfast?”

The right protector belched, “Big brother, did you understand what I said ah? The island master is now sharing …… with that guy Sang Xinghe.”

He Qiuying interrupted the right protector, “This matter is about the island master’s private affairs, I think we should not interfere.”

The right protector was silent for a moment and said coldly, “Then why did you encourage the island master to wear a pink robe to confess to Sang Xinghe?”

He Qiuying slightly rubbed his fingers over his lips, and revealed a mysterious smile, “Nothing, I just thought the island master looked good in pink.”


Yu Ci slept for a long time, so long that his body was a bit soft. He first moved his neck and then slowly opened his eyes, only after he opened them, he found himself next to another person.

That person was Shen Jue.

He had a big bed, but he always liked to sleep in a big shape, so Shen Jue slept in the corner so as not to touch him, curled up with his legs, looking like a tiny ball. He had been too tired last night and was still asleep. His long hair covered most of his face, revealing only a small half of his delicate side, his face was flushed as if stained with the juice of April peach blossoms.

He rarely slept in the same bed with anyone, just twice, both times with the same person, and no one dared to sleep in front of him.

He looked at Shen Jue’s serene sleeping face and was a little jealous that the other party could sleep better than he could.

He straightened up slightly, took a handful of Shen Jue’s long hair, and swept it across his face.

Shen Jue frowned and unconsciously ducked, hiding his face under the covers.

Seeing him hide, Yu Ci seemed to find pleasure in gently lifting a corner of the quilt and sweeping Shen Jue’s cheek with his hair again. Shen Jue seemed to wake up a little this time, his long eyelashes trembled slightly, and then he slowly opened his eyes.

The world said that the body of a Celestial Luo was naturally beautiful, especially the blue eyes, like fine sapphires, and like the lakes of the Banzhou.

If he slept with his eyes closed like a painting, then he opened his eyes like a person from the painting coming out of the scroll and becoming alive.

Shen Jue had just woken up, and his consciousness was a bit chaotic. He only saw someone grabbing his hair, and didn’t realize who the other party was. He frowned slightly, pulled his hair out of the other person’s hand, rolled over under the covers, and went back to sleep.

Yu Ci looked at his empty palm in shock.

This dwarf actually continued to sleep in front of him?

He grunted coldly and pulled the covers off of Shen Jue’s body again, “No more sleeping, get up! How long are you going to sleep in my bed?”

Shen Jue was so sleepy that his eyes hurt, and when he pulled the covers, he burrowed under them, and in the end, he somehow managed to get into his arms.

He looked down at Shen Jue, who was sleeping in his arms with his eyes closed and began to mutter in his heart.

This dwarf wasn’t using such a lame method to seduce him, right?

Why would he want to seduce him?

Yu Ci suddenly thought of the way Shen Jue had resolutely left Sang Xinghe last night and walked to his side.

He could barely stand, yet he still left with him.


The dwarf liked him?

Yu Ci’s pupils dilated slightly.

If that was the case, then there was an explanation for all of Shen Jue’s actions.

The reason why Shen Jue didn’t want to serve Sang Xinghe was that he liked him.

The reason why Shen Jue was unwilling to share the bed with Sang Xinghe, and even injured him, was also because he liked him.

He only had Shen Jue’s massage to cure his insomnia, so maybe it was because Shen Jue had practiced hard for a long time just to help him cure his insomnia stubbornness.

Now even because he likes him, he didn’t know how to be ashamed to deliberately burrow into his arms and pretend to sleep!

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

The gaze that Yu Ci looked at Shen Jue was instantly much more complex, with a point of sympathy from the superior to the inferior mixed in.

But he would not respond to this liking, absolutely not!


*sigh* what a narcissistic fellow.



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