The next day, Zhou Yuhe woke up in his own bed.

He rubbed his dizzy head, his drowsy eyelids lifted, and saw the clock on the wall showing that it was now two o’clock in the afternoon.

Slept well …

Zhou Yuhe yawned, he remembered drinking last night, after, he went to the balcony for air, and after that? After that he seemed to hear Xie Yifeng’s voice, and then after that …… he had no memory of it.

He drank a lot.

This kind of thing hadn’t happened in many years, but because “Zhou wine god” didn’t follow Zhou Yuhe into reincarnation, but remained in the legend of his previous life, so Zhou Yuhe’s memory of last night could only be left by the door.

He got up and opened the door.

Susu and Dao Pan, who were cleaning up the living room, froze in unison, while Cao Qiyue was sleeping sweetly on the sofa, her body covered with a thin blanket.

Zhou Yuhe paused for a moment and remembered that the one lying there was Cao Qiyue, who couldn’t be woken up even by beating a drum unless she woke up naturally, and the voice he had intended to lower went back to normal, “Good morning …… good afternoon, didn’t I sleep on the balcony yesterday? Which of you carried me back to the bedroom?”

Susu looked confused, “I don’t know, ah, everyone was drunk, didn’t you go into the bedroom by yourself?”

“So, well ……” Zhou Yuhe, who had no memory of last night, could only accept the explanation that he walked back to the bedroom by himself.

Dao Pan: “Brother Xie has a trip today, he left in the morning, did he text you on WeChat?”

Zhou Yuhe took out his phone, and there was indeed a WeChat message that popped up on the screen saver.

“Saw you sleeping well, so I left first, dinner together tonight?”

Zhou Yuhe’s hand holding the phone was a little hot.

What was the meaning of “sleeping well”?

He hurriedly rushed to the room and carefully checked.

The other pillow was full and not half sunken.

The other half of the bed was neatly made without any wrinkles.

All seemed to indicate that the bed had no other person sleeping next to him all night!

Zhou Yuhe was finally relieved and thought that the other sent the text with the sinister intention of teasing him, Zhou Yuhe’s teeth grinded faintly, he directly sent a “eat what rice, eat sh*t” emoji.

He didn’t expect the enemy to be very thick-skinned, he replied back: “together?”

Zhou Yuhe was happy, he waited for three or four minutes before he replied in a cool manner, “Street corner, Michelin, French style meal, no negotiation.”


The word “good” was sent in seconds, and he didn’t know how, but it made him feel a bit spoiled.

Zhou Yuhe’s face was inexplicably a little red, and his heart was a little f*cking sweet.

However, the sweetness didn’t last three seconds and was interrupted by a cell phone ringing.

“Come to the office right now.” Yang Yu’s voice over there sounded a little serious.

“What’s going on?”

“…… Don’t you even watch the news?”

“The news?” Zhou Yuhe repeated, his eyes flicked to Su Su who was squatting on the ground holding an empty beer can, the latter understood, immediately took out her phone and took a look, her face also changed.

She turned the phone screen for Zhou Yuhe to see.

The headline on the front page of the browser in scarlet letters stimulated Zhou Yuhe’s nerves –

The male lead of “Seeking the Sky” has been settled, Fan Junxi wins against the national first love.

Zhou Yuhe’s eyes gradually became cold.


“You’ve seen it all, right?” Yang Yu’s face turned from behind the swivel chair.

Zhou Yuhe sat across from him and lifted his eyelids listlessly, “If you’re talking about the whole internet mocking me about it, then I saw it.”

If he was just reported going for a film audition.

If they had put up so many smoke and mirrors before it was finally determined that the male lead was indeed him-

In either case, there wouldn’t be so many voices talking on the internet.

But the problem was, the “Searching For Heaven” side had already settled on him as the male lead, that was why I.S’s PR department chose this smoke bomb (National first love may become the male lead of “Searching For Heaven”) – denial (The biggest oops in history, the male lead of “Searching For Heaven” is still debatable) – Smoke bomb – denial – and then finally determined, was the PR strategy for Zhou Yuhe.

Originally, this technique was very common in film marketing, if Zhou Yuhe was the male lead, the most was just a wave of hype by the media, but the final male lead wasn;t Zhou Yuhe –

Then it wasn’t hype, but a punch in the face.

This kind of thing, for those who had been eyeing the rise of Zhou Yuhe, his overnight success, of course, they were happy to see, so they had to step on him, explaining the farce of such a sensational scene now.

Zhou Yuhe randomly clicked an entertainment website, almost all were “Zhou Yuhe’s empty appearance”, “on TV actors on the big screen, ‘TV flavor’ how to overcome”, “Fan Junxi overpowered Zhou Yuhe, the director praised”, “Fan Junxi’s righteousness to save the scene, Zhou Yuhe skills are not as good as others” …… such bad headlines.

And all of this was entirely contributed by the “Searching For Heaven” crew, who personally pushed Zhou Yuhe into such an awkward situation and sold him out –

Since they were not sure if Yuan Tian would be played by Zhou Yuhe, they should not have given Yang Yu’s side those words, for one thing.

Secondly, since the new male lead was determined to be Fan Junxi, they should at least inform their side so that I.S’s PR department had time to prepare for crisis communications, right? Nothing was said, until the entire network was covered with negative news of Zhou Yuhe, they only after the fact, became the last to know about this matter.

The reason why they did this was because they saw I.S working hard for Zhou Yuhe, so they wanted to secretly be a bird that pecked in the dark…

All the marketing they had done had now become free publicity for Fan Junxi and “Searching For Heaven”.

“This time it was a miscalculation on our part,” Yang Yu said with a gloomy face.

“Maybe next time, we can’t even be considered to have gotten the role until we officially sign the contract.” Zhou Yuhe nodded his head, but his face was relatively calm, he had been in the entertainment industry for so many years, what big wind and waves had he not seen, just being set up, it wasn’t to the point of being furious.

Yang Yu sneered, “Signing? You are too naive, do you know that two years ago the film “the year of the battle” the female lead acted a month of scenes, and then was replaced? Signing or not signing is not even a matter in the eyes of the investors.”

Zhou Yuhe choked, “…… you’re right.”

So d*mn right.

If Capitalists didn’t want you, you simply couldn’t defend against them.

Yu Yang’s miscalculation made him more annoyed. The crew of “Searching for Heaven” had had accidents again and again. Even though there were force majeure factors at work, the indiscriminate sale of copyright and the selection of male lead with bad character could explain many problems in itself. They should have kept an eye on it from the beginning.

The other party had given the right word, so they rushed to promote it and ended up in an embarrassing situation.

What was more, they were so shady, yet they couldn’t attack bacl, all the grievances could be kept.

Zhou Yuhe was originally a newcomer, he only acted in TV series and had never acted in the big screen.

Although he had high popularity, but his roots were shallow, “Searching for Heaven” was a few hundred million large production, a lot of investors were involved, if they openly condemned Searching for Heaven’s crew’s words, they would undoubtedly offend these big brothers.

So many things before they even entered the industry –

Once he left such an impression on the film industry, then it would be almost impossible for him to enter the upper group of the film industry in the future.

“Since you called me to the office, you must have some solution, right?” Zhou Yuhe let out a deep breath, although he couldn’t think of any good solution for the time being, but it was good that he knew that Yang Yu was a reliable agent.

Yang Yu glanced at him with a “you’re smart” look, then put away all his negative emotions and said in a businesslike, consultative tone: “There are two options in front of you now, the best one is that you, like Fan Junxi, throw yourself into the arms of him and take the ‘leading man’ out of his hands.”

Yang Yu sighed, “You know what I’m talking about.”

Zhou Yuhe’s lips pursed into a line.

The day Ji Chen sent flowers, Yang Yu was in the car, of course he said this.

Indeed, if he promised Ji Chen’s pursuit, the background of I.S was many times stronger than the forces behind Fan Junxi. Not even mentioning that Fan Junxi had officially signed the contract now. Even if he entered the group to film, Ji Chen could throw him from the crew like a chicken, but …

As if he had expected him to disagree, Yang Yu skimmed his lips, showing a kind of lamenting expression, he pulled out a document from the file bag and put it on the table, pushing it to Zhou Yuhe, “Then we can only adopt another not-so-good plan.”

Zhou Yuhe picked up the document and flipped through the page, his brow wrinkled again.

How was it still “Searching For Heaven”


Zhou Yuhe’s face changed.

He re-flipped to the first page and read out the title word by word.

“Searching For Heaven …… TV series?”

Yang Yu didn’t shy away from the questioning eyes of Zhou Yuhe, his face that had “lamentation” finally faded away, replaced by a calm introspective, with a hint of a sinister smile.

“Do you remember the day of the audition, the investors inside were strange and the audition results seemed indifferent?”

Zhou Yuhe nodded, he knew that Yang Yu was talking about Cai Yuan, the chairman of Yadong Culture, who was also pitted by the team of “Searching For Heaven”, of course he was indifferent to the audition, he couldn’t wait for the movie to be as unlucky as possible, anyway, he still had the copyright of the TV series in his hands ……

What? TV series?

Zhou Yuhe snapped to attention.

Yang Yu continued: “That person has some conflicts with the film team of “Sea rching For Heaven”, that’s why they behaved that way that day. But this is not important, the important thing is that he is the distributor of the TV series “Searching For Heaven”, and …… he liked your performance, and hopes that you can star in the TV version of Yuan Tian.”

Yang Yu deliberately bit the word “TV series” very heavily, the corners of his mouth raised in a meaningful smile.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

This god-like twist, even he could hardly keep calm.

He needed to slow down for a while.

“In other words, now, although I can’t act in the movie ‘Searching For Heaven’, I have the opportunity to become the male lead of the TV series ‘Searching For Heaven’?”

“Not ‘opportunity’, but a definite starring role!” Yang Yu said very boldly, “Think about it, you were brushed off from the movie audition, but became the male lead of the TV series, if it ‘just so happens’ that the TV version of Yuan Tian you play is much better than Fan Junxi’s, guess what the outside world’s public opinion will become?”

“In the end, who will be the laughing stock?”

“Who will be the biggest winner?”

At the end, Yang Yu revealed a very shrewd, decisive, and full of malice, smile –

“Believe me, this will definitely become a genius marketing.”

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